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I thought finding a Midjourney alternative that can create equally mindblowing images/art using artificial intelligence, which is also free, would be difficult. To my surprise, it wasn’t as hard as I had thought. 

Midjourney stopped their free trial service, and many users like me wanted to look for better options to feed our AI image curiosities. Another possible reason for me to find a Midjourney alternative was because of Midjourney’s “Discord-only interface.” 

I have used and reviewed a bunch of AI image generators, but all of them were paid. This read also features some of them, but I went a bit further and tried focusing more on the “free Midjourney alternatives.” 

These will definitely help you test out similar or even better tools than Midjourney and its potential to generate images. 

Let’s head further to pick the best free alternatives to Midjourney.

Midjourney Alternatives Free & Paid: (At A Glance)

These are the top Midjourney alternatives that many users prefer and the ones I tested. 

With many free alternatives to choose from, it will be a task for you to choose the best fit. But I covered the key points for each of them to help you arrive at a choice sooner!

Midjourney AlternativeWhy Go For ItFree Trial
Playground AILets you use your artwork commercially500 images
Leonardo.AIRun and upload your own models150 tokens
NightcafeOperate multiple algorithms and models5 free credits
Stable DiffusionFree and Open sourceFree forever
CraiyonNo sign-up requiredFree forever
Adobe FireflyBundles of editing and enhancing options25 credits
LexicaBest for beginners100 images
Bing – AI image creatorGenerate unlimited images100 boosts per day
Jasper ArtPrompt assist for better results7 day free trial
DALL E 2Expanding an existing image furtherNot available

Check out our detailed guide on how to make AI art for tips and best practices to create stunning art!

Best Free Midjourney Alternatives (Evaluated)

I narrowed down my work to these 11 best Midjourney substitutes and thoroughly tested them. For added knowledge, I tested each with their offered features and shared some of the resultant images. 

Note: The ratings for certain features are solely as on my experience of using the tools. 

1. Playground AI

FeatureRating (out of 5)
Ease of use4.7
Image generation speed4.7
Editing flexibility4.7
Prompt to Image relevance4.5

This might just be the best answer to your prayers, as Playground AI lets you generate up to 500 free images with a very user-friendly experience. It is one of the best Midjourney free alternatives.

On top of that, you get more freedom on the models to use for image generation, with Stable diffusion XL and 1.5. 

Based on the model being used, you can apply a variety of fun filters and further in-painting, upscaling, and face restoration options. From the alternatives I tested, Playground AI is one of the fastest in giving multiple results at a time.

Have a look at the Playground AI’s community feed: 

Playground AI

Playground AI interface and the image I generated

But the free version has its limitations, users will be in the “waiting period” after it generates the first 500 free images. For the free version, the image dimensions are fixed for different models used, and the quality of the images generated will also drop after 50 images. 

Playground AI has a 4.6 out of 5 rating on product hunt.

“Underrated, but it offers filters and so much more without the complexities of using a standalone Stable Diffusion software. More control on the results than Midjourney.”Aseponde (Product Hunt user) ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Source: Playground AI Reviews – Pros & Cons | Product Hunt 


  • Generate upto 500 images completely free
  • Use your images commercially
  • Multiple filters and expert editing options
  • Access to Stable Diffusion and Playground AI models


  • The image dimensions are fixed for the selected model used.
  • There is a waiting period to post 500 free images
  • Lesser control over the quality and details of the image after 50 images



2. Leonardo.Ai (Run And Upload Own Models)

FeatureRating (out of 5)
Ease of use4.7
Image generation speed4.6
Editing flexibility4.8
Prompt to Image relevance4.7

Leonardo AI lets you train your own AI model and generate thousands of variations and deviations from your training data. It is preferred by many users as a free alternative to Midjourney owing to this.

For game developers, this software is a gift as it lets you create models of various items from your existing work and give it themes like futuristic, medieval, or fantasy.

Leonardo AI community feed

Leonardo AI

Leonardo AI interface

Leonardo AI interface

To be able to access the software, you will have to join their early bird access waitlist and wait till they send you an email.

“Recently Bought monthly subs. And I think it was worth it. And its not good as Midjourney but I think it’s much cheap and better and not bad if you know what you are doing.”Protik Mondal  ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Source: Read Customer Service Reviews of leonardo.ai 


  • Can run simultaneous jobs in the background 
  • Outpainting
  • Primarily developed to generate game assets
  • Train your own visual model


  • Waitlist and early bird access only


Free150 credits/day

3. Night Cafe (Works With Multiple Algorithms And Models)

FeatureRating (out of 5)
Ease of use4.6
Image generation speed4.6
Editing flexibility4.6
Prompt to Image relevance4.7

Nightcafe lets you hold the leash of your creativity and much more. It opens doors to multiple tex-to-image models, including the likes of DALL-E 2, CLIP-Guided Diffusion, VQGAN+CLIP, Stable Diffusion, and Style Transfer.

 It’s basically a website that hosts multiple models in one place and lets you choose the model that suits your needs.

Nightcafe – all-time best generations


Their interface used to feel unimpressive and old but has improved over the last few months. With the free plan, users only get 5 free credits in the beginning with access to all the models. Once you run out of free credits, you are limited to creating single-image base “Stable” creations until you’ve got more credits.

My image generation on Nighcafe

Nightcafe user interface

“Of all the text-to-image tools out there, this has the best overall functionality ” -Tariq Z

Read More Nightcafe reviews on Capterra 


  • More control with different modes, each corresponding to a different style.
  • Easy to get started no email or credit card required.
  • Stable Diffusion and DALL E are available


  • Image generation limitations post-free usage


Nightcafe PROStarts from $4.79 – for 100 credits/mo

4. Stable Diffusion

FeatureRating (out of 5)
Ease of use4.8
Image generation speed4.3
Editing flexibility4.5
Prompt to Image relevance4.7

Stable Diffusion is based on its own image generation model, which creates noteworthy results. This is a free and open-source model which many websites use for text-to-image generation.

Stable Diffusion doesn’t collect and use ANY personal information nor store your text or image.

Stable Diffusion interface

Stable Diffusion

My generated image on Stable Diffusion

Stable Diffusion User interface

Due to their large number of users, the server may experience problems. In the recent updates, Stable Diffusion has added the option to add “styles” to images and also provides a prompt guide to boost creativity. 

The Possibilities are endless” – Francisco de Paula S. (organic review from G2)


  • Unlimited AI image generation
  • Easy to user interface
  • Free and Open-source model
  • Complete user privacy without search limitations


  • Human figures aren’t refined and feel distorted
  • Takes a longer time to generate an image
  • The website feels a bit choppy



5. Craiyon (No Sign-Up Required)

Crayon’s foundation is based on the DALL E model. It is very basic, but it can definitely satisfy your generic creativity quota. The prompt generates 9 decent images which you can view in 3 different modes.


The images take a lot of time to process, even basic prompts, and while you wait for them, you are distracted by unwanted ads right on the results page. The image quality also feels a bit on the lower side, with very few options to edit.

You can print the images you generate on a black or white t-shirt and get them shipped directly to you!

 Check out this official YouTube guide on how to use Craiyon.


  • Easy to use 
  • Doesn’t require signing up
  • Suggests prompt ideas


  • Takes a longer time to generate images
  • A lot of Ads


Free $0

6. Adobe Firefly

FeatureRating (out of 5)
Ease of use4.5
Image generation speed4.7
Editing flexibility4.8
Prompt to image relevance4.8

This can be the next big thing in the text-to-image generation field as Adobe is combining the skills of ‘Photoshop’ – a veteran in image processing and editing with AI text-to-image generation. The entire experience is focused on more than just text-to-image generation. 

Adobe Firefly

With Photoshop working alongside, it will extend the limits to what generative AI can achieve with Adobe Firefly. 

Adobe is also working on adding – 

  • Text to vector, 
  • Text to the pattern
  • Text to brush
  • Text to sketch, and 
  • Text to template 

tools to Adobe Firefly and adding more feathers to its cap.

Adobe Firefly interface

Adobe Firefly interface

Users love using Adobe Firefly and its features. I found this Redditt thread that helped me get more insights on the tool. 


  • New generative match feature
  • High-Quality image generation
  • Can apply styles or textures to text with prompt, Can paint in new objects or remove objects


  • Slow image generation



Bonus: If you’re in search of the absolute best AI Image Generator, you should definitely check out this post.

7. Lexica

FeatureRating (out of 5)
Ease of use4.7
Image generation speed4.5
Editing flexibility4.6
Prompt to Image relevance4.7

Lexica is an art gallery and search engine based on the Stable Diffusion AI image generation model. The interface is very easy to use and straightforward. You don’t need any sign up to get started with your work. 

Lexica image gallery


Lexica interface

 Lexica user interface

One stand-out feature that Lexica has is that you can type anything and explore their collection with similar results. This can help you find inspiration from other artists when you feel you are out of ideas.

It’s straight up to the point and works hand in hand with the user without a hassle. This makes it highly suitable to beginners.


  • Easy to use
  • Best for beginners
  • New aperture v3.5
  • Quick image generation


  • Needs a subscription to use it commercially


Free$0 (100 images per month)

8. AutoDraw (Create Drawing & Sketches)

FeatureRating (out of 5)
Ease of use4.8
Image generation speed4.9
Editing flexibility4.5
Prompt to Image relevance*4.8

*Autodraw uses user drawings as a prompt

AutoDraw is a free web-based tool that uses AI to generate vector drawings and sketches. Users can start by entering any text or object, and AutoDraw will produce a corresponding vector image interpreting the concept.

AutoDraw -image generator

For example, typing “dog” generates various cartoon dog sketches. The AI was trained on millions of drawings to recognize patterns and concepts. Users can continue editing the image by adding lines and shapes, with AutoDraw smoothing and perfecting them into a clean vector graphic.

The tool was created to make drawing and sketching effortless, even for non-artists. The smart AI capabilities streamline what is usually a manual illustration process requiring artistic skill.

“Autodraw has helped me in so many ways to teach the children using visuals. It instantly catches attention, and I like how it is completely free”  -Andrew Ruby, Kindergarten Teacher.


  • Free and easy to use online
  • Allows anyone to create drawings and sketches; no artistic skill is required
  • AI provides assistance in smoothing and perfecting lines and shapes
  • Generates clean vector image outputs
  • Massive library of recognizable concepts and objects


  • Limited customizability compared to full illustration software
  • AI cannot always interpret vague or abstract concepts
  • Cannot customize model or fine-tune generations



9. Bing AI Image Creator 

FeatureRating (out of 5)
Ease of use4.8
Image generation speed4.7
Editing flexibility4.6
Prompt to Image relevance4.8

The lesser-known option for free image generation is Bing Image Generator, which generates high-quality images that feel more creative.

The best part is that the Microsoft AI Image Creator is now powered by DALL E 3, which allows it to generate quite impressive results. You can use it by going to the images section on the Bing homepage and clicking the image creator button.

Bing Image Creator

Check out this crisp image that I got from the Bing AI image creator 

 Bing AI image creator

It, however, lacks customization and editing options, which others offer. You get 100 free credits every day, but after you generate your first 25 images, you will have to wait longer for the results.

“I don’t dislike anything about Microsoft Bing Image Creator, but I do acknowledge that it has some limitations. Sometimes, it may not generate images that match the text description exactly, or it may produce images that are unrealistic or inappropriate. It is not perfect, but it is constantly improving.”  – Collen H. (Validated review on G2


  • Can be used with any browser and works together with Bing Chat AI
  • Works even after exhausting free credits
  • Powered by DALL E 3


  • Lacks customization styles and editing options
  • Limited image pool.
  • Relies on Bing search engine algorithm; Users might experience disruptions or limitations during such scenarios.



Best Paid Alternatives for Midjourney

The last ones on the list are the paid alternatives to Midjourney, which are direct competitors to Midjourney and its advanced image-generating features. These alternatives come close and at times, even beat Midjourney in some cases. 

Note: The ratings for certain features are solely as on my experience of using the tools. 

10. Jasper Art

FeatureRating (out of 5)
Ease of use4.7
Image generation speed4.7
Editing flexibility4.6
Prompt to Image relevance4.7

Jasper Art is an easy-to-use platform that gives freedom to generate as many images as you want, as there is no limit to generating images. It guides you to generate better results by enhancing your prompts. 

Part of the Jasper subscription, Jasper Art does not require extra money to use; you only need to be enrolled on a Creator, Teams, or Business subscription with Jasper. We have spent some time with Jasper art, and we’re quite satisfied with it as well. 

Check out the detailed Jasper Art review here

Midjourney Alternatives - Jasper-Art

It is not well versed in generating correct spellings as of yet and may show interesting outputs. Human faces can sometimes look distorted if the prompt isn’t entered correctly. 


  • Suggests ways to enhance your prompts
  • Easy-to-use
  • Has an AI tool that helps you write blog posts, social media posts, and marketing copy.


  • An All-inclusive Jasper package needs to be purchased to access Jasper art
  • Requires payment details to start the free trial


Free 7 day trial period
BusinessStarts at $39/mo

11. DALL·E 2 (Expanding An Existing Image Further)

You can check our detailed Midjourney vs Dall E 2 comparison to see how they both stand against each other!

FeatureRating (out of 5)
Ease of use4.8
Image generation speed4.8
Editing flexibility4.8
Prompt to Image relevance4.8

DALL E 2 was created by the brains behind the famed AI Chatbot ‘ChatGPT’ by OpenAI. Over 1.5M users are creating more than 2M images per day, which describes the popularity of this tool. 

Same as Playground AI, it allows you to create high-quality photorealistic images and edit them. You can also upload an existing image and expand it using its powerful outpainting option to add further life to your pictures.

Having said that, you only get 15 free credits post, which you have to pay a solid $15 for 115 credits. 


DALL E 2 accepts that their program is still learning, and the search results are dependent on a label that an image is given (for eg. A plane labeled as a car will generate a car when searched for a plane.)

You can learn how to use the midjourney guide and get insights and tips!


  • Over 1.5M users create more than 2M images per day
  • Realistic high-quality images which can be expanded.
  • Built-in mechanism to curb misuse (restricts pornography, hateful content, or other harmful content. 
  • Edits uploaded images as input and create variations, angles, and styles 


  • Expensive
  • Search results are dependent on the label that an image is given (for eg. A plane labeled as a car will generate a car when searched for a plane.)


PlansAnnual Pricing
115 credits$15

Did you know? 

As Open AI announced recently, DALL E 3 will be rolled out for all the ChatGPT plus users and enterprise plan holders. DALL E 3 takes the AI image generation even further and adds layers of improvements to the already impressive DALL E 2. 

I am yet to understand more about the new launch, but I will be covering the tool in-depth soon!

Conclusion: Best Midjourney Alternatives (2024) 

These free Midojurney alternatives are surely worth it and won’t let you miss using Midjourney. This is a great period for artists and creative minds to really explore the available assets out there, as the only true limit for generative AI is our imagination.

Though I believe that Midjourney’s capabilities can hardly compete with some of the free alternatives, they do offer a valuable experience. I am excited to test these and other Midjourney alternatives (especially DALL E 3). 

While working with all these amazing tools, I came across two really impressive alternatives that can be your Midjourney alternative: 

  • Jasper Art — as it really understood the image we needed to generate and helped us get the results we wanted. Jaspert AI users do not need to buy an extra subscription to use Jasper Art. 
  • Bing AI Image Creator – Easy to use and quality results with this Midjourney free AI alternative that is operating on DALL E 3.

Let me know in the comments below if you know of another Midjourney alternative that can be a part of this list.

Bonus: If you wish to learn the ropes around Midjourney and want to become a Pro at generating images with Midjourney? We have you covered in our detailed guide here.

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