Authority Hacker Review 2023: How Good Are Its Courses?


When it comes to earning a living from websites, building authority websites is arguably one of the best ways to do that.

And when it comes to learning about how to build authority websites, it’s impossible not to know about Authority Hacker. Their courses are infamous among digital marketers and web entrepreneurs worldwide.

But are they worth the hype? Or is it just smart marketing done by marketing professionals to market their courses? (pun intended 😄)

Well, that’s what we shall try to figure out in this review. We shall see the courses offered by Authority Hacker, the kind of information they include, how easy it is to learn from them, and much more. But before that, let’s take a quick look at who these guys are and what they do. 

What is Authority Hacker?

Authority Hacker Review

Simply put, it’s a group of individuals sharing whatever they have learned while working in the niche of digital marketing. They have built a bouquet of courses under the Authority Hacker brand that aims to empower people with knowledge and hardcore skill about how to build and earn from high-quality Authority Sites. 

The programs offered by Authority Hacker are some of the most respected courses available in the niche of digital marketing. They’re also among the most highly rated. Let’s see what makes them stick!

Pros & Cons of Authority Hacker

Expert instructorsPrice is a bit steep — but justified for the value it provides
360-degree coverage of all digital marketing topicsNo certification
Live “over the shoulder” case studies 
Useful templates for marketing and content creation
Easy to navigate through the lessons

Courses offered by Authority Hacker

There are 3 courses offered by Authority Hacker, each of them aimed at a different audience and meant to achieve different purposes:

The Authority Site System

The Authority Site System

This is the main course offered by the Authority Hacker team. It’s meant for beginners, and it provides you with a basic – intermediate-level understanding of everything that goes in building authority sites. 

It teaches you how to select the niches, how to create content, how to build backlinks and everything else that you need to know. It includes:

Authority Hacker Pro

Authority Hacker Pro

This was the first course offered by the Authority Hacker team, and it’s still their flagship offering. It’s meant for people who are already making more than $1,000 per month from their authority websites and focuses on teaching them how they can further scale their business. 

It covers topics of advanced SEO, email marketing, scalable backlink building, deep sales funnels, and much more. It includes:

  • More than 400 videos
  • SOPs that help you create processes for all major marketing and content-related work
  • Access to custom tools and plugins that can help you automate certain tasks and perform others in a better way
  • Copy-paste templates. 

Authority Hacker Core Web Vitals

Authority Hacker Core Web Vitals

This is a small crash course for helping you achieve just one thing — optimize your website according to Google’s Core Web Vitals. In case you don’t know, Core Web Vitals are among the most important ranking factors in Google’s ranking algorithm, so you need to pass this test if you want to build an authority website. Here’s all that’s included in this course:

  • 30+ videos
  • A quick fix cheat sheet
  • Discounts on exclusive tools that you can use to optimize your website
  • Live case studies.

Authority Hacker Review

After having a look at the 3 courses offered by the Authority Hacker team, now we can dive into our review to see how these offerings fare in comparison to the competition and whether they’re worth it or not. Let’s begin!

1. Team

Authority Hacker Team

The Authority Hacker Team (with founders Mark and Gael in center)

The first thing while reviewing any course is, of course, the people who have created that course. Because if your instructors are not experts themselves in their fields, you can’t expect miracles from their course offerings. 

There’s a team of 7 people behind Authority Hacker, but let’s talk about the founders first because ultimately they are the people who train you. The founders of Authority Hacker, fortunately, are very talented and respected folks in the niche of digital marketing. Gael Breton and Mark Webster — both people who co-founded this company have more than 10 years of experience in building and growing websites. 

Gael has also had the opportunity of sharing his marketing expertise in talks at Harvard University, Oxford University, and Wharton University. That speaks volumes about his expertise in the niche of digital marketing. When you choose Authority Hacker, you learn from the best of the best in the digital content marketing space.

2. Scope of Information

The next important thing to consider is the scope of information covered in the courses of Authority Hacker. The topics covered by a course determine to a great extent how much anyone can learn from it, so this matters a lot. 

As we told above, Authority Hacker has 3 different courses, each of which aims to serve you depending on the level where you’re in the process of building your authority site. Together they cover the following topics in great detail: 

  1. Niche selection
  2. Site setup
  3. Content creation
  4. SEO
  5. Affiliate marketing
  6. Email marketing
  7. Sales funnels

As you can see, this is a pretty exhaustive list of topics related to digital marketing, blogging, and authority site-building. If you take all three courses of Authority Hacker, by the end of them you’ll be an all-rounder not only in building high-quality authority websites but also in 80% of digital marketing skills. 

But even if you don’t take all 3 courses and decide to take a particular course (i.e. either TASS or Authority Hacker Pro), you can be assured that by the end of your chosen course you’ll be able to achieve the objectives for which you took the course. So content-wise we can say that Authority Hacker has done a great job in covering almost everything that you should know for building your authority sites. 

3. Case studies & templates included

Case studies & templates included

Marketing is best explained by case studies, so any decent digital marketing course needs to include case studies for explaining the strategies and tips they provide.

The Authority Hacker team understands that, and they choose a very unique approach to including case studies in their courses. They build an authority site side-by-side in their courses, so the learners can see how the strategies and tips being taught are implemented in real life. The authority site being built as a case study can be visited by anyone who is a member of the course, and its progress can also be tracked by the members. 

This sort of live case study training provides an unimaginably good level of understanding of the concepts being taught. It’s much better than explaining things with the case study of some business that has already achieved success. 

Now, as far as the templates included are concerned, they are best-in-class. We talked to many of the Authority Hacker members and they told us that the marketing templates, content templates, and other SOPs and cheat sheets included in the course made their job significantly easier. They help in eliminating a lot of guesswork and make everything simple to understand for everyone. 

Overall, it’s fair to say that the case studies and templates included in Authority Hacker allow for a very solid understanding of the topics covered in all its courses. 

4. Ease of learning

We have already explained how easy the content of Authority Hacker courses is for an average or even beginner internet marketer to digest. Now we shall also explore how easy is it to navigate through the various lessons and sections of the course, and to seek help if you get stuck anywhere. 

Authority Hacker has implemented many things in its content and community to ensure that the courses offered are easy to sift through and understand. Those things include:

  1. Video walkthroughs: All the videos included in Authority Hacker courses come with a video walkthrough that takes you through all the parts of the lesson, acting like an overview and explaining how every part of the lesson connects. 
  2. Show notes: They act as a sort of blog post with each lesson, again, to help you get a better grasp of the whole thing. 
  3. Facebook Community: Authority Hacker also has a quite vibrant community in the form of a Facebook Group. The members of the group help out each other in understanding course content as well as learning from each other. Mike and Gael also join in group conversations from time to time.
  4. Independent lessons: All lessons of the course have been set up in such a way that while they link to each other, they also have an independent existence of each other. This means that you can choose to open and learn from any particular lesson, without having to worry about whether you have finished other lessons before it or not. 

These things collectively make Authority Hacker courses relatively easy to navigate through and learn from. While there are many other digital marketing courses on the internet, only some of them have these sorts of features to make the learning process easier. 

5. Price

Let’s talk money now! 😃

We’re talking about a course that teaches you how to make money. Therefore, it deserves to charge some money.

Fortunately, Authority Hacker doesn’t charge too much for the kind of knowledge and value it is offering. What it charges can be recovered in a few months of building your authority website. The Authority Site System course of Authority Hacker is sold for $997, while the Authority Hacker Pro course is sold for $2,997.

While that may sound like a lot of money, and while other cheaper courses are available in the market, we’re still compelled to say that the cost is justified when compared to the value that you get. None of the other courses that are cheaper provide the kind of 360-degree knowledge about digital marketing that’s provided by the courses of Authority Hacker. 

Who Should Use Authority Hacker Courses?

Two major courses are available on Authority Hacker: The Authority Site System and Authority Hacker Pro. The first course is for those who are complete beginners in the affiliate marketing niche and want to learn more about it and get started. This course can be valuable for those who have already started with affiliate marketing but are failing to reach their goal of earning $1000 every month. The course can help them in areas where they are lagging.

The Authority Hacker pro course is for those affiliate marketers who have already started with affiliate marketing and now want to take their business to the next level. If you are a beginner, you should start with the Authority Site System course before moving on to the Authority Hacker Pro course. The Authority Hacker Pro course can be beneficial for experienced marketers and SEOs as well.

Conclusion: Authority Hacker Review (2023)

Overall we can conclude that Authority Hacker offers courses that are best in class not only for building authority sites but also for digital marketing in general. The breadth of information covered in them is so deep that it can give a run for its money to even the most sophisticated digital marketing certification programs in the world. And that’s one of their shortcomings — they don’t provide any certificate despite providing best-in-class training. 

The price of their courses may also feel steep to you, but the value they provide completely justifies the price tag. That’s an investment that can give you a solid ROI within a year.

If you still have any questions about Authority Hacker, feel free to share them in the comments. Also, share this review on your social media handles so others can also benefit from the programs offered by Authority Hacker. 


How many courses does Authority Hacker offer?

Authority Hacker offers three different courses: The Authority Site System for beginners, Authority Hacker Core Web Vitals for all sites, and Authority Hacker Pro for established websites.

What is an Authority Site?

According to Mark & Gael, an authority site is a website that shares only relevant information, and it is content-driven and trusted by its audience. People trust the content delivered by an authority site. You can earn money through an authority site by monetizing it.

Which is the best affiliate marketing course?

We at DemandSage have taken multiple affiliate courses ourselves, and after analyzing all the courses closely, we came to the conclusion that the Authority Site System, Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab, and Authority Hacker Pro are three all-time best affiliate marketing courses.

How much do Authority Hacker courses cost?

The price of The Authority Site System and Authority Hacker Core Web Vitals is the same, $997. You can also pay for the Authority Site System in 6 payments of $249. The pricing of Authority Hacker Pro is roughly $2997.

Which course should I choose if I already have a website?

If you already have a website and want to get traffic to your website rapidly, then you should consider buying the Authority Hacker Pro course. It has over 400 videos, custom plugins & tools, SOPs, an advanced member community, and copy & paste templates.

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