141 WordPress Statistics For 2024 (Usage, Facts & Trends) 

WordPress was initially created as a blogging platform in the year 2003. It has later evolved into the most extensive content management system with the help of thousands of themes and plugins.

With increasing growth in platform users, WordPress is now used by e-commerce websites, large organizations, etc. Furthermore, two of every five websites reported that they had used WordPress. 

If you are a developer, you sure are aware of the fact that WordPress is the ideal CMS for creating Websites. However, you might be surely interested to know the latest facts and figures about the software. In the following article, we have compiled the latest statistics related to WordPress for 2024.

WordPress Statistics 2024 (Top Picks)

  1. 63.65 million WordPress websites are there worldwide as of 2024.
  2. As we get into 2024, WordPress websites rule 44% of the internet.
  3. 97% of bloggers use WordPress as we begin with 2024.
  4. 69% of the users use WordPress as the content management system for their website. 
  5. 60,000 free plugins are available on WordPress. 
  6. 43% of the market share of the websites belongs to WordPress. 
  7. As of 2021, 65.1% of websites use WordPress as the content management system. 
  8. WordPress owns 64.3% of the global CMS market share.
  9. The “WordPress” keyword is searched 2.3 million times monthly around the globe. 
  10. There has been a 27% growth in WordPress websites in the past decade. 
  11. TechCrunch, CNN, UPS, TED, Spotify, etc., use WordPress.com. 

General WordPress Statistics

When creating a website, most users prefer to use WordPress due to its functionality and flexibility. Hence, it is the most used blogging platform and content management system. Let us take a look at some of the General WordPress stats.

  1. WordPress is used by 97% of bloggers. It is the first choice of bloggers. 
  2. WordPress bloggers make six posts per second. 
  3. 8,538,048,000 posts are made on WordPress every year. 
  4. Every month, 77 million new comments are made on WordPress. 
  5. In the year 2018, WordPress was used by just 29.2% of the websites on the internet

How Many Web Sites Are Powered By WordPress?

Well-known brands like The Walt Disney Company, Variety, and BBC America all prefer WordPress.It has surely become the talk of website creators. Let us take a look at the stats related to the number of websites created on WordPress. 

  1. WordPress powers 43% of the internet as of 2023.

The following table displays the Percentage of various CMS websites on the internet. 

PlatformPercentage of Users On The Internet. 
  1. The following table displays the percentage of Websites Powered by WordPress over the past years. 
YearPercentage Of Websites Powered by WordPress
  1. 30% of the top 1 million websites use WordPress as of 2024.
  2. 63.65 million global websites use WordPress as of 2024.
  3. Every year, 2 million new websites are powered by WordPress. 
  4. 1.1 million new domains are registered on WordPress every six months. 
  5. WordPress is the fastest-growing CMS, with users creating over 500 websites daily with its help.
  6. 27 new posts are published on the WordPress website every second around the world.  
  7. Approximately another top million site starts using WordPress every two minutes. 
  8. 2.9 million times a month, users search for the keyword “WordPress” on Google.
  9. On average, 661 new sites are created daily. 
  10. 14.73% of the total 100 sites are powered by WordPress worldwide. 
  11. WordPress is translated into 160 languages.

The following table displays different languages used by WordPress Websites

Languages.Percentage Of Users Using It On WordPress. 

WordPress Usage Statistics

As you know, WordPress was created as a blogging platform for bloggers. However, with its growth and evolving features and functionality, it has become the largest content management system. 

Here are a few stats related to the usage of WordPress by its users. 

  1. 69% of the users reported using WordPress as CMS only, while 20% reported using it both as a blog and CMS. 
  2. Only 6% of users use WordPress as a blog. 

The following table displays the percentage of users that use WordPress in different ways.  

Use of WordPressPercentage of Users
Both CMS and Blog6%
  1. 30.3% of the top one thousand sites use WordPress. 
  2. WordPress has been reported to be the fastest-growing CMS platform for 11 years in a row.  
  3. 43.6% of WordPress Websites are using version 5.7 of the software.
  4. 36,867,862 are currently live websites using WordPress. 

WordPress Revenue And Marketplace

WordPress Sites own a large share of the Websites on the internet. Most users prefer WordPress to create websites due to ease of use.  Let us take a look at the revenue and marketplace statistics of WordPress. 

  1. 42.9% of the market share of all websites on the internet belongs to WordPress as of 2023. 

The following table displays the percentage of market share owned by different content management systems. 

NameThe Percentage of Market Share of All Websites. 
  1. Among the top 100 thousand sites, WordPress owns a share of 35.94%.
  2. WordPress has grown by 27% in the past decade. 
  3. WordPress holds 38.03% of the market share among the top ten thousand sites. 
  4. 43% of the market share belongs to WordPress, while 4.3% of the share belongs to Shopify as of the year 2022. 

The following table displays the share of WordPress and other CMS in the market as of 2022.

PlatformPercentage Of Market Share
  1. WordPress owns 64% of the market share in the top 1 million websites. 
PlatformPercentage Of Market Share

Share of WordPress in the CMS sector

WordPress is the biggest Content Management System (CMS). A large share of the CMS marketplace belongs to WordPress. Here are a few statistics about the share of WordPress in the CMS marketplace. 

WordPress Statistics - CMS
  1. 65.1% of the market share of all websites using the CMS technology belongs to WordPress as of the year 2023. 
NameThe Percentage Of The Market Share of All Websites. 
  1. WordPress has conquered 64.3% of the CMS market as of 2022. . 
  2. WordPress powers 65.2% of the websites on the internet as a Content management system.
  3. WordPress has been the fastest-growing CMS for the last 12 years. 
  4. 65% of the websites that use CMS prefer WordPress. 

WordPress Traffic Statistics

With the development of the platform, the traffic on the website has tremendously increased over the last decade. Let us take a look at the figures related to the traffic recorded on WordPress sites. 

  1. Approximately 409 million people view over 20 billion pages monthly through WordPress as of 2023. 
  2. Users publish 70 million new posts monthly through the CMS. 
  3. 77 million new comments are posted on WordPress websites. 
  4. Around 163 million unique visitors are recorded by WordPress every month. 

In How Many Countries Is WordPress Used?

All countries around the globe use WordPress. However, most WordPress sites are created in the United States. It is followed by Russia and the United Kingdom. 

Here are a few statistics about WordPress usage across different countries. 

  1. WordPress is used in more than 178 countries as of 2023. 
  2. WordPress is available in more than 60 different languages.
  3. There are approximately 9 million WordPress sites in the United States.
  4. More than 550k Websites in Russia are made on WordPress. 

The following table displays the countries with the most WordPress websites.  

Rank CountryWordPress Websites. 
1United States9 Million
3United Kingdom380K
  1. There are 3,812,524 active websites of WordPress in the United States. 

The following table displays the number of active websites around the world. 

CountryNumber Of Active Websites
United States.3,812,524
United Kingdom1,422,620

WordPress Version Statistics

43 major versions of WordPress have been released since the platform was created. Every new version adds new features and updates to the software.  

Version 6, the latest version of WordPress, has been used mostly across all WordPress sites. Let us take a look at the facts and figures related to different versions of WordPress. 

  1. WordPress version 6 is used by 53.8% of websites using WordPress. 
  2. Version 5 of WordPress is used by 39.1% of WordPress users. 

The following table displays the percentage of WordPress users using different versions of WordPress. 

VersionPercentage Of Users 
Version 2<0.1 %
Version 30.4%
Version 46.6%
Version 539.1%
Version 653.8%
  1. The most used version of WordPress is version 6.1. 54.3% of WordPress websites use it. 

The following table displays the most used versions of WordPress. 

VersionPercentage Of WordPress Websites 
Version 6.154.3%
Version 6.0 9.9%
Version 5.94.8%
Version 5.8 5%
Version 5.73.1%
Version 5.62.1%
Version 5.52.8%
Version 5.4 2.9%
Version 5.3 2.2%
Version 5.2 2.1%
  1. WordPress PHP version 7.4 is used by 56.1% of WordPress sites. 

The most used PHP versions on WordPress are as follows. 

PHP VersionPercentage Of WordPress Users
Version 7.456.1%
Version 7.310.5%
Version 7.27.8%
Version 5.64.9%
Version 8.14.3%
Version 8.09.8%
Version 7.02.6%
  1. The most used My SQL version of WordPress is version 5.7. 
  2. Version 5.5 is the second most used version of my SQL on WordPress. 

The following table displays the most used versions of MY SQL on WordPress.

MY SQL Version Percentage Of WordPress Websites
Version 5.738.6%
Version 5.535.7%
Version 5.67.8%
Version 10.35.8%
Version 8.06%
Version 10.52.5%
Version 10.41.1%
  1. WordPress releases major updates 2 to 3 times per year. On November 22, it launched WordPress version 6.1. 

The following table displays the launch dates of different versions of WordPress. 

Version.Release Date. 
WordPress 5.1February 21, 2019.
WordPress 5.2 May 7, 2019.
WordPress 5.3November 12., 2019
WordPress 5.4March 31, 2020.
WordPress 5.5August 11, 2020.
WordPress 5.6December 8, 2020.
WordPress5.7March 9, 2021.
WordPress 5.8July 20, 2021.
WordPress 5.9January 25, 2022.
WordPress 6.0May 24, 2022.
WordPress 6.1November 1, 2022.
WordPress 6.1.1November 15, 2022

WordPress Plugin Statistics

WordPress offers thousands of plugins for websites. For every function needed and for every problem, there is a plugin.

You can also switch to premium plugins to get more accurate and better-functioning plugins. Let us take a look at the facts and figures related to WordPress plugins. 

  1. There are around 60,000 free plugins on the official website of WordPress. 
  2. 60,000 plugins are available on WordPress.org as of the year 2023. 
  3. 1.5 billion plugin downloads were recorded on WordPress.org alone in the year 2016. 
  4. Yoast SEO has the most active installation and 5-star ratings in the WordPress plugin directory. 
  5. The Yoast SEO plugin has been downloaded more than 463 million times and has more than 5 million active installs. 
  6. More than 12 million users have downloaded the Wordfence security plugin. 
  7. The most popular subcategory of WordPress plugins is WooCommerce. The next most popular plugins on the list are Elementor and WPBakery.  
Sub CategoryPercentage Of Websites.
Beaver Builder1.0%
NextGEN Gallery0.9%
10 Web Photo Gallery0.7%
Bb Press 0.6%
Buddy Press0.5%
Wp Foro0.2%
Visual Composer0.2%
Oxygen 0.2%
Seed Prod0.1%
Robo Gallery0.1%
Page Layer0.1%
Supsystic Photo Gallery0.1%
Asgaros Forum0.1%
Modula Albums0.1%
Envira GalleryLess than 0.1%
AnsPressLess than 0.1%
Grand FlagalleryLess than 0.1%
WP eCommerceLess than 0.1%
WP EasyCart Less than 0.1%
CarrotLess than 0.1%
eCommerce Product CatalogLess than 0.1%
MarketPressLess than 0.1%
ShoppLess than 0.1%
Simple: PressLess than 0.1%
  1. More than 120 million WordPress users have downloaded the Jetpack plugin. 

List Of Plugins With The Number Of Active Installations. 

WordPress provides a variety of Plugins. However, the websites usually need plugins for SEO optimization, page building, backup, security, etc. 

Let us take a look at the most used Plugin categories and the top plugins in each category. 

  1. SEO Plugins:

The following table displays the list of the most popular SEO plugins. 

PluginActive Installations
Yoast SEOMore than 5 million 
All-in-One SEO PackMore than 2 million 
RankMathMore than 800,000
  1. Speed Plugins 

The following table displays the most popular speed-optimizing plugins. 

PluginActive Installations
JetPackMore than 5 million 
WP-optimizeMore than 1 million
NitroPackMore than 60,000 
  1. Page Builders

The following table displays the most popular Page builder plugins on WordPress. 

PluginActive Installations
ElementorMore than 5 million
SiteOrigin BuilderMore than 1 million
Beaver BuilderMore than 300,000
  1. Contact Form Plugins:

The following table displays the most popular contact form plugins. 

PluginActive Installations
Contact Form 7More than 5 million
WP Forms More than 4 million
Ninja FormsMore than 1 million
  1. Security Plugins 

The following table displays the top security plugins on WordPress. 

PluginActive installations
Wordfence SecurityMore than 4 million
iThemes SecurityMore than 1 million
Sucuri Security More than 800,000
  1. Backup Plugins 

The following table displays the top backup plugins and their active installations. 

PluginActive Installations
Updraft plusMore than 3 million
BackWPupMore than 700,00
VaultPress(Jetpack Backup)More than 60,000

Top WordPress Plugins In 2023

Here are some stats related to the top WordPress plugins. 

  1. WooCommerce
  1. Approximately 20.4% of WordPress websites use WooCommerce. 
  2. 68% of websites on the internet use WooCommerce Plugin. 
  3. WooCommerce Plugin has been downloaded 135 million times by WordPress users. 
  4. 4 million websites approximately use the WooCOmeerce plugin. 
  5. 66 different languages are supported by the WooCommerce plugin. 
  6. WooCommerce powers 28% of online stores. 
  7. 93.7% of WordPress e-commerce sites use WooCommerce. 
  1. Gutenberg
  1. The Gutenberg plugin has 77.5 million active installations. 
  2. Gutenberg was downloaded 61,274,358 times from the WordPress repository. 
  3. There are at least 279 million Gutenberg posts on WordPress websites. 
  1. Yoast SEO
  1. Yoast SEO supports 20 different languages.  
  2. It has more than 5 million active installations. 
  3. More than 11,996,417 live websites are using Yoast SEO plugin. 
  4. 16.44% of the top 1 million websites use the Yoast SEO plugin. 
  5. 1,585,875 websites in the United States use the Yoast SEO plugin of WordPress. 
  1. Akismet
  1. Askimet has been downloaded more than 133 million times on WordPress. 
  2. Akismet plugin has more than 5 million installations. 
  3. Akismet has blockers of more than 500 billion spam. 
  4. More than 7 and a half million spans are blocked by Akismet per hour. 

WordPress Theme Statistics

There are thousands of WordPress themes available in the WordPress library to make your websites attractive. Let us take a look at the facts and figures related to WordPress themes. 

  1. There are around 31,000 themes on WordPress, which are both free and premium. 
  2. The average price of a premium WordPress theme is reported to be $77.57. 
  3. Choices theme is used by 13% of WordPress sites. 
  4. Divi and Astra are the two most popular active themes used by the top 1 million sites. 

The following table displays the most used themes on WordPress. 

ThemePercentage Of WordPress Sites
Genetare Press3%
  1. More than seven million downloads of the Astra theme have been recorded by WordPress. 
  2. More than 9000 free WordPress themes are available in the WordPress theme repository. 
  3. The average price of the premium WordPress plugin is $77.57.

Most Popular WordPress Themes

Let us take a look at statistics about some of the most popular WordPress Themes. 

  1. Astra
  1. Astra has over 1.5 million active users and more than 5,000 five-star ratings. 
  2. Astra has a pre-built library of more than 150 templates. 
  3. e NASA, Stanford University, Bob Jones University, Liquid Web, LearnDash, etc., trust Astra. 
  4. Astra flawlessly integrates with WooCommerce, LearnDash, Lifter LMS, and other popular services and plugins. 
  5.  2,539,493 live websites are using the Astra theme. 
  6. 1.25% of the top 1 million websites use the Astra theme. 
  7. 1,343,744 websites in the United States use Astra. 
  1. Divi
  1. 2,491,598 live websites are using the Divi theme on their WordPress website. 
  2. It is the second most used theme on WordPress websites. 
  3. 1,171,634 live sites in the United States are using Divi themes. 
  4. 1.45% of the top 1 million websites are using Divi themes. 

WordPress Security Statistics

Security is one of the most critical concerns when creating a site. WordPress has various plugins and integrations to protect WordPress sites from spam and different types of attacks. Here are a few statistics related to the security of WordPress sites. 

  1. In the first half of the year 2021, Wordfence blocked 18.5 billion password attack requests on WordPress. 
  2. More than 90k attacks are made on WordPress sites every minute. 
  3. 4 billion requests from blocklisted IPs and attackers trying to exploit vulnerabilities were blocked by the Wordfence web application firewall in the first two quarters of 2021. 
  4. WPScan across WordPress plugins, themes, and cores recorded 602 new vulnerabilities. 
  5. WPScan recorded around 550 plugin vulnerabilities in the first two quarters of the year 2021. 
  6. Brute force attacks are responsible for 16.1% of the attacks on WordPress websites. 
  7. Less than 10% of the time, core software, themes, and hosting may be targeted as the hack entry points.  
  8. 47 theme vulnerabilities were recorded by WPScan. 
  9. More than 90% of WordPress Vulnerabilities are reported to be plugin vulnerabilities. 
  10. 83% of the websites that were hacked in 2017 reported that they were running websites. 
  11. 39% of hacked WordPress websites were using an outdated version of the WordPress software. 
  12. 8% of the WordPress websites were hacked due to the sites having weak passwords. 
  13. Approximately 6% of the vulnerabilities on WordPress are theme vulnerabilities, and 4% are core software vulnerabilities. 
  14. 52% of the plugin vulnerabilities are from cross-site scripting (XSS). 

The following table displays the top vulnerabilities by type on WordPress. 

Vulnerability TypePercentage Of Vulnerability
File upload7%
Access Controls 12%
SQL Injection13%

WordPress Community.

WordPress is an open-source project. Hence it is driven by community users worldwide. 

WordPress allows anyone to participate and contribute to projects in many different ways. Let us take a look at the facts related to the WordPress community. 

  1. WordPress translation community has fully translated the software into 56 languages and partially into dozens of other languages. 
  2. There are dozens of WordPress groups on Facebook. Some groups have more than thousands of group members. 
  3. There were 128 WOrldCamp events organized in 48 countries around the globe by WordPress communities in the year 2017. They have sold around 40,000 tickets. 

How Much Do People Make With WordPress?

WordPress is a good source of income. People with knowledge of WordPress can work as freelancers or as WordPress developers. 

Let us take a look at the figures related to the earnings people make with the help of WordPress. 

  1. 32% of the freelancers charge an hourly rate of $10-19, while 28% of them charge $20-28.
  2. The entry-level salary of the WordPress developer is approximately $40K. 
Years Of ExperienceAverage Salary
Less than 2 years$40k
3 to 5 years$70k
Greater than 5 years$150k
  1. In the general marketplace, an average freelance WordPress developer charges an hourly rate of $70, while in other countries, they charge $35. 
CountryHourly Rate Of The Freelancers
United States$70
WorldwideLess than $35
  1. WordPress developers charge $90 in the United States and $70 in the specialized marketplace in other countries. 
CountryHourly Rate Of The Freelancers
United States$90
  1. On Glassdoor, the average salary of a WordPress developer is $67,837.  

The following table displays the average, minimum, and maximum Salary. 

SourceMinimum SalaryAverage SalaryMaximum Salary
Delicious Brains$45,000$65,000$150,000
Zip Recruiter$24,000$64,308$106,500
Indeed N/A$58,122N/A
Simply Hired $28,235$57,218$115,948

Source: Hubspot. 

WordPress Trends For 2024

In the year 2023, various trends will be seen, like simple website design, user-friendly websites, etc. Let us take a look at some of the WordPress trends that are witnessed in the year 2023. 

  1. In the year 2024, WordPress will be used as an e-commerce tool by most small businesses. WooCommerce will play a significant role in integrating payment gateways and e-commerce management. 
  2. Drag-and-drop page builders will make designing more accessible and convenient, 
  3. New navigational structures that are more user-friendly and easy to use are preferred by the developers. 
  4. The increase in mobile-friendly will be observed across all niches.
  5. WordPress will continue to repeat and build out Gutenberg and Full Site Editing (FSE) features.
  6. It is predicted that around 50% of websites will be powered by WordPress by the end of 2023.


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