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Walmart began in the United States as a single discount store with the objective of selling more for less price. After evolving for 60 years, it currently has super centres, discount stores, and neighbourhood markets worldwide. Rollercoaster for real!

With over 10,600 stores worldwide. Walmart was able to generate revenue of $572.75 billion in 2022.

So, How is the state of Walmart in 2023? Let us take a look at it through facts and figures. We have thoroughly researched and compiled all the latest Walmart statistics you need to know. 

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Walmart Statistics - Overview
  1. Walmart has 10,622 stores and clubs across 24 countries as of 2023.
  2. There are 4,717 Walmart locations in the United States as of April 2023
  3. Walmart serves more than 37 million customers every day and more than 230 million customers every week.
  4. Walmart generated a revenue of approximately $573 billion worldwide. 
  5. $53,921 million worth of sales was generated by Walmart’s e-commerce.
  6. Walmart makes more than $1.5 billion daily.
  7. owns 6.3% of the market share in the United States.
  8.  International stores of Walmart generated net sales of $81.1 billion.  
  9. There were 2.3 million associates appointed worldwide, and 1.6 million associates are in the United States.
  10. Walmart’s e-commerce increased by 74% during the pandemic. 
  11. 407.8 million visits were recorded on as of 2023. 

About Walmart

Founded In1962
HeadquartersBentonville, Arkansas
FoundersSam Walton
Launch date 1st October 1970
Number of Walmart Stores 10,622

General Walmart Statistics

Here are some general statistics related to Walmart:

  1. Indian e-commerce giant Flipkart is owned by Walmart. it has a 39% share of the Indian e-commerce market.
  1. 56% of the net sales made by Walmart are from the grocery category. Shoppers are mostly found buying groceries at Walmart.
  1. Walmart spent $3.1 billion on advertisements. 

Walmart Stores Worldwide. 

  1. As of April 2023, Walmart had approximately 10,622 retail stores around the globe. Additionally, they operate 364 distribution facilities.

Comparatively, there were 11,443 Walmart stores in the year 2021.

Wlamart Locations
Source: Walmart

These number spreads light on the fact that the number of Walmart stores have decreased tremendously. This is due to the termination of Walmart stores in the United Kingdom and Japan at the beginning of the fiscal year 2022.

The following table displays the number of Walmart stores worldwide over the years:

YearA Number Of Walmart Stores. 
  1. There were around 4,968 retail stores and 338 wholesale stores in Walmart in the year 2023.
YearNumber Of Retail StoresNumber Of Wholesale Stores

Source: Statista. 

Number Of Walmart By Store By Division

  1. Sams Club operated around 600 stores as of April 2023. It is a chain of memberships owned and operated by only the retail warehouse clubs of Walmart.

On the other hand, Walmart International operates 5,305 stores, and Walmart US operated approximately 4,717 stores.

The following table will give you an essence of the Walmart store’s different segments like Walmart US segment, Walmart international segment, and Sam’s Club segment. 

YearWalmart US StoresWalmart International StoresSams Club Stores

Source: Statista. 

Number Of Walmart Stores In The US According To Their Type. 

  1. As of 2022, there are 4,742 in total Walmart stores in the United States. Of these, 3,573 stores are supercenters, 799 are neighborhood markets, and 370 are discount stores

The following table displays the number of Walmart stores in the United States according to their type. 

YearSupercenters Neighborhood MarketsDiscount Stores

Source: Statista. 

How Many Countries Have Walmart?

  1. Walmart International operates in Africa, Canada, Central America, China, India, Chile and Mexico. It also had stores in the United Kingdom and Japan before 2022. 

Walmart has most number of stores in Mexico, There are a total of 2,862 Walmart stores in Mexico as of April 2023.

Central America has 864 stores.

The following table displays the number of Walmart stores in different countries worldwide:

CountryNumber Of Walmart Stores
Central America864

Source: Statista. 

Walmart Revenue And Market Value. 

The strongest segment of Walmart in terms of revenue is Walmart US. It operates retail stores in Walmart’s domestic market and generates most of its revenue. Let us take a look at the revenue generated by Walmart. 

Walmart Financial Statistics
Source: Walmart
  1. Walmart generated $573 billion in revenue worldwide as of 2022. There was a 7% increase in the revenue generated compared to the previous year. 

The following table displays the revenue generated by Walmart over the years. 

YearRevenue Generated
201244.51 billion
2013468.65 billion 
2014476.29 billion
2015485.65 billion
2016482.13 billion
2017485.87 billion
2018500.34 billion
2019514.41 billion
2020523.96 billion
2021559.15 billion
2022572.75 billion
  1. The retailers’ global profit amounted to 24.4% in the fiscal year 2022. Walmart has witnessed a stable gross profit margin since the year 2006. 

The following table displays the gross profit margin of Walmart around the globe. 

YearGross Profit Margin
  1.  The global operating income of Walmart amounted to $25.9 billion as of the year 2022. 

The following table displays the operating income of Walmart worldwide over the years. 

YearOperating Income Of Walmart Worldwide
200618.69 billion
200720.5 billion 
200821.92 billion
200922.77 billion
201023.97 billion
201125.51 billion
201226.49 billion
201327.73 billion
201426.87 billion
201527.15 billion
201624.11 billion
201722.76 billion
201820.44 billion
201921.96 billion
202020.57 billion
202122.55 billion
202225.94 billion
  1. Walmarts net income was recorded to be $13.9 billion as of the year 2022. It was comparatively higher as compared to that of the year 2021. 

The following table displays the net income of Walmart throughout the world over the past years. 

YearWalmarts Net Income Worldwide.

Source: Statista. 

Interesting Fact: Walmart has grabbed the first position in the Fortune 500 list for 2023 due to its highest revenue worldwide in the past year. 

How Much Does Walmart Make In A Day?

  1. By serving millions of consumers, Walmart makes more than $1.5 billion daily as of 2023. Besides, every second consumer all over the world tends to spend $15,288 in Walmart.

Walmart MarketShare

  1. Walmart accounted for 6.3% of the US e-commerce market share, making it the second biggest online retailer in the country. Amazon owns the highest market share at 37.8%.

The following table displays the market share of the top retail e-commerce companies in the US as of 2023:

CompanyE-Commerce Market Share
Target 2.1%
The home depot2.1%
Best buy1.6%
Qurate Retail Group0.7%
  1. Walmart made $572.75 billion in the retail sector in the year 2021. It was the leading retailer around the globe. It was followed by Amazon, with a revenue of $239.15 billion.

The following table displays the revenue generated by leading retailers worldwide:

CompanyRevenue Generated
Walmart 572.75 billion
Amazon 239.15 billion
Costco195.93 billion
Schwartz153.75 billion
The Home Depot151.16 billion
Kroger co136.97 billion
JD.com126.39 billion
Walgreens Boot Alliance122.05 billion
Aldi Einkauf GmbH120.95 billion
Target Corporation104.61 billion
  1. Walmart ranks fourth biggest online store worldwide. It made net sales of $46,446 million in the year 2021. Amazon made the highest net sales.

The following table displays the top online stores worldwide as of 2021. 

Online StoreRevenue Generated 
Amazon.com131 billion
jd.com118.5 billion
apple.com52 billion
walmart.com46.5 billion
amazon.de21.2 billion
target.com19.7 billion
homedepot.com18.3 billion billion
chasohi .tmall.com17.16 billion
vip.com16.7 billion

Walmart Customer Statistics

Customer loyalty and trust has made Walmart one of the top retail stores. Millions of customers visit Walmart daily to purchase their daily necessities and other required products. Let us take a look at Walmart’s statistics related to customers. 

How Many Customers Does Walmart Have Per Day?

  1. Every day, Walmart serves more than 37 million customers. Besides,  in the US, just one supercenter provides service to an average of 10,000 customers daily. 

How Many Customers Does Walmart Have Per Week?

  1. Approximately 230 million customers visit Walmart every week throughout the world. However, its weekly customer in the year 2021 was approximately 240 million, which was comparatively higher. 

The following table displays the number of weekly customer visits to Walmart stores worldwide over the years. 

YearWeekly Customer Visits

Source: Statista

Walmart Employee Statistics

Walmart Employee
  1. Approximately 2.3 million employees work at Walmart worldwide. Of these, 1.7 million employees work in the US. 
  1. On average, an employee at works at Walmart for 3.3 years. 
  1. 55% of the workforce at Walmart is reported to be female in the United States and around the globe. At the same time, 45% are male employees. 
  1. 63% of the Employees at Walmart are white, while 15% are Hispanic or Latino. Only 12% of employees are Black or African American. 

The following table displays the percentage of different races working in Walmart.

Race/EthnicityPercentage Of Employees
Black or African American12.8%
  1. There has been a 4% increase in the management positions held by people of color since 2019. 
  1. 46% of management promotions in the year 2021 went to women.
  1. Walmart received over 1 million job applications during the pandemic. Besides, they hired around 5,000 people daily using a quick hiring process. 
  1. 54% of the employees at Walmart are in the age group of 20 to 30 years. 
  1. The average employee at Walmart makes $31,618 annually. 

Source: Zippia, Fortunately.

Walmart Product Statistics

  1. Bananas are the best-selling item in Walmart stores. 
  1. Walmart sells more than 75 million different products
  1. During the pandemic, Walmart witnessed an increased demand for game consoles, hygiene products and toilet paper. 

Walmart Sales Worldwide

  1. Around $568 billion was generated by Walmart as net sales as of 2022. Out of which, approximately 18% of Walmart sales came from the Walmart international division, 69% was from Walmart US, and 13% was from Sams club. 

The following table displays the number share of Walmart’s net sales by division as of the fiscal year 2022. 

DivisionShare of Walmart’s Net Sales Worldwide. 
Walmart US69%
Walmart International18%
Sams Club13%
  1. Walmart international’s net sales amounted to $101 billion as of 2022. There was a decrease of $21 billion as compared to the previous year.

On the other hand, Walmart US generated $393.25 billion in net sales, and Sam’s Club generated $73.56 billion. 

The following table shows Walmart’s net sales over the past years worldwide. 

YearWalmart USWalmart InternationalSam’s Club
2008238.92 billion90.57  billion44.34  billion
2009256.97 billion96.14 billion47.98 billion
2010259.92 billion97.41 billion47.81 billion
2011260.26 billion109.23 billion49.46 billion
2012264.19 billion125.44 billion53.8 billion
2013274.43 billion134.75 billion56.42 billion
2014279.41 billion136.51 billion57.16 billion
2015288.05 billion136.16 billion58.02 billion
2016298.38 billion123.41 billion56.83 billion
2017307.83 billion116.12 billion57.37 billion
2018318.48 billion118.07 billion59.22 billion
2019331.67 billion120.82 billion57.84 billion
2020341 billion120..13 billion58.79 billion
2021369.96 billion121.36 billion63.91 billion
2022393.25 billion100.96 billion73.56 billion
  1. Edible groceries generated the highest revenue for the US retail chain of Walmart as of 2022. It is estimated that by the end of the year 2027, the value of edible groceries will reach $300 billion. 

The following table displays the estimated net sales of Walmart according to the category in 2022 and 2027. 

Edible grocery271.8 billion316.5 billion
Electricals74.8 billion88.9 billion
Home and DIY54.8 billion67.1 billion
Leisure and entertainment43.5 billion50.5 billion
Fashion and Apparel38.6 billion44.9 billion
Household and Petcare35.7 billion41.9 billion
Health and beauty23 billion27.9 billion
Other22.3 billion26.9 billion
office12.7 billion15.3 billion
Food Service5.2 billion5.9 billion
  1. The leading banner of Walmart was Walmart supercenter as of 2022. It recorded  369 billion US dollars in sales. 

The following table displays the net sales of Walmarts leading banners in the year 2022 and the forecasted sales in 2027.

Walmart Supercenter369 billion417.4 billion
Sam’s Club77.4 billion89.7 billion
Walmart.com27.7 billion38.7 billion
Walmart20.8 billion21.5 billion Grocery19.3 billion28 billion
Flipkart.com11.8 billion18.7 billion
Walmart neighborhood market 9.2 billion9.1 billion
SamsClub.com8.6 billion13.4 billion
  1. The leading banner of Walmart in terms of compound annual growth rate is Flipkart. It is expected to generate approximately 9.7% growth between 2022 and 2027. 

The following table displays the Walmart sales CAGR by banner as of 2022. 

BannerSales CAGR
SamsClub.com9.4% Grocery7.7%
Sams Club3%
Walmart Supercenter2.5%
Walmart Neighbourhood Market-0.2%
  1. It is estimated that Walmart international will generate $27.7 billion in net e-commerce sales and $84.5 billion from store baes sales. 

The following table displays the net sales of Walmart International over the past few years. 

YearE-Commerce SalesStore-Based Sales
202122.5 billion77.5 billion
202225.3 billion81.1 billion
202327.7 billion84.5 billion
202429.7 billion87.9 billion
202531.4 billion91.2 billion
  1. Walmart International registered sales of around 36 billion US dollars in Central America and Mexico. 

The following table displays the International net sales of Walmart over the past years. 

Mexico and Central America31,79033,35032,64235,964
United Kingdom30,54729,24329,2343,811

Source: Statista. 

Walmart e-Commerce Sales 

  1. Walmart generated net e-commerce sales of $53,921 million as 0f the year 2022. In the previous year, it generated approximately $46,446 million in net e-commerce sales. 

The following table displays the net e-commerce sales of over the past years. 

YearNet e-commerce Sales Of Walmart.Com
20145,856 million
20156,655 million
20167,574 million
201710,299 million
201814,247 million
201922,212 million
202041,313 million
202146,446 million
202253,921 million

From the above figures, it is evident that after the year 2019, the net e-commerce sales of Walmart grew rapidly. 

  1. Walmart US generated e-commerce sales of $47.8 billion in the year 2022. There was an increase of 11% in e-commerce sales in the US compared to sales generated in the year 2021. 

Additionally, Walmart operates through Walmart International as well as Sam’s club. The e-commerce sales generated through them were $18.5 million and $6.9 million, respectively, as of the year 2022. 

The following table displays Walmart’s online sales worldwide by division over the past years. 

YearWalmart USWalmart InternationalSam’s Club
201915.7 billion6.7 billion2.7 billion
202024.1 billion11.8 billion3.8 billion
202143 billion16.6 billion5.3 billion
202247.8 billion18.5 billion6.9 billion
  1. Approximately 98% of Walmarts sales in India came from e-commerce. While in North America, the highest proportion of Walmart sales came from Canada. 

Let us take a look at the e-commerce share of Walmart sales in key markets. 

The following table displays the e-commerce shares owned by the key markets of Walmart.  

CountryE-Commerce Share Of Walmart Sales
United States11.5%
South Africa2%

Traffic On Walmart.Com.

  1. The total visits recorded on as of 2022 were reported to be 407.8 million. At the same time, the highest number of visits to was recorded to be 563 million on December 21. 

The following table displays the worldwide visits to over the past months. 

MonthWorldwide Visits Walmart.Com
December 2021563 million
January 2022466.2 million
February 2022384.3 million
March 2022415.8 million
April 2022387.4 million
May 2022407.8 million

Source: Statista.

Walmart Theft And Crime.

  1. At least one violent crime was reported at Walmart stores every day as of 2016. It was after the company introduced cost-cutting policies which led to a reduction in security. These crimes included everything from stabbing to kidnapping attempts. 
  1. $ 3 billion is lost by Walmart per year due to theft. In recent years Walmart took the initiative to introduce new measures to avoid theft and reduce losses by adding surveillance, staff training, using AI and restricting people with records of shoplifting. 

Walmart Competitors.

Let us take a look at the net worth of the top competitors of Walmart. 

  1. Amazon’s net revenue was almost $470 billion in the fiscal year 2021. These numbers have tremendously increased since 2019. 

The following table displays the net worth of Amazon over the past few years. 

YearNet Worth Of Amazon. 
2021469.82 billion
2020386.06 billion
2019280.52 billion
2018232.89 billion
2017177.87 billion
  1. The yearly net sales of Costco have increased from $110.2 billion in 2014 to $192.1 billion as of 2021. It gained popularity worldwide as a members-only wholesale retailer with warehouse-style stores. 

The following table displays the net sales revenue of Costco worldwide over the years. 

YearNet Worth Of Costco. 
2021192.1 billion
2020163.2 billion
2019149.3 billion
2018138.4 billion
2017126.1 billion
2016116.1 billion
  1. Krogers generated total sales of $138 billion dollars as of 2021. Kroger’s sales increased rapidly from the year 2020. 

The following table displays the total sales of Kroger in the United States over the past years. 

YearNet Worth Of Krogers. 
2021137.89 billion
2020132.5 billion
2019122.29 billion
2018121.85 billion
2017123.28 billion
2016115.34 billion

Walmart History

  1. On July 2, 1962, the first Walmart store was opened by Sam Walton in Rogers, Arkansas. What happened next?

Let us take a look at the evolution of Walmart over the past years. 

2nd July 1962Sam Walton opened the first Walmart store.
1967Walton family generated $12.7 million in sales from 24 stores.
1969The company was officially incorporated as Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.
1970s.Walmart went national. 
1980s.First Sam’s Club and the first supercenter were opened. 
1990s.Walmart became the nation’s no. 1 retailer. was founded to allow US customers to shop online. 
2010s.Walmart celebrates 50 years of helping people save money in 2012. It encouraged culinary innovation. 
2020s.Walmart invested in drone delivery, fintech and autonomous vehicles. 
2022.Walmart reaches 30 million US homes through In-Home delivery. It also celebrated its 60th anniversary. 
2023Walmart has crossed the mark of 10,600 stores.

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Wrapping Up: Walmart Statistics (2023)

That’s all about Walmart statistics. 

Walmart has come a long way in its 60 years journey. 40% of Walmart stores are located in the United States. They are responsible for generating approximately 67% of Walmart’s overall revenue.

You can check out our website for other updated statistical articles if you found the above post helpful.

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