Disney+ Statistics For 2024 Users And Revenue Facts

Disney+ has established itself as a serious contender in the famed stream wars between Netflix and Amazon, two of the most established streaming services. 

Disney+ gained 10 million users on its launch day and did not stop growing until the end of 2022;

Disney+ started 2023 with subscriber loss and is still continuing the trend; it has lost 15.1 million subscribers in the first six months of 2023. This marks the streamer’s third consecutive quarterly drop! So, how are things looking for the streaming giant as we move forward in 2023? Let us find out in this post.

We have gone through all the facts and figures related to Disney Plus and compiled them in this post. You will find up-to-date information related to Disney+’s user count and much more as of 2024.

So let’s get into it, shall we?

Disney+ Statistics 2024 (Top Picks)

  • Disney+ has 150 million subscribers globally as of 2024.
  • Disney+ registered a revenue of $8.4 billion in 2023.
  • The platform’s global average monthly revenue per paid subscriber is $6.58.
  • Since its release, Disney+ has been downloaded over 200 million times.
  • Disney+ is expected to overtake Netflix as the most popular SVOD service globally by 2026.
  • Disney+ Projects to have 230-260 million users by 2024 and around 290 million by 2026.
  • Disney Plus has 7,000 television series episodes and 500 films available globally.

Disney+ User Statistics 2024

While Disney+ has lost subscribers on its Disney+Hotstar version in recent quarters, it has managed to gain users in other parts of the world.

Let us take you through all the latest happenings in the sections below:

How Many Disney Plus Subscribers Are There

Disney+ has over 150 million subscribers globally as of 2024.

Disney+ witnessed a drop of 4 million subscribers in Q1 of 2023 and a further drop of 11.1 million in Q2 of 2023. That’s the third consecutive time the platform has seen a drop in subscriber growth since its launch in 2019.

  • In 2022, Disney Plus attracted 46.1 million customers.
  • 10 million users joined the platform on the launch day itself (12th November 2019)
Disney+ Quarterly Subscribers Over The Years

Here is a table showing the quarterly breakdown of Disney+ subscribers:

TimeDisney Plus Subscribers
Q4 201910 million
Q1 202026.5 million
Q2 202033.5 million
Q3 202060.5 million
Q4 202073.7 million
Q1 202194.9 million
Q2 2021103.6 million
Q3 2021116 million
Q4 2021118.1 million
Q1 2022129.8 million
Q2 2022137.7 million
Q3 2022152.1 million
Q4 2022164.2 million
Q1 2023161.8 million
Q2 2023157.8 million
Q3 2023146.7 million
Q4 2023150 million

Here is a table showing Disney Plus’s Annual Subscribers Growth:

Disney+ Yearly Subscribers
202073.3 million
2021118.1 million
2022164.2 million
2023150 million

Disney+ ARPU Statistics

Disney+ ARPU Over The Years

Disney Plus earns $4.44 US dollars per paying subscriber each month as of Q2 2023.

Disney Plus’ average ARPU was $4.25 in 2022.

This mostly has to do with the Disney+ expansion since 2019. Pricing in certain areas is much lower than in the United States or Western Europe.

Here is a table showing Disney Plus’ quarterly ARPU From Q1 2020 to Q2 2023:

DateAverage Revenue Per User
Quarter 1 2020$5.56
Quarter 2 2020$5.63
Quarter 3 2020$4.62
Quarter 4 2020$4.52
Quarter 1 2021$4.03
Quarter 2 2021$3.99
Quarter 3 2021$4.16
Quarter 4 2021$4.12
Quarter 1 2022$4.41
Quarter 2 2022$4.35
Quarter 3 2022$4.35
Quarter 4 2022$3.91
Quarter 1 2023$3.93
Quarter 2 2023$4.44
Quarter 2 2023$6.

Disney+ has stopped reporting the “global ARPU” from Q3 2023 reports. They instead share only “Core Disney+ ARPU” and “Disney+ Hotstar ARPU”.

Here are the value of the same:

YearCore Disney+ ARPUDisney+ Hotstar ARPU
Q2 2023$6.47$6.58
Q3 2023$0.59$0.59

Disney+ Revenue Statistics

Disney+ Quarterly Revenue

Disney Plus has generated a revenue of $6.16 billion in 2023 so far.

Disney+ made a revenue of $7.423 Billion in 2022. That is $2.13 billion more than 2021.

Below is the breakdown of Disney+ Quarterly Revenue until Q3 of 2023:

Quarter 1 2020$442 million
Quarter 2 2020$565 million
Quarter 3 2020$796 million
Quarter 4 2020$999 million
Quarter 1 2021$1.147 billion
Quarter 2 2021$1.240 billion
Quarter 3 2021$1.447 billion
Quarter 4 2021$1.459 billion
Quarter 1 2022$1.717 billion
Quarter 2 2022$1.796 billion
Quarter 3 2022$1.984 billion
Quarter 4 2022$1.926 billion
Quarter 1 2023$1.908 billion
Quarter 2 2023$2.102 billion
Quarter 3 2023$2.158 billion

Here is a breakdown of Disney Plus’s annual revenue:

Disney+ Yearly Revenue
2020$2.802 billion
2021$5.293 billion
2022$7.423 billion
2023 (As of Q3)$6.16 billion

Disney+ Subscriber Retention Rate Statistics

78% of Disney+ Bundle users keep their subscriptions after the 6 months mark.

  • These figures make Disney+ the streaming service with the most retention rate beating the likes of Netflix, Hulu, Youtube Tv, etc.

The above Numbers were for the Disney+ Bundle plan.

If we talk about the basic Disney+ Plan, then, After six months, 74% of monthly Disney+ users (those who don’t have access to Hulu or ESPN+) continue to pay for the service.

Disney+ Monthly v/s Annual subscription

Disney+ Monthly v_s Disney+ Annual subscription

A yearly subscription of $79.99 is chosen by 20% of new Disney+ customers.

The remaining 80% of new signups choose monthly pricing, which costs $7.99.

  • The percentage of customers who choose yearly paying has risen recently.

Below is the overview of Share of people choosing Monthly and Annual plans:

DateMonthly PlanAnnual Plan
October 202088%12%
November 202081%19%
December 202080%20%
January 202180%20%
November 202282%18%
January 202380%20%
  • A less expensive, ad-supported edition of Disney Plus is also coming. It is expected to launch in the United States later in 2022, followed by an international rollout in 2023. The price of it is not known as of now

Disney+ Share in SVOD signups (USA)

Disney+ Share In SVOD Signups (USA)

In December 2022, Disney+ accounted for 25% of all new SVOD signups (including free trials).

To put things into perspective, we have put down the USA SVOD sign-ups since July 2020.

DateMarket Share Of Signups
July 202027%
August 202013%
September 202013%
October 202013%
November 202016%
December 202019%
January 202113%
December 202225%

Disney+ Market Share of SVOD Subscriptions (USA)

Disney+ accounts for 15% of SVOD subscribers in the United States as of June 2023.

Below is the breakdown of Disney+’s market share of SVOD subscriptions in the U.S.A.

DateShare of US subscriptions
Quarter 4 201915%
Quarter 1 202016%
Quarter 2 202017%
Quarter 3 202017%
Quarter 4 202018%
Quarter 4 202215%
Quarter 1 202315%

Disney+ Demographics – Gender Distribution

Disney+ Demographics – Gender Distribution

Males make up 55%, and Females make up the remaining 45% of Disney+ Subscribers in the United States.

Below is the table showing the distribution of Disney Plus users based on their genders:

GenderShare of Users 

Disney+ Users as per Their Age

Disney+ Users as per their Age

In the United States, 45% of Disney+ users are below the age of 18. 

  • People aged 18 to 34 make up 25% of the Disney+ user base.
  • People aged 35 to 54 make up 24% of the Disney+ user base.
  • 8% of Disney+ users are above the age of 55.

Below is the overview of Disney+ users according to their age

AgeShare of Users

Disney+ users based on location 

Disney+ users As Per Their Location Of Stay
  • 45% of Disney+ users come from suburban areas. And 38% come from Urban areas.
  • Disney+ has 20% of users coming from rural areas.
  • If we combine the population of the USSR from Urban and Suburban areas, It adds up to 80%

Here is the breakdown of Disney+ users as per their location of stay

AreaShare of Users

Disney+ Racial Demographics

Disney+ Users As Per Race

In this section, we talk about Disney+ users based on their race.

In the United States, Most of the Disney+ users are white, accounting for 62%

  • It is also worth noting that, among all of its major rivals, Disney+ has the biggest proportion of non-white users.

We have made a table showing Disney+ users based on their race to help you understand things more clearly.

RaceShare of Users
White (non-Hispanic)62%
Black (non-Hispanic)8%
Asian & other races or ethnicities5%

Disney+ Content Library

How Many Titles Does Disney+ have

According to Statista, Disney+ currently has around 15,000 television episodes and over 500 films in its library as of September 2023.

Disney+ Download statistics (US)

When Disney+ launched in 2019, it was downloaded 28.7 million times. Since then, the downloads have gone down.

In Quarter 4 of 2022, The app recorded 8.50 Million Downloads in the United States.

Below is the breakdown for Disney+ Downloads in the United States from 2019 to 2022:

Quarter 4 201928.7 Million
Quarter 1 202014.11 Million
Quarter 2 20209.3 Million
Quarter 3 20209.1 Million
Quarter 4 20209.8 Million
Quarter 1 20218.83 Million
Quarter 2 20217.67 Million
Quarter 3 20218.9 Million
Quarter 4 20217.9 Million
Quarter 1 20229.66 Million
Quarter 2 20228.51 Million
Quarter 3 20228.33 Million
Quarter 4 20228.50 Million

Globally speaking, The Android app of Disney+ has over 1 Billion downloads on the Google play store.

Disney+ v/s Netflix (Subscribers Growth)

Disney+ is proving to be tough competition to Netflix. The Growth in the number of Users is gaining traction for Disney+.

Many Experts claim that Disney+ will overtake Netflix in terms of the number of Users by 2028.

Although Netflix will add 60 million new subscribers between 2021 & 2027, The rate at which Disney+ users are growing, it will dethrone Netflix to become the king of SVODs globally.

Below, we have compared the growth of Netflix and Disney+ users from Q4 of 2019 (When Disney+ was launched)

TimeNetflix UsersDisney+ Users
Quarter 4 2019167 million10 million
Quarter 1 2020182.8 million26.6 million
Quarter 2 2020192.9 million33.5 million
Quarter 3 2020195.1 million57.5 million
Quarter 4 2020203.6 million73.3 million
Quarter 1 2021207.6 million94.9 million
Quarter 2 2021209 million103.6 million
Quarter 3 2021214 million116 million
Quarter 4 2021222.2 million118.1 million
Quarter 1 2022222 million129.8 million
Quarter 2 2022220.6 million137.7 million
Quarter 3 2022223 million152.1 million
Quarter 4 2022230.75 million164.2 million
Quarter 1 2023232.5 million157.8 million
Quarter 2 2023238.39 million146.7 million

Income of Disney+ Users (USA)

  • 43% of Disney+ users from the United States earn less than $50,000
  • 77% of Disney+ users based in the US earn less than $100k annually.

Below is the breakdown of Disney+ users based on their income.

Annual incomeShare of Users
Less than $50,00043%
$50,000 – $100,00034%
More than $100,00023%

Future of Disney+ (Second Half Of 2023 and Beyond)

Disney+ achieved its 5-year goals in just a few months after launch. That’s a huge win for Disney+, and it bodes well for the future of the service.

  • By 2024, Disney+ is estimated to have 260 Million subscribers.
  • As of now, Disney is not making any profit. But once it reaches its mark of 260 Million Subscribers in 2024, it will start making a profit.
  • Between 2021 and 2027, Disney+ is expected to attract 146 million new customers, bringing its total to 276 million.
  • In 2027, roughly 106 million Disney+ members will be from 13 different Asian countries covered by the Disney+ Hotstar label.
  • Disney+ aims to spend $33 billion on content building, an increase of $8 billion from 2021.
  • Disney+ will overtake Netflix in terms of user count by 2027.

Other Interesting Insights On Disney+

  • With the pricing of $7.99/month and $79.99/year, Disney+ is one of the cheapest SVOD services globally.
  • Disney+ brand itself as Disney+ Hotstar in India and Some other Asian Regions.
  • Disney+ Hotstar is India’s largest premium streaming service.
  • Disney+ Hotstar had 45 million users in January 2022
  • Disney+ was the most downloaded application on both the Google and Apple app store in 2019.
  • Disney+ is also available as part of a Disney Bundle deal. It combines Three streaming services (Disney+, Hulu and ESPN) to provide the complete package of Family entertainment.
  • All of Disney Studios’ blockbusters are available to view on Disney+, which have grossed over $11 billion at the box office globally.
  • Disney has acquired Marvel, 20th Century Fox & Pixar. That makes Disney Plus the only streaming service that has access to the entire content from  Star Wars and Marvel Franchise.
  • Parent company of Disney+, The Walt Disney Company ranks 5th on Fortune’s World’s most admired companies.

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Conclusion: Disney Users 2023

With this, we come to the end of the Disney+ statistics 2023. Disney+ is losing subscribers for the last 3 quarters, which is not a good sign.

Will Disney+ be able to overtake Netflix in terms of subscribers? Especially after all these losses? is Disney+ losing its appeal, or is this the calm before the storm? We’ll find it out when Disney+ releases its next quarterly report.

Until then, you might want to check out our other work for more such platforms.


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