11+ Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs of 2023 (Popular Ones)

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Affiliate Marketing can be a gold mine ($17 billion in revenue) with limitless profitable opportunities, but you must know the exact method actually to mine this gold. And the best way to do affiliate marketing correctly is to follow the path carved by successful affiliate marketers. Resources are many, and it’s indeed confusing to pick the most suitable. But worry not, as I have done the legwork for you. This article will introduce you to the top affiliate marketing blogs you can read to sharpen your skills and make a killing. Ready? Let’s go then!

Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs: In A Nutshell (2023)

1. Authority Hacker – Gael Breton and Mark Webster – Top affiliate marketing blog to learn the most accurate tactics for accelerated online growth.

2. Adam Enfroy – Go to resources to learn practical ways to grow blogs quickly.

3. iAmAttila – Attila O’dree – Best affiliate marketing blog with a practical approach and particular emphasis on paid advertising.

4. Pat Flynn’s blog “Smart Passive Income” – Affiliate marketing blog to learn strategies for long-term sustained growth in affiliate marketing.

5. Niche Pursuits by Spencer Haws – Top blog to learn how to make niche websites and quick money.

6. Diggity Marketing by Matt Diggity – Building affiliate marketing blogs with a particular focus on SEO

7. Matthew Woodward – Excellent resource to gain valuable insights about affiliate marketing through case studies.

8. Zac Johnson – Best affiliate marketing blog for actionable insights about how things work in the affiliate marketing world.

9. Niche Site Project by Doug Cunnington – Top blog to learn how to make money with Amazon affiliates.

10. Luke Kling’s blog “LukePeerFly” – Top avenue to access tips, tricks, and guides on affiliate marketing.

11. DollarSprout – Best blog for learning about side hustles and how to start one with ease.

List Of Top 11 Affiliate Marketing Blogs In 2023

Below is the detailed list of top affiliate marketing blogs you must checkout if you wish to achieve success in the pace and build long-term assets;

1. Authority Hacker – Gael Breton And Mark Webster

Monthly Readers – 548.7k monthly readers.

Primary Focus – Affiliate marketing, content strategy, Blogging, etc.

Gael Breton and Mark Webster have created a name for themselves in the affiliate marketing segment. I consider their blog, Authority Hacker, one of the best affiliate marketing blogs to learn the technicalities of the trade and be successful in affiliate marketing. The blog includes thorough guides on Blogging SEO and affiliate marketing. Besides, they have paid courses too, if you wish to learn more advanced strategies.

Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs - Authority-Hacker

Why read authority hacker?

Authority Hacker and the people behind it have a proven track record of pushing a business from zero to million dollars. You can learn the fundamentals and tricks to scale affiliate marketing business and the strategies you must adopt to bring in more profit.

2. Adam Enfroy

Monthly Readers – 177k readers per month.

Primary Focus – Affiliate marketing and growing blogs in a short duration.

The next blog you must read about affiliate marketing is AdamEnfroy.com. Adam started the blog in 2019, and since then has attracted millions of users due to the relevant information, easy-to-follow guides, and successful strategies on affiliate marketing, Blogging, and more.

Adam Enfroy

Besides, Adam Enfroy also runs a hugely popular paid program known as the ‘Blog Growth Engine,’ where he teaches strategies he has learned throughout his career as an affiliate marketer to grow and scale a blog in the shortest duration.

Why read Adam Enfroy?

I am inclined towards Adam Enfroy’s blog due to the sheer simplicity of how Adam Enfroy explains even the complex strategies. You will find a detailed tutorial on making money with affiliate marketing and Blogging and applying the concept to make decent money.

3. iAmAttila – Attila O’Dree

Monthly Readers – 30.8K monthly visitors

Primary Focus – Practical affiliate marketing strategies and paid promotion methods.

If you wish to learn affiliate marketing with a practical approach, there’s no blog I can think of other than iAmAttila. Attila O’dree entered the affiliate marketing field way back in 2008 and since then has made millions. In 2013 he decided to share his experience, and the result was the iAmAttila blog with detailed guides, case studies, and relevant strategies to help readers make money with affiliate marketing. There’s a free handbook, too, that explains how you can make $1000/Day with affiliate marketing.


Why read the iAmAttila blog?

I have been an avid reader of Attila O’dree’s blog, and I must say the practical approach to affiliate marketing is second to none. Besides, O’dree boasts tons of experience in paid marketing which you will agree is tricky and needs expert guidance. Therefore if affiliate marketing through paid channels is your fancy, definitely check the ouiAmAttila blog.

4. Pat Flynn’s Blog “Smart Passive Income”

Monthly Readers – 10.2K monthly visits.

Primary Focus – Affiliate marketing, building online assets, boosting online presence, and sustaining online growth.

If you are venturing into affiliate marketing, chances are you will stumble upon Pat Flynn’s blog sooner or later. Its popularity is primarily because of the precise information it provides on affiliate marketing. And it comes from Pat Flynn’s extensive experience in affiliate marketing. Finn boasts a net worth of 3 million dollars.

Pat Flynn's Blog

He extensively shares tools, techniques, tips, and strategies for his readers to put into practice and earn a decent living through affiliate marketing. Besides, Pat Flynn offers a range of paid courses(1.2.3 of affiliate marketing, email marketing Bootcamp, Amp’s Up Podcasting, etc.) in case you wish to expand your knowledge and make it big in affiliate marketing.

Why read Pat Flynn’s Blog?

Pat Flynn’s blog encompasses affiliate marketing and information to grow online, bring more customers, and multiply your profits. It’s the all-including approach that I think makes Pat Flynn’s blog a worthy read. You will not only affiliate marketing jargon but actual strategies to achieve success and retain it continuously.

5. Niche Pursuits – Spencer Haws

Monthly Readers – 647.6K monthly visitors.

Primary Focus – Niche websites and making money through affiliate marketing.

Spencer Haws is another established name in the affiliate marketing arena. His blog, Niche Pursuit, is often the first point of contact for budding affiliate marketers to learn the fundamentals. Spencer Haws is an expert in the field and has built multiple online assets bringing in tons of profits regularly.

Niche Pursuits

The best part is that the content is not limited to affiliate marketing only. You can learn marketing strategies, Blogging, eCommerce, etc. And to gain practical experience, you can tune in to the stories section and read the exhaustive case studies.

Why read the Niche Pursuit blog by Spencer Haws

Spencer Haws specializes in building niche websites that bring you steady monthly profits and don’t involve too much maintenance. Besides, its dedicated affiliate marketing section includes in-depth guides, how-to-posts, and extensive details about affiliate networks in different niches.

6. Diggity Marketing – Matt Diggity

Monthly Readers – 248.3K monthly readers.

Primary Focus – Building SEO-focused affiliate marketing blogs and achieving long-term growth.

Matt Diggity is an all-rounder and one of the established names in the online world. If you are on the hunt for a trustworthy resource to learn affiliate marketing Matt Diggity’s blog is worth checking. Matt’s primary focus is on long-term growth through SEO and Blogging. Besides, you will find actionable guides and thorough articles on affiliate marketing.

Diggity Marketing

Primary focus of Matt’s blog is on SEO. Besides, Matt also offers a monthly roundup of SEO news on his blog. On top of that, he has written practical guides and articles providing valuable insights into Affiliate Marketing. So, if you rely on SEO for affiliate marketing success, there’s no better person than Matt. On top of that, Matt offers an array of paid courses to amp up your understanding of affiliate marketing and derive more revenue. In particular, Matt Diggity’s Affiliate Lab course is worth every penny to build a successful affiliate marketing blog from scratch.

Why read Matt Diggity’s blog?

Expertly crafted content is essential to grasp affiliate marketing concepts, and Matt Diggit excels in it. Besides, Matt focuses on sustained long-term growth and the relevant strategies that allow him to stand apart from the crowd and demands a thorough reading of his blog.

7. Matthew Woodward

Monthly Readers – 291.2K monthly readers.

Primary Focus – Affiliate Marketing, Link Building, Case Studies. 

Traffic is everything in the online world, be it affiliate marketing, Blogging, or any other online field, and Matthew Woodward commands a mastery in attracting tons of traffic. Therefore, if bringing traffic to your affiliate marketing blog is your primary concern, Mathew Woodward is your guy.

Matthew Woodward

His blog’s main strength lies in the comprehensive case studies section that lets you learn from others’ experiences and apply them to your own blog to achieve success faster. You can find topics as varied and boosting positions in SERP to increase website visits.

Why read Mathew Woodward’s blog?

Case studies are often overlooked, and the primary focus is always on tips and tricks; however, actual experience can teach things that no one can. And Mathew Woodward takes it to heart. His blog curates a thorough list of case studies that offer readers invaluable information related to the dos and don’ts of affiliate marketing. And that’s why I consider Mathew Woodward’s blog a must-read.

8. Zac Johnson

Monthly Readers – 9.3K monthly readers

Primary Focus – Affiliate marketing tutorial, working strategies, and unique methods to boost profitability.

Zac Johnson is another stalwart in the affiliate marketing arena and boasts two decades of experience. Therefore you can trust his advice and know that whatever he preaches comes from his experience. On his blog you can find affiliate marketing tips, how-to guides, and step-by-step processes you should follow to be a successful blogger. On top of that, Zac also teaches multiple ways to make money online.

 Zac Johnson

Why read Zac Johnson’s blog?

Zac regularly posts updated and detailed tutorials about affiliate marketing and the latest methods working in the current scenario. Know that Zac’s reputation is legendary in the industry; therefore, his bits of advice are golden nuggets for beginners and experienced affiliate marketers alike. Besides, if you are more comfortable listening than reading, check out  Zack’s podcast named, ‘Rise of The Entrepreneur,’ where he shares actionable insights about how you can grow online and build a fortune.

9. Niche Site Project – Doug Cunnington

Monthly Readers – 26.2k monthly readers

Primary Focus – Amazon affiliate websites.

Doug Cunnington has been a full-time affiliate marketer and educator since 2015. He has amassed a wealth of information on affiliate marketing which he readily shares with his audience. On his blog, nichesiteproject.com, you can find comprehensive articles on affiliate marketing. Besides, you can also read actionable plans and strategies you can implement on your blog to gain visibility, increase traffic and boost revenue. On top of that, Doug also has a solid presence on Youtube. His channel boasts over 34k subscribers, and he regularly posts tutorials and guides.

Niche Site Project

Why read Doug Cunnington’s affiliate marketing blog?

Doug’s primary focus is on Amazon affiliate marketing. So, if that’s your Niche, I highly recommend checking out Doug’s blog to gain actionable insights about creating and growing amazon affiliate websites. Besides, he published monthly updates and reports on his blog to keep his readers informed about the latest happenings in the affiliate world. The best part is that all his advice stems from first-hand experience, so you can have peace of mind that you are getting the information he actually practiced.

10. Luke Kling’s Blog “Luke Peer Fly”

Monthly Readers – 169.9K monthly readers.

Primary Focus – Detailed affiliate marketing tutorials, case studies, guides, and tricks.

Luke Kling is another veteran in the affiliate marketing arena. In fact, he began his journey in 2004, when the field was still in its infancy. Since then, Luke has created countless affiliate marketing blogs and achieved humongous success. He is considered the most influential affiliate marketer in the online world.

Luke Kling's Blog

On his blog, you can find a detailed list of topics related to the paid advertisement, various affiliate networks, strategies to be successful in affiliate marketing, and more. Besides, he manages a forum on affiliate marketing known as affLIFT and operates a Facebook page management tool called FPTraffic, and I highly recommend checking them out. On top of that, Luke also runs a YouTube channel where he shares knowledge and strategies to boost the affiliate game.

Why read Like Kaling’s blog?

His sheer knowledge of the subject demands that you learn from him. Besides, the active forum (affLIFT) is a valuable resource where you can meet like-minded people, discuss strategies and learn from each other’s experiences.

11. DollarSprout

Monthly Readers – 510K monthly visits

Primary Focus – Affiliate marketing, side hustles, online business, passive income, money management, and investing apps.

The founders of DollarSprout are Jeff Proctor and Ben Huber, and they started this company back in 2015. Their website was featured in publications like Yahoo, Forbes, Credit Karma, Lifehacker, GoBankingRates, etc. This website can help you find the best side hustle to start making money easily.


They also have features apps that give you cashback on every online purchase. If you’re planning to start a blog, then their “how to make money blogging for beginners” is the best article for you to read. Some of their top blogging articles are on keywords like Paid Online Surveys, Money Making Apps, Online Jobs, How To Make Money Fast, etc.

Why read DollarSprout’s Blog?

This blog is fit for anyone who is looking for a side hustle to start making money online. With DollarSprout’s blog, you can start an online business from scratch and maximize your earnings. The estimated earnings of DollarSprout are near about $10K every month, and you can also reach this if you follow this blog.

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Conclusion: Best Affiliate Marketing Blogs (2023)

Affiliate marketing can be a life changer for you, as it has been to many budding affiliate marketers. However, it’s a competitive space, and your strategy must be precise and incorporate the latest elements to maintain your chances of success. Thankfully, there’s a simple way to overcome the competition and succeed in affiliate marketing. It’s to follow those who have already carved a name for themselves in the market. Affiliate marketing blogs are excellent ways to learn the accurate methods that work.

Besides, there are genuine people out there ready to share all their experiences with people willing to learn. I have handpicked the best affiliate marketing blogs that offer a treasure trove of valuable information on affiliate marketing. People behind these blogs are hugely successful in affiliate and demonstrated on multiple occasions that they know their trade inside out. All you have to do is follow in their footsteps and achieve success.

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