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After being launched in 2015, Apple Music has become one of the most popular music streaming platforms. It has more than 88 million users currently and generated a revenue of 8.3 billion, according to the latest figures.

It supports Dolby Atmos, which makes its sound quality quite superior as compared to other music streaming platforms. Not only that, Apple Music is gaining a good number of users every quarter. 

If you are interested in knowing more about this amazing music streaming platform, then check out this post.

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Apple Music Statistics: At a Glance

Apple Music Statistics (Top Picks)
  1. There are more than 88 million Apple Music users in 2023.
  2. $8.3 billion in revenue was generated by Apple Music in 2022.
  3. There are more than 100 million songs on Apple Music.
  4. Apple Music pays almost $0.0076 per stream.
  5. Apple Music owns 15% of the music streaming market share as of 2023.
  6. Apple Music generates 6.4% of Apple Services’ revenue.
  7. Subscribers can choose from more than 30,000 playlists available on the platform.
  8. Ed Sheeran is the top artist on Apple Music.
  9. 13.7% of music streaming users prefer Apple Music over other music streaming platforms. 
  10. 56% of Apple Music users are women. At the same time, 44% of subscribers on the platform are men. 
  11. Apple Music is most preferred by adults in the age group of 23 to 34 years and adults over the age of 55 years.

About Apple

Launched on30th June 2015
HeadquartersCupertino, California
FoundersOliver Schusser (head of Apple Music), Trent Reznor (creative officer)Brian Bumbery (director of publicity),
Users 88 million
Revenue8.3 billion
  1. Apple Music has more than 88 million subscribers as of 2023.

Apple Music is the second most popular music streaming platform. The number of its users has grown drastically after the year 2017. There was a growth of almost 10% in the number of Apple Music users in 2022 compared to the previous year. 

Apple Music Users from 2025 to 2022

Let us take a look at the Apple Music users recorded over the past years. 

YearApple Music Users
202288 million
202180 million
202072 million
201950 million
201840 million
201727 million
201620 million
201511 million

Source: Business of Apps

  1. Apple Music pays $0.0076 per stream. 

Apple pays the highest per stream as compared to its competitors. This is because Apple Music does not offer free content to its users in exchange for advertisements.  

Here is a table displaying the pay-per-stream provided by top music platforms. 

Music platformPay per stream
Apple Music0.0076
  1. Apple Music generated revenue of $8.3 billion in 2022. 

Apple does not provide details about Apple Music’s revenue. However, based on the estimates made through the total streaming revenue and other platforms, Apple Music was recorded to have a revenue of $ 8.3 billion in 2022 and $7 billion in the year 2021. 

Revenue generated by Apple Music from  2016 to 2022

The following table displays the revenue generated by Apple Music over the past years. 

YearRevenue generated by Apple Music
20228.3 billion
20217 billion
20206.3 billion
20194.4 billion
20183.5 billion
20172.3 billion
20161.7 billion

Source: Business of Apps. 

  1. Apple Music owns 15% of the global music streaming market share. 

Spotify rules the global music streaming market with a share of 31%. It is followed by Apple Music, with a market share of  15%. Amazon Music and Tencent Music grab the third position with a market share of 13%. 

Music streaming market share

The following table displays the percentage of Market share owned by different music streaming platforms. 

Music streaming platform Music streaming market share  
Apple Music15%
Amazon Music13%
YouTube Music8%
Tencent Music13%

Source: Forbes.

  1. Apple Music contributes 6.4% of the total revenue made by all the services of Apple. 

Apple services revenue has increased over the past years. Besides, Apple Music contributed more than 6% to the services revenue in the year 2022. 

Revenue generated by Apple Service

Here is the revenue generated by Apple services over the past years.

YearRevenue generated by Apple Service
202278 billion
202168.4 billion
202053.6 billion
201946.1 billion
201836.9 billion
201729.8 billion
201624.1 billion
201519.6 billion
201417.8 billion
201315.8 billion
  1. 13.7% of the music streaming subscribers had subscribed to Apple Music as of 2023. 

Apple Music follows Spotify and owns the second-largest share of music streaming subscribers worldwide. However, it still has a long way to go to overtake Spotify’s share, as it has more than doubled the share of music streaming subscribers as that of Apple Music. 

The following table displays the share of live-streaming subscribers of different music platforms recorded in the year 2022. 

Share of Music streaming subscribers by platforms
Music streaming platform Share of Music streaming subscribers 
Apple Music13.7%
Tencent Music13.4%
Amazon Music13.3%
YouTube Music8.9%

Source: Statista

  1. The majority of Apple Music users are Female. 

According to the 2018 data, 56% of Apple Music users are Female. At the same time, 44% of users are male. These numbers might have changed over time. However, there is no official data available. 

  1. 23% of Apple Music users are from the age group of 25 to 34 years. 

People in the age groups 25 to 30 years and 55+ years both prefer Apple Music compared to other generations. These age groups have a 23% share of Apple Music in the United States. Besides, 22% of the Apple Music users share belongs to the users in the age group of 35 to 44 years. 

The following table displays the percentage of Apple users that belong to different age groups. 

Age GroupsShare of Apple Music users in the United States
18 to 24 years17%
25 to 34 years23%
35 to 44 years 22%
45 to 54 years 15%
More than 55 years23%

Source: Statista. 

  1. Apple Music has over 100 million songs on the platform as of 2023.  

The number of songs present on Apple Music increases with new song releases. Currently, the number of songs present on the platform has surpassed the count of 100 million. 

  1. Over 30,000 playlists are present on Apple Music. 

You can now stream songs from a wide variety of playlists. There are a number of playlists to choose from different genres. Besides that, you also get playlists curated according to your preferences and likes. There is a playlist on the platform for every mood. 

  1. Ed Sheeran is the top artist on Apple Music. 

With over three songs crossing 5 million listen, Ed Sheeran tops the worldwide Apple Music Artist chart. Taylor Swift and Drake follow him. 

Here is a list of the top 10 Artists on Apple Music. 

Sr. No.Top Artists on Apple Music
1.Ed Sheeran
2.Taylor Swift
4.Post Malone
5.Billie Eilish
6.The Weeknd
7.Ariana Grande
8.Dua Lipa
9.Bad Bunny
10.Harry Styles
  1. ‘All My Life’ by Lil Durl featuring J.Cole Ranks at the first position in the list of top 100 Global Apple Music. 

The second place is grabbed by the song ‘Last Night’ and is followed by ‘Idol’ and ‘Where She Goes’ by Yoasabi and Bad Bunny, respectively. 

The following table displays the top 10 songs listed in the Global Apple Music list. 

All My LifeLil Durk featuring J.Cole
Last NightMorgan Wallen
Where She GoesBad Bunny
Ella baila SolaEslabon Armado, Peso Pluma
Put it On Da Floor Again Latto featuring Cardi B
FlowersMiley Cyrus
Bread and ButterGunna
Fast CarLuke Combs
Search and RescueDrake

Source: Apple Music.

  1. You can listen to Apple Music across all your devices. 

You can access Apple Music on almost 15 different devices. These devices include iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, Mac, CarPlay, HomePod, Smart TVs, Roku, Android, Gaming Consoles, PC, Sonos, Amazon Echo, and Google Nest. 

  1. Now, you can sing along with Apple Music. 

The new lyrics feature has made it more fun to sing songs with adjustable vocals. You can take the lead, duet with an artist, etc. Sounds Fun!

sing along with Apple Music
  1. Apple Music supports Radio. 

In an era of music streaming platforms, Apple Music supports Radio and has revolutionized the radio listening experience with elite sound quality. 

How to check your Apple Music Stats

Want to take a look at your Apple Music stats? 

We got you covered.

The following section provides a detailed step-by-step guide to get insights into your Apple Music Stats. 

  • Step 1: Visit the official website of Apple Music Replay with the help of the link provided. 
  • Step 2: Click ‘Sign in’ on the top right corner of the interface to log in to your Apple account.
Click on the sign in
  • Step 3: You will be asked to enter your Apple Id. Once you have entered your Apple Id, click on the arrow in the box. 

Note: if you are a new user, click on ‘Create New Apple Id.’

Create New Apple Id
  • Step 4: Enter your password and click on the arrow to continue.
enter your password and click on continue
  • Step 5: You will be redirected to the Replay page. Click on ‘Get Started’ to listen to your most listened songs. 
Click on ‘Get Started’
  • Step 6: You will be redirected to the Replay page. Here you will be able to take a look at your stats and the top Artists that you have listened to by scrolling down the page.

These stats are similar to Spotify Wrapped and allow you to get an insight into the songs, artists, and albums you have listened to in the past year. You can share this insight with your friends and family with the help of the share button available. 

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Conclusion: Apple Music Statistics

As Apple Music is gaining popularity, more music streaming users are shifting towards it. Besides, it is an excellent alternative to Spotify, with great sound quality and unique features.

Plus, you can now stream the song’s video from Apple Music without switching to YouTube. 

This debate gets interesting with the introduction of a hot new platform TikTok Music and its exciting features. Learn more about it from our detailed review on TikTok Music here.

I hope the above article has helped you to get insights on Apple Music. You can check out our website for other such statistics related to Apple. 

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