How To Use Jasper AI Boss Mode In 2024 (Ultimate Guide)

Jasper AI is one of the best AI writing tools available on the internet that is widely used by content marketers, freelancers, writers, and so on. But not everyone knows how to use the boss mode of this tool. That’s why we are here with a detailed guide on how to use Jasper AI boss mode.

There are plenty of AI writing tools available in the market, but there is no other tool that can match the capabilities of Jasper’s AI. That’s why it is crucial to know how this tool works. Only then will you be able to utilize its tools to your benefit. There are two types of pricing plans available on Jasper: Starter and Boss Mode. 

The boss mode is a little bit complicated to use, and you can get overwhelmed with a lot of features of the boss mode. In this detailed guide, we will break down for you how you can properly use Boss mode without any hassle.

So without further ado, let’s get started.

What is Jasper AI Boss Mode?

Jasper AI (Formerly known as Jarvis AI) is known for its ability to create unique content from scratch. Recently the CEO of Jasper AI launched a new plan called Boss Mode. This plan is designed to help writers and content marketers in writing long-form content with ease. You can also use the boss mode of Jasper AI to create blog posts, emails, video descriptions, case studies, and more.

You can give commands to Jasper to write whatever you want it to write on. For example, if you want Jasper to write an article on Jasper AI review, then just give the command “Hey Jasper, Write an in-depth article on Jasper AI Review,” and it will create an in-depth article on the same in a few minutes from scratch.

How To Use Jasper AI Boss Mode To Write Long-Form Content

Jasper AI Boss Mode offers an amazing feature called Recipes. These recipes include Jasper Commands that can help you easily create any type of content you want. To access the Recipes from the dashboard of Jasper AI, you need to click on the Recipe option on the left side of your screen, which will look something like this.

Here are some common recipes that are available on Jasper AI.

To write a blog post, you just need to select the recipe for the blog post and click on the “Run” button.

How To Use Jasper AI Boss Mode  - Click On Run Button

You can also see the contents of the recipe in the description. The recipe content for the blog post is shown below.

How To Use Jasper AI Boss Mode  - Recipe Content

These are the Jasper commands that you need to use to write the complete blog post article. To use a command, just write “Write a brief for best SEO tools,” and it will create a content brief for the same topic within a few seconds. To completely write the blog post, you need to use all the above commands in the editor, and if you don’t like what Jasper has written, then simply click on the “Rephrase” button, and it will write the content again.

This is the easy method where you can just follow any recipe to write the content. But if you want to be creative, then you just need to follow these three simple steps to use the long-form editor of Jasper.

Step #1: Go to the Jasper AI Boss Mode dashboard and open the long-form editor to start creating the content.

Step #2: Start using commands to order the AI to start writing the content for you. For example, “Write a content brief about how to start selling on Amazon.”

Step #3: Now, just wait and let the AI do its magic. If you are not happy with the content it creates, you can always get it rephrased.

The best part about it is that you can always use voice modulation to give commands to Jasper AI; it will save you the hassle of writing commands over and over again.

Why Should You Choose Jasper AI Boss Mode?

If you are someone who is tired of doing all the manual research before writing the content and then spending hours writing the actual content, then you should definitely give Jasper AI a try. The starter version of Jasper AI allows you to write only short-form content, which is good for writing ads & product descriptions, and emails, but it can not write the long-form content.

For that, you will need access to the Boss Mode of Jasper AI. It also comes with some amazing features such as access to over 50 templates, the option to create your own templates, access to recipes, and access to Surfer SEO integration, which will help you create SEO-optimized content without any hassle.

Jasper AI Boss Mode Pricing

There are two pricing plans available on Jasper AI. The lowest plan costs $29/mo, and it is called the starter plan. The pricing of the Boss Mode starts at $59/mo, and with this pricing, you will get 50K word credits. To increase the credits, you need to pay more such as for 100K; the price is $99/mo, and so on.

Jasper AI Boss Mode Pricing

This plan is best for content marketers, bloggers, and agencies with content needs. It also supports multiple languages, making it easier for you to convert the content from English to your preferred language. If you want a taste of what the boss mode can do for you, then try it with the Jasper AI free trial here.

Conclusion: How To Use Jasper AI Boss Mode (2024)

Boss Mode is the latest addition to Jasper AI that lets you be the boss of its AI, and like a boss, you can give it commands to create the content for you. It’ll help you increase your output and create content much more quicker. The pricing of Boss Mode is a little bit more expensive than other AI writing tools, but it is completely worth it.

So this is our guide on how you can use Jasper AI boss mode properly. Let us know your thoughts on the boss mode of Jasper AI in the comment section below.


How many word credits do I get on Jasper AI Boss Mode?

With the starting plan of Jasper AI Boss mode, you get 50,000 word credits. As your requirements grow, you can opt for higher plans which will give you more word credits.

Is there a free trial available for Jasper AI Boss Mode?

Yes, a free trial is available for Jasper AI Boss Mode, which allows you to use all of its features for 5 days or 10,000 word credits, whichever comes first.

What features will I get with Jasper AI Boss Mode?

Jasper AI Boss Mode gives you 50,000 word credits, Jasper Commands, Plagiarism Checker, Priority Chat Support, 3,000 Character Lookbacks, Grammarly Integration, Over 50 Copywriting Templates, and SEO Mode.

How many languages does Jasper know?

Jasper knows over 26 languages in which it can read, translate, and write content. These languages are German, English, Bulgarian, Russian, Greek, Italian, Spanish, Finnish, Danish, Czech, Bulgarian, Chinese, and more.

What is the refund policy on Jasper AI?

Jasper AI’s refund policy states that you can request a refund within five days of the purchase. However, you must not be used all 5-day free trial of Jasper. Otherwise, you won’t be eligible for a refund.

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