30 Identity Theft Statistics For 2024 (Global Data)

Identity thefts can wipe out bank accounts, ruin credit card histories, and cause psychological harm and emotional distress. Hence, it is the responsibility of every individual to take proper precautions against it.

However, the number of reports increased rapidly in 2023 and reached 0.8 million till the third quarter. Experts further added that identity theft is expected to cross previous years’ numbers.

In this article, we will cover the details about the number of Identity Thefts recorded worldwide, and in the United States, identity theft victims and losses occurred due to fraud.

Let us get into the details. 

Identity Theft Statistics 2024 (Top Picks)

  • Over 100,000 identity theft and personal data breaches are recorded every year. 
  • 0.8 million identity thefts have been recorded as of Q3 2023.
  • 804,954 identity theft cases were recorded in the United States as of Q3 2023.
  • Over 9 million identities are stolen each year.
  • 915,000 children were the victims of Identity theft in 2022
  •  $43 billion was lost in 2022 due to identity theft cases. 

Did You Know? There are 5.3 billion internet users in the world as of 2024. With such a high number of people accessing the internet, the chances of identity theft rise dramatically.

How many people are affected by identity theft?

  1. More than  100,000 identity theft and personal data breaches occur every year. 
  1. 246K identity theft reports were recorded in the third quarter of 2023. 

The identity theft decreased in Q3 2023 compared to the past two quarters of 2023, where the numbers recorded were 281K (Q1) and 278K (Q2).

The first quarter of the year 2021 witnessed the highest spike in identity theft reports, reaching 554K. 

Number of Identity Theft Reports Recorded

The following table displays the number of identity theft reports recorded by the Federal Trade Commission in the past quarters:

QuarterNumber of Identity thefts recorded by FTC 
Q3 2023246K
Q2 2023 278K
Q1 2023281K
Q4 2022243K
Q3 2022261K
Q2 2022290K
Q1 2022314K
Q4 2021254K
Q3 2021292K
Q2 2021335K
Q1 2021554K

Source: FTC 

  1. FTC has received 0.8 million reports of identity thefts as of the third quarter of 2023. 

According to the estimates, identity theft cases are expected to cross 1 million in 2023 as the nefarious actors find new identity scams. 

In 2022, the FTC received over 1.1 million reports of identity theft.

Number of Identity Theft Reports Recorded Over the Years

The following table further details the number of identity theft reports recorded over the years by the FTC. 

YearNumber of Identity thefts recorded
2023 (Q3)0.8 million
20221.1 million
20211.4 million
20201.4 million
20190.6 million

Source: FTC

How many US citizens have their identity stolen each year?

  1. Citizens of the United States reported nearly 804,954 identity theft cases in the first three-quarters of 2023. 

This number is far higher than the number recorded before the pandemic breakdown. 

  1. About 33% of US citizens have been victims of identity theft at some point.

At the same time, 31% of Australian citizens reported facing identity theft in their lifetime. In comparison, only 17% of the UK residents faced the attack. 

Source: Australian Institute of Criminology, Forbes. 

  1. The highest number of identity thefts was recorded in California. 

The state had 391,517 registered identity theft cases as of 2024. 

At the same time, Georgia was the most victimized by identity theft and fraud when calculated per capita. 1,421 reports per 100K population were recorded in the State. 

Cities Most Victimized by Identity Thefts

Here are further details about the cities most victimized by identity thefts per capita. 

Rank State Reports per 100K population 
2Maryland Delaware1,415

How much identity theft occurs online?

  1. 9 million identities are stolen each year. 

This is just the minimum number of identities stolen yearly. As most people do not report identity theft, the correct number of victims cannot be accurately predicted. 

Source: Federal Trade Commission. 

  1. 71% of the people discovered within a week that their identity was stolen.

At the same time, 11% of the victims needed more than a month to realize it, and 6% needed more than a year to find it. 

Source: US News. 

How many minors have had their identity stolen?

  1. 915,000 children were the target of identity thieves during 2021 and 2022. 

According to the study conducted by Javelin, 1 in 43 children were affected by data breaches between July 2021 and July 2022. 

Source: Javelin. 

  1. Kids are 51 times more likely to fall victim to identity theft.

The social security number of 10% of American children was used by someone else. It has posed a great threat to the personal details of the Gen Alpha using the internet. 

Source: Fortune. 

How often does employment identity theft occur?

  1. 8% of all identity theft complaints are from employment-related frauds. 

Over 103,402 cases of employment-related identity theft were reported in 2022. 

Source: FTC.gov, FTC.

How often does identity theft happen?

  1. An identity theft case takes place every 22 seconds. 

Identity theft cases will soon reach an all-time high rate with the increase in the number of identity theft methods. Simple methods to more complicated ones are all increasing.

Hence, experts believe this ratio will increase in 2023, making it a bigger issue.

Source: IdentityTheft.org. 

  1. 84% of the respondents were at home when they experienced identity theft.  

At the same time, 16% were out of town. This proves that a person can become a victim to identity theft anytime and anywhere. 

Source: US News. 

Identity theft victims

In this section, we will take a look at the number of people who fell victim to identity theft and the rate of their awareness about identity theft. 

  1. The highest number of identity theft reports were submitted by people aged 30 to 39. 

According to the latest report published by FTC, 30% of the victims of identity theft were adults aged between 30 and 39. 

The lowest number of victims were in the age group of 19 and under and 80 and over. 

Share of Identity Theft Victims Belonging to Different Age Groups  (Quarter 3 of 2023)

The following table displays further details about the number and share of identity theft victims belonging to different age groups. 

Age groups Number of Identity theft reported by victimsShare of identity theft reported by victims
19 and under3,9992%
20 to 29 years39,88218%
30 to 39 years65,79530%
40 to 49 years47, 63622%
50 to 59 years33,03215%
60 to 69 years18, 6539%
70 to 79 years7,3513%
80 and over1,9241%

Source: FTC.

  1. 64% of the identity fraud victims had no form of identity theft insurance.

According to US news, nearly two-thirds of victims had no identity theft insurance at the time of the attack. 

At the same time, 15% said they were unaware of this service. 

Source: US News. 

  1. 44% of the victims said that they had taken some legal action against identity theft. 

At the same time, 89% said they are taking extra measures in response to the identity thefts they have gone through. 

Source: US News. 

  1. Over 60% of the victims reported using a public Wi-Fi network when they fell victim to identity theft.

On the other hand, 38% of the victims reported that they did not use public Wi-Fi networks. In contrast, 2% were not sure about it. 

Public Wi-Fi networks are one of the major security weaknesses, and most people fall victim to identity theft attacks through them. 

Source: US News

Losses due to identity theft

This section provides details about the financial and non-financial losses faced by identity theft victims. 

  1. Total identity fraud losses were $43 billion in 2022.

As per the latest report issued by Javelin, the losses caused by identity thefts reduced by 17% compared to the previous year. In 2021, these losses were recorded to be $52 billion. 

Source: Javelin

  1. 60% of the victims of identity theft required several weeks to regain control over their identity.

While 20% of the victims said that it took them a few months to gain control over their identity. 

Source: US News. 

  1. An identity theft victim faces a median loss of $500.

This median loss is predicted to increase as people worldwide become digitally dependent. 

Source: Identitytheft.org.

  1. Around $4 billion is lost to cybercrime each year in the United States alone. 

 $9.44 million is the average cost of a data breach in the United States.

These numbers of identity thefts and data breaches are predicted to increase in upcoming years if required cybersecurity majors are not implemented. 

Types of Identity Theft

In this section, I have added details about the types of identity thefts and their frequency. 

  1. The highest number of identity theft cases were recorded as Credit card ID frauds. 

100,890 credit card fraud cases were recorded as of the 3rd quarter of 2023.

Number of credit card fraud cases

The following table displays the number of credit card fraud cases recorded for different types of Identity thefts.

Identity theft type Number of identity thefts recorded in Q3 2023
Bank Fraud33,735
Credit Card Fraud100,890
Employment or Tax-related fraud 17,918
Government Documents or Benefits Fraud31,038
Loan or lease fraud40,666
Other Identity Theft64,327
Phone or Utility Fraud21,269

Source: FTC.

  1. Between $24 million and $55 million are lost yearly due to Credit ID theft in the United Kingdom.

Source: European ATM Security Team. 

General Identity Theft Statistics

In this section, you will come across general facts and figures related to identity theft.

  1. 42% of users have been victims of social media identity theft.
  1. 40% of the victims reported being targeted by SMS phishing.
  1. 33% of victims reported facing a financial account takeover at least once.
  1. 34% of the victims reported financial losses of $100 to $500 due to identity fraud.

At the same time, 15% reported they experienced losses greater than $1,000.

  1. 30% of people have been victims of at least one company data breach in 2023.
  1. 43% of the ecommerce businesses reported that account takeover fraud was responsible for more than 10% of the chargebacks. 
  1. 22% of US adults have been victims of ecommerce account takeover frauds

Source: US News, Radial. 

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