Most Searched Things On Google (November 2023)

If you also use Google to search for anything on the Internet at least 3 times a day, then you are amongst  84% of the people using Google. 

But have you also wondered what is the most searched thing on Google? Do other people also search for weird and sometimes embarrassing things or questions on Google? You’ll be surprised to know that you are not alone!

To scratch this itch, we started with one of the most powerful keyword-searching tools, Semrush, and compiled the most popular searches on Google.

Note: The below data is up to date till 29th June 2023. To compile the data, we searched across Semrush’s 24.9B keywords and filtered the data by volume, and converted it into a list. You can gain free access to Semrush through an exclusive free trial here.

We came across some expected leaders and some unexpected ones too. We also steered clear of all the NSFW searches and kept this list clean and relevant from an informative angle.

Let’s go straight in!

Top 100 Google Searches Global Globally

YouTube takes the lead in being the most searched word on Google, followed by Facebook in Second in Global rankings.

The last year’s sensation chatGPT sits at 26th position but is expected to rank up rapidly.

Sr.noSearch termVolume
1Youtube1.2 Billion
2Facebook806.7 Million
3Whatsapp web545.1 Million
4Google461.7 Million
5Translate427.5 Million
6Weather413.4 Million
7Gmail400 Million
8Amazon369.8 Million
9Google translate341.4 Million
10Cricbuzz315.4 Million
11Instagram307.1 Million
12Traductor295.2 Million
13Tiempo190.3 Million
14Hotmail174.5 Million
15Twitter157.1 Million
16Satta king151.3 Million
17Yandex148.8 Million
18Clima140 Million
19Fb131.1 Million
20Yahoo127.8 Million
21Sarkari result124.2 Million
22Wordle122.7 Million
23Google maps122.3 Million
24Yahoo mail117 Million
25Netflix114.5 Million
26Tradutor113.7 Million
27Погода112.1 Million
28Weather tomorrow112.1 Million
29Roblox106.3 Million
30Maps99.5 Million
31Переводчик93.4 Million
32Whatsapp93.1 Million
33NBA89.2 Million
34Xo so mien bac83.2 Million
35Speed test79.8 Million
36Tiempo mañana73.7 Million
37Omegle72.4 Million
38Yt72.2 Million
39Outlook71.8 Million
40Canva71.3 Million
41Pinterest70.6 Million
42Premier League69.4 Million
43Flipkart69.1 Million
44Instagram login68.8 Million
45Ibomma68.5 Million
46Satta68.4 Million
47Ebay67.6 Million
48Bbc news67.5 Million
49Livescore66.9 Million
50Restaurants60.2 Million
51Meteo60.1 Million
52Facebook login57.9 Million
53News55.9 Million
54Lottery sambad55.8 Million
55Walmart55.4 Million
56Twitch53.3 Million
57Youtube53 Million
58Shein52.4 Million
59Linkedin51.8 Million
60Gmail login51.2 Million
61Translator50.3 Million
62tik tok49.6 Million
63Serie a49 Million
64Ikea48.3 Million
65Google traduction47.9 Million
66Traduction47.3 Million
67Traductor de ingles a español47 Million
68Matka46 Million
69Satta matka45.9 Million
70dpboss45.9 Million
71Bet36545.8 Million
72Xổ số miền nam45.6 Million
73Snaptik45 Million
74Вк44.6 Million
75Cricket43.7 Million
76Chatgpt43.1 Million
77ترجمة42.9 Million
78Hotels41.9 Million
79Nfl41.9 Million
80Real madrid41.5 Million
81Yandex39.9 Million
82Indeed39.5 Million
83Google dịch39.2 Million
84English to hindi38.6 Million
85Live cricket score38.6 Million
86Calculator38.2 Million : famous singer lata mangeshkar has died37.2 Million
88Champions league36.3 Million
89Traductor ingles español33.3 Million
90Google scholar33 Million
91Ind vs aus32 Million
92Psg31.5 Million
93Trad31.1 Million
94Chat gpt30.6 Million
95الطقس30.2 Million
96Barcelona28.9 Million
97Flashscore26.2 Million
98Le bon coin25.7 Million
99Wetter24.9 Million
100El tiempo21.4 Million

Top 100 Google Searches in the United States

For the USA, there was a tie between Amazon and Youtube on being the most searched word. 4 out of the top 10 companies are associated with Google. Even though it ranked differently, Google leads the race.

Sr. NoSearchVolume
1Amazon151 Million
2Youtube151 Million
3Facebook101 Million
4Google83.1 Million
5Weather68 Million
6Wordle68 Million
7Gmail55.6 Million
8Google Translate45.5 Million
9Walmart45.5 Million
10Translate37.2 Million
11Yahoo37.2 Million
12Yahoo Mail37.2 Million
13NBA30.4 Million
14NFL30.4 Million
15eBay24.9 Million
16Instagram24.9 Million
17Twitter24.9 Million
18Weather Tomorrow24.9 Million
19Google Maps20.4 Million
20News20.4 Million
21Traductor20.4 Million
22Indeed16.6 Million
23Netflix16.6 Million
24Calculator13.6 Million
25Shein13.6 Million
26Gmail Login11.1 Million
27LinkedIn11.1 Million
28Maps11.1 Million
29Omegle11.1 Million
30Roblox11.1 Million
31Speed Test11.1 Million
32Tiempo11.1 Million
33Twitch11.1 Million
34ChatGPT9.14 Million
35Hotmail9.14 Million
36Pinterest9.14 Million
37Canva7.48 Million
38Facebook Login7.48 Million
39IKEA7.48 Million
40Outlook7.48 Million
41Premier League7.48 Million
42Chat GPT5 Million
43Tiempo Mañana5 Million
44Google Scholar4.09 Million
45Champions League3.35 Million
46Clima3.35 Million
47BBC News2.74 Million
48Real Madrid2.74 Million
49WhatsApp Web2.74 Million
50YT2.74 Million
51FB1.83 Million
52PSG1.83 Million
53Traductor de Ingles a Español1.83 Million
54WhatsApp1.83 Million
55Barcelona1.5 Million
56Instagram Login1.5 Million
57Tik Tok1.5 Million
58Traductor Ingles Español1.5 Million
59Tradutor1.22 Million
60Yandex1.22 Million
61Restaurants1 Million
62Translator1 Million
63Cricket823 K
64Hotels823 K
65Serie A823 K
66Cricbuzz550 K
67El Tiempo550 K
68Переводчик550 K
69Snaptik450 K
70Livescore301 K
71ترجمة301 K
72Traduction246 K
73Flashscore201 K
74Google Traduction201 K
75Ibomma201 K
76IND vs AUS201 K
77Trad165 K
78Bet365135 K
79English to Hindi135 K
80Live Cricket Score135 K
81ВК135 K
82Погода135 K
83Ютуб135 K
84Яндекс135 K
85Google Dịch110 K
86Flipkart90.5 K
87الطقس74 K
88Meteo49.5 K
89Wetter33.1 K
90Satta King14.8 K
91Xo So Mien Bac14.8 K
92Sarkari Result12.1 K
93Satta12.1 K
94Dpboss9.9 K
95Le Bon Coin9.9 K
96Matka9.9 K
97Xổ Số Miền Nam6.6 K
98Satta Matka5.4 K
99Lottery Sambad4.4 K
100Rajkotupdates.news0.09 K

Top 100 most Googled questions asked Globally

Below are some of the most common questions you and I have asked Google. Some obsession we had with Rihanna and her pregnancy!

1where is my refund1.9 Million
2how many ounces in a cup1.1 Million
3how to calculate bmi2.6 Million
4what is my ip3.7 Million
5how to calculate percentage1.3 Million
6how many centimeters in an inch2.6 Million
7how to delete instagram account1.7 Million
8what time is it1.5 Million
9what is my ip address1.8 Million
10where am i1.2 Million
11how many weeks in a year1.1 Million
12how to screenshot on mac940.6 K
13how many liters in a gallon850.9 K
14when is mothers day795 K
15how many ounces in a gallon730.5 K
16when is easter683.8 K
17who called me from this phone number672.4 K
18how to screenshot on windows630.5 K
19what time is it in california613.8 K
20how to solve a rubik’s cube605.4 K
21what song is this594.3 K
22what is love587.1 K
23how to tie a tie580.1 K
24how to pronounce568.9 K
25how to lose weight fast564.6 K
26is rihanna pregnant552.7 K
27when is easter 2023547.2 K
28how many countries in the world523 K
29how many ounces in a pound520.2 K
30how to draw509.3 K
31what is normal blood pressure484.4 K
32what is today477.8 K
33how many people are in the world452.9 K
34how to buy bitcoin on etoro450.1 K
35how to buy dogecoin on etoro450.1 K
36how many grams in an ounce436.5 K
37how long to boil eggs428.2 K
38how to write a letter411.6 K
39what day is it today399.5 K
40how to make money online394.2 K
41when is the super bowl388.3 K
42how to delete facebook account378.2 K
43how many days in a year352.4 K
44who is calling me from this number349.2 K
45what is a verb346.4 K
46what is a normal heart rate345.8 K
47how many grams in a pound344.5 K
48when is the next full moon341.6 K
49how many cups in a quart341.3 K
50how many oz in a gallon332.7 K
51what time is it in australia329.9 K
52what is a noun322.2 K
53what is cet time320.8 K
54what time is the super bowl312.7 K
55when is the full moon309.5 K
56is today a holiday306.2 K
57how to delete a page in word304.8 K
58what is the weather today298.1 K
59what is a prime number296.7 K
60how to deactivate facebook289.8 K
61what time is sunset today288.3 K
62what time is sunrise285.9 K
63what is pov means279.8 K
64is instagram down278.2 K
65how to take a screenshot on mac275.4 K
66when is daylight savings268.5 K
67when is the super bowl 2023259.2 K
68what time is it in the uk258.6 K 
69is my car taxed254.2 K
70what is the time253.6 K
71how to buy ethereum on etoro246.1 K
72is rhianna pregnant242.6 K
73how many oz in a cup240.6 K
74is reddit down235.5 K
75how to recall an email in outlook231.7 K
76what is lupus217.7 K
77when is ramadan 2023217.4 K
78when is super bowl 2023215.7 K
79how old is hasbulla205.6 K
80what is chatgpt189.7 K
81who won the super bowl 2023179.9 K
82when does spring start178.9 K
83when is valentines day168.6 K
84when is mother’s day 2023168.2 K
85how to calculate standard deviation156 K
86how old was elvis when he died152 K
87when does the time change147.9 K
88what is chat gpt141.4 K
89what time does the super bowl start141.3K 
90is rihanna pregnant again126.1 K
91when is the nfl draft121.9 K
92when is spring120.4
93what killed mickey mouse116.6 K
94when is mardi gras 2023114.9 K
95what national day is today95.3 K
96what channel is the super bowl on94.9 K
97when is the first day of spring83.8 K
98what are symptoms of adhd70.5 K
99who won the superbowl47.7 K
100when is the mega millions drawing44.6 K

Top 100 most Googled questions asked in the United States

It seems that this top-ranked question might be picked up from the question we ask Google assistant as we all have times displayed on our phones and it is only when we are away that we could ask this question.

Sr. NoQuestionVolume
1what time is it1M
2what is my ip823 K
3how many ounces in a gallon673 K
4how many weeks in a year673 K
5what to watch673 K
6how many ounces in a cup550 K
7where am i550 K
8who called me from this phone number550 K
9how many ounces in a pound450 K
10how to screenshot on mac450 K
11is rihanna pregnant450 K
12what time is it in california450 K
13when is easter450 K
14when is mother’s day450 K
15how to screenshot on windows368 K
16when is the super bowl368 K
17how long to boil eggs301 K
18how many cups in a quart301 K
19how many grams in an ounce301 K
20how many liters in a gallon301 K
21how many oz in a gallon301 K
22how to tie a tie301 K
23what is my ip address301 K
24what time is the super bowl301 K
25when is easter 2023301 K
26how many quarts in a gallon246 K
27how to buy ethereum on etoro246 K
28how to pronounce246 K
29what song is this246 K
30what time is it in hawaii246 K
31when is daylight savings246 K
32when is the super bowl 2023246 K
33how many cups in a gallon201 K
34how many feet in a mile201 K
35how many oz in a cup201 K
36how many tablespoons in a cup201 K
37how many teaspoons in a tablespoon201 K
38how to buy dogecoin on etoro201 K
39how to lose weight fast201 K
40is bronchitis contagious201 K
41what is today201 K
42what time is it in arizona201 K
43what time is it in australia201 K
44when is the next full moon201 K
45how many grams in a pound165 K
46how many ounces in a quart165 K
47how many oz in a pound165 K
48how many steps in a mile165 K
49how to lower blood pressure165 K
50how to take a screenshot on mac165 K
51how to write a check165 K
52is rhianna pregnant165 K
53is today a holiday165 K
54what is the weather today165 K
55what time is sunset165 K
56when are taxes due 2023165 K
57where is my refund165 K
58who won the super bowl 2023165 K
59how many ounces in a liter135 K
60how old is hasbulla135 K
61how to delete instagram account135 K
62how to solve a rubik’s cube135 K
63what is lupus135 K
64what time does the super bowl start135 K
65when does spring start135 K
66when does the time change135 K
67did anyone win mega millions110 K
68how many episodes of the last of us110 K
69how old was elvis when he died110 K
70is rihanna pregnant again110 K
71when is mardi gras 2023110 K
72how many centimeters in an inch90.5 K
73is shingles contagious90.5 K
74what channel is the super bowl on90.5 K
75when is valentine’s day90.5 K
76where is the super bowl this year90.5 K
77when is daylight savings 202374 K 
78when is presidents day 202374 K 
79when is spring74 K 
80when is spring break 202374 K
81when is the first day of spring74 K
82when is the full moon74 K
83where is super bowl 202374 K
84where is the super bowl 202374 K
85why are flags at half mast today74 K
86did the groundhog see his shadow 202360.5 K
87what happened to damar hamlin60.5 K
88when does march madness start60.5 K
89when is the superbowl60.5 K
90what killed mickey mouse49.5 K
91what time is the super bowl 202349.5 K
92how old is rihanna40.5 K
93how to watch the super bowl40.5 K
94when does the super bowl start40.5 K
95when is the next mega millions drawing40.5 K
96where to watch the super bowl40.5 K
97who won the superbowl40.5 K
98how late is the closest grocery store open33.1 K
99is gwen stefani pregnant33.1 K
100who is playing in the super bowl27.1 K

Google Trends

Google also released search trends for 2022, the below section includes data from Google Trends website. 

First, let’s see the top 10 searches Globally:

2.India vs England
4.Queen Elizabeth 
5.Ind vs SA
6.World Cup
7.India vs West Indies
8.iPhone 14
9.Jeffrey Dahmer
10.Indian Premier League

Top 10 Searches in the USA

2.Election results
3.Betty White
4.Queen Elizabeth 
5.Bob Saget
7.Mega Millions
8.Powerball numbers
9.Anne Heche
10.Jeffrey Dahmer

What is a Search Volume?

It calculates the average number of monthly searches for the analyzed keyword over the last year.

It is a metric that PPC and SEO tools consider and calculate a particular word searched by a user per month. In Semrush, it determines how popular a keyword is and how competitive it is compared to others in a given region.


In 2023, searching for anything has become synonymous with Google. So much so that ‘Googling’ is now known as a verb that means– to search on Google.

Much like for these brands, Xerox, Frisbee, Post-it, Q-tips, Jell-O, and Band-aid, the product has become synonymous with the brand.

Like Google, I would be excited to see the top searches generated from AI chatbots like ChatGPT, Bard, Bing AI, and others to see the range and differences between the search intents and if they are any different from Google’s.

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