36+ Best AppSumo Deals Of February 2023 (Different Categories)

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If you are wondering how to find the best Appsumo deals for your business needs, you have come to the right place. In this article, you can find the latest AppSumo deals of this month, which are worth buying.

It is time to break the cycle of paying more to get more. Platforms like Appsumo help startups and young influencers get hands-on premium tools at throwaway prices to help them grow and match existing players. 

We have specially curated this post, listing all the top AppSumo deals sorted according to various business needs. You will find top deals on Marketing tools, Designing tools, Social Media tools, WordPress-related tools, and many more in this post. With that being said, let us get into it with the Appsumo amazing deals.

Top 10 Latest AppSumo Deals (February 2023)

Below is the table of the live Appsumo best deals.

DealDeal TypeAppsumo Price Retail Price
AcumbamailLead Generation $79$839
Ask JarvisWriting / SEO$59$987
LeadScriptsLead Generation $99$1497
AgiledCRM / HR$69$948
Word HeroWriting / SEO$89$2088
WritecreamLead Generation$591440
SendFoxEmail Marketing$49$240
AdscookFacebook Ads Management$79$1068
UUKIMarketing / Social Media$79$948

Category Wise AppSumo Deals (February 2023)

So here we go; we have sorted all the AppSumo deals per category. This will help you find the best tools for Social media, e-commerce, Website designing, data analytics, and much more.

Top Appsumo Deal on Marketing

This section has the top Appsumo deal under the Marketing domain.

1. Acumbamail – Appsumo Deal for $79

Acumbamail is a Digital marketing tool that will help you expand your business by directing traffic to personalized, responsive landing pages using automated marketing campaigns.

Best AppSumo Deals - Acumbamail

You can produce professional, informative emails with appealing graphics and engaging aspects that engage your audience and sell your business with the tool.

You can choose from over 850 presets and customized themes to add eye-catching graphics, videos, Animations, countdown clocks, and more to your emails.

Key Features

  • Over 800 templates to choose from
  • Editor for landing pages
  • reports in its entirety
  • Priority in the sending queue
  • Automation
  • A/B testing
  • Integrations: Konnectzit, Pabbly Connect & Integrated

2. RankTracker – Appsumo Deal for $149

Ranktracker is the one-stop solution for your SEO success. The unique capabilities of Rank Tracker provide you with reliable insights at every level of search engine optimization, from planning and analysis to tracking and problem-solving. 



3. Serpwatch – Appsumo Deal for $59 [Currently Unavailable]

Serpwatch is a one-stop solution for client management, report scheduling, Google analytics integration, and SERP feature timeline. You can access your client portal using Serpwatch without any hassles. You can monitor keywords instantly. 


SerpWatch brings essential ranking data together in one spot, allowing you to compare various SEO data metrics on a single line graph.

You can compare performance points, such as search rankings and organic traffic, using the comparison tool.

As the ranking chart updates, filter the keyword list by device kind, search engine, monitoring location, URL, and much more.

Key Features

  • Appsumo Lifetime deals for $59
  • Supports Google Desktop, Google for Mobile, Google Local, Yahoo, Bing & Yandex
  • Local tracking
  • SERP features
  • Integrations include Zapier, Google Analytics, and API
  • Cross-project tagging
  • Client management

4. Hy.page – Appsumo Deal for $49

Hy.page allows you to sell digital stuff to fans while also linking them to all your internet resources through a single link.


It lets you construct and modify your bio link page to make money by selling items and registrations without paying fees.

Key Features

  • Appsumo lifetime deals for $49
  • Build & sell a membership
  • Unlimited links per page
  • Sell memberships and subscriptions
  • Emphasize Links
  • Zero transaction fees

5. Woorise – Appsumo Deal for $49 [Currently Unavailable]

Woorise helps generate contests and giveaways that might ultimately increase social engagement, impressions, and conversions. You can curate unlimited campaigns, accept direct payments, and integrate email notifications. 


Additionally, a specific country restriction is also achievable in Woorise. 

Key Features

  • Appsumo lifetime deals for $49
  • Drag & drop campaign and form builder
  • Bio-Link page to link to all your important content
  • 5000 entries each month
  • Easily manage all your Entries
  • Send personalized email notifications
  • Create campaigns in multiple languages

6. SendFox – Appsumo Deal for $49 [Lifetime access]

Setting up one email sequence shouldn’t drain your marketing agency’s budget for the rest of the year. Between integrating code, managing content, and duplicating templates – you’ll be running out of cash before you even hit a single person’s inbox.

SendFox is an email marketing tool that offers all the tools you need to build your email list without getting bankrupt.


It’s a budget-friendly email marketing tool that lets you set up email, automate unlimited customized emails, and send drip campaigns and landing pages. With SendFox, you get lifetime access to an easy-to-use tool to create engaging email campaigns with custom colors, texts, and images.

Key Features:

  • Lifetime access to SendFox
  • All future Lifetime deal updates
  • No codes, no stacking – just need to choose the plan which is right for you.
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Unlimited customized emails
  • Unlimited triggered automation
  • Custom forms

7. SalesRobot – AppSumo Deal For $69

SalesRobot is a marketing & lead-generation tool that personalizes outreach campaigns for you so you can generate more leads via email and LinkedIn. This tool has features like custom message sequences, AI for personalized messages, and bypassing the limits of LinkedIn messages. This tool is great for small businesses, marketing agencies, and sales personnel.

Sales Robot

You can easily launch multiple outreach campaigns on LinkedIn with its automation features. It has a library of ready-made templates for you to choose from, and they are fully customizable. So you can edit them according to your campaign goals. Once you launch your campaigns, you can also track them directly from a dashboard and save the prospects in the leads section.

Key Features

  • Profile Outreach On LinkedIn
  • Unlimited Automated Reports
  • Zapier and Integromat Integrations
  • Safe Mode on LinkedIn
  • Image Personalization

Best Appsumo Deals for Content Creation & Optimization

Here, you will find all the top tools for all your content needs. We have all covered, whether for your website or social media handles.

8. Writecream – Appsumo Deal for $59

Whitecream is an extraordinary AI-writing software that can write and create a podcast. From product descriptions to sales copies to email marketing, Writecream can write anything for you. 


You also get innovative marketing tools to take your business to the next level. Unlike other writing software, Writecream can read your content in multiple voices.

Key Features

  • Appsumo deals for just $59
  • AI Writer
  • Mobile app and Chrome extension
  • E-commerce website product descriptions
  • Ideas for Social Media posts
  • Supports multiple languages

9. WriterZen – Appsumo Deal for $69 [Currently Unavailable]

WriterZen helps generate organic traffic and find the most appropriate keyword, making the keyword search process much more manageable. It will detect valuable and ranking keywords instantly so that you don’t spend hours on them.


Plus, WriterZen can accurately discover keywords in the related field without resulting in a misleading topic. The keyword researcher is also enabled with a plagiarism checker. I can guarantee that WriteZen is the place for hunting down new keywords.

Key Features

  • Appsumo deals for $69
  • View SERP overview from Ahrefs
  • Golden Keyword Filtering
  • ESKP Feature
  • Competitor headline generator

10. LeadScripts – Appsumo Deal for $99 [Currently Unavailable]

LeadScripts is a copywriting tool driven by artificial intelligence that helps you finish your page content, emails, advertising, and funnels more quicker.


Simply enter a few data points about your item or brand to receive custom scripts suited to your business.

You may then save those scripts to your LeadScripts folder online or download the scripts and change them later.

Key features

  • Lifetime deals for $99
  • Over 20 funnels
  • Over 800 scripts
  • Headline generator
  • Scripts for Email campaigns, Ads, SEO Metadata.

11. WordHero – Appsumo Deal for $89

WordHero takes the lead in certain aspects of the best AI-writing software list. 

You can convert average website visitors into potential customers without human integration because the copy delivery by WordHero is eye-catching. 


WordHero can also write songs and poetry, which is an added advantage. You also get innovative writing tools for proofreading purposes in WordHero.

Key features:

  • Lifetime deals for $89
  • Generate blog posts.
  • Lifetime Access to over 50 writing tools
  • Get lifetime access to future updates
  • Generate captions for social media bios.
  • Startup ideas
  • Caption writing
  • Supports multiple languages

12. Peppertype.ai – Appsumo Deal for $59

Peppertype.ai is a content creation platform that generates AI-powered engaging content in seconds for a number of channels.


It assists you in quickly creating interesting marketing material, including text and concepts.

Advertisement text, captions for social handles, blog outlines, and website copy are among the more than 35 forms of material available.

Key Features

  • Lifetime deals for %59
  • Long-form content creation
  • Ad copies
  • Tweeting ideas 
  • Youtube video topic ideas
  • Value proposition
  • Product review generator

13. Nichesss – Appsumo Deal for $59

Nichesss is one of the best intelligent AI text generators that helps you find profitable niches and business ideas. Also, it allows you to create social media posts and marketing cop with the push of a button.


Key Features:

  • Lifetime deal to Nichesss
  • AI Marketing copy generator
  • AI Idea Generator
  • It gives you ideas for a Youtube channel video for any niche
  • Create Instagram posts + Twitter tweets

14. NeuronWriter – AppSumo Deal For $69

You’ve spent hours researching the brief of a content and then writing it, but it still is not optimized for SEO properly; that’s where NeuronWriter comes in. It offers semantic recommendations that can boost your SEO and also plan high-ranking content for the future.


If you don’t have the time to do the manual research or optimize the existing content yourself, then this AI-powered tool comes in handy. It can easily analyze the competition’s content and help you create that your readers will love, and search engines will push it to the first page.

Key Features

  • Lifetime deal for $69
  • Research keywords to plan future content
  • Analyze content for SERP
  • Use AI to write unique content for you
  • Task management tools

15. HelloScribe – AppSumo Deal For $79

HelloScribe is another great AI content creation tool that can help you generate ideas for marketing, ad campaigns, and PR responses. You get fresh marketing ideas & premium content within a few seconds, so you don’t have to sit down and do the research on your own. It can help you create headlines, messages, social media posts, articles, media pitches, quotes, summaries, and questions.


HelloScribe’s research features take out information for research papers and verified news articles and give you a credible source of information. They update their research hub daily, so you can rely on their research. It has an AI-powered idea engine that generates fresh ideas for event execution, product ideas, sales promotion, and so on.

Key Features

  • AppSumo Lifetime Deal for $79
  • 80 Brainstorming and Writing Tools
  • Unlimited Projects
  • In-built Templates
  • Bulk Download Of Results

Best Appsumo Deals for Social Media

In this section, we have covered the perfect tools for influencers and social media entrepreneurs.

16. UUKI – Appsumo Deal for $79

UUKI is a Social media platform for creative communities that connects them through forums, subscriptions, and content. Different communities allow creators to interact and exchange their values and ideas.


Key Features

  • Unlimited Storage
  • Event management
  • Up to 3 private spaces
  • Up to 3 mods
  • And much more

17. Melon – Appsumo Deal for $99

Melon allows you to Livestream high-quality content on multiple social platforms. 

You can customize your live stream according to your convenience, like background change, resizing different elements, and dragging the elements over the stream.


Melon lets you communicate over its private chat if you’d like to make conversations with your audience in a private space. Pre-scheduling is also achievable in Melon.

Key Features

  • Unlimited streaming each month
  • Recording time of up to 10 hours
  • 30 days of recording storage
  • Live alerts from the audience
  • Unlimited branding

18. Sociamonials – Appsumo Deal for $69

Sociamonials help you improve your initiatives and enhance your Return On Investment with significant social media insights and automation. It allows you to host large-scale contests and giveaways that promote your company.


With ready-to-use templates and attractive theme pictures, launching campaigns is a breeze. What’s the best part? There is no need to code. Moreover, the tool allows you to do that in multiple languages.

Key Features

  • Unlimited scheduling
  • Variety of widgets
  • premium Integrations
  • Over a million stock photos
  • Advanced social media analytics and statistics

19. Waalaxy – Appsumo Deal for $59

Waalaxy is a solution that allows you to automate lead generation and communications using LinkedIn and email, as well as track the effectiveness of your team.


You can produce tons of prospects every week with Walaaxy.

Key Features

  • Up to 700 invitations per seat/ per week
  • Email finder
  • Multi-account management
  • Auto imports of profiles on LinkedIn

20. RADAAR – Appsumo Deal for $59

RADAAR is an all-in-one social media management platform. It’s specially designed for handling multiple social media profiles. It helps small and mid-size agencies at every step by scheduling and publishing posts on their profiles to analyze their efforts.


It also supports all social media, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Business, and more. Also, they help you simplify your social media management and save time, even if you are a small business or a multiple brands handling agency.

Key Features:

  • Lifetime access with appsumo deals for $59
  • Unlimited posts & team members
  • Unlimited report boards and widgets.
  • 12 social media profiles and 3 monitoring queries.
  • Task manager & password manager

21. Zlappo – Appsumo Deal for $59

With Zlappo, you can grow a profitable Twitter audience like a top influence. You can turn your Twitter account into a mega sales funnel for your affiliate business or any other business.


With the help of Zlappo, you can increase your engagement up to 100%. You can get upto 30-50% more leads on Twitter within a month.

Key Features:

  • Lifetime deal to Zlappo using appsumo deal
  • Rapidly, you can grow your audience on Twitter.
  • Auto-retweet your greatest tweets in the background.
  • You can also cross-post to LinkedIn.
  • Respond to your mentions directly by not notifying others.

Best Appsumo Deals for WordPress

Are you looking for excellent tools to implement on your WordPress site? We have got you covered. Below are the best WordPress plug-ins and softwares to up your game.

 22. WP Reset – Appsumo Deal for $49

WP Reset is a WordPress plug-in that installs themes & plug-ins in bulk, resets defaults, and creates screenshots of your site.

WP Reset

You can also troubleshoot and organize your website quickly by deleting or resetting particular components, such as the unnecessary widgets weighing you down.

Key Features

  • 25+ tools
  • License to 5 websites
  • 2 GB cloud storage for every website 
  • Automated Screenshots
  • Emergency recovery scripts
  • White label

23. UILicious – Appsumo Deal for $59

UIlicious is a solution for testing user journeys on your WordPress website and tracking outcomes across browsers. You may plan automated tests and check particular user journeys to guarantee that your product functions correctly. You may do these tests in 11 major countries worldwide, including the US, Japan, and Germany.


Key Features

  • Data-driven testing with various metrics
  • Ability to run tests on different screen resolutions
  • Test Scheduling
  • Ability to carry out tests in 11 different nations
  • Screenshots of each step

24. WP 301 Redirects – Appsumo Deal for $49

WP 301 Redirection allows you to inspect your website for broken or unsafe links, create automated redirects, monitor affiliate links & administer all your websites from a single dashboard.


You’ll be able to identify broken URLs and shady backlinks with the WP 301 Redirects Link Scanner tool before losing visitors to rival pages.

Key Features

  • Control up to 20 websites
  • 5 complete website scans each month
  • White labels
  • Sitewide Statistics

25. Simple Social Buttons – Appsumo Deal for $39

SSB is a WordPress plug-in that allows you to adjust the appearance and placement of social network buttons on your WordPress website.


You can easily share your content with the help of this tool, and you don’t need to compromise your website design for it.

Customize the appearance and color of social networking buttons to match the theme of your website

Key Features

  • Use on up to 5 websites
  • User-friendly UI
  • Mobile device responsive
  • Compatible With Popular Web Page Builders
  • Highly functioning
  • WooCommerce Support
  • Widgets

Best Appsumo Deals for Design

These robust and easy-to-use designing tools are perfect for designing the website of your dreams. Check the awesome deals below. 

26. RelayThat – Appsumo Deal for $49

RelayThat is a tool that takes the uncertainty out of your website design, allowing you to generate on-brand, professional promotional content quickly.


It generates hundreds of stunning designs in every format and size you can imagine.

Drag and drop your branded material to your liking and create gorgeous designs within seconds

Key Features

  • Use in multiple workspaces
  • Over 2000 layouts
  • Catalog of over 3,000,000 Copyright-free photos and icons
  • Unlimited image downloads

27. InTab.io – Appsumo Deal for $49

Suppose you wish to modify the look of your website but don’t know much about CSS. Then you’ll need to utilize InTab.io, a user-friendly browser plug-in that allows you to change or debug any website’s CSS visually.


Key features

  • 3 browsers licenses
  • Unlimited websites
  • Breakpoints Inspector
  • Code Editor

28. Trakto – Appsumo Deal for $49

Trakto is a simple design editor that allows you to produce professional sales and advertising materials using templates, photos, icons, and shapes, among other things.


You can also use it to make social media posts, presentations, and mini-sites.

Key Features

  • Access to countless images and icons
  • Export designs in MP4, PNG, or PDF format
  • Custom Domain
  • API
  • Up to 40 background removals

Best Appsumo Deals for Data Analytics

Whether you’re a newbie or a veteran in the SEO game, these data analytical tools will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your website and help you grow.

29. Screpy – Appsumo Deal for $49

Screpy is an AI-powered SEO and web analysis tool that allows you to evaluate and track your site’s data from one central dashboard.


You’ll be able to see all of your statistics in one location, allowing you to spot and fix any problems and optimize your website based on real-time data.

Key Features

  • Sitewide SEO audit
  • SERP checker
  • Syntax checker
  • Sitewide page speed monitoring
  • Heading, Link, and Image Analysis
  • SSL tracker
  • And much more

30. Site Guru – Appsumo Deal for $49

You get a thorough SEO assessment of your website with SiteGuru, which shows you precisely where to start improving your rankings. You can achieve SEO success without understanding everything there is to know about SEO.


It helps you track your SEO success by integrating data from Google Search Console & Google Analytics. It shows you which keywords you can rank for, which sites have slipped in the search results, and how to enhance your Google click-through rate.

Key Features

  • Complete SEO audit
  • Page Speed analysis
  • You can audit a website with up to 500 pages
  • You can download all your reports and export them to an excel sheet
  • And much more

31. Other Perspective – Appsumo Deal for $59

Other Perspectives is a comprehensive analytics solution that organizes data into a simple dashboard. Using graphs and charts, you can create a basic summary in minutes that displays your data in a straightforward style.


This tool compares your website to competitors, rates your associated properties, and discovers other influential accounts on all major social media platforms.

Key Features

  • In-depth reports
  • Develop content marketing strategies
  • Reports via charts and tables
  • Boost engagement
  • And much more

Best Appsumo Deals for Web Development

Uplift your Web developing skills with this tool and gain an edge over your competitors. Check out this excellent deal on AppSumo today! 

32. Meta API – Appsumo Deal for $99

Meta API allows you to speed up your applications’ development, distribution, and monitoring. Using your criteria, you may strengthen connectivity between other tools and business processes quicker with this tool.


There’s no need to look for paperwork or familiarize yourself with authentication types or methods; instead, just go through an API directory with hundreds of ready-to-use APIs and use them.

Key Features

  • API Key and OAuth 2
  • Code Editor
  • Scheduler and Runner
  • Advanced debugger
  • Advanced Reporting
  • And much more

Best Appsumo Deals for E-commerce

In this section, we have listed some great tools to help your e-commerce business thrive.

33. WebBoss – Appsumo Deal for $69

WebBoss is a Website designer who is best suited for e-commerce websites.

Don’t waste time looking for essential plug-ins: WebBoss has 16 inbuilt modules, so you’ll have all you need straight away.


With their Theme Designer Module, you can simply design a range of pages by choosing pictures, fonts, and background colors.

Key Features

  • SSL
  • Payment gateway integrations
  • E-commerce analytics
  • SEO
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Customizable modules

34. Searchanise – Appsumo Deal for $59

Searchanise is a search and filtering tool that helps buyers rapidly locate the items they seek.


The tool recalls standard search terms and the search history of your consumers and uses this information to provide search suggestions relevant to the user’s needs. This and many other features make Searchanise an excellent tool for your e-commerce website.

Key features

  • Integrates with significant WordPress plug-ins
  • It helps you Create fully customizable search filters
  • Helps improve site navigation for customers
  • Improve sales.

35. Sellix – Appsumo Deal for $89

Sellix is another eCommerce platform that allows you to sell digital products of any type or service requiring a custom storefront.


You can sell any product type as long as it is digital such as subscriptions, software, files, digital downloads, on-demand custom services, memberships, and more. Adding a product to your digital storefront is easy. All you need to do is add an image, price, title, product type, payment methods, and description.

Key Features:

  • The huge annual revenue limit
  • Get lifetime access to updates
  • Unlimited Tickets
  • Unlimited orders & products
  • Analytics dashboard
  • 25 managers per shop

36. WiserNotify – AppSumo Deal For $89

We are all aware of the hyped products, and when they come, we stand in line to get our hands on them, whether it is a phone, shoes, or any other product. But you don’t see that kind of hype on online products, which can be a reason because you haven’t promoted your products properly.


That’s where WiserNotify comes in, which creates credibility for your products by getting reviews and social proof from the customers who are purchasing from your online store. It also integrates with major eCommerce platforms, which makes it easy for you to integrate it into your eCommerce store.

Key Features

  • AppSumo Lifetime deal for $89
  • 10+ Dynamic Social Proof Notifications
  • Unlimited notifications
  • Access To 150+ Integrations
  • 60+ Notification Templates

Conclusion: Best AppSumo Deals (2023)

As promised, here are all the top Appsumo deals as of February 2023. Every single deal mentioned in this post is a value for your money. We strive only to provide the best for our users; hence, we update this post as soon as Appsumo has new and exciting deals that need attention. Make sure to check this space to get the best of Appsumo always.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do lifetime deals at AppSumo mean?

Lifetime deals by AppSumo simply mean that with every tool or product you purchase from AppSumo, you’ll get access to it for a lifetime. 

Does AppSumo offer a money-back guarantee?

You will get a standard 60 days money-back guarantee protection with AppSumo. So you can try any product or tool from AppSumo for 60 days. You’ll get a refund if you are not happy. It’s as simple as that. 

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