11 Incredible Things Only GPT-4 Can Do

Since  ChatGPT has come into the limelight, OpenAI is trying its best to launch the latest technologies and integrate them with ChatGPT to make it the most advanced Chatbot in history. Hence on March 14th, 2023, OpenAI rolled out its GPT-4 model in the ChatGPT plus version for public testing. 

Hence, the users’ curiosity led to vigorous testing of the tasks that GPT-4 could perform. Even the GPT-4 model took the lead by surprising all the enthusiasts with its exceptional performance.

I am sure you, too, are interested in knowing the abilities of GPT-4 and what capabilities it possesses. 

So what’s the wait for? 

Let us dig into the details of the incredible things that GPT-4 can do. 

In the following article, we have compiled all the incredible things that the model can do after researching and trying out GPT-4 model in every possible way. 

11+ Amazing Things That You Can Do With The Help Of GPT-4

As GPT-4 has rolled out, many people are curious about its capabilities and what amazing things it can do. Hence, many technology enthusiasts, developers, and journalists have started to test the model’s limits and have found many things it can do that were not possible with the previous GPT models. 

Let us explore all the incredible things the GPT-4 model is capable of doing and to what extent other GPT users have studied it. 

1. GPT-4 Is Pro At Cracking The Tests With 90 Percentile

The GPT-3.5 was able to crack only a few of the standardized tests. It was close to passing the medical licensing exam. Besides, I was able to acquire passing grades in the law-school final exam. 

Comparatively, GPT-4 was able to crack almost all the exams with excellent scores. OpenAI also claimed that GPT-4 could outperform 90% of the students in the tests, along with outperforming other machine learning models. 

Incredible Things Only GPT-4 Can DO - Test With 90 percentile

Let us take a look at a few examples of GPT-4 excelling at various tests. 

  • GPT-4 was able to score  1410 out of 1600 marks in the SAT examination. 
  • In the Graduate Record Examination(GRE), GPT-4 scored 710 out of 800. 
  •  GPT-4 passed the simulated bar exam with a score that was scored by the top 10% of the students. 
  • It grabbed a score of 5, which is 100% in the exams like advanced placement high school exams in biology, calculus, psychology, history, macroeconomics, and statistics. 

However, GPT-4 was unable to perform well in subjects like written English. It could not crack AP English language and AP English Lit. 

2. GPT-4 Can Describe Images In Detail And Can Answer Your Questions Based On The Image

GPT-4 can determine the content in your photo or picture and also analyzes the objects within the image. Then it provides a broader context about the picture or can make predictions regarding the content in the pictures. However, this feature is not yet available in the plus version of ChatGPT. 

Describe Images In Detail

It is presently available to only a limited number of people for testing purposes. Besides, Open AI has shared some of the visual understanding capabilities of GPT-4 in their GPT-4 research report. 

You can take a look at them: 

3. GPT-4 Can Create Websites

GPT-4 brings the new trend of building websites by AI models of silicon valley into the race. It can generate a well-developed site with just a few prompts and instructions. 

@rowancheung tweeted about how he used GPT-4 to create a website just from a sketch he drew. 

Rowan Cheung Tweet about GPT-4

However, presently the researchers have to find the ability of GPT-4 in website making. Hence it is unclear if it can just generate basic websites or if it can also create complex websites. But the improving designs of the websites made by GPT-4 are surely a threat to web designers. 

4. GPT-4 Can Code Flawlessly

GPT-4 is marvelous at coding simple programs. It has the ability to code games like pong, Snake, Connect, etc., within minutes. Besides, it can also code other applications and programs. 

If you are stuck on your coding projects, you can take the help of GPT-4 technology and save time. Remarkable, isn’t it? 

Take a look at a tweet shared by Pietro Schirano on how he coded and created a game of Pong within seconds with the help of GPT-4 technology. 

Pietro Schirano Tweet On GPT-4

Apart from that, GPT-4 was also able to create a Google Chrome extension by coding according to the instructions provided. 

GPT-4 has made coding a game for beginners. 

Take a look at how @jakebrowatzke used GPT-4 to create the Google chrome extension with no prior knowledge of coding. 

Did You Know? You can use ChatGPT as a coding assistant and start your own business. For further information, check out ChatGPT business ideas. 

5. GPT-4 Can Use People On Your Behalf

If you have an issue with an individual person or with a company, but you are unable to seek help from professionals, now GPT-4 can help you out in this situation. 

Well, all you have to do is take help from DoNotPay. It uses GPT-4 to generate one-click lawsuits by transcribing a call and generating 1000 word lawsuit. 

Jake Browatzke Tweet On GPT-4

You can take a look at the following tweet from Joshua Browder to understand how one click lawsuit works. 

 6. Teach A New Language To The Users

GPT-4 is found to be great at languages like  Afrikaans, Italian and Turkish in comparison to the English language variants like chinchilla and palm. Moreover, GPT-4 scored less than Chinchilla-English in languages like Marathi and Telgu. However, it was able to perform better than predicted in these languages and managed to score close to Chinchilla. 

Joshua Browder Tweet About GPT-4

Besides, GPT-4 is well-trained in almost 26 languages and can teach users any language in a very simple and efficient way. It also has the capability to provide users with tips and tricks to learn a new language easily. 

Take a look at an example of ChatGPT plus, where the GPT-4 technology helps the user to learn a new language. 

7. GPT-4 Can Create Creative Content

GPT-4 is competent enough to create content that is informative and, at the same time, engaging. The technology can be used to generate creative content like blogs, articles, etc. Similarly, users can also generate content for social media and websites using GPT-4. 

Create Creative Content. 

Besides, the model also has the potential to help journalists and researchers in their work by providing them with content for research.

Cool, isn’t it? GPT-4 can generate dialogues in any instructed format. It can answer you in poetic form, can respond in any poet’s dialect, and can do much more.

8. GPT-4 Can Find A Compatible Partner For You!!

Are you single? Do you need a partner? Don’t worry GPT-4 is here for your help. 

A digital matchmaker, ‘Keeper’, utilizes GPT-4 technology to find the perfect match for the users. It scans the profile and goes through the preferences included in the profile. Then it further determines if a profile seems to be a good match for you based on your preferences and choices. 

Find A Compatible Partner

Besides, it also works as a filter sorting out the profiles that best fit you according to your responses and the details entered. As GPT-4 technology finds the match according to your requirements, you must enter all your preferences and other information carefully to make the most efficient use of the model. 

9. Summarize A Large Or Complex Text Or Article Into A Few Lines 

If you are stuck while reading some articles or some necessary reports or if you get confused about what the text actually wants to point out, you can take the help of GPT-4. It can summarize large texts and complex articles into a few simple words. 

Along with saving time and energy, users can efficiently complete their tasks with the help of GPT-4. 

Jake Kozloski

Besides, GPT-4 has also powered Tome, an “AI-powered storytelling app.” It scans the entire Wikipedia articles, understands them, and provides the users with a simple and straightforward summary of the article that contains the key points. 

10. GPT-4 Can Be A Personal Tutor For Your Child

GPT-4 has expertise in almost all the subjects and can easily teach children their school subjects based on the way it gets instructed. 

Besides, it can also play the role of a Socratic teacher and teach your child the concepts by brainstorming them. Isn’t it a perfect way for them to understand a complex topic?

Keith Peiris

Moreover, it can also help the teachers to prepare for their lessons and plan their content according to the abilities of the children. 

11. Can Be Your Virtual Assistant

GPT-4 also has the capability to be your virtual assistant and help you manage your tasks. 

Now, you won’t need any assistance to remind you of your meetings, phone calls, or other essential tasks that you have scheduled. GPT-4 can schedule your whole day easily. 

Virtual Assistant

Additionally, GPT-4 can also have human-like conversations with you or, in a way, you command it to communicate. 

Other Amazing Things GPT-4 Can Do

GPT-4 is capable of doing many fascinating things apart from the ones mentioned above. Here is a list of work that you can do with the help of GPT-4. 

  • Research on a topic. 
  • GPT-4 can crack Dad jokes. 
  • Discover a new drug. 
  • Find new treatment options.
  • Compose songs.
  • Create a storyline.
  • Power search engines. 
  • And many more. 

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That’s all about the incredible things that GPT-4 can do. 

Working with GPT-4 is surely an interesting experience. It didn’t disappoint the users and had better than predicted responses for all the queries of the users. 

Besides, we are sure there is a lot to be explored about the model’s capabilities. Hence, it will be interesting to keep an eye on the GPT-4 model and its uses, abilities, and how it will amaze the users. 

If you have enjoyed reading the above article, you can check out other GPT-related articles on our website. 

Further, What do you think about GPT-4 and its capabilities? Let us know in the comment section below. 


How better is GPT-4? 

GPT-4 is comparatively far better than the previous version of GPT. It has many capabilities that even its developers were not able to predict about it. Besides, it can perform various tasks like teaching a student, acting as a virtual assistant, translating the text into other languages, summarizing a text, etc. 

What’s new with ChatGPT 4?

GPT-4 is predicted to be 82% less likely to respond to the requests for the disallowed content. Moreover, it responds only 20% of the time to sensitive requests. Besides, GPT-4 has many increased capabilities and has expertise in all fields. Above all, the fascinating addition in GPT-4 is that it works with both text and images. 

Can GPT-4 generate images?

No, GPT 4 cannot generate images with any visual input. However, it can generate image outputs for the visual inputs. For, e.g. GPT-4 can convert an image into a sketch. However, it cannot generate a sketch with just the text inputs provided. 

What will GPT-4 be capable of?

GPT-4 is capable of generating creative and on-the-point responses. It can generate, edit, summarize and provide insights into creative and technical writing. Besides, it is also capable of coding, analyzing scenarios, teaching children and helping in managing tasks. 

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