Elementor Pro Discount Code (2022) – 30% OFF!


If you’re seeking genuine Elementor pro discount codes, you’ve come to the right place.

As you already know, there are a lot of other pages on the web claiming to offer discount codes for Elementor, but none of them work. 

Wanna know why? Simply because of the fact that Elementor does not provide any discount codes from third parties. They do, however, run special offers and promotions at regular intervals.

Elementor Pro Discount (Jan 2022)

Elementor offers discounts and promotions from time to time ❤️.
For the current Elementor discount and promotion code, check the official promotion page!

Elementor offers deals and discounts on:

  • Black Friday Offers — November 
  • Cyber Monday Offers — November
  • Birthday Offers — June

Now that we’ve cleared the air for it let’s take you to the step-by-step guide that allows you to claim these exciting offers whenever they roll out to help you save on your favorite plans.

How To Claim Elementor Pro Discount Code Easily?

Step #1: To begin, Visit the Elementor’s official page; Click here to get redirected to the offer page exclusively. Once you’re redirected, Click on “Choose your plan.”

Elementor Pro Discount Code

Step #2: Once you land there, you will find five plans to choose from

Once you land there, you will find four plans to choose from. We recommend opting for the $199 “Expert” plan that allows you to create up to 25 websites, and it is the most cost-effective option. But if you’re a beginner, you can also go for the $99 plan. Click the “Buy Now” button once you’ve decided on a plan.

Elementor Pro - Pricing

Step #3: After choosing a plan, it’s time to check out with it.

This step is also crucial because you have to use your discount code here. Below the subtotal bar, you’ll see an option saying “Discount Code.” If you click on it, a drop-down menu will show up where you’ll have to enter the promotional code.

Fill in all the required information and complete the payment. 

Elementor Pro - Account Creation

CONGRATULATIONS, You’re now a member! You can now access your Elementor Pro plugin.

Your login credentials, along with the invoice and other details, will be sent to the email address you provided during the sign-up process.

Elementor Pro Pricing

There is something for everyone!

Elementor Pro - Plan
  1. Essential Plan: If you’re a single site owner, this plan is your best option. It will cost you $49/year.
  1. Advanced: This $99/year plan is best for people who have up to 3 websites.
  1. Expert: This plan allows you to use Elementor pro on up to 25 websites. It costs $199/year and is ideal for freelance website developers.
  1. Studio: You can use Elementor pro on a ton of websites with this plan. Costing 

$499/year, this plan is ideal for Website development agencies.

  1. Agency: Ideal for agencies who are into website development, this plan allows you to apply elementor on up to 1000 websites and costs $999/year. That’s less than the websites you’ll build using this plan!

Which Elementor Plan To Go For?

It all really depends on your capacity. Besides the VIP Support and Expert Network Profiles, All other features of all the available plans are similar. It all comes to the quantity of the websites you need to build. 

For example, if you’re a beginner and just want to try out your hand on a couple of websites, you can go for the $99 plan (3 websites), and if you’re looking for more, then there are always options like Expert Plan (25 Websites), Studio Plan (100 websites) and Agency Plan (1000 websites).

Elementor PRO vs FREE

The free version of Elementor is accessible to all WordPress users.  It has minimal functionality, such as a drag-and-drop website builder, 40+ widgets, 30+ pre-configured themes, and various other edition options.

Elementor Pro, on the other hand, is a paid upgrade to the free version that provides advanced functionality and premium support.

If you’re using the free version, you need to up your game because all your websites will look like millions of other copies built using the limited resources that the free version offers. With Elementor Pro, the possibilities are endless. Here are the features that you get when you unlock premium.

  • Drag & Drop Live Editor
  • Responsive Design
  • 90+ Basic & Pro Widgets
  • 300+ Basic & Pro Templates
  • 60+ Pro Website Kits
  • 20 Expert Website Kits
  • Theme Builder
  • Free Updates
  • Premium Support
FeaturesFreeElementor Pro
Drag & Drop Live Editor Basic Version
Responsive Design
90+ Basic & Pro Widgets
300+ Basic & Pro Templates X
60+ Pro Website Kits 5 Website Kits
20 Expert Website Kits X
Theme Builder Basic Version
Free Updates X
Premium Support X Premium
Hello Theme
Pop up BuildersX
Form BuildersX
Woccomerce Builders X
Free Vs Pro Version

NOTE: Elementor also lets you host websites and it is also at a discounted price, where you can save up to 10% right away. With Elementor hosting you can easily host & launch your website.

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Conclusion: Elementor Pro Discount Code (2022)

This was all about the Elementor Pro discount Coupon Code. We hope you have gained all the knowledge to make an informed decision while upgrading to the Pro plan. We keep updating this space with all the latest Elementor Pro offers and discounts. So be sure to check this blog from time to time to get the best deals and offers before everyone else.

FAQs On Elelmentor Pro

Can I use Elementor without having a background in coding?

Yes, Elementor is straightforward to use. It’s a drag and drop page builder meaning you just have to select the readymade templates and widgets and play around with them. Anyone can make a website with Elementor!

Can I use more than one discount code at once?

No, it is not possible to club discount codes.

What is the money-back policy?

Every plan of Elementor has a 30 days money-back policy. If you wish to cancel, You have to contact their support 30 days after the purchase and they will guide you on the same.

Do I need to cancel my initial plan if I want to upgrade?

No, you don’t have to cancel your existing plan to upgrade. You just have to pay the difference in the amount of the two plans.

Does Elimentor have a lifetime license?

No, Elimentor does not have a lifetime plan. They have also mentioned the WHY in this article.

Does Elimentor provide any student discounts?

As of now, Elementor does not have any special offers for students. But if in the future they decide to roll out student offers, we will surely update our users about it.

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