Fortnite Statistics 2024 (Active Players, Revenue)

It’s been 6 years since Fortnite’s launch, and the game still holds a significant amount of userbase.

Out of the 550 million registered players to date, 221 average million players play the game every month.

As per the sources, Fortnite has made over $26 billion in revenue in the span of 5 years (2017-2022).

With the stable number of MAUs, the future looks stable for the game, too. We have uncovered all the aspects of Fortnite in this post. Right from its user’s habits to the company’s financials. Let’s get into them, shall we?

Top Fortnite Statistic of 2024

  1. Fortnite has over 500 million registered players as of 2024.
  2. It has around 221 million monthly active players.
  3. Fortnite has generated a revenue of over $26 billion to date.
  4. Over $6 billion worth of revenue came in 2022 alone.
  5. Fortnite has 80.7k concurrent viewers and 10.1k concurrent streams on Twitch.
  6. The United States has the most number of Fortnite players, accounting for 21.64% of the total player count.
  7. Fortnite players spend around 6 to 10 hours weekly on the platform on average.
  8. 62.7% of the Fortnite players are from the age group of 18 to 24.
  9. Around 90% of Fortnite players are male.
  10. 78% of Fortnite Players prefer to play the game on a console.
  11. Fortnite remains one of the top 5 games on Twitch in terms of viewership rates as of March 2024.
  12. Fortnite has one of the biggest servers on Discord in the gaming community, with over 1 million members.

How Many People Play Fortnite?

Currently, Fortnite has an average of 221.50 million monthly active players.

The number of active Fortnite players peaked in August 2020, when the game had around 292 million monthly active players. This mainly had to do with the COVID-19 pandemic going on back then. Most of the world was under lockdown, and people were spending time online more than ever.

Even though the pandemic is long gone, the number of active players is well over 220 million.

This table shows the number of active Fortnite players over time:

TimeFortnite Monthly Active Players
February 28, 2024237,074,073
January 30, 2024247,232,375
December 2023235,145,877
November 2023231,081,822
October 2023223,483,387
September 2023231,349,262
August 30, 2023237,524,910
July 30, 2023239,199,305
June 30, 2023242,989,948
May 30, 2023234,546,282
April 30, 2023233,068,627
March 30, 2023237,360,837
February 28, 2023235,865,450
January 30, 2023252,600,145


  • Fortnite gets around 15 million daily active users.

Fortnite Revenue Statistics

Fortnite has generated a revenue of over $26 billion to date. The largest portion of this revenue (over $6 billion) is predicted to have come in 2022.

  • Fortnite generated a revenue of $5.8 billion in 2021.
Fortnite Revenue Statistics

The following table displays the revenue generated by Fortnite over the years:

YearRevenue Generated
2018$5.4 billion
2019$3.7 billion
2020$5.1 billion
2021$5.8 billion
2022> $6 billion
  • Fortnite generated $1.1 billion in mobile revenue in the year 2020 before being removed from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. 

The following table displays the mobile revenue generated by Fortnite over the years:

2018100 million
2019450 million
20201100 million 

Source: business of apps. 

Fortnite All-Time Player Count

  • Fortnite has over 500 million registered players as of 2024.
Epic Games GDC 2023
Source: Epic Games GDC

On Wednesday, March 22, Epic Games held a live stream introducing Unreal Editor. During this live stream, the game’s developers also revealed much interesting information on Fortnite’s user base, including the all-time player count.

Fortnite All Time Player Count

The following table displays the registered users of Fortnite over the years:

YearFortnite All Time Registered Players
2023500 million
2022450 million
2021400 million
2020350 million
2019250 million
2018125 million
201720 million

Countries With The Most Fortnite Players

  • The majority of Fortnite players (21.10%) are from the United States. That accounts for 108.2 million players.
  • Russia has the second most number of Fortnite Players with a 7.54% share.

Here is a table showing the number of Fortnite players by countries:

CountryPercentage Of Players
United States 21.10%


Fortnite Player Average Play Time

  • Fortnite users spend a median time of 6 to 10 hours every week on the platform.

Source: Business of Apps

  • 70% of the Fortnite players in the United States play Fortnite for less than 10 hours a week. Besides, only 5% of the players said that they played more than 21 hours a week. 
Fortnite Player Average Play Time

The following table displays the average number of hours spent by Fortnite players in a week on the platform:

The Number Of Hours Per WeekPercentage Of Fortnite Players
Less than 5 hours 36%
6 to 10 Hours34%
11 to 15 Hours17%
16 to 20 Hours8%
21 Hours or More5%

Annual Cumulative Fortnite Tournament Prize Pool

  • In 2019, Fortnite had around $79.12 million in the cumulative tournament prize pool. While in 2020, it had more than $8.3 million in the prize pool. 

The following table displays the Annual cumulative tournament prize pool worldwide over the years:

YearAnnual Cumulative Tournament Prize Pool
2018$19.93 million
2019$79.12 million
2020$13.11 million
2021$22.34 million
2022$17.32 million
2023$19.64 million

Source: Statista

Fortnite Players Demographics

  • More than 60% of Fortnite players are aged between 18 to 24 years. Although many younger users lie about their age to get access to Fortnite, the percentage is calculated according to the DOB entered while registering as a user.  

The following table displays the percentage of Fortnite users in different age groups:

AgePercentage Of Fortnite Users
18 to 24 years62.7 %
25 to 34 years22.5%
35 to 44 years12.7%
45 to 54 years2%
More than 55 years0.1%
  • Almost 90% of Fortnite players are male. This large difference occurred since mobile games were banned. 

The following table displays the percentage of Fortnite users according to their gender:

GenderPercentage Of Users
Male89.7 %
Female10.3 %

Source: business of apps. 

  • Fortnite is the second most popular video game among Pre-teens. 26% of the preteens under the age of 13 play the game. 

Source: Statista. 

  • 53% of Fortnite gamers are in the age group of 10 to 25 years. 
  • 40% of Gen Alpha prefer Fortnite over other video games. 

Fortnite Usage By Device

  • 78% of Fortnite players prefer to play the game on a console

Source: Newzoo

  • Fortnite is available across various devices except for iOS. You can play Fortnite on Xbox, Play Station, Mac OS, and other PC devices.
  • Moreover, Fortnite can run on four PlayStation units which include 4, 4 Pro, 4 Slim, 5, and on later versions as well.

Besides, it can run on four versions of the  Xbox as well. They include One, One S, S all-digital edition, and One Series X|S. Also, Fortnite is available on two Nintendo Switch models, that are Switch and Switch Lite. On the other hand, Fortnite is available on more than 30 Android devices. 

  • PC and Mac are able to support all four Fortnite game modes. 
  • 46.8% of Fortnite’s overall revenue was generated from PlayStation 4 from March 2018 to July 2020. At the same time, Xbox One contributed towards the generation of 27.5% of the game’s revenue. Besides, the remaining 18.7% of revenue share was generated by Nintendo Switch, Android, and PC.  

Source: Finance online

The following table displays the availability of Fortnite on different platforms. 

Devices/ PlatformAvailability
Xbox OneAvailable
Nintendo SwitchAvailable

Source: active 

  • 46% of teenagers in the United States play Fortnite on smartphones, while 69% of teens play it on a console. 

The following table displays the percentage of teen players that prefer different devices to play Fortnite:

DevicePercentage Of Fortnite Players

Source: Statista

Fortnite Streaming Stats

  • Fortnite users watched live streams for more than 165.5 million hours in 2024 so far.

The following table displays the hours of live streaming watched by Fortnite users over the years: 

YearHours Watched 
20191.5 billion
20201.6 billion
20211.2 billion
2022611.7 million
2023822 million
2024 (Till March)165.5 million
  • Fortnite audience streamed 822 million hours in 2023.

Fortnite Events

  • Four major live events took place on Fortnite. 

More than 5 million concurrent viewers were recorded on the Fortnite Doomsday event across Twitch and YouTube in June 2020. Besides, the in-game event accumulated more than 11.8 million hours of viewership. 

During Travis Scott’s Fortnite music performance, more than 8.09 million cumulative hours were spent on live streaming by Fortnite users.

Furthermore, during Steve Aoki’s performance, people spent 7.7 million hours live streaming.

On the other hand, DJ Diplo drew the attention of live viewers for 6.01 million hours. 

The following table displays the Fortnite events streaming hours in the year 2020:

EventDateTotal Hours Streamed
Doomsay 2020June 5, 2020.11.8 million
Travis Scott and Fortnite Present: AstronomicalMay 9, 2020.8.09 million
Fortnite Party Royale Steve AokiMay 2, 2020.7.7 million
Diplo Presents Higher GroundApr 23, 2020.6.01 million

Source: Newzoo

Fortnite Global Player Spending Stats

  • The Fortnite platform has a great place for microtransactions. 77% of the players reported that they have invested in at least one in-game purchase. 

On the contrary, 21% of the players did not make any purchases on Fortnite and were successful in resisting the temptation. 

Fortnite Global Player Spending Stats

The following table displays the spending habits of Fortnite players:

Money Spent On FortnitePercentage Of Fortnite Players
Players that spent money on Fortnite77%
Players that did not spend money on Fortnite21%
Did not prefer to say.2%

Source: Statista.

  • In the year 2018, players spent an average of $84.67 on in-game purchases. Comparatively, in the year 2020, an average of $102.42 was spent by Fortnite players.

Source: Statista.

  • Fortnite gamers in the United States reported that they had spent an average of $102. 42 in the year 2020. While the average spending of Fortnite players in the year 2018 was $84.67. 
YearAverage In-Game Spending By Fortnite Players 

Source: Statista.

  • 58.9% of the players spend 58.9% on outfits and characters. In contrast, 18.06% of players spend on Gliders. 

The following table displays the categories on which Fortnite players spend the most money:

CategoryPercentage Of Fortnite Players 
Outfit and character58.9%
Harvesting tools13.52%

Source: Statista

Fortnite Security Statistics

  • One cyber security organization rated Fortnite 703/950 in terms of security.

Additionally, another company reported that they were able to detect 53,000 sams on Fortnite. Of those, 86% of the scams were generated from social media platforms, and 11% were from web domains. At the same time, 2% of them were from YouTube. 

  • Moreover, once Epic Games launches a metaverse for Fortnite, more users will be exposed to more security issues. 

Source: UpGuard, ZEro Fox

Fortnite Battle Royale 

68% of gamers worldwide play Battle Royale around the world. 89.8% of the players in China play Battle Royale. 

The following table displays the percentage of Fortnite players from different countries that play Battle Royale:

CountryPercentage Of Battle Royale Players
South Korea63.2%
United Kingdom49.4%
United States46.6%

Source: Exploding Topics

  • 35% of the battle royal gamers reported that they exclusively play Fortnite. Besides the other, 40% reported that they play both Fortnite and PUBG. 
  • Battle royal gamers who choose both titles are reported to be esports fans who usually watch plenty of live streams of the games. 

The following table displays the percentage of Battle Royale gamers on different platforms:

PlatformPercentage Of Players
Exclusively Fortnite35%
Exclusively PUBG25%
Both Fortnite and PUBG. 40%

Fortnite On Twitch

  • Fortnite ranks 5th on Twitch in terms of most-watched games as of 2024. 
  • Fortnite has 80.7k concurrent viewers and 10.1k concurrent streams on Twitch as of March 2024.

The following table displays the average number of concurrent Fortnite viewers on Twitch over the past few months. 

MonthAverage Concurrent Fortnite Viewers On Twitch
March 202480.7k
February 202497.7k
January 202497.5k
December 2023145k
November 2023164k
October 202350.8k
September 202355.7K
August 202359.1K
July 202352.9K
June 202350.9K
May 202346.4K
April 202354.3K
March 202356.8K
February 202355.5K
January 202356.5K

Who Are The Top Players of Fortnite As Of 2024?

  • With 10 tournament victories, Williams Aubin is the top player of Fortnite as of 2024. 
Player NameEarningsTournament Victories
Williams Aubin$1,117,00010
Rocco Morales$1,061,50010
Shane Cotton$1,327,8009
David Wang$1,890,8408
Benjy Fish$494,6008
Kyle Jackson$603,5007
Turner Tenney$588,8006
Kyle Giersdorf$3,069,9004
Tim Miller$623,2003
Martin Andersen$218,9003
Williams Aubin$1,117,00010

Source: Lineups

Fortnite On Discord

Fortnite has one of the biggest servers on Discord in the gaming community, with over 1 million members.

You can join the channel from here.

Fortnite On Discord

Epic Games Statistics

Epic Games owns Fortnite. Here are some interesting stat associated with them:

  • The Epic Game store has more than 180 million users from around the globe. 
  • 31.3 million users daily access the Epic games store. 
  • The number of games available on the Epic Game Store is approximately 917. 
  • The Epic Games Store has around 471 titles. 
  • $6.27 billion is the estimated revenue generated by Epic Games.
  • Annual spending on the players on Epic Games store from PC is reported to be $840 million. 


How long has Fortnite been out?

It’s been six years since Fortnite was launched. The game came out on 26th September 2017.

How much money has Fortnite made?

Fortnite has registered a revenue of over $26 billion to date.

How many people are playing Fortnite right now?

Fortnite has around 3 million players live at any given time.

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