Authority Hacker Review (2024) — My Experience & Results!

In this ultimate Authority Hacker Review, I have shared my first-hand experience of taking the Authority Hacker courses. 

The Authority Hacker offers two detailed courses on building affiliate websites” and scaling it to become an authority site from scratch. 

I have been a student of the Authority Site System course since 2017 and have utilized what I learned to build actual websites that perform. From starting with the Authority Hacker TASS module to buying the Pro Platinum Courses worth $6000, I have come a long way. 

Stick with me to know what each of these courses offers and how they can benefit you!

Why Should You Trust This Authority Hacker Review?

I have been into website building and affiliate marketing for half a decade now. 

Since I took the course back in 2017, it has helped me build up my foundation of building authority websites in a structured manner. DemandSage is one of them, and I applied many tactics shared by Gael and Mark in the course. 

I was happy enough to interact with the founders of Authority Hacker in the recent Chiang Mai 2023 conference.

I gained a lot of insights about the course, the founders, and the overall best ways to build a website from the founders themself! I’m taking Mark’s suggestions to improve DemandSage’s UI. 

Just a sneak peek from my discussion with Mark at the Chaing Mai SEO Conference about DemandSage.

Chaing Mai SEO Conference

I have been an active follower of Mark and Gael and their way of approaching website and content building. I’ve benefited so much from the content shared in the courses that I didn’t think twice about investing almost $6000 in the Pro Platinum membership and its offerings. 

I incorporated all of this, plus my experience of using Authority Hacker courses, and have compiled this thorough review.

Additionally, during the Chaing Mai conference, there was a Pro Platinum membership dinner, and here is a video uploaded on Authority Hacker’s Instagram channel.

Authority Hacker Pro Platinum dinner

You can catch glimpses of me inside the video 🙂

Authority Hacker Review: Quick Verdict 

The Authority Hacker offers two courses on the platform, each for a different user, with different needs and different pricing.

CourseInclusionsBest ForPrice
The Authority Site System (TASS 3.0)194+ video lessons, copy-paste templates, real-life case studiesBeginners, Intermediates, and experts$599
The Authority Hacker Pro (Blueprints)| 21 expert blueprints on advanced topics for website buildingExperts$2,997

Each course offered by the Authority Hacker covers a unique aspect of building an authority website that will help you generate a strong stream of income. 

Out of the three, I hold The Authority Site System TASS 3.0 to be the best initial investment while embarking on a website-building journey. I suggest absorbing all you can from this detailed guide to building a website and then upscale. 

The Authority Hacker Pro is most suitable for beginners and offers further blueprints that can be crucial for leveling up and maintaining an authority website. 

DemandSage Tip: We listed some of the other Affiliate marketing courses that can help you with your needs. Here’s a list of the best affiliate marketing courses you can consider.

Pros and Cons – Authority Hacker

While the course is highly appreciated, it still has minor downsides. Have a look at some of the plus and minus points about them.


  • Courses taught by industry experts
  • Over-the-shoulder videos
  • Additional Bonuses and Blueprints
  • Lifetime free access
  • Crisp and easy-to-use interface
  • Regular updates
  • MasterMinds calls every week. (with Pro Platinum subscription)
  • Access to exclusive community — Active Discord, and Facebook group (with Pro Platinum subscription)


  • Price can feel expensive
  • Lessons can be challenging to follow for beginners

What is The Authority Hacker?

The Authority Hacker is an expert platform that teaches the basics of starting and growing an authority affiliate marketing website. I have been learning a lot from these courses for a couple of years, which have taught me the ropes of the affiliate marketing industry. In fact, I built a couple of websites, which I’ll be revealing soon. Stay tuned. 

It has benefited a number of people like me, even with its higher pricing plan. Mark and Gael are respected and highly regarded affiliate marketers who share their expertise in these courses.

I found these courses to have live case studies, where the instructor showed how to start a successful authority website with over-the-shoulder videos. 

This is one of the recent videos I came across from Authority Hacker’s YouTube Channel!

With these courses, they also share valuable insights about what’s new with the affiliate marketing industry and the updates and important announcements about their course on their official social media handles tagged below. 

Let’s Meet The Instructors

The Authority Hacker, led by Mark Webster and Gael Breton, was launched in 2014. Mark has been an entrepreneur since he was 13 years old, has built multiple businesses, and is constantly engaged in building efficient systems and processes.

Gael Breton has an experience of 10 years and has helped develop small local business and even Fortune 500 companies. He has been an active educator and speaker at some top universities like Harvard, Wharton, and Oxford University!

I have been following them for six years now and can definitely vouch for their credibility. What they have created with Authority Hacker has placed it in a position where their courses can be called the bible of affiliate marketing. 

The way the courses are taught in depth has helped me a lot as a beginner, and I follow them to date as my go-to source for updates and valuable templates and guidelines.

They also run the biggest podcast in the industry with over 300 podcast episodes. I have covered some of the top Affiliate marketing Podcasts that will help you understand more about the whole affiliate marketing setup from experienced affiliate marketers. 

Their X handles

  • Mark Webster – Here
  • Gael Breton – Here

Are Mark and Gael legit?

Undoubtedly, Mark and Gael are legit and not some falsely promising money-making marketers. They are true educators of the affiliate marketing niche, and their expertise in building authority websites is second to none. 

Look at some of the well-known people who have critically acclaimed Authority Hacker:

Authority hacker review -testimonials

And it’s not just about top people praising them; they have also trained around 132,000+ students, including me and my team at Demandsage. 

Here’s a Reddit review that really resonates with what I feel about Authority Hacker:

Authority Hacker reviews

Thus, the Authority Hacker has received great appreciation from website builders, who have taken their website to the next level with real proof!

Courses I Reviewed of the Authority Hacker

Now, I will review each of the courses offered by the Authority Hacker with details about the lessons, bonuses, prices, and the pros and cons of each of these courses.

The platform offers learners three courses at different price points on their main page. The courses offered are:

CourseBest For
The Authority Site System (TASS 3.0)Improving Technical Aspects
The Authority Hacker ProExperts and established sites
The Authority Core Web VitalsImproving Techical Aspects

Each course covers a different aspect of building an authority website.

I have emphasized the Authority Site System more in this review since this teaches the foundations. I would suggest opting for the TASS 3.0 first, working on your website, and then heading to the advanced modules like the PRO ones. 

The Authority Pro is a further detail-oriented course that also includes the TASS 3.0, plus expert blueprints that you can implement on your authority website to enhance it further.

With that, let’s dig into it!

1. The Authority Site System – TASS 3.0 

Best ForBeginners, Intermediates, and Experts
Modules15 modules
Price6 monthly installments – $132 each
One-time payment – $599 (save $900)
Money-back Guarantee30-day money-back guarantee
BonusTemplates library, Discount on tools, Access to exclusive community

Who is the Authority Site System (TASS 3.0) for?

The Authority Site System is best for:

  1. Beginners wishing to build a money-making website.
  2. Website owners who need help to generate income.
  3.  People looking to scale their passive income.

The Authority Site System TASS 3.0 is an ideal course for a beginner website builder looking to build a website and who wants to generate a substantial income from it. 

If you are someone who has been building your website for a while and still not been able to build a $1,000/month, the TASS 3.0 will give you a proper structure and direction to bring your website back on track. 

Lastly, if you are someone who handles multiple websites and wants to scale up the passive income generated from them, the TASS 3.0 is for you!

Alternatively, if you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme, this is not the course for you as it requires a substantial amount of effort, patience, and the will to learn the efficient ways of building an authority website.

TASS 3.0 inclusions

As mentioned above, this course has been the backbone behind many people like me to understand the basic concepts behind finding and building niches, site planning, site setup, monetizing, and many more critical areas of an authority website building. 

It is priced at $1499 if paid as a one-time payment, but by using the exclusive link below, you can get an exclusive 60% discount on the TASS 3.0. Start your website-building journey today and enjoy lifetime benefits and frequent updates. 

Courses Offered by The Authority Hacker
  1. TASS 3.0 Course Content

The Authority Site System course includes everything you need to build a website from scratch. For a new user, the entire authority website-building process is broken down into 15 easy-to-consume modules. 

Each module includes over-the-shoulder lessons from Mark or Gael. The course captures everything, right from the basics of affiliate marketing, niche finding, using expired domains, content writing, learning link building, branding your website, and advanced tactics to elevate your built website. 

   2. Templates Library

The TASS 3.0 also includes a wide range of copy-paste templates, SOPs, and content templates, GenerateBlock Designs, and AI prompts. One thing I love about this library is the ability to select different AI models and categories for precise prompts. 

Authority Hacker Templates

3. To-do List

Further, A site-to-do system gives accurate suggestions on the changes you need to make on your website. With this special follow-along checklist, it’s easy to implement.

Note: You need a free Notion account to use this feature. 

4. Community and Facebook Support

For advanced support, the members-only community connects you with like-minded people and site builders for shared guidance. Here, you get access to technical guidance on account, web design, website tech, and agency. 

Additionally, an exclusive Facebook group for all the TASS 3.0 members for advice, design, and tech feedback and suggestions and sharing success and networking opportunities!

5. Updates

The Authority Site System sees frequent updates to the lessons. The change and update logs give detailed reasoning for the changes and the changes made. 

Authority Hacker Updates

The update log helps me keep track of all the recent courses and allows me to share feedback on the updates!

What’s New with The Authority Site System (TASS 3.0)?

There have been major updates to the Authority Site System course. The update includes a number of new lessons updated as per the 2023 standards, increasing the entire training by 50%!

The course has been improved in every aspect, with new content on expired domains, new templates, and improved student support.

The new TASS 3.0 update includes: 

  • A completely new case-study website. 
  • Brand new copy-paste templates.
  • Amazon website monetization guide.
  • In-depth and personalized support.
  • New concepts covered and tactics taught for building websites with expired domains.
  • AI content with Koala Writer.
  • Link-Building Tactics
  • Schema tactics
  • New – Copy & Paste affiliate Gutenberg blocks
  • New – fact-checked article first drafts

Here’s a link to the brand new case study site called “Dog Food Heaven.”

New lessons added to the TASS 3.0: 

  • Keyword research
  • AI logo generation.
  • Picking a domain name using AI.
  • Understanding Ahrefs.
  • Saving Ahrefs credits.
  • Review writing mini-course as per Google’s E-E-A-T
  • Site Speed Module

Bonus: You can track all the month-wise updates to the Authority Site System from this changelog that highlights the changes and the detailed reason for it. 

Since I took this course, it has been updated multiple times, and at the time of writing this article, this course included 15 comprehensive modules that cover topics like:

  1. Authority Site Business Model 101
  2. Finding Niches
  3. Qualifying niches
  4. Site Planning
  5. Site Setup
  6. Branding
  7. Building Posts & Pages
  8. Creating Info Content
  9. Writing content step by step
  10. Optimizing and publishing content
  11. Initial Link building
  12. Affiliate Setup
  13. Writing & Optimizing Commercial Content
  14. Advanced Tactics
  15. Bonus – Becoming an Authority

Course Add-ons:

  • Mastering E-E-A-T
  • 25 Niche pack

The add-on with the Mastering E-E-A-T module teaches the rules and guidelines that Google judges a website on.

Secondly, the 25 profitable niches add-on where the course discussed some of the most popular niches – their income potential, difficulty, and the pros and cons of the niche.

The Authority Site System TASS 3.0 Structure and Interface 

The TASS 3.0 dashboard is pretty neat and straightforward to use. The top bar helps you reach vital features offered in the course like:

  1. A case study website
  2. A to-do list to follow along.
  3. The template library.
  4. Facebook Group with TASS members.
  5. Exclusive support from subject experts.
  6. Update bar to track the recent progress and improvements to the course.
The authority site system 3.0

I really love the crisp and clean user interface. The main dashboard is where all the templates, updates, to-do lists, and support functions are found. Here’s a look:


This is how the inside of a module looks like:

TASS 3.0 module

Each lesson includes a summary of the lesson with added materials and a video transcript.

Navigating through the courses was super easy, and the written summary content helps to revise old lessons quickly without having to re-watch the videos.

A drawback of this course can be the heavy initial investment that a new entrant in website building has to make. The course should have also included modules to keep a new website builder, engaged and motivated throughout the process.

The Authority Site System Key features

  • 15 modules on building an authority website
  • Bonus add-ons like the EEAT blueprint, 25 niche packs, and a Facebook community
  • 194 video lessons
  • 125,000+ words of supportive content.
  • Copy/Paste templates
  • Site-building to-do list


  • Active Members Community
  • World-class and quick support
  • Over-the-shoulder video lessons
  • Highly rated by users
  • Lifetime updates
  • 30-day moneyback guarantee


  • Course fees can be expensive
  • As a beginner, the student might feel overwhelmed with the amount of content.

2. The Authority Hacker Pro

Best ForWebsite owners, SEOs, Professionals, and Freelancers
Modules20 Blueprints
PriceThe Authority Hacker Pro – $2997 or 12 x $297
The Authority Hacker Pro Platinum – $5997 or 12 x $597
DiscountAvailable if paid one-time
Money-back Guarantee30-day money-back guarantee

Who is the Authority PRO for?

The Authority Hacker Pro subscription is for experts who already have an established authority website. Two common types of users of this course are:

  1. An intermediate affiliate looking forward to further growing their website with advanced blueprints and support. 
  2. Affiliates looking to diversify their affiliate portfolio and grow multiple websites.
Authority Hacker pro

This course should be your next stage after successfully building an authority website. Generally, this Pro course should be taken by website owners who earn at least a constant $1,000 monthly. Using the blueprints and bonuses from this course, you can boost your website to 7 or 8 figures. 

Consuming this course was difficult for me as it is loaded with technical information. I don’t follow this course linearly like the previous TASS 3.0, as this course has individual blueprints as per different topics. 

Among the blueprints, my favorite was the Review Writing Blueprint, where Kevin teaches the whole process from research, writing, editing, and formatting! 

Note – The Authority Hacker PRO plan is not always available but only during select windows. A while ago, I registered for the waiting list, and luckily, within a couple of days, they opened the window (October 2023) for a limited time.

What’s New With The Authority Hacker Pro Blueprints?

In the latest update, they have made some significant changes to the course. Here’s what’s new:

  1. Sniper Link Building
  2. Shotgun Link Building
  3. Optins & Email Lists
  4. Mastermind Library
  5. Review Writing
  6. 25 profitable niches.

These new additions add up to the strong library of advanced tactics that you can implement on your authority websites. 

Joining The Authority Hacker Pro waiting list:

This was the course homepage when I registered for their waiting list. Sign up for the course to enroll yourself with your name and email address.

The Authority Hacker Pro

The email confirmation about the availability of the course:

Authority Hacker Pro waiting list

This is what the homepage looks like for a limited time

Authority Hacker Pro homepage

Once you sign up and are through, this is how the dashboard of the Authority Hacker Pro would look like: 

Authority Hacker Pro dashboard

Here’s a list of the blueprints this course includes:

  1. E-E-A-T Blueprint
  2. AI Blueprint
  3. High DR Link Building Blueprint
  4. Core Web Vitals Blueprint
  5. Link Building Framework Blueprint
  6. Advanced Onpage Blueprint
  7. Editorial System Blueprint
  8. New Writer Training Blueprint
  9. HARO Blueprint
  10. Keyword Research Blueprint
  11. Hiring Editorial Teams Blueprint
  12. Selling Your Site Blueprint
  13. Evergreen Funnels Blueprint
  14. Email Marketing Blueprint
  15. List Building Blueprint
  16. Sniper Link Building
  17. Shotgun Link Building
  18. Optins & Email Lists
  19. Mastermind Library
  20. Review Writing
  21. 25 profitable niches

With this PRO subscription, I also got free access to the Authority Site System training and five other bonuses:

  • TASS 3.0
  • Copy/Paste templates
  • Automation tools
  • Discount Library
  • Kevin Meng’s Masterclass
  • Networking with exclusive community members

The Authority Hacker Pro Key features

  • 380+ video lessons
  • Pro Community
  • 100+ Copy/Paste templates
  • Custom tools
  • Exclusive discount
  • Pro Support
  • 6 added bonuses


  • Lifetime updates
  • TASS 3.0 free
  • Step-by-step teaching
  • Over-the-shoulder video lessons
  • 30-day money-back guarantee


  • Limited time access
  • May not be affordable to all

Authority Hacker PRO vs Authority Hacker PRO Platinum

This course comes with two options and with different prices and offerings. The PRO Platinum course is the most superior course offered and has some extra features that I have noted below:

FeaturesAuthority Hacker PROAuthority Hacker PRO Platinum
PRO BlueprintsYesYes
TASS 3.0YesYes
Templates LibraryYesYes
Custom ToolsYesYes
Discount LibraryYesYes
Affiliate Review MasteryYesYes
Pro CommunityYesYes
Lifetime UpdatesYesYes
SOP LibraryNoYes
Mastermind CallsNoYes
“Backstage” guest eventsNoYes
Tactic Sneak PeeksNoYes

Note: We bought Authority Hacker Pro platinum for our team training purposes. It cost around $5997, which is huge, but it’s worth every single penny. The best part is that there is a mentorship program that helps me to connect with experts on different subjects. If you want to know more about the Authority Hacker PRO Platinum access, then check our website for detailed information.

The Authority Core Web Vitals

Best ForAll Sites
Modules30+ video lessons
Price$997 ($249 – with discount)
Money-back Guarantee30-day money-back guarantee

Who are the Authority Core Web Vitals for?

The Authority Core Web Vitals is for WordPress websites to make them fast and responsive as per Google. 

This course includes all the necessary vitals that Google uses. This course is also part of the Authority Hacker Pro subscription for Free and is also sold separately. It is essentially a guideline that website owners need to follow to be in the good books of Google and to make their website super-fast. 

This gives the students access to video lessons, live case studies, quick-fix cheat sheets, and member-exclusive discounts. Gael took a very slow website and showed a step-by-step process to convert it into a website that would load in just 1 second.

Note: This training is included in the Authority Hacker PRO subscription, and PRO users need not buy it separately.

How Much Did the Authority Site System Cost Me? 

I have subscribed for the Authority Hacker Pro Platinum as it was the ideal choice for the scale on which I wanted to operate my websites. When I got the initial Authority Site System, the price was much lower than the current one. 

The Authority Site System course price has been reduced from $1499 to $599 for a limited time and can save you almost $900!

The Authority Hacker Pro, on the other hand, costs $2,997 and is an exclusive course run by the Authority Hacker, open only for a few days a year. 

Before you sign up for a paid subscription, you can enroll yourself for free training to understand how Authority Hacker can help you. 

  1. Visit the official Authority Hacker website and join the free training by entering your name and email address.
  1. Watch the 28-minute video to have a brief understanding of what the courses include.

This free training includes an introduction and touches upon topics like:

  1. Picking profitable niches
  2. Finding easy keywords
  3. Finding good affiliate programs
  4. Fast website setup
  5. Content that will rank
  6. Building links
  7. Affiliate CRO
  8. And a demo site they created

Refund Policy

All the courses that are offered come with a money-back guarantee. If the course fails to meet your expectations, you can get a full refund within 30 days of buying.

What Are Students Saying About Authority Hacker? (Testimonials)

The main question that came to my mind when I first started to know about this course was – does the course genuinely provide valuable information, and does that translate to people earning a definitive sum of money?

Upon thorough research before even reaching their website, I found numerous good reviews from students with their actual insights into their websites that have scaled up after following Authority Hacker’s approach. 

Their students speak, and they speak numbers! 

Authority Hacker course testimonials

Check out this thread on Quora to check real user reviews.

Additionally, here is an official student testimonial video shared on their website.

Alternatives – of The Authority Hacker 

Though I was genuinely satisfied with all the courses offered by the Authority Hacker, I would like to list some honorable mentions that can be as good as this course for people searching for a budget-friendly option.

  1. The Affiliate Lab
The Affiliate Lab

This special Affiliate marketing and SEO course is offered by the renowned editor, Matt Diggity. He is one of THE experts to learn the art of starting, scaling, and flipping a website. The course is best for Beginner to expert-level SEOs and is priced at $997.

The topics that this course touches upon are niche selection, on-site and off-site SEO, technical audit, authority site module, and many, many more bonuses!

I have gone through the course and shared my verdict about the good and the bad of it. Read more about it in this review of The Affiliate Lab

  1. Blog Growth Engine
Blog Growth Engine

This mind-blowing course by Adam Enfory has been life-changing for his students. He has taught some techniques that work like magic, just as it worked for him and his websites. He has shared real insights about the tactics he implemented, showing a rapid rise in the revenue he was earning simply from a blog.

Adam offers this course at $1497, including guides to build a domain, keyword research, mindset for success, web copy masterclass, and other vital topics. Again, I reviewed this course earlier and shared honest feedback about how I liked it. 

Gain more insights into this course in this comprehensive Blog Growth Engine Review

Bonus: Another course that deserves notable mention is “Project 24”. It is one of the best affiliate marketing courses for beginners and is a budget-friendly option. Read this Income School Project 24 review and check if it suits you.

Is Authority Hacker Worth Your Investment?

Surely! The Authority Site System TASS 3.0 is a great way to kickstart your website building in a systematic and structured manner, ensuring authority and improved income from the website.

I was hesitant too earlier, as the initial investment felt like a lot, but consider this a one-time investment you make to your website with free lifetime access to the course. And, with our special discount of $749, you can even drop that investment to half. 

All the courses offered the best value for their money, and the insights from Mark and Gael made this course the ultimate affiliate marketing guide!

Should you invest as much as $6,000 for the Pro Platinum membership? I would suggest not immediately. Only opt for it once you reach a level where you need frequent inputs from the instructors directly. 

To keep yourself updated and reading about affiliate marketing, you should follow these 11 affiliate marketing blogs to keep your knowledge boat floating.

Happy learning!


How many courses does Authority Hacker offer?

Authority Hacker offers three different courses: The Authority Site System for beginners, Authority Hacker Core Web Vitals for all sites, and Authority Hacker Pro for established websites.

What is an Authority Site?

According to Mark & Gael, an authority site is a website that shares only relevant information, and it is content-driven and trusted by its audience. People trust the content delivered by an authority site. You can earn money through an authority site by monetizing it.

Which is the best affiliate marketing course?

We at DemandSage have taken multiple affiliate courses ourselves, and after analyzing all the courses closely, we came to the conclusion that the Authority Site System, Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab, and Authority Hacker Pro are three all-time best affiliate marketing courses.

How much do Authority Hacker courses cost?

The price of The Authority Site System and Authority Hacker Core Web Vitals is the same, $997. You can also pay for the Authority Site System in 6 payments of $249. The pricing of Authority Hacker Pro is roughly $2997.

Which course should I choose if I already have a website?

If you already have a website and want to get traffic to your website rapidly, then you should consider buying the Authority Hacker Pro course. It has over 400 videos, custom plugins & tools, SOPs, an advanced member community, and copy & paste templates.

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