43 Semrush Statistics For 2024 (Users, Revenue & More)

With a database of over 25 billion keywords and over 40 trillion backlinks, Semrush’s database proves to be the SEO mammoth. And the numbers speak for themselves; over 10 million people have tried semrush to date, and it currently has over 104,000 paying customers.

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In this article, I’ve compiled all the essential statistics about Semrush. From its user base to its revenue, we have covered it all.

Without any further delay, let’s get into it, shall we?

Semrush Statistics 2024 (Top Picks)

  1. As we enter 2024, Semrush has  895,000 active users.
  1. Semrush has over 95,000 paying customers as of 2024.
  1. There are over 25 billion keywords and over 43 trillion backlinks in Semrush’s database.
  1. The keyword magic tool database has 3.3 billion keywords in the United States alone.
  1. Semrush has over 951,000 registered free active customers.
  1. 808 million domain profiles fill the Semrush database.
  1. Semrush has registered $145.6 million in revenue in the first two quarters of 2023.
  1. Semruh’s website received 13.8 million visits in July 2023. 
  1. 69.04% of Semrush traffic comes via desktops in the United States. 

How Many Users Does Semrush Have in 2024?

The number of paid and free users of Semrush is rising every year. The number of paying users increased by 50K in the past year alone.

We have covered the state of Semruh’s userbase in detail in this section:

  1. More than 10 million users have tried Semrush to date.

Semrush has more than 104,000 paying customers, which is a 14% year-over-year increase.

The tool has over 951,000 free active users. In 2022, the number of free users was 800,000. 

The following is a breakdown of paying Semrush customers over the years. 

QuarterThe Number of paying customers
Q1 202172,000
Q2 202176,000
Q3 202179,000
Q4 202182,000
Q1 202287,000
Q2 202291,000
Q3 202294,000
Q4 202295,000
Q1 2023100,000
Q2 2023104,000

Source: Semrush Official Data

Evolution of Semrush

Semrush was founded by a small group of SEO and IT experts back in 2008. Since then, Semrush has snowballed in every SEO aspect, such as keywords, domain, tools, etc. 

Let’s get all the necessary statistics about the evolution of Semrush in this section. 

Semrush Tools

  1. Semrush has more than 50 tools in its suite.

Semrush has added vital features over the years and transformed itself into a robust platform that assists digital marketers worldwide in enhancing their online presence.

Semrush has more than 50 tools currently. Back in 2008, the platform had only two tools. 

Semrush in terms of tools from 2008 to 2020

Here is a table showing the evolution of Semrush in terms of tools over the years:

20082 tools
20124 tools
20135 tools 
20148 tools
201511 tools
201621 tools
201727 tools
201839 tools
201943 tools
202050 tools

Source: Semrush

Semrush Keywords Statistics

  1. Semrush has over 25 billion Keywords in its database as of 2024.

Semrush is widely recognized for its expertise in keyword research. Its primary tool for this purpose boasts an impressive database of over 25 billion keywords.

semrush has added over 24 billion keywords to its database in the last six years!

Back in February 2017, the Semrush database had only 819 million keywords.

Keywords in the Database of Semrush

Here is a table showing the evolution of Semrush in terms of keywords from 2017 to 2023:

YearKeywords in the Database of Semrush
20173.8 billion
20188.3 billion
201917 billion
202020 billion
202120 billion
202222.3 billion
202325 billion
  1. Semrush’s keyword magic tool database has 3.3 billion keywords in the United States.

According to the keyword magic tool database boasts the most significant number of keywords in the United States, with a total of 3.3 billion.

Brazil, France, and the United Kingdom follow closely with 2.4 billion, 1.5 billion, and 1.5 billion keywords, respectively.

Below is a table that shows the top 10 countries with the most keywords in the database of the keyword magic tool.

Top CountryKeywords
The United States3.3 billion
Brazil2.4 billion
France1.5 billion
The United Kingdom1.5 billion
Germany1.2 billion
Canada 1.1 billion
Spain1.1 billion
Italy959 million
Australia933 million
Netherlands583 million

Source: Semrush. 

Semrush Backlink Database

  1. Semrush database has more than 43 trillion backlinks as of 2023

It offers users an up-to-date and transparent view of their backlink profiles, with the fastest backlink crawler available on the market. 

The database of Semrush boasts over 43 trillion links. Also, Semrush now crawls more than 25 billion per day. 

Semrush Backlink Database

Source: Semrush. 

Semrush Domain Statistics

Semrush Domain Statistics
  1.  There are 808 million desktop domains on Semrush. 

42.5 million desktop domains are available on Semrush in the United States. 

Following the United States, Germany holds second place with 18.9 million domains, while Canada, the United Kingdom, and Australia round out the top five with 18.8 million, 18 million, and 16.9 million, respectively. 

See the table below for the top 10 countries with the most desktop domains in Semrush’s directory

CountryDesktop Domain
The United States42.5 million
Germany18.9 million
Canada18.8 million
The United Kingdom18 million
Australia16.9 million
France15 million
Spain14.3 million
India13.3 million
Japan12.3 million
Brazil10.6 million
  1. There are 32.1 million mobile domain profiles on Semrush. 

Of these, 10.7 million are in the United States, as it is the leading market of Semrush. 

The United States is followed by Germany, the United Kingdom, and Canada, with 2.5 million, 2.2 million, and 2.2 million, respectively. 

A table shows the top 10 countries with the most mobile desktop domain.

Top CountryMobile Domain
The United States10.7 million
Germany2.5 million
The United Kingdom2.2 million
Canada2.2 million
Australia1.8 million
France1.6 million
Netherlands1.6 million
Spain 1.4 million
Italy1.4 million
Brazil 1.2 million
  1. Approximately 543 million desktop keywords are available on Semrush.

Most desktop keywords are from the United States, totaling 160 million. 

The United Kingdom, Germany, and France follow the United States, with 24.1 million, 24.1 million, and 23.8 million desktop keywords, respectively. 

Please refer to the table below for a breakdown of Semrush’s desktop keywords by top countries.

Top CountryDesktop Keywords
The United States160 million
The United Kingdom24.1 million
Germany24.1 million
France23.8 million
Canada20 million
Spain19.9 million
Japan19.9 million
Brazil19.8 million
Australia18.1 million
India17.9 million
  1. Approximately 80.1 million mobile keywords are available on Semrush.

Semrush boasts the highest number of mobile keywords in the United States (45 million), followed by Germany (3.6 million). 

The United Kingdom and France are tied for third place with 3.6 million mobile Keywords each. 

Please refer to the table below for a complete breakdown of Semrush’s mobile keywords by country.

Top CountryMobile Keywords
The United States45 million
Germany3.6 million
The United Kingdom3.6 million
France3.6 million
Spain3 million
Italy3 million
Brazil3 million
Canada3 million
Australia2.7 million
Netherlands2.1 million

Source: Semrush. 

Semrush Revenue Statistics

Based on the financial report from Semrush, the company experienced its highest revenue in Q2 of 2023 since its launch. 

Semrush Revenue Statistics

Additionally, Semrush anticipates its revenue surpassing the $300 million milestone in 2023. This section will provide all the necessary details regarding Semrush’s revenue.

  1. Semrush has registered revenue worth $145.6 million in 2023 so far.

According to Semrush, in Q2 of 2023, Semrush’s revenue increased by $3.8 million from the last quarter. 

In 2022, Semrush’s revenue was $254.3 million, up over 35% yearly. 

Semrush expects revenue for the third quarter to be between $78.0 to $79.0 billion.

Here is a table showing Semrush’s revenue over the years:

QuarterSemrush Revenue
Q1 2021$40 million 
Q2 2021$45 million
Q3 2021$49.3 million
Q4 2021$53.7 million
Q1 2022$57.1 million
Q2 2022$62.6 million
Q3 2022$65.8 million
Q4 2022$68.8 million
Q1 2023$70.9 million
Q2 2023$74.7 million
  1. The annual recurring revenue of Semrush was $302.4 million in the Q2 of 2023

Semrush’s financial report shows that the company generated $302.4 million in annual recurring revenue during the second quarter of 2023, representing an increase of $9.4 million from the previous quarter.

Please refer to the table below for Semrush’s annual recurring revenue over the years.

QuarterSemrush Annual Recurring Revenue
Q1 2021$168 million
Q2 2021$188 million
Q3 2021$199 million
Q4 2021$213 million
Q1 2022$236 million
Q2 2022$255 million
Q3 2022$267 million
Q4 2022$275 million
Q1 2023$293 million
Q2 2023$302.4 million

Source: Semrush.

Semrush Traffic Statistics

The United States is Semrush’s top market, accounting for over a quarter of its traffic. I have gathered all the essential statistics regarding Semrush’s traffic in this section.

Semrush Traffic Statistics

Let’s get it. 

  1. 13.8 million monthly people visited Semrush’s website in July 2023. 

In June 2023, Semrush had 12.9 million monthly users.

Please see the table below for a breakdown of monthly visitors to Semrush from April 2023 to July 2023.

MonthMonthly Visitors
April 202312.9 million
May 202313.1 million
June 202312.9 million
July 202313.8 million
  1. The United States sends the most traffic to Semrush as of July 2023. 

According to the data from Semrush, the United States is the top country that sends the most traffic to Semrush, with 25.65%, followed by India with 18.33% and the United Kingdom with 4.67%. 

Share of Semrush Traffic

The table below displays the top 5 countries that generated the most traffic to Semrush as of July 2023.

Top CountryShare of Semrush Traffic
The United States25.65%
The United Kingdom4.67%
  1. 69.04% of Semrush traffic is sent by desktops in the United States. 

Based on Semrush’s data, desktop traffic accounts for 69.04% of all Semrush traffic in the United States. 

Interestingly, Australia sends the most desktop traffic to Semrush, with 86.88% of its total traffic consisting of desktop visits. 

Desktop Traffic of Semrush

Below is a table displaying Semrush’s desktop traffic by top countries.

Top CountryDesktop Traffic of Semrush
The United States69.04%
The United Kingdom78.71%
  1. Mobile devices send 30.96% of Semrush traffic in the United States. 

We have just reviewed the desktop traffic data for the top Semrush traffic-contributing countries. Now, let’s look at the mobile traffic data for Semrush.

Of the top five countries, Canada contributed the most significant percentage of mobile traffic to Semrush, with 55.19%.

The table below shows the mobile traffic of the top 5 traffic contributors to Semrush.

Top CountryMobile Traffic of Semrush
The United States30.96%
The United Kingdom21.29%
  1. The United States sent all its Semrush traffic through 4.7 million devices

The United States is the top contributor to Semrush traffic, using most devices worldwide. India follows closely behind, using 3.4 million devices. 

The table below shows the top countries and the number of devices they used to send traffic to Semrush.

Top CountryDevices
The United States4.7 million
India3.4 million
The United Kingdom856.5K
  1. 4.2% of Semrush traffic is received by the keyword “semrush.” 

According to data from Semrush, the keyword “semrush” generates the most traffic to their website and has the highest cost-per-click at $3.84.

Another significant driver of traffic to Semrush, accounting for 1.93%, is the keyword “que es ceo,” with a cost-per-click of $0.33.

Below is a table displaying the most commonly used keywords that send traffic to Semrush and their respective cost-per-click.

Que es ceo1.93%$0.33
Reverse image search0.95%$0.38
  1. Males send 60.29% of Semrush traffic

Semrush has a predominantly male user base, with 6 out of 10 male users. Male users account for 60.29% of traffic to Semrush, while females account for the remaining 39.71%.

  1. 39.16% of Semrush traffic comes from the age between 25 to 34 years old. 

The age group of 25 to 34 years old users drives the most traffic to Semrush, which is 39.16%, while 22.42% of Semrush traffic comes from 18 to 24 years old. 

Here is a table showing the Semrush traffic by age group. 

Age GroupShare of Semrush traffic
18 to 24 years22.42%
25 to 34 years39.16%
35 to 44 years20.58%
45 to 54 years9.93%
55 to 64 years5.10%
More than 65 years 2.80%
  1. 63.24% of Semrush traffic comes from direct sources. 

Most traffic in Semrush comes from direct sources. The second major source of Semrush traffic is organic searches, with 20.73% of traffic. 

Share of traffic

The least traffic comes from referral sources. A table shows here the total breakdown of Semrush traffic by source. 

SourcesShare of traffic
Organic Search20.73%
Paid Search7.10%
  1. 74.49% of Semrush traffic is organic traffic. 

Most of Semrush’s traffic comes from organic sources, accounting for nearly 75% of all traffic. The remaining 25.51% of traffic is generated through paid sources.

  1. The bounce rate of Semrush is 35.90%

Based on data from Similar Web, the average time spent on Semrush by its users is 7 minutes and 8 seconds. 

During this time, users typically visit almost 6.39 pages on Semrush, with a bounce rate of 35.90%. 

  1. The keyword “semrush” is used 571K times on desktops to reach the site. 

18.6K total keywords users used to reach Semrush. Of these, semrush is used by 571K times, while sem rush is used by 34.2K times. 

A table shows the top keywords of Semrush by usage. 

Sem rush34.2K
Semrush login21.3K
Title generator13.8K
Semrush pricing11.6K
  1. 28.97% of the social traffic of Semrush comes from YouTube. 

We have already seen that the social traffic of Semrush is 1.84%. Of these, 28.97% of traffic comes from YouTube on desktops. 

YouTube is followed by LinkedIn and Facebook, with 20.24% and 15%, respectively. 

Share of social traffic

A table shows here a total breakdown of the social traffic of Semrush by social media platforms. 

Social Media PlatformsShare of social traffic

Source: Similar Web, Semrush. 

Semrush Employee Statistics

Semrush employs over 1000 people and has 200 contractors in 13 cities worldwide. Throughout 2021 and 2022, Semrush hired approximately 300 new employees. Most of Semrush’s employees and offices are based in Europe.

Semrush Employee Statistics

Let’s get all the essential statistics about Semrush employees. 

  1. 1000 people work at Semrush as of 2023. 

As of 2023, Semrush has a workforce of more than 1000 employees. The majority of these employees, 65.37%, are located in Russia, with 18.07% based in the United States. 

Interestingly, over 98.16% of Semrush employees work in just five countries. 

Below is a more detailed breakdown of Semrush’s employee distribution by country.

CountryThe percentage of employeesThe number of employees
Russia65.37%653 employees
The United States18.07%180 employees
Czech Republic8.88%88 employees
Poland3.06%36 employees
Cyprus 2.75%28 employees
Other1.83%18 employees
  1. Semrush employees get an average estimated annual salary of $120,534

At Semrush, the yearly average wage, including base pay and bonuses, is $120,534 or $57 per hour. 

The estimated median salary is $117,094 or $56 per hour. These figures represent the typical compensation packages for employees at Semrush.

The highest paying position is Director of Sales, earning $212,003 per year, while the lowest paying position is CS Rep, earning $46,374 per year.

  1. Department of Legal gets the highest salary in Semrush, with $156K

Semrush salaries by the department are as follows: Finance at $86,466, Admin at $56,209, Sales at $140,131, and IT at $95,248. 

Average Salary By Departments at Semrush

It is noteworthy that half of Semrush employees earn above $117,094.

A table shows the salary average at Semrush by the department. 

DepartmentAverage Salary
Customer Support$64K

Source: Backlinko, Comparably

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Conclusion: Semrush Statistics (2023)

That’s all about Semrush!

It’s no coincidence that Semrush has become one of the most widely used SEO, marketing, and research tools available today. They’ve consistently evolved, gathering valuable data that businesses around the globe can leverage to their advantage.

I hope you have found this article informative. If there is anything that I may have overlooked in the above article, please do not hesitate to let me know in the comment section below.


Is Semrush better than Google Analytics?

Semrush is better than Google Analytics for researching keywords, understanding the market, comparing domains, managing social media, and optimizing content. But, if you want to analyze user behavior and engagement on your website, use Google Analytics instead.

How many companies use Semrush?

Semrush has over 10 million users.

How much does Semrush cost per month?

At Semrush, you can choose from three monthly subscription options: Pro, which costs $119.95, Guru, which costs $229.95; and Business, which starts at $449.95.

Who owns Semrush?

The CEO and founder of Semrush is Oleg Shchegolev. 

What is the market share of Semrush?

SEMrush has an 8.87% market share in PPC. It competes with 13 other tools, including Google Ads (57.98%), Outbrain (24.15%), and WordStream Advisor (7.60%).

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