WebinarJam vs EverWebinar: Unbiased Comparison (2024)

When it comes to hosting webinars, WebinarJam vs EverWebinar are the two popular choices among organizers. 

Both platforms offer a decent set of tools for businesses to connect with potential customers and nurture leads. But which tool excels at providing better solutions catered to your needs?

In this article, I am going to compare WebinarJam and EverWebinar to test their features and capabilities side by side. By the end of the post, you will have a better understanding of which platform is right for your business.

The comparison will be based on my experience and thorough tests with both tools. Moreover, I have also included experiences from different users that will help you in making your decision easier.

WebinarJam Vs EverWebinar: Quick Comparision

Before I dive into the detailed analysis of each feature, here is a quick side-by-side comparison that will help you get an idea about the tools.

Ratings 4.8/54.5/5
Starting Price$39/month$499/year
Trial$1 for 14 days$1 for 14 days
Attendees Capacity2000-5000Unlimited
Live WebinarsYesNo (Pre-recorded)
Live ChatNoYes
Just-in-time WebinarDepends on the visitorFully integrated
Stand-out FeaturesPanic Button, Dedicated Control Panel, and Always-On RoomAdvanced Automation, Simulation tools, and Pre-made Landing Pages
Money-back Guarantee30 days30 days
Best ForMarketers, Bloggers, and Sales TeamBrands, Online Course Creators, and Marketing Teams

WebinarJam Pros and Cons

Here are a few pros and cons I found about WebinarJam while using it.

WebinarJam Pros

  • Plenty of landing page templates available
  • Allows you to live stream your videos on YouTube.
  • Amazing features like an attendee spotlight and always in the room.
  • Easily host live webinars with it, and up to 5000 people can attend your webinars at once.
  • Real-time analytics of registrations and how many people showed up on your webinar.

WebinarJam Cons

  • The interface of WebinarJam feels a bit old, and the dashboard needs a complete revamping.
  • You can’t run automated webinars on your website with WebinarJam.

EverWebinar Pros and Cons

Similarly, here are a few pros and cons I found about EverWebinar.

WebinarJam Pros

  • You can use EverWebinar and WebinarJam together, and it is easy to switch between them.
  • Quickly turn your live webinars of WebinarJam into automated webinars using EverWebinar and embed them on your website.
  • Lets you host hybrid webinars on your website.
  • Plans of EverWebinar are very affordable.
  • Engage with your audience even in the automated webinars using the live chat feature.

WebinarJam Cons

  • You can’t host live webinars with EverWebinar.
  • There is no YouTube integration available on this platform.

What Is WebinarJam?

WebinarJam is a cloud-based webinar solution that specializes in hosting live events. It’s a proprietary product of Genesis Digital, a four-year-old company that significantly impacted the Webinar solution market.


WebinarJam can accommodate up to 5000 participants in live events. On top of that, up to six presenters can be part of the webinar at a time.

With WebinarJam, participants don’t need to install a desktop or mobile app. The webinar link is enough to allow them access to the webinar. On top of that, attendees can access the webinar via mobile, desktop, tablets, and laptops.

Besides, if you are the host, you can use private or public chat features to engage with your audience during the event.

Additionally, WebinarJam also enables recording so that you can analyze the event or replay it on later dates. Also, your attendees will enjoy high-definition 30 FPS video quality and crystal clear audio, enriching the experience.

WebinarJam Vs EverWebinar - WebinarJam

Additional features include scheduling tools to help you perfectly organize your live events. Also, there’s a pre-configured video injection tool to make the webinar more interactive and an automation tool that enables you to send attendees to a landing page of your choice to bolster your sales and marketing efforts.

WebinarJam Features

  • Simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use interface.
  • The basic plan is quite affordable and one of the cheapest in the market.
  • Includes detailed tutorial videos for extensive user support.
  • All webinar events are automatically saved in the cloud and are available for later evaluation.
  • Dynamic, flexible layout to optimize display per your convenience.
  • Extensive support for different operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux) and browsers Chrome, Firefox, etc.)
  • Allow private and public messages to the webinar participants during the event.
  • Allow easy incorporation of pre-recorded sessions into the live webinar.
  • Full HD, audio, and video quality
  • Allow interactive tools to present, like drawing, eraser, text, color, font, geometric shape, etc.
  • The in-built visual editor called the PageJam Engine for seamless customization of professionally designed sign-up pages.
  • Allow hassle-free integration of top CRM, shopping cart apps, and email service providers like Drip, MailChimp, Zapier, etc.
  • Built-in tools for calendar management and auto-reply.
  • Allow easy integration with social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, etc.
  • A unique feature to send voicemails and messages as alerts to inform that the webinar is about to begin.
  • Quickly assimilate webcam, screen sharing, and pre-recorded videos into a single live event.

What Is EverWebinar?

Unlike WebinarJam, which specializes in Live events, EverWebinar has a different tilt. Although it’s a sister program of WebinarJam, it vastly differs in functionality. Its specialty lies in ‘Automated Webinars.’ Per its maker, EverWebinar is “the most powerful automated webinar platform.”


Incidentally, EverWebinar is built right into WebinarJam but is sold as separate software or in a bundle. Although you cannot initiate a live event, its powerful functions allow you to simulate a broadcast in real-time. EverWebinar offers features to schedule evergreen or pre-recorded webinars with a live feel.

WebinarJam Vs EverWebinar - EverWebinar

Its powerful automation features can schedule fictitious lists of participants and automate chats. Per the EverWebinar team, “It is not possible for anyone, including EverWebinar’s developers, to tell if the webinar isn’t live.” Besides, the automation also enables you to schedule recorded webinars on any date.

The platform is perfect for anyone who wants to run an automated sales funnel. It’s an ideal tool for marketers, bloggers, influencers, and solopreneurs to run their campaigns on autopilot.

Moreover, the platform comes equipped with features like room counting simulation, chat simulation, CTAs, email reminders, and popups.

EverWebinar Features

  • Allows flexible webinar scheduling so you can choose the timing at your audience’s convenience.
  • Automatic timezone detection feature to adjust webinar timing depending upon the participants worldwide.
  • Allow the setup of the registration form and implement built-in landing pages.
  • Seamless integration with WebinarJam to turn live events into recorded sessions with a single click.
  • Automated email marketing integrations, specifically with ActiveCampaign and ConvertKit.
  • Enable the showcase of clickable offers during the event.
  • Live chat simulation to give your audience a feel of a live event and achieve better engagement.
  • Allow streaming of high-definition 30FPS video quality.
  • Allow the ‘ask a question button that send questions directly to your email inbox.
  • Offer interactive features like polls, surveys, and questionnaires.

Setting Up Process: Which One is Quick?

Here is the comparison of ease of setup between WebinarJam and EverWebinar.


WebinarJam allows two modes of setup: one is a quick setup, and the other is a complete setup. As the name suggests, quick setup is for quickly setting up a live event. With a quick setup, you can be live within minutes; however, the event will only include basic functionality.

WebinarJam Registration Process

But if you want something more detailed, more suitable setting options will be the ‘complete setup.’ However, it includes several steps and might confuse you if you are new to the platforms.

The good thing is that it also unlocks more attractive features of WebinarJam and lets you include several functions to make your webinar more engaging and interactive.


With EverWebinar, the setup takes work. The reason is you are not going live; instead, you are streaming a previously recorded video.

You have to choose the webinar video source and then complete the basic setup, like webinar name, description, Language, etc. The setup will then ask you to insert information about the webinar presenter and define the schedule.

EverWebinar Schedule

Additionally, you can customize the registration page, set up notifications, employ the automation filter like live chat, and include engagement options like polls and surveys. In short, you need to complete a handful of steps before you can stream your pre-recorded session.

Ease of Setup Verdict: WebinarJam is the clear winner. With WebinarJam, you can be up and live in five minutes. That’s particularly beneficial to first-time users, who don’t want to bother themselves much with the initial technical details.

Which One Excels in Webinar Participation?

Here is a comparison of how many people can participate in WebinarJam and EverWebinar.


Attending the webinar is simple with WebinarJam. If you have received the webinar URL, you can click the link and get access to the live event. There’s no need to download and install software or an app. You need a browser updated to its latest version, and that’s all.

If you are a host, you can easily monitor the number of attendees. Besides, the WebinarJam dashboard also presents you with tools you have set up during the webinar setup process.

From the dashboard, you can easily access the live chat, answer queries, roll out questionnaires and polls, or manage the slides you wish to share with your audience.


EverWebinar is a cloud-based webinar solution, just like its brother – WebinarJam. Therefore, it operates via the web browser. Participants and the host don’t need to install anything to host or participate in the webinar. To join the webinar, you need to click on the invitation link, and you will land straight to the webinar.

Participation Verdict: Both platforms are on equal footing when it comes to joining the webinar. Both allow simple one-click participation via the invitation link.

Webinar Audio/Video Quality Comparision

Here is the comparison of webinar audio and video quality between WebinarJam and EverWebinar.


Audio and video quality are vital aspects that need serious consideration before hosting a webinar. WebinarJam supports 30 FPS, full HD video quality, and crystal clear audio.

However, the WebinarJam YouTube video stream suffers from quality issues because the stream is compressed during the event, which might affect the video quality.

WebinarJam - Video


The ideal resolution that EverWebinar supports is 720p. At this resolution, you can enjoy high-quality video. On top of that, EverWebinar also ensures that audio quality is top-notch during the webinar.

EverWebinar - Video

Due to its adequate support for broadcasting clear audio and fast HD videos, you can share PowerPoint presentations and images without losing quality.

Audio/Video Quality Verdict: EverWebinar is a winner in this segment. Although both platforms support similar HD audio and video standards, WebinarJam suffers quality issues, primarily with WebinarJam YouTube streams.

Analysis Tools

Hosting a webinar is another thing; analyzing the event to make improvements is altogether a different domain. However, WebinarJam enables a library to use analytics tools to analyze the event.

You can analyze the traffic, engagement, monetization, and notifications for live webinar events. Traffic features help you track hits on your registration page, the number of attendees, and more.

Likewise, if you are selling something, you can easily track sales numbers, conversions, etc. Additionally, you can easily access all the analytics tools from the WebinarJam dashboard.


When it comes to reporting on EverWebinar, you are again offered simple analytics tools. You can choose the type of report you want. The event analytics feature helps you analyze the number of registrations and participants. Likewise, the ‘attendee reports feature’ enables you to track information related to webinar attendees.

EverWebinar - Analytics

Analysis Features Verdict: WebinarJam comes out on top in this segment. It offers more analytics features that are easily accessible from the dashboard. Besides, these analytics tools provide a wealth of information about the event, participants, sales, conversion, and more. On the other hand, EverWebinar lags in analytics features and only includes a few.

WebinarJam vs EverWebinar: Live Webinar Features

If you have determined that live webinars will be a major part of your strategy, the capabilities for running interactive and engaging live webinars will be important.

Here is an overview of the live webinar features of WebinarJam and EverWebinar. 


Since WebinarJam is designed to host live webinars, it comes with a robust set of tools to help hosts manage and run seamless live webinar events. 

Panic Button

WebinarJam offers a panic button that can be your instant escape plan if something goes wrong or if you are experiencing any technical issues. 

Panic Button -WebinarJam

As soon as you click the panic button, everyone in the room in your webinar will be moved to a new room within the blink of an eye. The process is so quick and seamless that your audience won’t be able to notice anything. 

This feature helps you keep going with your presentation without worrying about hassles and issues. 

Room Reservation

There’s always a room available for you on WebinarJam. You can reserve a room and schedule it for a specific date. 

Room Reservation WebinarJam

You will receive a URL instantly and use this never-ending link whenever you want. This permanent URL will help you boost your credibility among your audience. This way, your audience will know where to come, as soon as you announce a presentation. 

Dedicated Control Panel

Premium plans offer a dedicated control panel that can be handled by your employees. With this feature, you can handle presentations and take care of your event while focusing on the webinar.

Control Panel of WebinarJam

With the control panel, you will get

  • Real-time analytics 
  • Moderate Chat and Q&As
  • Control the Attendees
  • Control and operate room features

Huge Audience Capacity

WebinarJam uses advanced technologies such as HLS, RTMP, and WebRTC to host webinars. This means WebinarJam is capable of handling a large audience at once. 

However, there are restrictions with every plan. The professional plan allows a maximum of 2000 attendees, while the enterprise plan extends this limit to 5000. 


EverWebinar doesn’t host live webinars like WebinarJam, but it does offer exceptional simulation tools that make your webinar feel like it is live. 

Live Chat Simulator

The Live Chat Simulator mimics a chat conversation between attendees during automated webinars to make them feel more interactive and live. 

Live Chat EverWebinar

You can export your chat to an automated webinar and answer your audience’s queries. This feature is not possible with live webinars, as you won’t be able to focus on presentations and customer questions at once. 

Unlimited Audience Capacity

Since EverWebinar webinars are pre-recorded, there are no limits on audience size. You can stream your webinar even if one person is watching. 

However, your content must be informative and engaging if you don’t want your audience dropping out through the presentation. 

Instant Webinar Streaming

EverWebinar has a “Just in Time” setting that allows people to register and instantly view automated webinars. It provides them with some sense of live experience.

Instant Webinar Streaming

However, without true live interactivity, attendee engagement is still limited compared to platforms purpose-built for live webinars. 

Live Webinar Verdict: WebinarJam is a more robust and specialized tool for live webinars with high attendee engagement. But for automated and pre-recorded webinars at scale, EverWebinar excels. 

WebinarJam vs EverWebinar: Which Tool Offers Better Automation?

When it comes to pre-recorded, automated webinars, EverWebinar has more advanced capabilities optimized specifically for automation. Let’s have a look at some of its automation features:

  • Webinar Scheduling: EverWebinar allows you to schedule automated webinars on repeat times and dates, stream continuously, or set up just-in-time availability windows. 
  • Chat Simulation: As mentioned above, EverWebinar can mimic a live chat conversation between audience members during an automated webinar.
  • Presenter Simulation: You can program EverWebinar to simulate a presenter introducing sections and advancing slides automatically during a webinar.
  • Testing Capabilities: A/B tests different email reminder copies, registration pages, and other variables to optimize your automated webinars. 

Automation Verdict: Since WebinarJam focuses on enhancing live webinar capabilities, its automation features are very basic. It allows you to record and replay a live webinar automatically but does not have the robust options EverWebinar does to simulate and customize the experience. 

Who Offers Better Integrations?

WebinarJam seamlessly integrates with tons of third-party apps and software. The list includes Zapier, YouTube Live, Twilio, iContact, ConvertKit, MailChimp, and more.


EverWebinar offers integration similar to its brother, the WebinarJam. Additionally, EverWebinar provides hassle-free integration for several third-party apps and CRMs like Kartra.

EverWebinar - Integration

Aweber, Active Campaign, InfusionSoft / Keep, iContact, OntraPort, GetResponse and more.

Integration Verdict: Both WebinarJam and EverWebinar offer similar integration options. Therefore, in the integration segment, they again come on equal footing.

WebinarJam Vs EverWebinar: Price Comparison

Here is the price comparison between WebinarJam and EverWebinar.


WebinarJam offers three plans based on features and the number of participants allowed. Below are WebinarJam Plans and their respective price;

  • The starter plan costs $39/month, billed annually, and allows 100 participants and one host per webinar.
  • The basic plan costs $79/month, billed annually, and allows 500 Attendees and two hosts.
  • The professional plan has a $229/month price tag, billed annually, and allows 2000 attendees and five hosts.
  • And lastly, the Enterprise plan; it can accommodate up to 5000 participants and six hosts. However, you will be charged $379/month, billed annually.
WebinarJam - Pricing

Bonus: There’s a 30-day money-back guarantee with each plan. If WebinarJam meets your expectations, you are entitled to a full refund within 30 days of payment.


EverWebinar has no monthly plan. You can subscribe to EverWebinar for either one year or two years.


The Yearly EverPlan costs $499, while the Biennial plan has a price tag of $874. You can also opt for EverWebinar free trial with our detailed guide!

EverWebinar - Pricing

Pricing Verdict

WebinarJam has a more refined pricing structure that caters to different audiences. You can use the most affordable plan depending on your needs.

WebinarJam vs EverWebinar: Customer Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from real users of WebinarJam and EverWebinar that demonstrate the different value propositions of each platform: 

WebinarJam Customer Reviews

  • Good:I’ve used WebinarJam since it launched in 2014. Their customer service team is friendly & responsive and looks into things should problems arise. I had an issue with my subscription but it got sorted out. WebinarJam has been improving all these years and is a great platform, especially for doing sales webinars; features like showing the offer with the buy button are great for sales.” – Pete H
  • Bad:Terrible experience with the free trial. They make it almost impossible to cancel it. I’ve been trying to cancel my trial for close to 3 hours now, without any success, and have waited in the chat queue for 45 minutes as #2 in line the entire time, LOL. What a scam of a company. Don’t waste your time or money” – Kevin Knight 

(Source: TrustPilot)

EverWebinar Customer Reviews

  • Good:We use EverWebinar for our online webinar series. It allows us to automate the registration process while integrating with our CRM. Another important feature is that it tracks all visitors who register and watch the webinar and whether they leave or stay for the whole thing. If there is anyone that falls off an automatic email is sent with a replay link so that they can continue watching. It has made our job much easier.” – Samantha Forbes
  • Bad:While the application is solid and useful for my purposes, it’s support system is completely wanting. I have a URL parameter problem that FB is very antsy about and is hence restricting the efficiency of ads we run. It has been identified as caused by EverWebinar. They maintain the issue is too difficult for them and that I should go to the FB support group for resolution…by other members I take it. The issue is at least 2 years old and they do nothing.. UNBELIEVABLE.” – Andrew Weiler

(Source: TrustRadius)

WebinarJam vs EverWebinar: Which Tool is Right for You?

WebinarJam is the perfect platform if you want to:

  • Stream live webinars to understand your audience and modify content and presentation on the go.
  • Solve technical issues without canceling your live presentation
  • Live stream webinars on Facebook or YouTube, reaching a wider audience
  • Go through a hassle-free registration and setup process
  • Handle a large live audience 

Choose EverWebinar if you want to:

  • Upload high-converting webinars and automate presentation
  • Reach a global audience without worrying about audience size
  • Answer your audience’s questions to give them a live-session feel
  • Schedule high-performing webinars to boost conversions

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Final Verdict: WebinarJam Vs EverWebinar

WebinarJam and EverWebinar are both highly capable webinar platforms, each with its own strengths based on your goals and use cases. I hope this article has provided enough information to determine which platform is best for your webinar needs. 

If you are still having difficulty choosing between them, consider these points before choosing one:

  • WebinarJam specializes in tools and features for hosting smooth and interactive live webinars.
  • EverWebinar focuses on automating and optimizing pre-recorded webinars to drive efficiency. 
  • Consider your webinar content, audience engagement needs, desire for real-time interaction vs automation, and other factors. 
  • Try free trials of both platforms to experience their features and capabilities without investing right away. 

Let me know your thoughts in the comments section below! Additionally, if you need help in picking one, you can also test with their free trial/versions to decide which one fits your requirements the best. 

Looking for more options? Check out the best webinar software list and find the right one for you!

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