Alidropship Coupon Code 2024 | 25% OFF (Verified)

Here’s the official DemandSage x Alidropship Coupon code that will help you get up to 25% discount! 

The coupon codes are applicapable on the Alidropship plugin, custom stores, and ready stores.

You can also check out our step-by-step guide to redeem them!

Let’s dive into the details!

Available Alidropship Coupon Code (2024)


After our special team-up with Alidropship, we got a special discount of up to 25% on various Alidropship plans. Let’s see what we are offering.

Alidropship PlanPricingCoupon CodeDiscount
Custom Stores$299-$899DS1515%
Alidropship Plugin$89DS2525%
Premium Dropshipping StoreCustom PricingDS1515%

1. Alidropship Plugin Coupon Code: DS25

Save 25% on the Alidropship plugin for eCommerce business.

Alidropship plugins are one of the most powerful and reliable solutions for eCommerce businesses. It helps you create working online stores with high profit margins. 

2. Alidropship Custom Stores Coupon Code: DS15

Save 15% on Alidropship custom stores.

With Alidropship, you can set up your dropship business and store within no time. With Alidropship, you can also create a custom store for yourself that runs on autopilot, which brings you more profit than you imagine.

3. Alidropship Premium Dropshipping Store Coupon Code: DS15

Save 15% on Alidropship Premium dropshipping store.

Create your premium Alidropship dropshipping store with our coupon code in your preferred niche. 

How to Claim Alidropship Discount Offers (Step-by-Step Guide)

Now you have all the coupon codes. You are just a few steps away from claiming them!

The coupon codes are accessible for various Alidropship products, but you can claim the discount using the same steps mentioned below.

Step 1. Visit the official Alidropship website by clicking

Alidropship Homepage

Step 2. Find the Products section, where you can see the various Alidropship products and services. Select the service you want to apply the coupon code for. (Make sure to choose one in which the coupon code is applicable)

Step 3. Now, click the Buy Now button under the Alidropship service or plugin you have selected.

Click On Buy Now

Step 4. Enter your email address where you will get your license after the purchase.

Enter Your Email

Step 5. You will see the “Your Order” section on the same page. In this section, you will see a part saying, “Have a coupon?” Click on the  Redeem button to open the coupon code box.

Step 6: Copy the coupon code, paste it into the box, and click on Apply.

Click On Redeem It Here

Step 7. After applying the code, you will see the discounted price. Enter your debit or credit card details and click on Complete Order.

Click On Complete Order

Once the checkout process is completed, you will successfully claim the Alidropship coupon code.

Bonus read: Read our in-depth Alidropship review to learn more about the platform!

Alidropship Products & Pricing Plans

Alidropship offers various plans and services. The pricing of every plan differs from the other. Let’s have a look at the pricing structure of the plans.

Alidropship Custom Stores 

Alidropship allows you to build a fully-fledged custom online store without much effort. These stores work on autopilot, so you don’t have to look out for your store every time. Since the custom store runs on autopilot, it brings you more profit.

Alidropship Custom Store Pricing

There are three packages for custom stores that Alidropship offers. You can select one that fits your budget and business. All the packages can be purchased with a one-time payment. 

  • Basic – $299
  • Advanced – $499
  • Ultimate – $899

You can also choose the Sellvia shipping and hosting option at additional charges. However, Sellvia shipping is free for the first 30 days. After that, it will cost you $39/per month.

Alidropship Plugin

Alidropship Plugin offers one of the best WordPress solutions for creating profitable online stores. The plugin contains every feature you need to start your dropshipping business. The plugin costs you a one-time fee of $89.

Alidropship Plugin Pricing

The best part of the Alidropship Plugin is that it comes with a free version of WooCommerce along with lifetime updates and free support. You will also get access to more than 50,000 handpicked AliExpress profitable products, and you can import the first 50 products for absolutely free.

Alidropship Add-ons

Currently, Alidropship offers 28 exclusive add-ons that are structured to deliver high performance. With these add-ons, you can boost your sales and customer experience. 

Alidropship Add-Ons

All add-ons are easy to install and compatible with WooCommerce and WordPress. The add-ons are divided into various parts, such as sales boosters, packages, workflow automation, customer trust boosters, social media promoters, etc.

The pricing of each add-on is different, while few are entirely free to install. The pricing of add-ons ranges between $19 to $149.

Alidropship Themes

Alidropship offers a range of free and premium themes for your dropshipping business. All themes are fully SEO-optimized and highly responsive.

You can pick a professional theme according to your niche. Some themes, such as Smart Theme Woo, El Greco, Matisse Woo, and Van Gogh, are popular among dropshipping merchants.

Alidropship Themes

Free themes don’t include any hidden fee, while the premium themes are available at $59 and $67


Sellika is an AI-powered catalog editing tool offered by Alidropship. With Sellika, you can generate SEO-optimized product descriptions and catalogs for your products.

You can easily install the Sellika plugin to your WordPress site and create descriptions with just one click.

Sellika Subscription Pricing

Alidropship offers three Sellika plans to its users.

  • Silver – $37/month (Generate 250 product descriptions)
  • Gold – $69/month (Generate 600 product descriptions)
  • Platinum – $99/month (Generate 2000 product descriptions)

Alidropship Hosting Services

Alidropship offers robust and reliable hosting solutions for WordPress-based dropshipping stores. The hosting services provided by Alidropship include a free SSL certificate, lightning-fast loading speed, website setup, manageable control panel, etc.

Apart from that, you will also get advanced security measures, unlimited bandwidth, and disc space according to the plan.

AliDropship Hosting Plans

Alidropship offers four hosting plans to its users.

  • Silver – $69/year
  • Gold – $115/year
  • Gold Plus – $168/year
  • Platinum – $286/year

Note: Any hosting plan of Alidropship doesn’t include a domain name. You can register for a domain name from websites like GoDaddy or Namecheap.

Alidropship Services

Alidropship also offers expert services, from setting up a dropshipping store to completely designing your website from scratch.

There are three categories of services available -marketing, development, and hosting. The pricing of some of their services is as follows:

AliDropship Services
  • Amazon Package – $399
  • Premium Marketing Package – $399
  • Ecommerce SEO Articles – Starts from $2.99
  • Social Media Packages – Starts from $199
  • Brand Awareness & Promotion – Starts from $990

Who is AliDropship Best For?

AliDropship is the best option for anyone who is thinking about starting a dropshipping business.

You can either start with AliDropship from scratch or buy a readymade store on AliDropship and start selling immediately.

Moreover, AliDropship is also a good option for those who already have a WordPress website, and using the AliDropship plugin, they can turn it into an eCommerce store.

Using AliDropship, you can import AliExpress products directly to your existing eCommerce store. It can also help find the best dropshipping products to sell for WooCommerce store owners.

If you don’t have the time or coding experience to create a store, you can choose to get a custom dropshipping store from AliDropship, and they will create an eCommerce store that fulfills all your requirements.


What will I get with the AliDropship custom store?

AliDropship will create a custom store ready for selling based on your requirements. It will also have detailed guides on managing and promoting your store. You will also get a lifetime license to the AliDropship plugin, along with tech support for a lifetime.

Can I get a refund on AliDropship?

Yes, you can get a refund on AliDropship, but only on the AliDropship plugin and add-ons. The rest of the products & services are non-refundable. You can apply for a refund within 30 days of your purchase.

What is the difference between a custom store and a premium store?

Custom stores are created based on your requirements, and they are completely unique. It takes the AliDropship team to create a custom store within 10-15 days. A Premium store is a complete copy of their successful stores, which you will get as soon as you complete the payment, and you can start selling with it immediately.

How do I activate the Sellika AliDropship plugin?

Go to the WordPress plugins section and download & install the Sellika plugin. You will get a public key, which you have to enter on your AliDropship Sellika dashboard. From there, you will get the secret key, which you have to enter on your WordPress website, and then just click on the activate button.

What is the difference between an AliDropship plugin and a custom store?

The AliDropship plugin costs $89, and after buying it, you need to install it on your website and then add the products manually. A custom store is made for you by the team of experts at AliDropship, which comes with the AliDropship plugin, and it is also ready to start selling instantly.

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