11 Best Dropshipping Courses In 2024 (Free & Paid)

Are you trying to start your own dropshipping business but don’t know where to begin? Have you already taken several online dropshipping courses but still feel like something’s missing? 

With the immense popularity of Dropshipping, it can sometimes be difficult to find the most valuable and helpful course for this booming industry.

I have done some heavy lifting for you and listed the some of the best dropshipping courses, considering the level of expertise and real-life reviews from students. I have also added a few tips that you can apply to choose the perfect course from this list.

11 Best Dropshipping Courses of 2024 (Handpicked List)

Here’s a quick chart of all the dropshipping courses I have listed in this post. With this, busy audiences can quickly compare and pick according to their experience level. 

S.No.Dropshipping CourseBest ForPriceLink
1Dropshipping 101Aspiring dropshippersFree
2Drop Ship LifestyleHigh-ticket dropshippers$2,997Here
3eCom ElitesAll types of dropshippers$197Here
4eCom HacksStore creation and upsell strategies$1,999Here
5Shopify Ninja MasterclassNew and existing Shopify store owners$997Here
6Financial Freedom with Shopify DropshippingFinding top-selling dropshipping products$19.99Here
7eCom Inner CircleProfessional sellers$397Here
8The Complete Shopify AliExpress Dropship CourseDropshipping with AliExpress $19.99Here
9Product Winner BlueprintProduct and keyword research$297Here
10Elite Dropship AcademyHigh-ticket product selection$997Here
11Dropshipping on Shopify A-ZComplete dropshipping knowledge $29/monthHere

What is A Dropshipping Course and Who Needs It?

An ideal dropshiping course is likely to cover topics such as entrepreneurship, marketing practices, product selection tactics, pricing optimization, and customer engagement strategies, as well as tips on boosting visibility and website traffic generation.

Taking a dropshipping course can be immensely beneficial for e-commerce store owners. A good course will provide not only an introduction to dropshipping fundamentals but also practical knowledge and marketing strategies necessary for business success.

You can learn about creating your own successful online retail business, understanding the ins and outs of inventory management and profit maximization while adding unique promotional techniques to engage customers.

Once these skills are acquired, one could use them in almost any industry. Skills such as market research capabilities, excellent analytics reading techniques, or cost-effective advertising skills would greatly benefit any aspiring entrepreneur, even outside the field of e-commerce activities. 

Now, let’s go through every dropshipping course one by one and take a quick peek inside all the courses and what they have to offer. 

1. Dropshipping 101 (Free)

Course PlatformShopify Academy
InstructorJessica Guzik
Course Duration2 hours 

Dropshipping 101 is a free introduction to dropshipping–an ideal starting point for those looking to make a start in the eCommerce field. This step-by-step guide has been put together by Shopify experts, mainly Jessica Guzik. 

Dropshipping 101 -free dropshipping course

Jessica curated comprehensive videos and training courses that covered everything from choosing products and suppliers to fulfilling orders and marketing your business through various tactics. 

The course also includes the best tricks and tips that will help you stay ahead of the competition without compromising your sales and profit margin.

Aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start a dropshipping business on Shopify must go through this course once, as it is free to sign up and not very lengthy like other courses. 

Course Highlights: 

  • 29 bite-sized lessons 
  • Stepwise guidance on creating a Shopify store
  • Social media ads to drive traffic
  • Set goal-driven campaigns and launch up to 20 products

Price: Free

2. DSL -Drop Ship Lifestyle (Paid)

Course PlatformDropshiplifestyle.com
InstructorAnton Kraly
Course Duration2-3 months (Learn at your pace)

Let’s start the list with one of the top-rated courses in the dropshipping market – Drop Ship Lifestyle by Anton Kraly

DSL -Drop Ship Lifestyle

This high-ticket dropshipping course includes massive content covering all the major aspects of starting a dropshipping business. Unlike other course modules, Anton offers a complete package, including niche ideas, blueprints, high-ticket products, suppliers, and training tools. 

Since Anton leads and assists the course himself, it isn’t cheap. However, dropshippers can take his 21-day launch plan and check if this course is right for them.

You can cancel your subscription within 30 days and get a 100% refund if the course doesn’t work out. 

Course Highlights: 

  • One-on-one interaction and coaching from Anton Kraly
  • Google Ads training
  • Learn fundamental skills, such as market analysis and niche research
  • Training on generating passive income

Price: $2,997 (Premium) and $4,997 (Ultimate)

3. eCom Elites (Paid)

Course Platformecomelites.com
InstructorFranklin Hatchett
Course Duration5 weeks
LevelBeginner, Intermediate, and Advanced

eCom Elites is a strategy-packed training course for dropshippers who are just starting out. Through 200+ in-depth videos, Franklin Hatchett teaches students everything from setup, product importing, business operations, and marketing–basically everything regarding dropshipping. 

eCom Elites

The course also underlines practical methods such as tapping into Facebook ads and maximizing Instagram sales for higher conversions. It’s tailored towards those looking to earn a profit of $1k per month.

However, the course works perfectly for both beginners wanting to start dropshipping and experienced sellers looking to get an extra edge over their competitors.

With its step-by-step guidance and detailed forum support from Franklin himself, eCom Elites is aimed at helping entrepreneurs kickstart their businesses. 

Course Highlights: 

  • Over-the-shoulder dropshipping training videos
  • Product and keyword research 
  • Google SEO mastery
  • Access to Google Shopping Ads Academy (with the Ultimate plan)

Price: $197 (Standard) or $297 (Ultimate)

4. eCom Hacks (Paid)

Course PlatformeComhacksacademy.com
InstructorJared Goetz
Course Duration19 hours

eCom Hacks by Jared Goetz is a one-stop dropshipping course for aspiring dropshippers. This 6-week program covers everything from building store foundations and designing attractive storefronts to competitive product selection. 

eCom Hacks -best dropshipping courses

The course material explains the best practices for each of these items in both written form and video instruction.

Throughout the content, there are numerous tactics offered to increase visibility on major online platforms like Amazon and Shopify. This includes mastering organic SEO techniques that go beyond basic keyword research and supply an unmatched value when it comes to establishing a lasting online presence. 

eCom Hacks has a similar course format to eCom Elites. It is a solid course but a bit outdated and only supports beginners, while Franklin provides solutions for both beginners and advanced dropshippers. 

Course Highlights: 

  • 46 lessons with 4 structured modules
  • Access to Jared Mastermind group
  • Facebook ads mastery 
  • Bonus upsell strategies

Price: $1,999

5. Shopify Ninja Masterclass (Paid)

Course PlatformOfficialkevindavid.com
InstructorKevin David
Course DurationNot available
LevelIntermediate and Advanced

Are you a beginner with a higher budget? If so, Shopify Ninja Masterclass is the right course for you. The course is taught by Kevin David, who teaches a myriad of courses about dropshipping, Facebook marketing, eCommerce, and marketing. 

Shopify Ninja Masterclass

The course has five interactive modules. But, before starting the course, Kevin gives you a mini-course to grasp what the course is about and what you can expect. After completing the core lessons, you will also get some bonus courses. 

The modules cover finding highly profitable products and world-class suppliers, optimizing your Shopify store, marketing explosion, and scaling and expansion. The “Marketing Explosion” module teaches you how to get the word out about your products to attract an audience and boost sales. 

Course Highlights: 

  • Scaling and expansion blueprint
  • Lessons optimized for Shopify stores
  • Facebook Ads mastery
  • Access to Kevin’s private community

Price: $997

6. Financial Freedom with Shopify Dropshipping (Paid)

Course PlatformUdemy
InstructorReda El
Course Duration3.5 hours
LevelBeginner and Intermediate 

This in-depth course from Udemy focuses on mastering Shopify dropshipping. Course instructor Reda El provides supplementary materials and bite-sized videos covering all the aspects of the dropshipping business model. 

 Financial Freedom with Shopify Dropshipping

The course will teach you how you can use Shopify and social media platforms to dropship like a pro. You will get sources and tools to find reliable suppliers within your preferred marketplace. 

The main highlight of this course is its actionable tips by Reda for finding hot-selling products and creating a marketing funnel for the right audience.

You will also learn how you can fully automate your online store and make true passive income. 

Course Highlights:

  • 34 lectures covering all the dropshipping aspects
  • Templates for store creation
  • Facebook and content marketing strategies
  • Certification of course completion 

Price: $19.99

7. eCom Inner Circle (Paid)

Course PlatformTeachable 
InstructorArie Scherson
Course Duration40 hours

eCom Inner Circle is a fully-fledged eCommerce selling course hosted by the popular course creation platform Teachable.

The course has 10 modules that cover topics such as how to find profitable products and markets using complex analytics. That’s why the course is suitable for experienced dropshippers with enough market knowledge

eCom Inner Circle

Facebook growth specialist and multi-million entrepreneur Arie Scherson designed the course curriculum. All the modules are packed with details and growth strategies that existing dropshippers can utilize to skyrocket their sales and revenue streams.

Apart from his paid course, Arie runs a YouTube channel with over 120K subscribers. Here, he shares multiple business ideas to generate thousands of dollars per month with real-world examples.

I would suggest you go through his YouTube videos before enrolling in the paid course.

Course Highlights: 

  • 40 hours of learning materials
  • 6-figure dropshipping strategies
  • Weekly calls and access to active community
  • Evergreen content and lifetime access

Price: $397

8. The Complete Shopify AliExpress Dropship Course (Paid)

Course PlatformUdemy
InstructorTim Sharp
Course Duration8.5 hours

The Complete Shopify AlidExpress Dropship Course takes a deep dive into the dropshipping business with AliExpress suppliers. This 4.8-star-rated Udemy course has helped over 120K students start their dropshipping journey from scratch

The Complete Shopify AliExpress Dropship Course

Tim Sharp, the course instructor, is a successful entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the e-commerce industry. He implemented his knowledge and experience in this course, so you will be well aware of the market risks of running a business with AliExpress. 

The course is designed with a mindset to help beginners from the start. But if you are struggling with an existing eCommerce store, Tim will help you with tips and tricks to resurrect it again. The 30-day money-back guarantee will ensure no financial risks, so it is worth trying for beginners. 

Course Highlights: 

  • Downloadable 90+ bite-sized lectures
  • Support from the instructor
  • Free monthly updates and new resources
  • Lifetime access to the course

Price: $19.99 

9. Product Winner Blueprint 2.0 (Paid)

Course PlatformProductwinnerblueprint.com
InstructorTristan Broughton 
Course Duration8 hours

If you are on the hunt for winning products to sell online, Product Winner Blueprint by Tristan Broughton might be the ultimate solution. While not completely dropshipping-focused, it contains valuable content for eCommerce store owners who are interested in launching new dropshipping products. 

Product Winner Blueprint 2.0

The course covers two main aspects–finding unsaturated products and methods for spying on successful stores to create unique business strategies. The recently updated version (2.0) goes even deeper into these two topics, providing additional tips for growing sellers looking to advance in automation. 

eCommerce entrepreneurs admire Tristan’s ability to present complex information in an easy and digestible format. The course is available at a one-time fee of $297.

However, the $497 bundle provides access to “Google Ads Academy” and additional premium content, which is great for dropshippers looking to run ads to promote products.  

Course Highlights: 

  • 10 in-depth course modules for keyword and product research
  • Google Ads training
  • Email marketing techniques 
  • Templates for dropshipping pages and layouts

Price: $297 

10. Elite Dropship Academy (Paid)

Course PlatformElitedropshipacademy.com
InstructorAJ Jomah
Course DurationNot Available

Elite Dropship Academy is an advanced eCommerce course tailored specifically for high-ticket dropshippers. The creator of this course, AJ Jomah, teaches the best possible methods and tips to find high-ticket items with huge profit margins. 

Elite Dropship Academy

The course includes three core modules: setup, traffic, and marketing. The setup module teaches you AJ’s method to find the suppliers and the right audience. The other two modules focus on getting conversions using Google and Facebook ads. 

Not every eCommerce store owner is a fan of high-ticket items. These items tend to have low sales. So I won’t recommend this course to new sellers. 

Course Highlights: 

  • Interactive courses and one-on-one live classes
  • Done-for-you dropshipping stores
  • Free training with demo store
  • Get access to 350+ trending items to sell

Price: $997

11. Dropshipping on Shopify A-Z (Paid)

Course PlatformDropship University 
Course Duration2.5 hours

Dropshipping on Shopify A-Z is another dropshipping course focused on online business on Shopify. The course starts with product selection, helping you identify identity items that are most likely to be successful before moving on to finding reliable suppliers and setting up your store. 

Dropshipping on Shopify A-Z

Before you enroll in the course, you can go through free tutorials, which include valuable basics regarding dropshipping.

You will also learn how the course will help you advance your Shopify store through advanced marketing strategies and automation. 

Unlike other courses, this course demands time and commitment from aspiring dropshippers as it teaches technical optimizations and automation. 

Course Highlights: 

  • Step-by-step dropshipping classes
  • Downloadable templates, resources, and checklists
  • 24/7 support from experts
  • Access to active Discord community

Price: $29/month

How to Pick the Best Dropshipping Course?

Before you invest in any dropshipping course, follow these proven tips from top dropshippers. 

1. Course Content

When it comes to setting up a successful eCommerce business, there is no doubt that dedicated dropshipping courses can provide invaluable guidance.

Most of the best dropshipping courses will cover all the essential topics required for success, including market research, product selection, supplier sourcing, and strategies for running an efficient business.

Whether you want to become financially independent or just want to understand the basics behind presenting competitively priced quality products, taking one of the best dropshipping courses can prove instrumental in achieving long-term goals in this field.

2. Instructor’s Reputation

As any student knows, the reputation of their teacher can be essential to the success of their course. When selecting a dropshipping course, it is important to look into the background, expertise, and credentials of both trainers and course creators.

A reputable instructor should have an extensive understanding of eCommerce as well as vast experience in the field themselves or through working with leading brands or clients.

It is also beneficial for students to read former customer reviews on course effectiveness and customer satisfaction with both content quality and the trainer’s performance.

3. Course Reviews

When deciding which dropshipping course is best for you, it’s important to take the time to review and evaluate the available courses. Reviews of a particular course can tell you a lot about its effectiveness and credibility.

Taking into account reviews from users who have completed or bought the course is crucial when narrowing down your list of potential choices.

It is also advisable to check out any student testimonials as well that could shed some light on what they found useful in their own experience with learning how to dropship using various platforms like WooCommerce, Etsy, or Shopify.

4. Access to Community and Resources

Having access to a supportive community and resources can make all the difference when starting out on any business venture – and dropshipping is no exception.

A collective of peers, instructors & experts in the industry can offer invaluable insight as you set up your store, develop processes, and identify winning products and strategies.

Moreover, utilizing available online resources offers shop owners an advantage with its overflowing range of essential course materials, such as templates & case studies that would otherwise take weeks to sift through on an individual basis.

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Which is The Best Dropshipping Course?

With that, my list of the best dropshipping courses has come to an end. It does not matter whether you’re a beginner or are thinking about dipping your toes in the eCommerce world. There is something for everyone. 

Here are my quick recommendations for dropshippers:

  • Dropshipping 101: Free dropshipping course for low-budget dropshippers 
  • Drop Ship Lifestyle: For in-depth dropshipping roadmap and launching high-ticket items
  • eCom Elites: Best for creating high convertible ad strategy and sales training 
  • The Complete Shopify AlidExpress Dropship Course: For comprehensive training regarding importing products from AliExpress
  • eCom Inner Circle: Best for new updates and trends in the dropshipping market

You can opt for Dropshipping 101, as it is a free course, and get all the insights without spending a single dollar!

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