39 Minecraft Statistics 2023 (Users, Servers, & More)

These Minecraft Statistics demonstrate the state of the game in 2023. We will look at all the details about the platform’s demographics, financials and other interesting facts.

Without any further delay, let’s get into it. 

Minecraft Statistics (Top Picks)

minecraft statistics top picks
  1. Minecraft made $102.6 million from In-App Purchases in 2022.
  1.  Minecraft  generated a revenue of $380 million in 2021.
  1. Minecraft has 163.67 million monthly active players as of August 2023. 
  1. 32% of Minecraft players are females.
  1. Minecraft has sold over 238 million units worldwide and is the second most popular game in sales.
  1. Minecraft has been downloaded over 10 million times on Google Play.
  1. There are 10,134 Minecraft servers worldwide In 2023.

Minecraft Users Statistics 

Minecraft is loved by people of all ages, and its user count and demographics are proof of it. In this blog post, we will look at some of the most interesting Minecraft user statistics in this section.

  1. Minecraft had 163.55 million monthly active players in June 2023. 

At the same time, the peak number of players in a single day was 10.90 million.

Below is a table that displays the monthly active users of Minecraft and the number of peak players in a day:

MonthThe Number of Active PlayersPeak Players in a Day
June 2023163.55 million10.73 million
May 2023180.43 million10.90 million
April 2023178.50 million11.90 million
March 2023182.60 million12.17 million
February 2023180.65 million12.04 million
January 2023173.50 million12.35 million
December 2022172.80 million17.28 million
November 2022171.80 million17.18 million
October 2022171.96 million17.19 million
September 2022172.85 million17.28 million
August 2022173.10 million17.31 million
July 2022172.65 million17.36 million
June 2022172.01 million17.20 million
May 2022173.05 million17.30 million
April 2022173.50 million17.35 million
March 2022172.05 million17.20 million
February 2022173.50 million17.35 million
January 2022174.02 million17.40 million
December 2021175.01 million17.50 million
  1. Minecraft had an average of 93 million monthly active users in 2021

The number of active users peaked in 2020 with the number touching 131 million. This has a lot to do with the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns back then

Average monthly active users of Minecraft over the years

Below is a table presenting the average monthly active users of Minecraft over the years:

YearAverage Monthly Active Users of Minecraft 
202193 million
2020131 million
201991 million
201875 million
201755 million
201640 million
  1. As of 2020, 600 million players were registered globally on Minecraft. 

China is currently the largest market for Minecraft, with 66.67% of registered players hailing from the country. This accounts for a staggering 400 million players.

Additionally, as of October 2021, Minecraft players in China exceeded 500 million.

Interestingly, only 200 million registered Minecraft players are outside China.

  1. Minecraft’s average number of viewers is 52.9k on Twitch.

In May 2023, this number was 81 thousand, which was 25.8 thousand more than in June 2023. 

This table shows the complete insights into the viewers of Minecraft on Twitch: 

MonthThe Number of Minecraft Viewers on Twitch
July 202352.9 thousand 
June 202355.2 thousand
May 202381 thousand
April 202392.3 thousand
March 2023 74.1 thousand
February 202359.6 thousand
January 202397.5 thousand
December 202245.2 thousand
November 202262 thousand
October  202256.6 thousand
September 202286.7 thousand
August 2022123 thousand
July  202272.4 thousand
June 202255.3 thousand
May 202232.8 thousand
April 202238.5 thousand
March 202241.3  thousand
February 202250.3 thousand
January 202281.3 thousand
December 202273.6 thousand
November 202277.7 thousand
October  202291 thousand
September 2022106 thousand
August 2022102 thousand
July 202271.9 thousand
  1. 21.21% of Minecraft players come from the United States. 

Brazil has the second-largest player base, accounting for 6.17% of the total player count, excluding Chinese free-to-play gamers. 

Percentage of Minecraft Players in leading countries

The table below illustrates the leading countries in terms of Minecraft players.

Top CountryThe Percentage of Minecraft Players
The United States21.21%
The United Kingdom5.06%

As per Mojang, players of Minecraft multiplayer logged in for over 1 billion hours of gameplay in 2020. 

When the pandemic began, there was a 25% increase in new players for the game and 40% more people playing the game together.

Source: acitveplayer.io, Statista, Headphones Addict. 

Minecraft User Demography Statistics

Minecraft has a broad demographic range, with players aged 3 to 60. Let’s gather the relevant statistics to understand the user base of Minecraft better.

  1. 32% of Minecraft players are Females. 

Despite common misconceptions, Minecraft is not just popular among boys and men. 

Approximately 32% of players are women, steadily increasing as more females streamers stream the game on Twitch.

  1. The average age of Minecraft users is 24 years

The largest age group of Minecraft players falls between 15 to 21 years old, making up 43% of the total player population. 

This table displays the percentage of Minecraft players for each age group.

Age groupShare of Minecraft Players
Less than 15 years20.59%
15 to 21 years43%
22 to 30 years21%
  1. A huge number of minecraft users are children.

53% of children between the ages of 6 and 8 play Minecraft. 

The table provides a more comprehensive overview of the age range of Minecraft players.

Age GroupShare of Players
6 to 8 years53%
9 to 12 years68%
  1. 70% of children aged between 3 to 8 play Minecraft on a tablet. 

Moreover, around half of 9 to 12 year olds prefer to play Minecraft on a tablet, while the remaining half opt for the PC. 

According to an Australian survey, 80% of children play Minecraft with someone else, often with relatives, parents, friends, or other players online. 

Interestingly, only 11% of parents choose to join in on the fun and play Minecraft with their kids.

  1. 54% of Minecraft players aged between 3 to 12 are girls. 

Among the 3 to 12 age group, a higher percentage of boys (54%) play Minecraft than girls (32%). 

The gender gap widens even further in the 6 to 8 age group, where 68% of boys play Minecraft versus 29% of girls.

Here are complete insights into the Minecraft players by Gender. 

Age group BoysGirls
3 to 12 years54%32%
6 to 8 years68%29%

32% of boys between 6 and 8 have viewed Minecraft videos on YouTube, while only 9% of girls have done the same.

Source: Headphones Additc, Tech Jury. 

Minecraft Revenue Statistics 

This section presents the essential statistics related to Minecraft revenue.

  1. Minecraft has a revenue of $380 million as per the latest figures.

According to recent data, Minecraft generated $380 million in revenue in 2021, which is $35 million less than the previous year. 

To date, the highest revenue recorded by Minecraft was in 2018, with $500 million.

Total Annual Revenue of Minecraft over the Years

Please refer to the table below for the total annual revenue of Minecraft over the years:

YearMinecraft Revenue 
2021$380 million
2020$415 million
2019$375 million
2018$500 million
2017$370 million
2016$420 million
2015$350 million
2014$165 million
2013$326 million
2012$211 million
  1. In 2021, $222.35 million in Minecraft revenue came from desktops or PC. 

Minecraft’s revenue is primarily generated from desktops, with more than 58.51% of revenue coming from this source.

Mobile devices account for the remaining 41.49% of revenue.

The table below shows the desktop revenue of Minecraft over the years:

YearThe Annual Desktop Revenue of Minecraft
2021$222.35 million
2020$274.77 million
2019$262.14 million
2018$416.94 million
2017$289.1 million
2016$344.08 million
2015$260.69 million
  1. Minecraft is valued at $1.7 billion.

In 2014, Markus Notch Persson sold Minecraft for 2.5 billion to Microsoft. This came after it already sold 15 million copies and made a name for itself as a beloved indie hit.

Additionally, Microsoft made Minecraft more accessible to a broader audience by releasing a mobile version of Minecraft: Pocket Edition after acquiring it.

Source: Statista, Business of Apps. 

Minecraft Mobile Revenue Statistics 

The portion of Minecraft’s total revenue coming from mobile is notable. This section will provide key statistics on Minecraft’s mobile revenue.

  1. In 2022, the mobile revenue of Minecraft was $102.6 million.

In 2020, the annual mobile revenue was $140.23 million.

Annual Mobile Revenue of Minecraft over the Years

Below is a table that displays the complete details of the annual revenue of Minecraft over the years:

YearThe Annual Mobile Revenue of Minecraft
2022$102.6 million
2021$157.65 million
2020$140.23 million
2019$112.86 million
2018$83.06 million
2017$80.9 million
2016$75.92 million
2015$89.31 million

Source: Statista. 

Minecraft Sales Statistics

Minecraft sales have been increasing by an average of 25% yearly. This section will provide all the essential statistics on Minecraft sales.

  1. Minecraft has recorded all time sales of 238 million units globally.

This makes Minecraft one of the most sold games of all time.

The number of unit sales increased by 38 million compared to 2020, with a total of 238 million units sold worldwide in 2021. 

The table below displays the cumulative sales of Minecraft from 2011 to 2021.

2021238 million
2020200 million 
2019176 million
2018154 million
2017122 million
2016100 million
201572 million
201454 million
201333 million
20129.2 million
20114 million
  1. The pocket edition of Minecraft sold 130 million units worldwide in 2021. 

The sales of pocket editions of Minecraft are continuing to grow annually, with 113 million units sold in 2020. 

Please refer to the accompanying table for a summary of cumulative sales over the years:

2021133 million
2020113 million 
2019105 million
201893 million
201763 million
201650 million
201530 million
201421 million
201314 million
20123 million 

Source: Business of Apps. 

Did you know? Minecraft is one of the most popular games on Xbox.

Minecraft Viewers On Twitch Statistics 

Minecraft holds 9th in the list of the most popular games streamed on Twitch. This section will gather all the essential statistics regarding Minecraft viewers on Twitch.

  1. As of July 2023, Minecraft events on the Twitch video streaming service were watched for 34 million hours.

In May 2023, Minecraft’s watching hours on Twitch were 60.1 million, which is 20.5 million hours more than in June 2023.

This table shows the complete insight into it: 

MonthWatching hours of Minecraft on Twitch 
July 202334 million hours
June 202339.6 million hours
May 202360.1 million hours
April 202366.2 million hours
March 2023 54.4 million hours
February 202339.6 million hours
January 202372 million hours
December 202233.6 million hours
November 202244.6 million hours
October  202239.1 million hours
September 202261.8 million hours
August 202291.8 million hours
July  202252.2 million hours
June 202239.8 million hours
May 202224.3 million hours
April 202227.6 million hours
March 202230.1 million hours
February 202233.5 million hours
January 202260.4 million hours
December 202254.7 million hours
November 202155.9 million hours
October  202167.7 million hours
September 202176.3 million hours
August 202175.9 million hours
July 202153.48 million hours

The below Image shows the Minecraft statistics on Twitch by month. 

 Minecraft statistics on Twitch

Source: Twitch Tracker. 

Bonus: Twitch is the only platform that has the most influence on the gaming industry with more than 140 million unique visitors each month.

Minecraft Streamers Statistics 

As of 2023, Minecraft streamers operate in 95 countries. This section provides key statistics on Minecraft streams.

  1. 2.6 thousand Minecraft concurrent streams were playing as of July 2023.

This table shows the complete insights into the streams of Minecraft over time:

Month Minecraft Streams on Twitch
July 20232.6 thousand
June 20232.4 thousand
May 20232 thousand
April 20232.3 thousand
March 2023 2.1 thousand
February 20232.3 thousand
January 20232.3 thousand
December 20221.7 thousand
November 20221.7 thousand
October  20221.8 thousand
September 20222.1 thousand
August 20222.9 thousand
July  20222.8 thousand
June 20222.1 thousand
May 20221.9 thousand
April 20222.2 thousand
March 20222.2 thousand
February 20222.7 thousand
January 20223.1 thousand
December 20212.9 thousand
November 20212.5 thousand
October  20212.6 thousand
  1. Cellbit is the top live Minecraft stream on Twitch, with 32,943 viewers. 

Currently, the second most popular Minecraft live streamer is Forever, which has an audience of 13,838 viewers. 

Below is a table displaying the most popular Minecraft live streams ranked by viewer count.

Top ChannelViewers

Source: Twitch Tracker. 

Minecraft Download Statistics 

Minecraft has been downloaded over 10.20 million times on Google Play and the Apple Store. Let’s explore its features and specifics in further detail.

  1. Minecraft has been downloaded over 10 million times on Google Play

In July 2022, Minecraft was downloaded 200,000 times by Apple users alone. However, the App Store does not display the total number of downloads. 

The game has received 3,760,000 reviews on Google Play Stores.

  1. In 2021, Chinese Minecraft had 425 million downloads

China has a unique way of experiencing Minecraft through its own ‘China Edition’ rather than the traditional Java or Bedrock versions. 

Although some players may consider it a completely different game, it closely resembles traditional Minecraft. 

The number of Chinese Minecraft users has been increasing every year since 2017. In 2020, the Chinese Minecraft app was downloaded 400 million times. 

Please refer to the table below for the number of Chinese Minecraft downloads over the years:

YearThe Number of Downloads
2021425 million
2020400 million
2019300 million
2018150 million
201760 million

Minecraft Earth, which uses AR technology, received 2.5 million downloads in its first year after release. 

In the initial ten days, the Earth version had 1.4 million downloads, with 86% of them originating from the United States.

Source: Headphones Addict. 

Minecraft Traffic Statistics 

This section will review all the statistics related to Minecraft traffic.

  1. 24 million people visited Minecraft in June 2023. 

In June 2023, Minecraft had 2.6 million visitors, an increase from May 2023.

Please refer to the table below for the number of Minecraft users in the past 3 months:

MonthThe Number of Minecraft Visitors
June 24 million
May21.5 million
April22.3 million
  1. 29.51% of Minecraft traffic comes from the United States as of June 2023.

Brazil is the second highest contributor, with 3.75% of the traffic. 

This table shows the leading Minecraft traffic contributors:

Top CountryShare of Minecraft Traffic
The United States29.51%
The United Kingdom3.37%
  1. 54.2% of Minecraft traffic comes from desktops. 

Minecraft receives most of its traffic from desktop devices, with the remaining traffic coming from mobile devices (45.8%).

  1. In the United States, 60.37% of Minecraft traffic comes from desktops, while 39.63% comes from mobile devices.

Brazil is the leading country in desktop traffic to Minecraft, with 85.8%, while 14.2% comes from mobile devices.

This table below shows some of the leading countries’ Desktop and Mobile traffic to Minecraft.

CountryDesktop TrafficMobile Traffic
The United States60.37%39.63%
  1. The United States sends all its Minecraft traffic by 11.2 million devices

The United States used the most devices to send Minecraft traffic, followed by Brazil, with 8.3 million devices. 

Number of Devices used to Send Traffic to Minecraft

This table shows the top countries with the number of devices used to send traffic to Minecraft:

Top countriesThe Number of Devices
The United States11.2 million
Brazil8.3 million
Germany1.6 million
India1.6 million
Mexico1.5 million 
  1. 26.63% of Minecraft traffic came from the keyword “minecraft”. 

Regarding Minecraft traffic, 2.4% was generated by the keyword “minecraft classic,” while 1.96% came from “minecraft download.” 

The table below displays the top keywords used for Minecraft that generated the most traffic.

Top KeywordMinecraft Traffic
Minecraft 26.63%
Minecraft Classic2.4%
Minecraft download1.96%
Minecraft education edition1.96%
Minecraft legends1.31%
  1. Most of the Minecraft traffic comes from people aged between 18 to 24 years

Around 40% of Minecraft traffic is generated by users aged between 18 and 24, making up every fourth game user. 

The second largest group contributing to the traffic is aged 25 to 34, accounting for 29.22%. 

A table provides a comprehensive view of the traffic insights categorized by age group for Minecraft.

Age GroupShare of traffic
18 to 24 years40.31%
25 to 34 years29.22%
35 to 44 years14.12%
45 to 54 years8.20%
55 to 64 years5%
More than 65 years3.14%
  1. 50.61% of Minecraft traffic comes from organic search. 

Organic searches are the primary source of Minecraft traffic, followed by direct sources, which account for 42.64% of total traffic. 

Paid searches only contribute to 0.01% of the total traffic.

Please refer to the table provided for a comprehensive overview of Minecraft traffic by source,

SourceShare of Minecraft Traffic
Organic Search 50.61%
Direct Source42.64%
Social 2.16%
Paid search0.01%
  1. 62.19% of social traffic of Minecraft comes from YouTube. 

The majority of Minecraft’s social traffic comes from YouTube. 

Following youtube is Twitter, which contributes to 15.62% of Minecraft’s social traffic.

Below is a table that displays Minecraft’s social traffic across various social platforms:

Social PlatformsShare of Social Traffic
Instagram 1.41%

Source: Semrush, Similar Web. 

General Minecraft Statistics 

Below are some general statistics about Minecraft that illustrate its popularity.

  1. There are 10,134 Minecraft servers globally. 

The United States boasts the most number of servers, totaling 4,328. To put it in perspective, that accounts for 42.7% of all Minecraft servers worldwide.

Number of Minecraft Servers by Countries

The United Kingdom comes in second, with 6.8% of the servers. It’s interesting that 15 countries only have one Minecraft server each.

A table shows the top countries by the number of Minecraft Servers. 

Top CountryThe Number of Minecraft Servers
The United States4,328 servers
The United Kingdom 696 servers
Turkey 544 servers
Germany 338 servers
Taiwan 281 servers
Canada 274 servers
Indonesia 243 servers
Brazil 212 servers
Australia 186 servers
Spain 181 servers
The Netherlands175 servers
India158 servers

Did you know? You can host your custom Minecraft server? Running Minecraft from your server makes the world-building experience exclusive, and lets other users share in your awesome creation. Just make sure to choose the right Minecraft server host.

  1. More than 65% of searches in Asia were related to Minecraft in 2020. 

The second top region was South America, where 58% of all internet searches were related to Minecraft. 

A table shows the percentage of Minecraft searches in all internet searches by region. 

RegionThe Percentage of Minecraft Searches
South America  58%
Oceania 40%
Europe 18%
North America 13%
Africa 11%

Source: Headphones Addict. 

Here are some more gaming stats that might interest you:


That’s all about Minecraft!

Minecraft is one of the most famous games worldwide, with millions of users playing and exploring this game. 

Minecraft’s growth is likely to continue, even with a slower growth rate, as it adds new features while maintaining its core gameplay.

I hope you have found this article informative. For the latest update, keep revising this article. We will be updating it from time to time. Meanwhile, Happy Gaming!


What is the average age of Minecraft users?

Despite being favored by children, the average age of Minecraft users is 24 years. 

Is Minecraft still popular in 2023?

The game has 140 million monthly active players, up from 91 million in 2018. Which is some serious interacting user base. It is safe to say Minecraft is still popular among people globally!

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