How To Get Podcast Sponsors (Proven Methods)

Have you been grinding hard, making your Podcasts, and now finally getting traction? It’s time to capitalize on your hard work and make some cash with podcast sponsorship.

Sponsorship is the most prevalent means to monetize podcasts. It’s a deal between you and brands to promote their products in exchange for a fixed commission. But that’s the easier part. The more challenging part is securing podcast sponsors. If this is something that still baffles you, let me offer you a helping hand.

In this post, I will explore practical strategies to attract tons of podcast sponsors. Let’s go!

8+ Best Ways To Find Podcast Sponsors?

In this segment, we will explore the top strategies to grab podcast sponsors. Understand them and apply them to maximize your podcast’s earning potential.

1. Leverage Your Podcast for Securing Sponsorships

If you wish to obtain podcast sponsors, make it clear upfront that you are seeking sponsors. It’s the first and the most crucial step toward getting a podcast sponsor. If you are shy of asking, leave it behind and let everyone know that you are actively searching for sponsors.

How To Get Podcast Sponsors - Overview

Leverage your podcast to spread the word; it’s the best place to tell that you accept advertising on your podcast. Your audience might relay it to someone looking for a podcast for marketing. Well, the opportunities are endless.

2. Reserve A Spot For Sponsors

This strategy can work wonders – you should reserve a space for sponsors from your first podcast episode. You can use this space for advertising a brand for free or your friend’s business in exchange for testimonials.

Reserve A Spot For Sponsors

This strategy has two massive advantages;

  • It allows you to signal that you accept sponsors.
  • Build a rapport or social proof; testimonials are a great way to convince sponsors who may consider sponsoring your podcast.

3. Pitch Directly To Brands

Direct pitching with professionalism is an excellent way to get podcast sponsors. And how can you find brands in your niche? Simply monitor your competitors’ podcasts and see what kind of brands they are working with. You can look for similar brands and send an email detailing your offer.

Pitch Directly To Brands

Direct pitching has certain advantages too;

  • Allow you to stand out from other podcasters.
  • Eliminate the hassle for brands to find good podcasts. They can directly proceed with the negotiations.
  • You have complete control over who you work with.
  • Allow you to forge a tailored partnership with brands that align with your audience and content.

4. Pitch To Small Businesses

Try to avoid catching big fish for sponsorship when you are new to podcasting. Instead, a more effective strategy will be to go for smaller brands or businesses. You are more likely to get sponsorship from smaller businesses because they are often more open to new marketing opportunities and willing to invest in niche audiences.

Here are some more reasons to look out for smaller brands for podcast sponsorship;

  • Smaller brands are more focused on niche audiences to make the most out of their marketing effort, and a niche podcast might be perfect for them. Initially, newer podcasts often target niche audiences, making their pitch more appealing to businesses looking to reach that audience.
  • Similarly, smaller businesses might find podcasts cost-effective due to their limited marketing budget. Therefore, there’s a better chance of converting them as sponsors than large businesses.
  •  Moreover, acquiring smaller brands and podcast sponsors will likely forge long-term partnerships. Businesses with focussed marketing efforts are likely to stick to niche podcasters who understand their business and target audience.
  • Pitching to smaller businesses offers more personalization opportunities. You can tailor your proposal in a way that is equally beneficial to both parties involved.

5. Leverage Social Media To Attract Potential Sponsors

Social media is a treasure trove of opportunities; you can leverage it to grab podcast sponsors too. You can utilize social media to boost your visibility and build a strong community around your podcast.

Leverage Social Media

Likewise, you can create amazing content for your audience and increase your number of listeners, which helps your podcast be more appealing to your potential sponsors. Your engagement rate can be a huge advantage that can attract tons of podcast sponsors. Moreover, you can also exploit social media for your reach-out campaigns. You can prepare your sponsorship proposal and directly pitch it to potential sponsors via their social media handles.

6. Join Podcast Communities

Networking goes a long way if you seek opportunities to monetize your podcast. You can join podcast communities online to network with people in the same space. You can leverage these communities to pitch your sponsorship proposal or advertise that you are looking for podcast sponsorship.

Join Podcast Communities

Here are some more reasons why joining podcasting communities can help you get podcast sponsors;

  •  Joining podcasting communities lets you network with professionals, fellow podcasters and sponsors, which can lead to new collaboration and opportunities.
  • Being a part of the community can help you grow your podcast. A larger audience will dramatically increase your chance of landing a potential sponsor.
  • These communities can help you learn about the latest industry trends and insights. You can use the information to improve your podcast and make it more appealing to sponsors.
  •  You can also learn about potential sponsors, what content they favor and what type of podcasts they prefer.

7. Join Podcast Ad Network

If you don’t want to do the heavy work but still wish to have a sponsor for your podcast, you can opt for a Podcast Ad network. These networks act as matchmaking platforms, acting as an intermediary between podcasters and sponsors.

Top Podcast ad networks are;

  •  Midroll
  • Authentic
  • PodcastOne
  • AdvertiseCast

Also, they have minimum requirements to qualify for their platforms. For example, Midroll only allows podcasts with 10,000 and above downloads per episode. On top of that, these networks take their cut too, which can be as high as 30% of ad revenue. Therefore, you can’t make anything significant unless you have a massive audience; however, using these networks helps you focus more on content creation rather than wasting time on finding sponsors.

8. Utilize Podcast Ad Marketplace

Podcast ad marketplaces are another great way to profit via podcast sponsorships. You can list your podcast episodes on these platforms. If a brand likes your content, it can purchase ad space on your podcast. It’s another way to get podcast sponsors without flexing any muscles. However, the podcast ad market also takes a cut of 10% to 30%.

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Final Summary: How To Get Podcast Sponsors

That’s the top strategies that I find most helpful in securing podcast sponsors. By applying these practical strategies coupled with persistent effort in building a solid audience base and developing positive and thriving relationships with brands, you can potentially boost your chances of landing better-paying and long-term sponsors.

Also, your communication and negotiations with potential sponsors must be professional and transparent if you wish to grab long-term deals. Likewise, never shy off from reaching out to multiple brands and exploring different options. It will dramatically increase your chances of getting podcast sponsors.

That said, in your endeavors to monetize podcasts with paid sponsorship, never undermine your followers. Your primary focus should always be to provide value to your listeners. Respect your audience, engage with them and seek out every opportunity for podcast monetization. With persistence and dedication, you can undoubtedly turn your podcasting efforts into a profitable venture.


How to approach a potential podcast sponsor?

Email is the most preferred method to reach out to potential sponsors. However, it’s imperative to have a professional tone and be clear about your niche, audience, engagement, demographics and your plan to grow your podcast. It will also be helpful to provide statistics that demonstrate the strength and value of your podcast to the sponsor.

How to ensure the partnership with a potential sponsor is mutually beneficial?

Open and honest communication is indispensable if you seek long-term and mutually beneficial sponsorship. Next is to ensure that your goals and expectations align with that of your sponsors – if there’s a deviation, the partnership might not work. Likewise, providing regular updates and analytics to demonstrate the effectiveness of the collaboration will further strengthen your ties with the sponsors.

How much should I charge for podcast sponsorship?

There’s no fixed amount to charge for a podcast sponsorship. However, when quoting your charges, base your decision on audience size and engagement, the duration and frequency of sponsorship and the type of promotion offered. It’s also prudent to research the industry standards and comparable sponsorships on podcasts in your niche beforehand.

How to successfully negotiate a podcast sponsorship deal?

When negotiating with a potential sponsor, be prepared with essential matrices of your podcast to support your case. Likewise, have a clear understanding of the value you will provide to the sponsor in terms of audience reach and engagement. Be flexible, transparent and with a counteroffer to boost your chances of getting the sponsorship.

Can I have multiple sponsors for my podcast?

Yes, you can have multiple sponsors for your podcast; however, this practice requires caution. If you seek multiple sponsors, you have to ensure that the frequency of ads doesn’t hamper the listener’s experience.

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