9+ Best Blogging Courses In 2024 (Free & Paid)

Looking for an effective blogging course can be a difficult job for any beginner. Some of them provide genuine information and learning, while the rest just waste your time by providing general information that you either already know or could have found easily through a Google search. You can waste a lot of time searching for a useful blogging course to start your blog

To save you from such situations, we have picked out some of the best blogging courses that are really helpful to help you start your blogging journey in the right direction. We have listed the top 9 blogging courses in this article, among which the first four are free while the remaining five are paid courses to acquire more advanced level knowledge about blogging. Let’s take a look! 

Best Blogging Courses: In A Nutshell

There’s no shortage of blogging courses in the market, but only some of them provide useful information. That’s why we decided to make this list of the top nine most useful blogging courses so you can start your blogging journey in the right direction. Four of the courses on our list are free, while five are paid. Here they are:

Top Free Blogging CoursesTop Paid Blogging Courses
Hubspot Free Blogging CourseWordPress for Beginners
How to Start Blogging by Great LearningBuilt to Blog by Ryan Robinson
Blogging for Business by AhrefsBlogging Masterclass by Brad Merill
SEO Unlocked by Neil PatelSuperstar blogging by Nomadic Matt
Four Pillars of Blogging by Problogger

Now let’s take a detailed look at each of these courses. 

Top Free Blogging Courses

Free courses do not imply low-quality courses. Below, we have listed some of the top free blogging courses that can guide you to start a blog and teach you about all the technical aspects related to it. Let’s see: 

#1. Hubspot Free Blogging Course

Course Duration2 hrs 7 mins
Number of Lectures17

This free blogging course is for all Inbound professionals, content creators, and marketing professionals who want to create an effective blogging strategy. It will help you to cope with the various tasks that are required when starting your blog(s). 

The course incorporates three lessons which are divided into 17 videos. The first lesson talks about creating a strategy that drives growth in business, the next one focuses on creating quality content for your target audience, and the last one teaches you how to build a guest blogging strategy.

Blogging Courses - Hubspot

 After you have gone through these, you will be provided three quizzes to test your knowledge. Once you pass the quiz, the course is complete, and you’re rewarded with a globally recognized certificate.

#2. How To Start Blogging By Great Learning

Course Duration1 hr
Number of Lectures11

This course will give you free access for the rest of your life after enrollment. It covers all the aspects that are needed to build a successful blog, such as Blog SEO, Blog Promotion, Blog Customization, and so on. It’s also much shorter than other courses, as it can be completed in one-hour only!

How To Start Blogging

After the one-hour video lecture, you are provided a certificate of completion that can be added to your CV. And since Great Learning is a globally recognized eLearning company, you can be assured that this certificate will add some awesome browny points to your CV. 

#3. Blogging For Business By Ahrefs

Course Duration4 hrs 50 mins
Number of Lectures40

If you want to attract real traffic to your content, then this course is just the perfect match. This free blogging course incorporates as many as 40 lessons in 11 modules having a screen time of 4 hours and 50 mins. 

Blogging For Business By Ahrefs

After completing this course, you will have deep knowledge of blog optimization techniques, blogging strategy, and how to get consistent organic traffic from popular search engines. You’ll also be familiar with Ahrefs, which is a well-known SEO suite providing all the data and suggestions to generate web traffic. Also, the last part of this course talks about interviews with famous bloggers who have benefitted from Ahrefs. 

#4. SEO Unlocked By Neil Patel

Course Duration6.5+ hrs
Number of Lectures26

Neil Patel is a self-made, globally famous blogger and digital marketer who gathered all his tactics and knowledge to formulate the SEO Unlocked course for all new bloggers. This is a 7-week long course that covers all the details of SEO Blogging for any beginner.  

SEO Unlocked By Neil Patel

The course includes three videos per week of 10 mins to 15 mins. After going through them, you will be assigned some homework. So, basically, you will be required to dedicate an hour per week to acquire a thorough knowledge of each of the topics covered in the course. Also, the videos are uploaded on YouTube, so you can easily learn on the go.

Top Paid Blogging Courses

The free blogging courses can give you a good start, but if you have saved up some money to invest in your blogging career, you’ll be much better off by investing in some nice paid courses. The following options are the best choices. So, go through each one of them and enroll according to your preferences.

#5. WordPress For Beginners

Course Duration4 hrs 39 mins
Number of Lectures24

WordPress is an easy-to-use website and blog creation platform globally. It uses an MYSQL database and PHP base, making it a highly scalable platform too. But the best part of using WordPress is that you don’t require any prior experience. You can easily create a wide range of websites with the help of its various features, such as free themes, plugins, and so on. The course teaches you all those things in addition to some of the basics, such as how to create pages and blog posts or customize your website.

WordPress For Beginners

This course will help you learn your way around WordPress and create your blog easily by following all the necessary steps. It will familiarize you with the vocabulary and terms of WordPress to ensure independent learning even after completing this course. 

Price: $79.99

#6. Built To Blog By Ryan Robinson

Course Duration9+ hrs
Number of Lectures54

Ryan Robinson is a content marketing consultant and a full-time blogger. He has worked with more than 500 famous brands along with some of the top startups such as Google, Intuit, Oracle, LinkedIn, and so on. Now, he has launched a free blogging course that lists down all the points that are extremely important to start a blog and earn through it. 

This paid blogging course includes as many as 54 lessons with over 9 hours of video lectures. Also, you get to see exclusive interviews featuring the most successful bloggers of this time. 

Built To Blog By Ryan Robinson

The course starts with the mechanics of setting up a blog and then with a writing process that matches your schedule and allows you to keep on creating. It also talks about creating effective content that attracts the target audience along with traffic generation and monetization of the blog. 

Price: $497

#7. Blogging Masterclass: How To Build A Successful Blog In 2024 By Brad Merrill

Course Duration3 hrs 30 mins
Number of Lectures85

Brad Merill is a successful tech journalist and blogger who has been working in this field for over ten years now. His writeups are followed by tons of people. By now, he has been known to teach more than 10,000 students in more than 100 countries. 

Blogging Masterclass

Through the blogging masterclasses by Brad Merill, you will be able to create a successful blog from scratch. You will also be able to identify a niche that interests you and is profitable as well. Also, you will be able to curate a system that will help you plan new content and ensure you never run out of ideas. 

New bloggers are welcome, as this blogging course will talk about all the basics before diving into advanced strategies.

Price: $159.99 

#8. Superstar Blogging By Nomadic Matt

Course Duration1 month
Number of Lectures26

Matthew Kepnes, better known as Nomadic Matt, is an MBA student who later became a travel blogger. He took his first trip in 2005 and started blogging about his travel experiences. Now, his website attracts 1.3 million monthly visitors and earns seven figures. 

After joining his paid blogging course, you will receive eight modules and 26 lessons. Those modules will cover all the points on how to build a successful blog. 

Superstar Blogging

The course starts with developing a strategy, advancing with the tactics to get press coverage, and lastly will teach you to become financially independent with your blog. The best part is that it includes a 14-day free trial as well. 

Price: $99

#9. Four Pillars Of Blogging By Problogger

Course Duration8 hrs – 10 hrs (estimated)
Number of Lectures17
Pricing$49 for Make Money course, $95 for all 4 courses

Darren Rowse, aka Problogger, is an Australian speaker consultant and blogger who founded numerous blog networks. He started blogging in 2002, which has now become his multifaceted full-time business with a vibrant community and some courses combined under the umbrella of Four Pillars of Blogging. 

Four Pillars

The first three courses offered by him focus on creating content, finding a group of suitable readers, and eventually building a community. Then the fourth course, namely the Make Money course by Problogger, accumulates practical blogging experience of 20 years. Needless to say, this gives you in-depth knowledge about blogging. 

The courses offered by Problogger also give you access to various tools that help create a profitable monetization strategy. 

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Wrapping Up: Best Blogging Courses (2024)

As we said in the beginning, finding high-quality blogging courses can be tricky, so we made this list. These courses cover everything you should know about blogging from start to end. If you still need any sort of help, feel free to shoot your queries in the comments below, and we will try to respond to them at the earliest. Also, share this post with your friends so they can learn something from here. 

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