Income School Project 24 Review — Truth Revealed!

This is the expert review of a beginner-friendly course – Income School’s Project 24!

Having spent almost 3 days on their blogging course, I would like to share my experience and thoughts on its value, inclusions, key features, and points of concern in this honest review. 

Affiliate marketing is an industry worth $17 billion as of 2023, and learning about the basics of forming your own business is surely not a piece of cake.

Demandsage has reviewed some of the best courses offered on affiliate marketing, blogging, SEO, etc. Based on that expertise and knowledge of what the market offers, this review will help you understand whether Income School’s Project 24 is for you.

Income School Project 24 – Quick Glance

If you’re short of time, here is a table with some important takeaways about the course. But if you need a detailed verdict, read more!

Course by Income School
InstructorsRicky Kesler & Jim Harmer
Best forBeginners
Course InclusionsCourseware on blogging, monetization guide, virtual sessions with mentors, member-only podcast, storing, and active community
Price$449 for first 12 months
Refundable (Y/N)Not refundable
Course BonusFree theme worth $67/year, a module on mindset, member-only podcast, live Q&A  sessions with mentors 

Bonus: As mentioned above, here are the best affiliate marketing courses that we have covered. 

Pros and Cons of Project 24

Though this course has been transformational for many and has many upsides, it surely isn’t foolproof I found some drawbacks to it.


  • A strong community of users/students that help on issues you face
  • It hosts an official member-only podcast
  • Good overall rating from beginners
  • Teach only white-hat techniques
  • Course content gets updated frequently
  • No additional expenses 
  • Free WordPress theme worth $67/year
  • Students/users can interact with instructors live multiple times in a week


  • The course has no search feature for finding things across the platform
  • Approach towards keyword research and link-building
  • No subtitles or closed captions are available

What is Project 24, and what can you expect from it?

The Project 24 course by Income School offers strategies and techniques that Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer teach. It’s curated for beginners wanting to build their blogs in a way that generates almost $1,000/month! (trust me, I was shocked as well.)

I was surprised by how many valuable insights I got on selecting topics and writing SEO-friendly content for ranking and generating traffic. The course explained how the generated traffic essentially would help you make money and grow your business using content from these 75 Blogging lessons and 85 YouTube lessons.

Project 24 System overview

To explain in brief, you will get from this course:

  • The ability to generate a stable side income
  • A beginner guide about everything on affiliate marketing, blog building, and YouTube content creation
  • A book by the founders – Work Energy 
  • A community Support platform

Things That I liked about Project 24 Course

While I was going through the course and the curriculum it offers, I really liked the way the course offers a few unique features:

I liked how they took the approach of asking you to act and write as a person about the niche you are writing on. I have mentioned some more noteworthy features that the course offers below:

  1. Unique approach

The instructor teaches a new approach to the whole blog-building and content-creation process. There are certain ways they approach these topics that are truly unique and remarkable for beginners. 

  1. Ask you to act and be a person from the niche you are writing on

The course asks you to write about a particular niche by incorporating how the person would speak and deliver content (needs more elaboration).

  1. Strong community

The course has been able to build a strong community that is interactive and helpful. Users can also contact the instructors for any struggles or hurdles the student faces throughout the course. 

  1. Community competition

The platform runs several competitions involving the community on certain objectives – e.g., most content published, keywords researched, etc. This allows them to see how the users are doing from the course and the areas they need improvement on.

YouTube Channel 

Many other YouTube channels suggest their authority of the YouTube course 

  • Income School 
  • Backfire
  • Camper report

Who is Project 24 for?

Project 24 is for beginners who know nothing about writing blogs or the affiliate marketing industry. This is, in fact, one of the best beginner courses available on the market to learn blogging and affiliate marketing. 

This course is for you if:

  • You are a beginner and want to learn the basics of blogging and YouTube content creation
  • Need an affordable option to learn content marketing
  • Earn $1000/month from a blog

Who is Project 24 not for?

After going through the course’s content and learnings, I realized that this course is unsuitable for all experts and seasoned bloggers. Some of the methods they teach did not sit right with me and my knowledge of building content.

A professional can review their YouTube videos and correct their techniques, but I doubt that the course can do that.

Don’t get me wrong, the course is really good, but not for everyone.  More on this further in the article. 

How much does Project 24 cost?

This powerful course is offered at an annual membership of $449 for the first year. Once you are through the course and your learning, you need to pay only $249/year.

Price for the first year$449
Price after completion of one year$249
  • Project 24 Discount 

The course does not offer any discount, and you have to pay the amount as a one-time payment. 

  • Project 24 Refund Policy

The platform used to offer a full refund if the student did not like the services or the course offered. However, some users started misusing the resources, disrupting the community environment, and taking refunds. Since then, they have stopped offering refunds for the course.

But, if you are not satisfied with anything or facing any issues, refer to the below official guidelines I did when I had a query about a topic:

Project 24 Refund Policy

Project 24 inclusions – what the course includes

First things first, it is credible and accredited with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) – a non-profit platform that rates businesses and resolves user complaints. 

Let’s get to the main chunk of it! The course is spread across a curriculum that seeks the user’s active inputs for the work to show results. They touch on topics for blogging, YouTube, marketing, monetization, and more. 

With the course’s main offerings on how to successfully run a blog and YouTube business, I got additional guides, too. Bonuses like templates, project timelines, recipes, search analysis, a brand plan for YouTube, and much more are included!

I experienced the joy of being a beginner as the courseware was well-constructed for absolute beginners. 

 what Project 24 includes

Some of its notable features are:

  • Live mastermind sessions: 

I was able to join multiple live Q&A sessions and share my thoughts about what’s working and what’s not working directly with Jim or Ricky. This gave me room to make mistakes and to learn from them.

I personally appreciate this feature because, as a beginner, you need personal guidance and a medium to resolve those popping questions. 

  • Member-only Podcast (3 podcasts each month on Blogging and YouTube)

The course also offers a member-only podcast, one for blogging and another for YouTube, that shares key insights into the industry and current trending topics. 

  • Focus on mindset: 

Within the course was a section where the instructors stated the importance of a strong mindset and suggested ways to build or strengthen it.

Building a blog or a YouTube channel can take a toll on your motivation and productivity, given the nature of the industry. The course offering knowledge on this is surely an added perk!

  • YouTube Course: 

This course felt expertly tailored by Nate Black, who also runs a successful YouTube channel. You get to learn aspects of YouTube, including how to audit YouTube videos, create thumbnails, and the overall setting up of the channel.

  • Free WordPress theme worth $67/year:

This theme is a free offering for all the members and one that Income School uses for their websites. Individually, this Acabado WordPress theme costs $67/year. These are straight-up savings – as good as a discount. 

Things I did Not like about Project 24 

I would like to shed some light on some things I mentioned above that can be warning signals for some or many. 

Two major methods taught in the course that raised my hair were their approach towards:

  1. Not relying on paid keyword tools

Being a long-time user of keyword research tools, we at Demandsage have seen the results they give: their ability to track rankings, research keywords, and analyze competition is second to none.

Their reason for this is the unreliability of the data, which is a fair thought. However, not relying completely on and following an unconventional approach to keyword research is not really valuable. 

  1. Against traditional link-building

In one of his community posts, Ricky mentioned that he did not realize that some tactics taught can be called link-building. He said that the focus should be on building genuine authority and not focus on links. 

Both methods lead to similar results, but the main difference lies in the approach to starting the process. And, in this competitive blogging world, I think that not actively focusing on link-building can prove to be risky, especially for beginners. 

I like their perspective to look at it, and it may be unique, no doubt. But for this to stay relevant and generate traffic in the future is a big question.

Do Project 24 techniques really help?

On the other hand, the course makes the student self-sufficient in aiming to generate traffic and eventually money. Multiple users who have stayed consistent in their efforts have reaped results. 

Here is what their official reports say:

Official reports of project 24 milestone

Refer to this link to learn more about the customer reviews on their official page. 

Project 24 Alternatives

Some are more expensive than Project 24, yet truly valuable courses are available on the market. If you do not want to pursue a course that works around beginners, below are some suggestions: 

1. Authority Hacker

Known as one of the best courses to take to learn how the content and affiliate marketing industry works, this course doesnt disappoint.

The Authority Site System - Authority Hacker

Created by Mark Webster and Gael Breton, the maestros of the affiliate marketing industry who have taught many of us the fundamentals, this course is highly recommended.  Refer to our comprehensive review that backs up this claim. 

2. Affiliate Lab

Matt Diggity offers immense value in selecting a niche, building links, SEO, strategies, and white and grey hat techniques from his course. 

Though it has some cons, It is well-designed for experts and beginners with several bonuses, lifetime free updates, and a detailed SEO and affiliate marketing guide

The Affiliate Lab

Check out our detailed review on Affiliate Lab, to really understand what it offers. 

3. Blog Growth Engine

This exclusive affiliate marketing course Adam Enfroy offers will teach you how to start blogging and ways to earn a large sum of money just from writing blogs.

Blog Growth Engine overview

The course is based upon the strategies and tactics Adam used to grow his blog and earn a 7 figure amount in a year. I took this course and have found it to be really useful. Read my verdict on the Blog Growth Engine.

Final Verdict – Is Project 24 worth your investment?

I really liked the way the course sets up a foundation for a beginner and helps in getting an entry into the blogging world. The course is highly informative with the vast knowledge it provides for all the areas, and the lively community is a genuinely good resource. 

My only concern would be that they don’t follow the traditional/ popular approach towards keyword research and link building. This may cause the student to feel like a small fish in a big pond when their business grows to a scale where their competition is using the tools and approaches.

If these things are worked upon, this can be the ultimate resource to set up your affiliate marketing business!


Is Project 24 worth it?

The course is worth it if you are a beginner and want to embark on your blogging business. It will teach you all the basics you need to develop a profitable business. 

Who owns Income school?

Ricky Kesler and Jim Harmer were high-school friends who started this from a podcast and were almost about to sell it. They are now the co-founders of the Income School, which offers Project 24.

How much does the Project 24 course cost?

Project 24 is priced at $449/for the first year and $249/year after the end of the first 12 months.

Does Project 24 offer a refund?

The course used to offer a refund initially, but due to some troublemakers disrupting the community space and taking advantage of the service, they stopped offering a refund.

Is there a discount on the Project 24 course?

The course does not offer a discount, but a reduced cost after the first year of subscription. It includes many free perks exclusive for members within the course that are as good as a discount.

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