Apple Music Users & Revenue Statistics Of 2024

Apple Music Statistics

Apple Music witnessed an increase of 53 million users in the span of six years between 2018 and 2023. 

The platform’s impressive growth can be attributed to its sound quality, extensive music library, user-friendly interface, and strategic partnerships.

This post contains detailed statistics on Apple Music subscribers, user demographics, pay-per-stream, market share, and more.

Apple Music Statistics 2024 (Top Picks)

  • Apple Music had 93 million subscribers in 2024.
  • Apple Music has generated $9.2 billion in revenue in 2023.
  • 56% of Apple Music users are Female, while 44% are male.
  • Apple Music contributed 6.4% to Apple’s total revenue in 2023.
  • The platform pays $0.01 per stream on average.
  • Apple Music had a 12.6% share of music streaming subscribers worldwide.
  • Apple Music is available in 167 countries worldwide.
  • Apple Music has over 100 million songs and 30,000 playlists.

Apple Music Revenue

Apple Music Generated $9.2 Billion In Revenue in 2023.

Apple Music contributed a total of 6.4% to Apple Services’ total revenue of $85.1 billion in 2023.

Hence, based on the estimates made through the total streaming revenue, Apple Musics registered $9.2 billion in revenue in 2023, a 10.84% increase compared to the previous year.

Comparatively, Apple Music recorded a revenue of $8.3 billion in 2022 and $7 billion in 2021. 

Revenue Generated By Apple Music

The following table displays the revenue generated by Apple Music over the past years. 

Fiscal YearRevenue Generated by Apple Music
2023$9.2 billion
2022$8.3 billion
2021$7 billion
2020$6.3 billion
2019$4.4 billion
2018$3.5 billion
2017$2.3 billion
2016$1.7 billion

Source: Business of Apps, Statista.

Apple Music Users

Apple Music had 93 million subscribers in 2024.

That was an increase of 5.68% in the number of Apple Music subscribers compared to that recorded in the previous year. 88 million people used Apple Music in 2022, a growth of almost 10% compared to 2021. 

The number of its users has grown drastically since 2017. This growth resulted from the major redesigns and new features added to the app. 

Number Of Apple Music Users Recorded Over The Years

Here is a table displaying the number of Apple Music users recorded over the years:

YearApple Music Users
202393 million
202288 million
202180 million
202072 million
201950 million
201840 million
201727 million
201620 million
201511 million

Source: Business of Apps

Apple Music Gender Demographics

62% Of Apple Music Users Are Male, While 38% Are Female

In comparison, the majority of Apple Music users were female in 2018. 56% of Apple Music users were Female, while 44% were male.

However, now the tables have turned, and the number of male Apple music users has increased. 

Source: Bankmycell, Zipdo

Apple Music Age Demographics

23% of Apple Music users are aged between 25 and 34.

People aged 25 to 34 and 55+ years prefer Apple Music to other generations. These age groups have a 23% share of Apple Music in the United States. 

Conversely, music streaming users in the 45 to 55 age group prefer Apple Music the least compared to other age groups. 

Here are further details about the share of Apple Music users in the United States by age.

Age GroupsShare of Apple Music Users in the United States
18 to 24 years17%
25 to 34 years23%
35 to 44 years 22%
45 to 54 years 15%
More than 55 years23%

Source: Statista

Apple Music Users By Region

Overall, Apple Music Is Available In 167 Countries Worldwide

There are 32.6 million Apple Music subscribers in the United States. 

The highest share of premium users of Apple Music is from the North American Region. 

59% of the Apple Music users in the North American Region are Premium users.

On the other hand, the highest share of free Apple Music users is in Europe. 

Share Of Apple Music Users In The United States

Here are further details about the share of free and Premium Apple music users worldwide.

RegionPremium Plan UsersFree Plan Users
Asia-Pacific 38% 62%
Latin America 44%56%
Middle East and Africa43%43%
North America 59%41%

Source: Statista

Apple Music Pay Per Stream

Apple Music Pays $0.01 Per Stream On Average

This means each play that a song receives adds a penny to the artist’s total streaming revenue.

The exact number of pay per stream may vary from artist to artist and depends on multiple factors. 

Apple Music pays the highest per stream as compared to its competitors. This is because the platform does not offer free content to its users in exchange for advertisements.  

Here is a table displaying the pay-per-stream of the top music streaming services. 

Music PlatformPay Per Stream
Apple Music$0.01
Spotify$0.003 to $0.005
YouTube Music$0.002

Sources: Apple, VIRPP, Label Grid

Apple Music Market Share 

Apple Music Had A 12.6% Market Share Of Music Streaming Subscribers Worldwide in 2023.

Apple Music ranked 3rd in the list because it lacks some features that can be seen on Spotify. However, most people still prefer Apple Music over other platforms due to its sound quality and exclusive features. 

Spotify led the market with 31.7% of the market share in 2023.

Music Streaming Market Share

Here are further details about the market share of the music streaming market in the table below:

Music Streaming Platform Music Streaming Market Share  
Tencent Music14.4%
Apple Music12.6%
Amazon Music11.1%
YouTube Music9.7%

Source: Statista

On How Many Devices Can You Stream Apple Music?

You can stream Apple Music on only one device at a time. However, if you have an Apple Music Family subscription, you can play music on up to six devices.

Apple Music is accessible on 15 different devices. 

This means you can listen to Apple Music across all your devices.

 These devices include iPhones, iPads, Apple TVs, Apple Watches, Macs, CarPlay, HomePods, Smart TVs, Rokus, Androids, Gaming Consoles, PCs, Sonos, Amazon Echos, and Google Nests. 

Source: Apple

Who is the Most Streamed Artist on Apple Music?

Taylor Swift was the most streamed artist on Apple Music in 2023.

 Eventually, she set a record for most listeners in a single year. 

Taylor was also rewarded as Apple Music’s Artist of the Year in 2023.

She is also the most streamed female artist in the platform’s history and the female artist with the most songs reaching the Global Daily Top 100.

Her 65 songs reached the Global Daily Top 100, more than any other artist. 

At the same time, Morgan Wallen’s “Last Night” took the top spot in Apple Music’s Top Songs of 2023: Global list. 

Here are the top three most streamed artists on Apple Music as of 2023.

RankMost Streamed Artist on Apple Music as of 2023
1Taylor Swift
2Morgan Wallen
3Pop icon

Source: Yahoo, Wikipedia, Billboard

How Many Songs Are There On Apple Music?

Apple Music has over 100 million songs on the platform as of 2024.  

The number of songs present on Apple Music increases with new song releases. Currently, the number of songs on the platform has surpassed 100 million. 

Additionally, Over 30,000 playlists are present on Apple Music. 

You can now stream songs from a wide variety of playlists. There are a number of playlists to choose from different genres. Besides that, you also get playlists curated according to your preferences and likes. There is a playlist on the platform for every mood.

Source: Apple Music, Wikipedia. 

Apple Music vs Spotify

Spotify is one of Apple Music’s largest competitors. As seen earlier, it has double the number of subscribers compared to Apple Music. 

Let us take a look at some other major differences between Apple Music and Spotify. 

Parameters of DifferenceApple MusicSpotify
Number of Users93 million236 million
Revenue$9.2 Billion€13.24 billion
Pay per stream$0.01$0.003 to $0.005
Market Share12.6%31.7%
Number of Songsover 100 million songsMore than 100 million songs

How Can You Check Your Apple Music Stats?

Apple Music stats or Replay helps you look back at the top songs, artists, and albums that defined your year. 

To listen to your Apple Music Replay mix, follow these steps. 

Open Apple Music’s official website and sign in to the platform. Enter your Apple ID and Click on ‘Get Started.’ You will be directed to the Replay page, where you can listen to your most listened-to songs and artists. 

These stats are similar to Spotify Wrapped and allow you to gain insight into the songs, artists, and albums you have listened to in the past year. The share button allows you to share this insight with your friends and family. 

Source: Apple.

Conclusion: Apple Music Continues To Be A Major Player In The Music Streaming Industry

With 12.6% of the subscriber share, Apple Music is the third most subscribed music streaming platform worldwide.

The streaming service had 93 million subscribers in 2023, and the revenue reached $9.2 billion. 

Hence, after observing Apple Music’s growth over the past years, we can expect it to reach 100 million subscribers by the end of 2024. 

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