Character AI Statistics 2024 – Active Users & Revenue

Character AI is the groundbreaking platform revolutionizing chatbot development. With over 20 million users worldwide and 16 million unique chatbots created, it’s reshaping interaction. From classic literary characters to original creations, users engage with AI-powered chatbots in ways never before imagined. 

With a potential $5 billion valuation on the horizon, Character AI is driving the future of conversations!

In this blog post, we will take a look at some of the key statistics about Character AI, including its user growth, traffic, valuation, and engagement rates.

Top Character.AI Statistics of 2024

  1. Over 20 million people across the globe use Character.AI as of 2024.
  1. Almost 60% of Character.AI’s audience belongs to the age group of 18 to 24 years.
  1. 50.42% of the Character.AI’s audience is male, while 49.58% is female.
  1. Character.AI is valued at $1 billion and is seeking funding, which will take its valuation to $5 billion.
  1. Character.AI is estimated to have an annual revenue of  $16.7 million in 2024.
  1. On average, the users spend around two hours on Character.AI.
  1. The Character.AI app has more than 10 million downloads worldwide. 
  1. Users have created over 16 million different chatbots with the help of Character. AI.

About Character.AI

Launch DateSeptember 2022
HeadquartersMenlo Park, California, United States.
Key people Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas
Number of usersOver 20 million 
Monthly Traffic 168.8 million
Global app downloadsOver 10 million
Valuation$1 billion
Annual Revenue (Estimated)$6.5 million in 2024

How Many People Use Character.AI?

  1. As we enter into 2024, over 20  million people worldwide use Character.AI.

According to Forbes, more than 20 million users have signed up on Character.AI since its launch in September 2022. 

Source: Forbes

  1. The Character.AI app has 4.42 million active monthly users in the United States. 

Comparatively, the ChatGPT mobile app has 6 million monthly active users in the region. 

Source: Semrush.

Character.AI Demographics

  1. Almost 60% of the Character.AI’s web audience falls in the age group of 18 to 24 years. 

Character.AI has attracted a significant number of younger demographics than ChatGPT and other AI apps. This demographic consistency was recorded over the summer of 2023. 

Character.AI Demographics

Here are further details about the share of Character.AI users that belong to different age groups in the table below:

Age GroupShare Of Character.AI Users
18 to 24 years57.07%
25 to 34 years22.49%
35 to 44 years11.24%
45 to 54 years4.58%
55 to 64 years2.72%
65 years or more1.9%

Source: LinkedIn, SimilarWeb. 

  1. Most of the Character.AI users are male. 

However, the number of male and female users of Character.AI has become almost equal over the past months. 

50.42% of the Character.AI users are male, while 49.58% are female.

Source: Similar Web. 

Character.AI Traffic

  1. As of 2024, an average session visit duration of 24 minutes and 56 seconds.

The traffic on Character.AI has decreased by over 16.31% as compared to Q4 2023.

Character.AI Traffic By Country 

  1. The United States sends the most traffic to Character.AI. 

37.03% of the traffic on Character.AI is recorded from the United States. 

Apart from the United States, the countries that send the highest traffic to Character.AI are Indonesia, Brazil, and Mexico.

Character.AI Traffic by Country 

The following table displays further details about the highest share of traffic received on Character.AI through different countries worldwide. 

Country Share/ Percentage Of Traffic Received 
United States37.03%

Source: Semrush.

Did You Know? North America is the largest market for AI with 36% of the global AI market share.

Character.AI Top Marketing Channels

  1. 86.05% of the Character.AI traffic comes through the direct marketing channel.

The following table displays the share of traffic directed towards Character.AI through the top marketing channels. 

Marketing ChannelsShare Of Traffic Received On Character.AI
Direct Traffic86.05%
Organic search11.43%
Paid searchLess than 0.01%
Social Media 1.92%

Source: Similar Web. 

Character.AI’s Top Keywords 

  1. 99.99% of the keywords drive organic traffic to Character.AI. 

In contrast, only 0.01% of the traffic on the webpage is due to the paid keywords. 

The keyword “Character.AI” drives the highest share of traffic and has a search volume of 5 million. 

Other top keywords driving the highest share of traffic on the website are as follows:

KeywordMonthly Searches
Character AI5M
beta Character.AI165K

Source: Semrush. 

Social Media Traffic On Character.AI

  1. 50.64% of the social media traffic on Character.AI is directed from YouTube. 

YouTube directs the highest share of Social media traffic to and is followed by Reddit and Facebook. 

Social Media Traffic on Character.AI

The following table displays the share of social media traffic directed towards 

Social Media Platform Percentage Of Social Media Traffic
YouTube 50.64%

Source: Similar Web.

Character.AI Revenue

  1. Character.AI is estimated to have an annual revenue of $16.7 million as of 2024.

Besides, Character.AI’s revenue per employee is estimated to be $139,000 as of 2024.

Source: GrowJo. 

Character.AI Valuation

  1. Character.AI was valued at $1 billion in the March 2023 funding round.

The company is looking to raise funds that could value the company at over $5 billion. 

Source: Bloomberg, CoinSpeaker. 

Character.AI Fundings

  1. Character.AI has received a total funding of $193 million from five investors over two funding rounds.

It received the highest funding of $150 million in March 2023. The investors that invested in in this funding round were SV Angel, Andreessen Horowitz, and three others. 

Source: Reuters, Tracxn. 

Character.AI User Behaviour

  1. The average user spends around two hours daily on Character. AI. 

The average duration for a single visit on the web page of is between 30 to 40 minutes. 

  1. People have used Character.AI to create more than 16 million different chatbots. 

Source: Bloomberg. 

  1. Over 10 million people have downloaded Character.AI from Google Playstore. 

The app has a 4.6 rating on the Google Play Store and a 4.7 star rating on the Apple App Store. 

Source: Google, Apple. 

Character.AI Reddit

  1. The Character.AI Reddit has grown rapidly over the past months and has almost reached 50k subscribers. 

Most users share chat screenshots, feedback, server downtime, or memes based on the in the subreddit. 

  1. 46% of the users want the ability to edit the character’s messages manually. 

Character.AI conducted a grand poll on Reddit to get feedback from its users, and the majority of the users wanted to get access to edit the character’s chat. 

At the same time, the second majority asked for a better memory for their characters. 

The following table displays the feedback received in the poll conducted on Reddit. 

The Most Important Proposed Feature Percentage 
Ability to manually edit the character’s messages46%
Better memory29%
Try to make characters take more initiative13%
Investigate and attempt to minimize personality drift in long chats6%
Don’t let bots do “(OOC: End RP)”5%

Source: Character.AI Reddit.

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