Netflix Statistics 2024 (Users & Revenue)

Netflix is a leading SVOD service with over 260.28 million paid subscribers worldwide as of Q4 2023. That is an increase of 13.13 million subscribers from the previous quarter. A good recovery after losing 1.17 million subscribers in the first half of 2022.

Netflix now owns a 7.7% share of the US screen time. It is just behind YouTube, which has an 8.5% share.

Netflix released an engagement report that shows the most watched shows and movies in the first half of 2023.

Learn more about Netflix’s user demographics, its financials, and user behavior that will help you understand its trends for 2024!

Top Netflix Statistics At A Glance

  • Netflix has 260.28 million subscribers as of 2024.
  • Netflix generated $33.724 billion in revenue in complete 2023.
  • Women make up 51%, while Males make up 49% of all Netflix users.
  • Netflix is preferred by 47% of Americans over other streaming platforms and is responsible for 7.8% of the screen time in the country.
  • Around 65% of Netflix consumers are from outside of the United States of America & Canada.
  • Netflix customers spend 3.2 hours each day on average consuming content.

Netflix Overview

Date of launch29 August 1997.
15 January 2007 (streaming service launched)
Headquarters inCalifornia
Minds behind NetflixReed Hastings (co-CEO, founder), 
Ted Sarandos (co-CEO, chief content officer), 
Greg Peters (COO, CPO)
IndustryVideo streaming

Netflix Statistics In Depth – 2024

In this section, we will discuss the statistics associated with Netflix in a detailed manner.

1) Netflix Has 260.28 Million Subscribers As Of 2024

After facing hiccups in use growth in 2022, Netflix is back to its regular growth pace and boasts 260.28 million users as of 2024. 

The company managed to outdo its year-end predictions and continue to thrice under its new Co CEOs, Ted and Greg.

Netflix subscriber

Here is a table showing Netflix’s subscriber count over the years:

YearNetflix Subscribers
201121.5 million
201225.7 million
201335.6 million
201447.9 million
201562.7 million
201679.9 million
201799 million
2018124.3 million
2019151.5 million
2020192.9 million
2021219.7 million
2022230.7 million
2023260.28 million

Netflix added 13.13 million new subscribers in this latest quarter and expects to have a positive growth in the upcoming quarter too.

Source: Netflix Investor Relation Letter

2) Netflix’s Ad-Supported Plan Now Has 23 Million Subscribers

Netflix launched its ad-supported plan on November 1st, 2022, for Canada and Mexico. Later, on November 3rd, the plan went live for the United States, United Kingdoms, Australia, France, Brazil, Germany, Italy, Korea and Japan.

Currently, 23 million subscribers are subscribed to this ad-supported tier of Netflix.

Source: Variety

3) Netflix Added Over 200k New Subscribers After Password-Sharing Crackdown

Netflix is experiencing an increase in subscribers as more people create new accounts to stream content after deciding to crack down on password sharing.

Netflix has extended its crackdown on password-sharing to over 100 countries, and here is how it is affecting its subscriber count!

Antenna's Report On Netflix Daily Sign-ups
Source: Antenna Twitter Handle
  • After announcing its password crackdown news on May 23, 2023, Netflix experienced a significant increase in subscriber count in the United States. The streaming giant added 100k subscribers on both May 26th and 27th, and the average daily signups during that period rose to 73,000.
  • The average daily signups increased by 102% from the previous 60-day period. That is even better than the spike which happened during the Covid-19 lockdown.

Source: Antenna

Now let us see what happened before this crackdown:

4) Netflix’s Subscriber Count Took A Hit In 2022 But Recovered In 2023

Netflix’s Subscriber growth at the beginning of 2022 wasn’t great. The company had predicted that it would add 2.5 million subscribers in Q1 of 2022, but instead, it lost around 1.17 million subscribers in the first two quarters of 2022.

The Good thing is that Netflix is recovering from these losses. We can see from the stats above that Netflix is on a positive curve when it comes to user growth.

  • Netflix lost worldwide streaming subscribers In the first quarter of 2022 for the first time since the third Quarter of 2011.

The interruption of service in Russia accounted for a loss of 0.7 million subscribers.

Source: Statista

5) The majority of Netflix’s User Gains From Last Year Came Mostly From Outside North America

According to Netflix, the majority of the 8.3 million new memberships gained at the end of last year came from outside North America.

Source: NDTV

6) Netflix Is Preferred By 47% Of Americans Over Other Streaming Platforms

According to a study, 47% of American citizens prefer Netflix over other web streaming platforms.

Amazon Prime Video comes in second with 14%, followed by Hulu with 13.6% and Disney+ with 13%

Source: News10

7) Europe, Middle East, And Africa Are The World’s Largest Netflix Markets

Source: Statista

As of Q3 2023, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa have the highest number of Netflix paying customers. They gather around 83.76 million Netflix customers between them.

With 77.32 million members, the U.S.A. and Canada are in second place.

With 43.65 million members, Latin America ranks third.

In the Asia Pacific area, the streaming behemoth boasts 42.43 million subscribers.

Here is a table showing Netflix Subscribers by region:

Netflix Subscribers by region
World RegionNetflix Subscribers
Europe, Middle East, and Africa88.81 million
U.S.A. and Canada80.13 million
Latin America46 million
Asia Pacific45.34 million

8) Slovakia Has The Biggest Netflix Library

Netflix has around 8,427 titles in its Slovakian library, making it the world. Bulgaria comes in second place with 8,272 titles.

Netflix’s video library is constantly changing globally. Other countries also have large collections, but Slovakia’s Netflix library remains the largest. Netflix subscribers will never be bored with their viewing options.

Here is a table showing the biggest Netflix libraries globally:

biggest Netflix libraries globally
CountryTitles in Netflix’s Library

Source: World Population Review, Statista

We are also covering the most watched shows in various regions later in the post.

9) Around 27% Of Netflix Subscribers In The United States Share Their Accounts With Family Members

Another 18% share it with their friends, while 9% share it with relatives from another home. 47.5% of users refuse to reveal their passwords.

People viewing Netflix without paying is around 41%

Did You Know? Netflix is planning to monetize password sharing.

Netflix’s CEO, Reed Hastings, sees great potential for revenue generation in households that share passwords among them.

Source: CNBC

10) Netflix Stopped Password Sharing!

As per Netflix, over 100 million households are sharing accounts among them.

Recently, Netflix put out news on their official site stating that Netflix’s focus has been on giving members greater control over who can access their accounts, and hence, they are giving additional options to users in 103 countries to control their accounts.

Refer to the screenshots below to see what will change.

Netflix Password Sharing Options

Source: Netflix Newsroom

11) 58 Hours Worth Of Commercials Were Saved On Average By Netflix Viewers

An average person consuming Netflix in 2021 has spared 58 hours of advertisements. A typical hour of network television features 18 minutes of ads on average. Commercials are not an issue for Netflix viewers who binge-watch.

Source: Forbes

Netflix Revenue Statistics

In This Section, We Will take a look at Netflix’s current financial state, how it has performed in the past, and how things look for the platform as we move forward in 2024.

12) Netflix Managed To Make $33.724 Billion In Revenue In 2023

Source: Netflix Investor Relation Letter

Netflix ended 2023 on a positive note by gaining over 33 billion dollars in revenue. During its successful run, the platform made a revenue of $8,162 billion in Q1, $8,187 billion in Q2, $8,542 billion in Q3, and $8,833 billion in Q4 2023.

Netflix’s annual income has risen steadily in recent years.

Here is a table showing Netflix’s revenue over the years:

Netflix's revenue over the years
2001$75.91 million
2002$152.80 million
2003$272.24 million
2004$506.22 million
2005$682 million
2006$997 million
2007$1.2 billion
2008$1.36 billion
2009$1.67 billion
2010$2.16 billion
2011$3.2 billion
2012$3.6 billion
2013$4.37 billion
2014$5.5 billion
2015$6.78 billion
2016$8.83 billion
2017$11.69 billion
2018$15.79 billion
2019$20.15 billion
2020$24.99 billion
2021$29.698 billion 
2022$31.61 billion
2023$33.724 billion

13) Netflix’s Revenue Per User (Global)

Netflix’s global average monthly income per paying user is $16.64

Since 2017, there has been a 14.74% growth in Netflix’s global ARPU.

Below is the table showing Netflix’s average monthly revenue per membership:

Netflix's Revenue Per User (Global)
YearNetflix’s Global ARPU

14) Netflix Region-Wise Revenue Per User

Netflix Region wise Revenue Per User
  • USA & Canada

The average revenue per user of Netflix in the United States of America and Canada was $16.64 in Q4 2023.

Here is a table showing Netflix’s ARPU in USA & Canada over the years:

  • Europe, Africa & Middle East

Netflix’s average revenue per user in Europe, Africa & Middle East was $10.75 in Q4 2023.

Here is a table showing Netflix’s ARPU in EMEA over the years:

  • Latin America

Latin America has the lowest average revenue per user at $8.58 as of Q2 2023

Here is a table showing Netflix’s ARPU in Latin America over the years:

  • Asia Pacific

Netflix’s average revenue per user in the Asia Pacific region was $7.31 as of Q4 2023.

Here is a table showing Netflix’s ARPU in Asia Pacific over the years:


15) Netflix Has A Market Cap Of $242.91 Billion

Netflix Market Cap

Netflix’s market cap took a massive hit during the first half of 2022. That’s due to the loss of subscribers in the two consecutive quarters. Once the Q3 reports were released, the market cap gradually increased and now sits at $242.91 billion as of February 2024.

Source: Companies Market Cap

16) Netflix Will Spend $17 Billion On Content Production In 2024

That is an increase since 2023, when Netflix apparently spent $13 billion

A year before, Netflix spent $16.84 billion on original shows in 2022.

According to estimates, Netflix’s content budget will remain stable for the next several years.

Customers love Netflix’s original shows, which account for a large portion of the company’s net profits. Netflix prioritizes content in order to provide a diverse range of alternatives to its consumers.

Here is a table showing Netflix’s content spending over the years:

YearNetflix Content Spend
2016$6.88 billion
2017$8.91 billion
2018$12.04 billion
2019$13.9 billion
2020$11.8 billion
2021$17.9 billion
2022$16.84 billion
2023$13 billion
2024*$17 billion*

Source: Business Today

17) Stranger Things 4 Is The Most-Watched Netflix Series Of All Time

Here is an overview of the most popular Netflix original TV Series of all time as of February 2024:

TitleHours Viewed
Stranger Things 41,838,000,000
Wednesday: Season 11,718,800,000
DAHMER: Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story1,031,100,000
Bridgerton: Season 1929,300,000
The Queen’s Gambit: Limited Series746,400,000
The Night Agent: Season 1803,200,000
Stranger Things 3716,100,000
Bridgerton: Season 2797,200,000
Fool Me Once: Limited Series545,000,000
The Witcher: Season 1663,600,000

18) Netflix Has Over 15,773 Employees As Of 2024

Netflix has 14,908 employees in 2023, as per their LinkedIn profile data.

Source: LinkedIn

19) Netflix Has More Female Employees

Netflix employees were reported to be 49.6% female and 45% male, with 1.3% having multiple gender identities.

The company’s greatest gender gap is in IT, where 59% of employees are male.

Although, women outnumber males in the company’s Creative & Corporate section.

Source: Statista

20) 70% Of Hispanic Americans Have An Active Netflix Subscription

Source: Statista

As per a study conducted in the United States, Hispanic Americans were the most likely to have an active Netflix membership, with 70% claiming to have one.

Only 61% of white respondents have an active subscription.

21) Two Out Of Every Five Netflix Members Use A VPN To View The Service

Netflix does not grant all users access to all of its content.

As a result, some movies and series are restricted to individuals in specific geographic areas.

Many Netflix customers use various VPN services to bypass this restriction.

22) Netflix Is Available In More Than 190 Countries

Netflix began expanding internationally in 2010.

Netflix withdrew from Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine.

China, Russia, North Korea, Syria, and Crimea do not support Netflix.

Netflix’s development in China is hampered by Beijing’s censorship and tight local competition restrictions.

Source: Netflix Help Center

23) Netflix Has The Highest Penetration Rate In Australia

Source: Statista

Netflix has a 65% penetration rate in the Australian market. United Kingdoms (57%) and the United States (53%) follow.

Despite being the biggest market for Netflix, the United States is in the third position in terms of penetration.

Here is a table showing Netflix’s penetration rate in different countries:

CountryNetflix Penetration Rate
United Kingdom57%
United States53%
South Korea23%

24) Females Make Up 51% Of Netflix’s Users

Women make up 51%, while Males make up 49% of all Netflix users.

Netflix Users Gender Split
GenderShare of Netflix Subscribers

The average Netflix subscriber is a millennial with a yearly income of less than $50,000.

Although 68% of Netflix members have some or no college education, roughly 33% have a bachelor’s degree or above.

25) Millennials Use Netflix The Most — Netflix Users By Generation

Netflix appeals to a wide range of viewers.

Netflix Users By Generation

Below is the table to show the distribution of Netflix users based on Generation:

GenerationShare of users
Generation X26%
Baby Boomers22%
Generation Z18%

Source: Morning Consult

26) Netflix Has Over 100 Secret Codes To Make The Search For A Particular Category Easier

Because it’s impossible to include every category on the front page, Netflix has created an Easter egg hunt for their subscribers. As of 2023, you’ll need to utilize a special genre code to watch silent films, classic comedies, or Anime Netflix movies or Tv shows.

All you have to do is log into your Netflix account and enter:


Just, instead of ####, enter the secret Netflix code. You can find them on Google.

27) On Average, Binge-Watching A Netflix Series Takes 5 Days

Source: Forbes

Although it’s an “average” figure, it’s still crazy. Now, here is one more crazy stat.

There are some binge-watchers who attempt to complete a series within the first 24 hours of its debut. There are around 8.4 million of these binge-watchers globally.

28) An Average Netflix subscriber Views 60 films Every Year

This works out to one movie every six days!

29) Netflix Users By The Community In The USA

Source: Morning Consult

CommunityShare of users

This shows that most Netflix users in the US are from the suburbs.

30) The Political Affiliation Of Netflix Subscribers In The USA

Source: Morning Consult

42% of Netflix customers in the United States identify as Democrats. 33% of people consider themselves to be Independents. While 25% declare themselves to be Republicans.

31) Around 80% Of Netflix Subscribers Follow Its Algorithm’s Title Suggestions

Source: Morning Consult

While viewers frequently land on the most popular titles, the greater part of Netflix users also choose to watch shows recommended by the Netflix recommendation algorithm; in fact, the service’s suggestions accounted for 80 % of Netflix views.

32) As Most People Have Several Subscriptions, Netflix Is Used By Roughly 44% Of Streaming Service Customers

Source: eMarketer

Despite the fact that Netflix accounts for about 19% of streaming service subscriptions, the majority of users have a Netflix account. Netflix is subscribed to by 44% globally who have one or more subscription services. 

33) A Netflix User Watched The Madagascar Movie 352 Times In 2017

Source: Netflix

This is my favorite Netflix stat ever, and that is why I saved it for last. 

Netflix revealed in the final week of November 2017 that a user has viewed “Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most Wanted” 352 times. CRAZY! Whoever that person may be, they are an absolute legend.

The only information we have on them is that they are Australian.

Quarter 1, 2024 Forecast For Netflix

Source: Netflix Investor Relation Letter

Netflix revealed these details In the forward-looking section of their Q4 2023 Investor relation letter:

  • Netflix predicts revenue growth of 13% in Q1’24.
  • Netflix is increasing its full-year 2024 operating margin forecast from 22%-23% to 24% (based on F/X rates as of January 1, 2024)

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