Elegant Themes Review 2023: Is It Worth The Price?

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Whether a beginner or a professional, you may have come across the name Divi or Elegant Themes at least once. Elegant Themes has made its position as the best WordPress theme shop with powerful WordPress visual page builders

While it has gained significant popularity and offers an all-in-one solution under one roof, is it right for you?

Before you invest your time and money in Elegant Themes, understanding if it is worth it and suitable for your website will help ensure you do not end up affecting your website design and performance. 

Elegant Themes have been our go-to solution when creating a website. But, just because it is the right solution for us doesn’t mean it may also be suitable for your needs. 

Therefore, we decided to put your confusion at ease by writing an unbiased Elegant Themes review. In this review, we will walk you through all the Elegant Themes products based on our experience over these last few years. 

By the end of this review, you will get the answer to your question -are Elegant Themes suitable for you? 

So, let’s get started!

Elegant Themes Review: In a Nutshell (2023) 

We understand if you don’t have time to go through our complete review of Elegant Themes. Below is a summary of our review to help you with a quick summary of Elegant Themes! 

Elegant Themes offer five products within its membership plans. However, Divi theme and page builder remains the most popular Elegant Themes products. Take a look at the table below to get an overview of the products and what each offer. 

Elegant Themes ProductWhat does it offer?
Divi ThemeMost powerful and versatile WordPress theme 
Divi Page BuilderBest WordPress visual page builder
ExtraVersatile themes for magazine publications and blogs
MonarchWordPress plugin for social media sharing
Bloom WordPress plugin for emails and opt-in forms

Elegant Themes: Overview 

Elegant Themes is home to the most popular and fastest WordPress themes and plugins -Divi theme and Divi page builder. Initially, Elegant Themes had an extensive library of WordPress themes but now offers only two of its popular themes -Divi and Extra. 

Besides just themes, Elegant Themes also provides powerful plugins like Monarch and Bloom to help you add extra functionality to your website. Additionally, it provides an all-in-one solution for beginners as well as professionals to create a website and kick-start their online journey. 

Elegant Theme Review  - Official Page

The only drawback is the pricing of Elegant Themes. You only have the option to get Elegant Themes through annual plans or lifetime. Moreover, if you want to grab a single product, for example, Divi theme, you cannot purchase it separately. Instead, you will have to buy the membership. However, the membership comes with plenty of perks, so it is a win-win situation for users who want everything under one roof. 

Elegant Themes: Standout Products 

Divi offers five products. Let us look at all these four products in detail below. 

1. Divi Theme 

Divi is a highly versatile and multipurpose theme that lets you create any type of website. Divi facilitates the process with its robust designs, whether you want to build a fully-fledged eCommerce store, blog, or personal website. The theme comes with a powerful drag-and-drop builder that lets anyone, even users without coding knowledge, create a website easily. 

Divi Theme 

Ease of use 

One thing that Elegant Themes powerfully boasts is its ease of use with Divi. You don’t have to be experienced or a tech expert to build your website. All you have to do is pick the right theme for your site and get going. Additionally, you don’t need coding when it comes to customizing these themes. This is one feature that separates Divi from other themes in the market. It gives you an intuitive user interface and the ability to design your website the way you want without complications. 

Templates, Design, and Customization

One of the leading powers of Divi is its unique design. With a choice of 2,000+ pre-made designs for every website, you will never run out of options. You can search from its collection of pre-made designs and customize them to fit your brands. Furthermore, the pre-made designs are divided into niches, making it easier to search for the right one for your website. 

One of the reasons why the Divi theme is chosen by thousands of people worldwide is the control it gives you. Divi is beyond just a usual WordPress theme. The theme gives you total control over your website’s appearance. You can customize every aspect of your website with its robust design tools, including managing colors, animations, images, and styling elements.

Divi Theme Template

Additionally, Divi goes beyond being just a WordPress theme. It provides built-in marketing features to ensure your website performs well and you get the desired results. Its marketing features include eCommerce, split testing, conversion insights, email integrations, lead generation, and more. 

Overall, Divi is ideal for any user who wants to create a website with access to some powerful tools without spending time learning the technicalities.

2. Divi Page Builder

Divi goes beyond theme and instead provides a complete website creation platform with its robust visual page builder. The Divi page builder comes included with Divi and goes hand-in-hand when designing your websites with Divi. The page builder enables beginners and professionals to bring spectacular designs to life with extreme efficiency and ease of use. 

Divi Page Builder

Divi page builder provides a drag-and-drop interface where you can simply drag and drop the element to add or delete them without writing a single coding line. The page builder promises a ‘What you get is what you see’ experience and stands true by its words. With intuitive visual controls, you can see your editing live. This helps you understand how your page is going to look to your readers. 

Moreover, the page builder lets you have complete control over how your website will look with its responsive editing. You can control every aspect of your website’s appearance to your audience on their mobile device from one place. 

Additional Features of Divi Page Builder 

  • Inline text editing makes editing your pages on the front end easier. 
  • Global elements and styles to make managing your entire website’s design easy. 
  • Easily add hundreds of elements to your website, including CTA, testimonials, forms, and more. 
  • Intuitive interface to make editing and designing your site faster. 
  • Merge the power of Divi theme and page builder to skyrocket your website creation process. 

While Divi page builder facilitates an easy website creation process for beginners, it is also an efficient page builder for professionals who want to take their website design to the next level. If you are going with the Divi theme, the page builder will come in-built. Combining the power of the Divi theme and Divi page builder, you can bring your dream website to life without any manual hassle. However, you can also use Divi page builder with other themes than just Divi, making it a versatile page builder in the market. 

3. Extra Magazine Theme

As the name suggests, Extra is a versatile theme for bloggers and magazine-style publications. Powered by Divi, you get some of the top-performing themes to create your publication website. In addition, Extra gives you complete control over your website design with the assistance of the Divi page builder. Compared to the usual page builder, it offers 40 unique content modules for every page and post of your website. 

Extra Magazine Theme

All you have to do is pick a demo, add the desired elements, customize it as per your needs, and you can arrange them in any way you want for your website. 

Ease of use 

When we tried Extra, we found it as easier as Divi. There were no complications in getting started and creating your website with Extra. You can choose between its plenty of ready-to-use designs and start customizing it through Divi Builder. Although you may be overwhelmed with so many options to pick a suitable theme, once you come down to the best theme, you can customize it without any significant complications. Another aspect that we found easy was combining the power of Extra with other Elegant Themes products. For instance, you can use Monarch to boost your social media sharing and Bloom to grow your audience. All of this without writing any coding!

Templates and customization 

Extra offers 800+ pre-designed templates divided into various niches. With plenty of demos designed with the combination of multiple modules and column structures, Extra is designed to cater to the needs of every content-rich website! 

What makes Extra unique from other themes in the market is that you get separate features for publishing your blogs and content in a way that excites your users. Besides just being the theme for your media publication and blogs, Extra takes the extra steps by making it easier to showcase your work or sell products through its eCommerce integrations. 

Extra Magazine Template

When it comes to customization, you get to harness the power of Divi page builder with the themes by Extra. You can use Divi page builder to customize every single aspect of your theme. From color, images, headers, and footers, to adding/removing elements, Extra is easy to customize. Lastly, Divi Builder works similarly on Extra as it does on Divi, so you don’t have to worry about the technical aspects here as well. 

4. Bloom Plugin 

Bloom is a lead-generation email opt-in plugin for WordPress. The primary goal of Bloom is to help you convert your customers into loyal buyers through email. It offers more than 100 pre-made email templates that you can customize to fit your brand. Additionally, you can also personalize your emails with their needs in mind through Bloom’s in-built tools. What’s impressive about the Bloom plugin is that it is not just another average email opt-in plugin that will send emails to your subscribers. Instead, it goes beyond its ways by giving you multiple ways to how you want your emails to display. You can choose from its six types, from inline pop-ups to fly-ins. 

Bloom Plugin

Furthermore, Bloom comes with additional tools that help you create a trigger for a ‘FOMO’ effect within your audience. If you think it would be challenging to manage Bloom, another surprising thing is that it has created a custom panel in your WordPress dashboard from which you can manage the plugin easily. Through the dashboard, you also get access to insights and data to understand your conversion rates and other aspects. 

Moreover, there is a separate statistics that help you track how well your marketing campaign is performing. If all these features are not enough, it integrates with over 19 email marketing services to facilitate easy email marketing and boost your website’s sales. 

Additional Features of Bloom

  • Import and export your Bloom data to any website easily. 
  • Combine the power of Bloom for the website you create through Divi. 
  • Highly targeted display settings. 
  • Customize every aspect of your email so your audience doesn’t find it boring. 
  • Fully responsive, so you can rest assured that it is going to work well on every device. 

5. Monarch For Social Media Sharing 

Sharing your content on social media is crucial to reaching your audience. Monarch takes social media sharing to the next level with its excellent built-in tools. The plugin supports over 20 social media channels. With Monarch, you can set up social media sharing buttons at up to 5 locations on your site. 

Monarch For Social Media Sharing 

Moreover, Monarch makes it easier for you to build and display your social following throughout your website without worrying about coding or technical know-how. What’s attractive is that it lets you customize your design, including the colors for each element, quickly. Like Bloom, you get a custom panel in the WordPress dashboard to manage Monarch settings. 

Additional Features 

  • You can view the statistics of the Monarch plugin through your dashboard anytime. 
  • Choose button shapes and hover effects as per your needs. 
  • Six automatic pop-up and fly-in triggers. 
  • You can use the plugin with Divi theme, page builder, and Monarch to get the best for your website. 

Elegant Themes: Customer Support 

Customer support is a crucial parameter when picking any theme or plugin. You can save time and effort by manually figuring out things if you have reliable customer support. 

Elegant Themes has one of the best customer support teams out of all the WordPress theme shops. When building your site, you can contact the customer support team through chat or email if you get stuck with the technical aspects of the themes or plugins. However, you must be an active Elegant Themes member to start a chat or receive support through email. Furthermore, Elegant Themes provides an extensive library of valuable resources for users who like to resolve things independently. 

You can join Facebook groups and communities or browse through articles and blogs to get answers to your questions. When we checked their documentation section, we were pretty impressed by all the available resources. You can find answers to almost everything -from pricing to setting up a plugin! 

If you opt for the lifetime plan, you get access to the help center and support for life. However, for the annual subscription users, you can access free resources. But, if you want personalized support, you must grab the paid plan. 

Why Should You Choose Elegant Themes?

There are plenty of amazing WordPress themes available on the internet, then what is so special about Elegant themes? You might be having questions like this, so let me answer all those questions all at once. Elegant Themes comes with two amazing themes: Extra and Divi. You get access to both themes at a single price of $89/year. You can choose any one of these themes to give a unique and fresh look to your WordPress website.

No matter what niche your blog is in, you can easily find a suitable website pack on Elegant themes. You will get not only themes but also an amazing page builder: Divi page builder, to design the pages of your website. Elegant Themes is also one of the most popular WordPress themes, and it is used by more than 880K business owners & professionals. It also comes with a lifetime access plan where you can get access to everything for a lifetime by just paying $249 once.

Elegant Themes: Pricing Explained! 

Elegant Themes keeps its pricing simple. It highly believes in providing a straightforward pricing structure without complicating user choice. Basically, there are two plans you can pick from -annual and lifetime. You can also save a few bucks on Elegant Themes with our discount code here.

Elegant Themes - Pricing

Both plans allow you to use Elegant Themes on unlimited websites and grant access to all the products by Elegant Themes. Furthermore, both plans provide similar features, so you don’t have to be confused about which plan you should pick. The two plans are as follows: 


While the straightforward pricing can be easier to understand and choose, it can be challenging if you like to go with monthly plans. For instance, some users may want to try out Elegant Themes for a few months before giving an annual commitment. In such a case, it could be a drawback not to have a monthly subscription. 

Nevertheless, all the plans are backed by its 30 days refund policy, meaning if you do not like Elegant Themes, you can opt for a full refund of your money within the first 30 days of your purchase. 

Elegant Themes: Pros and Cons 

Since we are approaching the end of our Elegant Themes review, there are plenty of unique products that you can enjoy. However, there are also a few drawbacks to choosing Elegant Themes. Let’s go through all the pros and cons to understand Elegant Themes better. 


  • One of the most robust WordPress themes -Divi, gives your website a unique look. 
  • Access the Divi page builder to get a total website creation experience with robust built-in tools. 
  • Complete a website building kit to make your website from scratch. 
  • Intuitive yet beginner-friendly interface. 
  • Outstanding and hands-down the best customer support to help you with every aspect of website building. 
  • Supports eCommerce so that you can give a boost to your eCommerce journey. 
  • World-class plugins like Monarch for social media sharing and Bloom for email are opt-in. 
  • Combine all the Elegant Themes products at once to get the best experience. 


  • You cannot purchase Elegant Themes products individually. Instead, you will have to buy the membership. 
  • There is no monthly subscription, which can disappoint users who do not want to go for annual plans. 

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Final Thoughts – Who is Elegant Themes Right For In 2023?

Now that you have made it to the end of the Elegant Themes review, you are aware of all the standout Elegant Themes products and what each offers. However, if you are still confused if Elegant Themes is the right pick, let us quickly help you make the decision. 

In a nutshell, Elegant Themes is ideal for beginners as well as professionals who want to create a great website. Suppose you wish to make a personal blog or portfolio to display your best work, a fully-working eCommerce website, education, or any type of website. In that case, Elegant Themes is right for you. 

Lastly, you can merge all the Elegant Themes products to take your website to the next level! Ultimately, we recommend prioritizing your needs and budget before making the decision. 

FAQs On Elegant Themes Review

Is Elegant Themes worth it?

Absolutely! Elegant Themes comes with all the best WordPress themes and visual builders to give you the best website creation experience. Divi theme and page builder gives you the power to create any type of website in no time. 

Is Divi page builder beginner-friendly?

Yes. Divi page builder provides a drag-and-drop user interface to build your website from scratch. You can design any website using the Divi page builder without writing or knowing any coding. 

Is Divi a good theme?

Divi is one of the best WordPress themes out of all the WordPress themes. With a beautiful collection of over 2,000+ pre-designed templates, you can use the Divi page builder to create a website that outranks your competitors. 

Can I use Divi page builder with other WordPress themes?

Yes! There is no restriction on how you use the Divi page builder. It is compatible with other WordPress themes, so if you want to build your website through Divi page builder using another theme, you can do it. 

Does Elegant Themes offer a free trial?

No. Elegant Themes does not offer any free trial. However, they offer a money-back guarantee of 30 days, making your purchase risk-free. You can try Elegant themes for a month and ask for a refund if you do not like them. 

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