Blog Growth Engine Review (2024) — My 20Months of Learning!

This comprehensive Blog Growth Engine review will teach you exactly why and how!

This course by Adam Enfroy has been making waves in the blogging world.

I found the course recently updated with the new Blog Growth Engine 4.0, which includes newly updated phases (modules). These are updated with the recent data, insights, and exclusive bonus content that was missing in the previous version of the course that I had taken earlier.

Note: The older course is still available as part of the platform if you want to take it. 

I finished this course at my own pace and took about 14 days and countless coffees to understand it from the point of view of learning. As a writer and an active blog builder, it was fascinating to learn things I never thought could be implemented to earn money! It hooked me!

Let me explain how the course –  is priced and how you can get a discount, deliver results, offer value through the phases, and provide bonus features you can leverage!

Blog Growth Engine – Overview

This table includes some quick pointers to brief you about the course for you to run through.

Course by Adam Enfroy
InstructorsAdam Enfroy, Eddy Ballesteros, Chris Startkhagen, Colin Shipp, Kevin Meng, Jessica La, Hanson Cheng, Andrew McGuire
Best forBeginners and expert bloggers
Course InclusionsGuides to build domain, website, content, links, monetize, scaling and outsourcing and bonuses
Refundable (Y/N)Within 14 days of purchase
Course BonusAccess to the community, one-on-one live interaction with coaches, Facebook videos

Blog Growth Engine Pros and Cons

Blog Growth Engine is the best blog building course that will teach you to earn big bucks from just writing blogs. It teaches and offers certain pieces of knowledge that will simply blow you away. Yet, I found some cons to it, too.

Let’s have a look at the Pros and Cons of the Blog Growth Engine: 


  • In-depth and detailed explanations
  • Course information is updated frequently 
  • Offers one-to-one live sessions with the coaches
  • Access to community of 500+ bloggers
  • Easy-to-use, ad-free interface
  • 14-day money-back guarantee


  • The subscription price is expensive
  • The duration of the course can be overwhelming for beginners
  • Keeps you engaged

How much did the Blog Growth Engine cost me? 

80-minute masterclassFree
Price before discount$3997
Price with discount$1497

The course costs $3997 as a one-time payment. However, I found a way to get a discount on the price. Let me guide you on how you can get a discount:

1. Enroll for the Masterclass

You need to visit this link and enroll for a free blogging masterclass.

Enroll for a free blogging Blog Growth Engine masterclass

2. Check your E-mail

Once you search for the course, you will be directed to an 80-minute free masterclass. You will be asked to enroll for a free mini-course, and within hours, you will get an E-mail that will include a discount link to the course. 

This E-mail:

Email to the course

3. Process the payment

Once you click the link in the E-mail, you will get access to the new Blog Growth Engine 4.0 at a discounted price of $1,497, 62% less than the original price. Be quick to grab it, as it is available for a limited time. 

Click on the email to access discount to Blog Growth Engine 4.0

After you complete the payment, and you’re in!

Once I signed up, I was directed to a platform called “,” which has a clean interface without any ad disturbances.

Here’s how it looks: platform

Refund Policy: If you do not like the course for some reason, you can get your invested money back within 14 days of your purchase. It has some terms and conditions attached to it; go through them before you initiate a refund. 

Who is Adam Enfroy?

Adam Enfroy is one of the world’s biggest affiliate marketers/blogger//instructor/YouTuber. He started his blogging journey in 2019 and got a massive response on his blogs with legitimate results that he’d share with his posts. Fast-forward to today, he now guides people to start profitable blogs through his course.

Adam also runs a YouTube channel where he shares his expertise for free for the YouTube community. 

Adam’s YouTube channel – 

What is Blog Growth Engine?

Blog Growth Engine, or “BGE,” is a powerful tool to kick-start your blogging and website-building journey. Plus, you can earn a lot of money while being at it. 

I have been following Adam since late 2019 and have seen the rapid rise of traffic he got on his blog during the COVID-19 pandemic, and I can vouch for its legitimacy.

Blog Growth Engine overview

As a learner, it gave me a feeling of learning to write and manage an affiliate marketing blog as a beginner once again. Such was the level of basics from where the course teaches.

You will not just learn how to make money while writing but the whole process that goes behind it. The importance of using keywords, content, link building, updating content, and more. I found their detailed approach useful and essential from a beginner’s POV.

It is a hand-holding guide for someone very new to the blogging and affiliate marketing industry and is a guide for seasoned bloggers who are just not getting it right and failing to generate the amount of money they should. 

What does the new Blog Growth Engine 4.0 update include?

Adam Enfroy and the team have recently updated and revamped the course and added more value. This update has made this course stand apart from what other competitors lack.

In this updated course, I found detailed and updated information on the topics that the older Blog Growth Engine (now known as Blog Growth Engine [legacy]) course had.

Apart from the essential factors for profitable blog-building, in the new course, there’s valuable motivational and informative content that will help you keep motivated, procrastinate less, and be accountable for your investment.

It’s different from other popular courses as: 

  1. They update their course curriculum frequently
  2. It includes bonus phases that help you stay on track

Who is the Blog Growth Engine for?

The BGE course is for bloggers who want to learn and scale and earn as much as $10K/month money via affiliate marketing. It is also for a beginner who wants to start a new blog and build an affiliate marketing business. But for that, you should be willing to take this comprehensive course. 

Honestly, when I started taking the course, I was overwhelmed by the amount of topics it covered and the extent of details that each topic goes into. But, upon getting the hang of it and with constant motivation from Chris Startkhagen, I could sail through the course quite easily.

The motivation and techniques taught to be focused did not only help me take the course and write. I also implemented these valuable suggestions for my other professional and personal tasks where I struggled to keep track or stay committed. 

Here’s a snippet from their FAQ section:

snippet from blog growth engine

How does the Blog Growth Engine 4.0 differ from the older course?

The master course has recently been updated with added insights and data to the existing topics and new and improved tactics shared to maximize your reach and revenue for a blog. 

The older Blog Growth Engine course included the following phases:

  1. Your Niche
  2. Your Mindset
  3. Blogging like startup
  4. Decoding search intent
  5. Minimum Viable Website
  6. Keyword monetization
  7. Blog content creation
  8. Link building
  9. Affiliate marketing
  10. Scaling and outsourcing
  11. Monetizing your skills 

What’s New In Blog Growth Engine 4.0

The new “Blog Growth Engine 4.0” includes added content, which felt like a blessing while going through the course. 

After a quick introduction and overview, Eddy Ballesteros explained the impact that AI has had on Blogging, which was not present in the earlier version of the course

Another type of bonus content is offered by Chris Startkhagen, who teaches how to build and use momentum for your benefit. He gives simple techniques to create a daily checklist and ways to track, delegate, review, and streamline your work process.

This type of content proved really beneficial for me and helped me improve my focus, productivity, and accountability. While the old course is 40+ hours of a masterclass on blog building, the new update is a holistic approach, considering the possible hurdles a student can face.

Let’s head further toward what the new Blog Growth Engine and its phases include. I would recommend consuming this course sequentially for you to get the desired result. The course also includes extra resources like transcripts and spreadsheets that will help you even after you finish the course. 

I liked the user interface, which is ad-free, and using it is a no-brainer. You should be able to navigate within the segments quite easily.

We’re good to go, let’s read ahead 

Sr. NoPhaseLearn about
1Building a $10K/month planOverview of the industry,
AI, and blogging,
Your brand potential,
Authority flywheel,
Choosing a domain name,
How to build momentum 
2Search Intent and Keyword ResearchKeyword foundation,
Search intent for rankings,
Keyword monetization,
Keyword research guide,
Spotting trends,
Topical mapping strategy
3Mindset For Guaranteed SuccessA mindset to be successful,
How to stay motivated,
The importance of mindset, 
Rewiring your brain,
Being accountable,
Avoiding excuses
4How to build your website101 on minimum viable website,
A website toolkit,
Website setup overview,
Kadence tutorial,
Importance of legal pages,
Creating custom images in Canva,
To publish  post
5Content creationContent assembly line,
Updated minimum viable post method,
Blog workflow,
Link-bait concept blog,
Informational content assembly,
Transactional Content assembly, 
Internal Links,
Basics of Technical SEO
6Web copy MasterclassWriting web content,
Quality content,
Sales copy,
Templates for writing great copy
7Link BuildingFundamentals of link building,
Link building guide,
Link Exchange Flywheel Engine,
Backlink audit execution,
Playbook for Domain Rating Growth
8Monetizing Your BrandFour Phases of Profit,
Running an affiliate marketing business,
Getting first sponsorship,
Setting up own AIO Agency,
Email marketing and its tools
9Monetizing Your SkillsSkill monetization,
What skills to monetize,
When to Sell,
Finding opportunities in outreach,
Make money freelancing,
Make money selling links,
Make money with marketing packages,
Pricing 101,
Billing and documentation,
Scaling, streamlining, and outsourcing
10Content UpdatesUpdating content for better rankings,
Working with Google updates
11Scaling & OutsourcingHow to hire an outsource,
Efficient scaling
12Recommended ToolsWPXContent at Scale
13Finished With The Entire Course?Asking questions

1. Building a $10K/month plan

Starting off with the greeting and introduction about the industry, Adam hands out a “Course checklist” and a “Blogging Master Spreadsheet,” which helps throughout the course and beyond. It is advised to download and use these resources. 

Building a 10K/month plan

This phase touches upon the basics of building a $10k/month earning blog and the factors that must be considered to reach that. This sets the pace really well and will give you an idea of how detailed and engaging the course will be. 

2. Search Intent and Keyword Research

In the next phase, Adam explains how to build a solid keyword foundation and how to research for Keywords, spot trends, monetize keywords, and use keyword clustering techniques. 

Search Intent and Keyword Research

This phase might feel heavy as it includes learning the technical aspects behind selecting the correct keywords. 

3. Mindset For Guaranteed Success

The next phase teaches you all about building a strong mindset and how you can stay motivated while building your profitable blog. 

Mindset For Guaranteed Success

This phase will help you understand the mindset and techniques that Adam has formed to deal with procrastination and take responsibility for the task you’re on. This will help beginners with a wavering drive to start a blog. 

4. How To Build Your Website

The fourth phase teaches the technical aspects of building a website, the front end, the back end, and other things that go into the process. It also talks about the legal pages a blogger should know to protect the site. 

How To Build Your Website

The instructors also teach how to design a website, create custom images on Canva, and publish a post in this course phase. 

5. Content Creation

This phase teaches you the basics of content formation, a method to create a minimum viable post, and creating a blog post workflow in the initial stage of the phase.

Content Creation

Towards the second half of the phase, you will learn how to form blog posts on the link-bait concept, informational content, transactional content, how to internal link, and understand the basics of technical SEO.

6. Web copy Masterclass

This short and fun Phase Six, taught by Kevin Meng, teaches compelling ways of forming and writing web copy and various ways to write content. For beginners, it will be a foundation for your writing.

Web copy Masterclass

It’s basically a masterclass for anyone starting with writing or struggling to gain traffic on their current blogs. This can be a great self-evaluation tool and should be a guide/standard to be followed. 

7. Link Building

This phase teaches one of the most crucial parts of building a blog – link building. This includes two parts of a step-by-step guide where Jessica takes you through this process with ease. 

Link Building

Further, the phase includes ways to conduct a backlink audit, understanding HARO (Help a Reporter Out), its benefits and a playbook to boost your Domain Rating growth taught by Hanson Cheng – the owner of a backlink agency called LinkJuice. 

8. Monetizing Your Brand

The eighth phase will bring you to the money part, where you will learn the ways to utilize the traffic you have generated to earn money and loads of it. You’ll learn ways to build an affiliate and E-mail marketing machine, get sponsorships, and build your AIO agency.

Monetizing Your Brand

This is a crucial phase as this is what any student has invested in this course. Reaching this phase might take a while as it requires a lot of patience and perseverance to go through the long videos. But trust me it’s worth it once you start seeing the results!

9. Monetizing Your Skills

The knowledge you will get from this phase will help you once you have established a stable and well-earning affiliate marketing machine. This phase teaches you ways in which you can monetize the success or expertise that you have gained over the period.

Monetizing Your Skills

This is basically what Adam Enfroy is doing currently – sharing his valuable experience and earning huge by doing that. 

10. Content Updates

You’re not done once you post content, like the way this course has been updated with the latest insights; you need to keep updating your content for it to stay relevant and useful to the users. 

Content Updates

The other important topic that this phase teaches is the ways to overcome and surf the Google update wave. It teaches the ways to audit the content, follow E-E-A-T guidelines set by Google, and ensure internal links are safe even when a major Google update rolls out. 

11. Scaling & Outsourcing

This phase teaches the ways in which you can outsource your work and delegate what you used to do in the initial phase of your building process.

Scaling & Outsourcing

This phase teaches you when and how to hire and how to hire lean. This will be crucial at a stage where the business is doing well, and you cannot be the person doing the tasks that you can delegate and focus on other business growth plans.

12. Recommended Tools

The informational content has pretty much ended by the time you reach this phase. This phase includes the tools and deals that only the students of the Blog Growth Engine are eligible for

The exclusive deals include:

  • WPX – Discounts and free months of subscriptions for new and existing WPX users
  • Content at Scale – Exclusive pricing for BGE students

13. Finished With The Entire Course?

introduction to Blog Growth Engine Community

This bonus guide will help you out if you have any questions upon completing the course. You can ask the community for any doubts or ask it directly to a coach. If you don’t get a response in time, you can connect with them over a Zoom call as well!

How to use the Community section for your benefit?

Above is how the community tab looks. It includes some pinned comments by instructors about any major announcements/updates. You can also filter the comments on the community by using “Announcements, Wins, Website Audit, General chat, Ask a coach, and AI” as filters. 

Once you reach the tab, you can follow this link, where you can find a guide on using the course’s community feature. 

Blog Growth Engine community section

Demandsage advice – Please keep the community feed clean and do not post spam or affiliate links. Keep it formal and informative to your fellow learners. 

Blog Growth Engine Alternatives 

The Blog Growth Engine course is really good and offers true value for its price. That aside, some courses in the market can help you sail your boat for less investment. 

We recommend you go through these 16 affiliate marketing courses that you can buy if you are tight on your budget. Out of the lot, below are the notable mentions that you can consider.

1. The Authority Site System – Authority Hacker

This is regarded as one of the best courses to learn affiliate marketing. The course is a starter program for beginners, taught by Gael Breton and Mark Webster. It includes a member’s community, templates, case studies, site-building checklists, and over 125+ videos to learn from.

The Authority Site System - Authority Hacker

We have covered the course in detail, and you can find more details about the course here

2. The Affiliate Lab – Matt Diggity

The next budget alternative is offered by Matt Diggity, which is a course for experts and beginners. The course covers topics such as niche selection, SEO, link building, and more important topics we reviewed on affiliate marketing in this Affiliate Lab course.

The Affiliate Lab - Matt Diggity

3. 1•2•3 Affiliate Marketing by Pat Flynn

This is one of the most affordable courses that you can take as a beginner and test the waters of the affiliate industry. You get lifetime access to Patt’s curated course, which is one of the veterans of the industry.  It may not be the best alternative to the Blog Growth Engine, but it is a good entry-level DIY course you can consider. He also hosts a podcast that we covered in our list of the best affiliate marketing podcasts

1•2•3 Affiliate Marketing by Pat Flynn

Sage Bonus: There’s another course that is not exactly a BGE alternative but is well-popular among many users and is budget-friendly! Read my Income School Project 24 review to learn more.

Final verdict – Is the Blog Growth Engine course worth it?

Coming back to BGE and its potential, I think it is really, really good. The course and the instructors really do provide a lot of value, and their results back it up. 

It is surely worth it for you if:

  1. You are determined and patient about learning Adam’s perspective and way of working on blogging and affiliate marketing as a whole. 
  2. You are ready to invest a large amount in exchange for long-term benefits
  3. You can leverage the community features and one-to-one interactions with the instructors to grow your business and earn loads of money.

If money concerns you, you can choose the alternatives mentioned above or scrape Adam’s YouTube channel for free content.

But if you are committed to making your blog work and getting Adam’s results, don’t think twice!


Is Blog Growth Engine Good?

The course is actually good for people looking to start their blogging journey and even seasoned affiliate marketers /bloggers struggling to generate the traffic they should. 

Is Blog Growth Engine good for making money?

One of the main reasons that people buy this course is to make money and be successful in doing that. With the course, you can generate $10K/month if implemented properly.

Is Blog Growth Engine expensive?

The BGE course is more expensive than other available courses to learn affiliate marketing from. It costs $1497 after a discount. 

Does Blog Growth Engine offer a refund?

If you are not satisfied with the course and want your money back, you can do so within 14 days of your purchase. 

Is there a discount on the Blog Growth Engine course?

The course offers a discount if you watch their 80-minute free masterclass and is priced at $1497 from the regular price of $3997

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