Hostinger Review (2024): Pros, Cons, Pricing & More!

Hostinger has made quite a name for itself with its rapid growth of monthly users in a short amount of time. This Hostinger review will give you a complete walkthrough of my experience with Hostinger over the years.

Our study on web hosting suggests that the ideal “uptime” that a web hosting provider offers is 99.9%, and Hostinger guarantees this figure. 

I have been hosting my websites with Hostinger for 3 years now and have seen it evolve through the years. While it has good reviews online and perfectly aligns with my needs, Hostinger might not be the right pick for everyone. 

This is why, in this article, I have tested Hostinger for its speed, and shed light on its security, features, user interface, even its customer support, and laid it all out. 

To add more to this review, I studied the user reviews on some trusted public rating platforms and got some more perspectives about Hostinger. 

As you follow this review, I will also break down each plan by Hostinger and help you decide if it’s the right pick for your needs!

Analysis & Hostinger Review: In A Nutshell

Have a quick look at my experience with Hostinger, the price of the platform, the types of hosting offered, and some of its key features. 

Ease of use4.9/5
PriceStarts at $2.49/mo
Types of HostingWeb, Cloud, VPS, WordPress, Minecraft
Security Free SSL, Daily/Weekly backups, Two-factor authentication
Uptime guarantee99.9%
Data centersEurope, Asia, North America, South America
Money-back guarantee30 days
Customer Support24×7 live chat support

Our designers note: “ I love the WordPress staging tool that Hostinger offers. It lets me get creative on another staging environment and not be worried about our experiments affecting the main website.” 

DemandSage Design Team

Pros And Cons Of Hostinger

Hostinger has some exceptional features that make it a unique hosting provider. Hostinger has its cons, too. It also lacks in some places where it can do better. I have summarized the good and the bad about Hostinger below:


  • Most affordable shared hosting
  • Has servers across 8 locations worldwide
  • Daily and weekly backups
  • Free AI website builder
  • Quick load time
  • Excellent uptime
  • Easy-to-use interface


  • No Phone support
  • No dedicated hosting (need to verify)
  • Base plans have limitations
  • Plans renew at a very high price

What Is Hostinger?

Hostinger is a hosting platform launched in 2004 as a Lithuania-based startup. Today, after almost two decades, it helps over a million creators from more than 150 countries. 

I’ve found many web creators who prefer hosting their websites on Hostinger as this is one of the most affordable hosting platforms that gives a tough time to similar hosting platforms. Its prices are competitively set and make a great alternative,

Additionally, Hostinger is one of the most easy-to-use hosting platforms with user convenience in mind.

Moreover, Hostinger offers multiple types of hosting types, including Shared, Web, VPS, and Minecraft, for the diverse needs of users. 

Many top reviewers like – Techradar and Quicksprout have highlighted Hostinger’s quality of services. Users, too, have mostly been found speaking highly of Hostinger as it rarely disappoints. Check out the customer reviews on Hostinger’s official review page

 customer reviews on Hostinger

It is highly rated as a 4.6/5 out of 21,155 reviews on Trustpilot, this speaks volumes about Hostinger and its proficiency in providing Hosting services.

Source: TrustPilot Hostinger reviews

Let me elaborate more on Hostinger’s unique offerings that set it apart from its competition and that have contributed to the high praise it receives.

Hostinger — Key Features

Affordability is one of the major reasons why other users and I love to use Hostinger, but there are further additional features. These include daily backups, quick loading speed, a high uptime, free e-mail, free SSL, unlimited bandwidth, and more (trust me, it’s a long list!)

I will highlight some stand-out features that truly define what Hostinger is below:

1. Easy to use hPanel

Kicking things off, Hostinger has a standout “HPanel.”

Unlike the traditional cPanel interface that is used by most of Hostinger’s competitors, they operate on a different interface that is truly very easy to use from a beginner’s point of view.

The buttons are well-spaced and large, so you can easily find what you need without a fuss. This is arguably one of the easiest ways to operate, and I liked the ease that this panel provides, unlike the traditional cPanel.

Here’s a look at Hostinger’s dashboard to understand better:

Hostinger's dashboard- HPanel

2. Hostinger Website Builder (Previously Called Zyro)

Hostinger’s new website builder tool, now with AI features, lets you create beautiful websites with 150 fully customizable and responsive templates. Moving elements around is not a hassle and can be done easily to make the perfect website for your business, eCommerce store, personal blog, etc.

Additionally, it allows you to integrate built-in SEO tools and lets you chat directly with your customers. Moreover, Hostinger claims to respond within 3 minutes of you sending the query, eliminating the waiting time between your website building.

Hostinger Website Builder

3. 99.9% Uptime

Hostinger guarantees 99.9% of the website uptime and is also well-known for its consecutive 5-month uptime of 100% from September 2022 to January 2023. Currently, it has maintained a 100% uptime for three months since September 2023. 

How does this matter to your website? – Uptime is technically a scale for server reliability and means the percentage of time that your website stays in service. Though facing a downtime of a minute or two at times is common, Hostinger has been able to keep its uptime in the favorable range.

Here’s a look at Hostinger’s uptime performance measured on Pingdom for the last couple of months: 

Hostinger’s uptime performance measured on Pingdom

I tested Hostinger’s performance for one of the sites that I am working on and checked its uptime record and other performance metrics. This website is operating on the starter basic plan and still clocked an impressive 100% performance when tested on Google Page Speed. 

4. Load time

Hostinger has an impressive response time (load time) of 11 – 274 ms, which is impressive at this price point. Some of the common ways that Hostinger has been able to achieve this load time is:

  1. Having servers at multiple locations across the world
  2. Up-to-date tech – they always use the most advanced and updated tech solutions and the best possible practices.

If you are someone who has a WordPress website, then using Hostinger can be a blessing for you as it has — IPV6, HTTP/2, HTTP/3 (Quic), and PHP versions and can advance cache. 

Here’s where Hostinger has its server locations across continents:

Hostinger Servers

5. Support

I faced the least effort in interacting with the Hostinger support representatives. They offer a 24 x 7 customer support via live chat and e-mails in multiple languages. 

Did you know? – Hostinger does not believe in providing customer support via a phone line as it leads to a client waiting in line to get their query answered. 

I personally feel that is a better way to approach customer support, especially since this is related to hosting, and solutions can be better sent/explained over digital mediums rather than a phone. 

In this image below, you can find the different ways you can connect with Hostinger’s support for your needs:

Hostinger's support page

These are some key features that are the key contributors for Hostinger’s performance. With the all the new AI website builder especially, you can create a website within 5 minutes.

Check this out: 

Types Of Hosting And Pricing By Hostinger

Hostinger provides five different types of hosting options, each with further differentiation of pricing plans. 

I have listed each hosting plan with the available subscription options and some key features listed for each of the Hositnger hosting types below:

Note – The mentioned discounted subscription prices are offered on signing up for specific periods. The prices will vary as per the subscription period chosen.

1. Web Hosting

FeaturesPremium BusinessCloud Startup
Savings offered79%74%64%
Storage100 GB SSD200 GB NVMe200 GB NVMe
Free SSL
Free Domain
AI website creation
Transaction Fees0%0%0%

All users can avail themselves of the power of AI with the intelligent AI Hostinger Blog Theme. This easily generates SEO-friendly content using an AI assistant plugin. It offers one website per account, 50GB SSD storage, free SSL, and unlimited bandwidth

This type of hosting is perfect for true beginners who have just started their business and are looking to grow from a small business.

2. Cloud Hosting

FeaturesCloud StartupCloud ProfessionalCloud Enterprise
Savings offered64%63%54%
NVMe Storage200 GB 250 GB 300 GB
Free SSL
Free Domain

You can get the power of up to 6 CPU cores with Hostingers Cloud Hosting plan with unlimited bandwidth, Free domain, 100 email accounts, daily backup options, and more. 

Depending on the plan you choose, you will see the differences between the range of services offered, mainly in the memory, SSD storage, CPU cores, inode count, entry processes, etc. 

Furthermore, Hostinger offers cloud hosting that is required by large-scale organizations that need powerful servers, enhanced security features, priority support, and dedicated global data centers.

3. WordPress Hosting

FeaturesPremiumBusinessCloud Startup
Savings offered79%74%64%
Storage100 GB SSD Storage200 GB NVMe Storage200 GB NVMe Storage
PerformanceStandardIncreased (up to 5x)Maximum  (up to 10x)
Free Email
Free Domain Name
Free SSL
Free CDN
Dedicated IP Address

Hostinger offers lightning-fast cheap WordPress hosting that starts at a basic price of $2.49/mo. You can get up to a maximum of 300 websites to work with the Cloud Startup plan, daily backups, free email, unlimited bandwidth, free CDN, a dedicated IP address, and so much more!

4. VPS Hosting

FeaturesKVM 1 KVM 2KVM 4KVM 8
Savings offered57%61%63%64%
vCPU core1248
RAM4 GB8 GB 16 GB 32 GB 
NVMe Disk Space50 GB100 GB200 GB400 GB
Bandwidth1 TB2 TB4 TB8 TB
1 Snapshot
Dedicated IP Address

This type of hosting service offers clients their own server and does not involve any sort of sharing. For example, for the other hosting types, you technically take up Hostinger’s server space.

However, with VPS, you get your own dedicated IP address, weekly backups, AI assistant, root access, up to 8TB Bandwidth, 8vCPU cores, and 32GB RAM. 

5. Minecraft Hosting

FeaturesVPS Alex PlanVPS Creeper PlanVPS Enderman Plan
Savings offered50%35%35%
vCPU Hardware124
Mod Support
Full Root Access
Automatic Off-Site Backups
DDoS Protection

Another unique type of hosting offered by Hostinger is Minecraft hosting. The starter plans start from $6.99/mo and go up to $25.99/mo with 16GB RAM, full root access, DDoS protection, automatic off-site backups, and an easy and instant setup. 

Interesting Read: Check our essential Minecraft Statistics here.

Hostinger is the best Minecraft Server Hosting Service, as you get access to unlimited plugins and mods with one-click installations for select mods, with the possibility of adding third-party extensions. 

Note: Hostinger and other similar hosting platforms offer different pricing than the renewal price. So choose your plan and the time period wisely, considering your business, growth, and budget.

Hostinger Refund Policy And Coupon Code

Hostinger offers a 30-day money-back guarantee if you cancel the subscription within the first 30 days of your buying. (except for crypto, token, or digital asset payments)

I know what a relief it is to get discounts as a beginner as you aim towards getting maximum performance with minimum expenditure. The good news is, you can use our exclusive Hostinger coupon code that will give you a 75% discount + additional 3 months of services free!

But wait, that’s not all; once a year, you can grab the cheapest deals on Hostinger’s hosting plans during the Hostinger Black Friday discount period.

Hostinger Performance

Coming to the actual performance of this hosting platform, here is how Hostinger performed in a few tests conducted.

Hostinger offers its own analysis tool where you can check how your website is performing. You can track its page speed analytics like — for both mobile as well as desktop.

Here’s how Hostinger displays the results:

Hostinger Performance

On another platform – Google Page Speed, I got similar results on the performance of my websites. Hostinger again passed with flying colors. This helps verify the true capability of this hosting platform. Here are the results:

Hostinger's Performance on Google Page Speed

Note: I am using this website’s most basic Single Web Hosting plan, which is only available in specific regions.

Hostinger Security

Hostinger offers quality support from cyber threats and DDoS attacks that can severely harm your website. It ensures its clients are safe by:

  1. Daily backups and weekly backups (for starters) – Hostinger provides weekly backups for some basic plans and daily backup options for higher plans. 

This ensures you are always secure with something to fall back on if things go haywire. (I hope not)

  1. Monitoring internal security – Servers are monitored 24 x 7 and use security models like mod_security and PHP open_basedir
  2. Free SSL – Each plan is equipped with a free SSL certificate, which can be accessed easily with a few clicks. It adds an extra layer of protection to your site and helps clients trust your website with their v
  1. DDoS attacks – Hostinger offers layers of protection with its anti-malware protection on endpoints and servers
  2. Two-factor authentication – Hostinger protects you with two-factor authentication that is applicable for all plans and hosting types. Even if you lose your password, this feature prevents anyone else from logging in, as it would need your physical verification. 

Hostinger  – User Testimonials

Here’s how the users liked Hostinger and their experience while using the tool. I have listed user reviews of this hosting platform from three different sources, offering a much broader perspective. 

  1. Mike Rodden – 

Mike used the Hostinger AI website builder to build a blog that talks about AI’s role in wine-making. Here’s what he has to say about Hostinger’s AI website builder. 

“I’d used other builders and content management systems before to build a couple of websites, and it wasn’t super impressive. I was looking for something a little bit more out of the box,”

Source: Hostinger Blog

  1. Edwin Chigne

Here’s a user review of Hostinger from the popular review platform – Trustpilot. 

“I have been using the services for 2 years now, and what I like most is all the tools and facilities to put a site on the internet (A matter of minutes). And on the other hand, the support (in my case, they have offered me a quick solution to my problems, and they have helped me with it).”

Source: Trustpilot Hostinger Reviews

  1. Jean Philippe B.

Jean chose Hostinger for a user-friendly solution and has been using it for 2+ years now. 

“ I’ve been building websites for decades and I must say, Hostinger was definitely the best experience I have had since I first toyed with HTML editors in the late-90s. Integration with other services is easy and straightforward, and its own web editor has allowed me to setup quick websites when timing was critical. I would definitely recommend it for mid-level experienced web designers who are looking for a web-based solution.”

Source: Capterra Hostinger Reviews

What I liked About Hostinger

Hostinger has impressed me in a number of ways. Check out these five major reasons why I like Hostinger:

  1. Easy to use

The whole platform feels modern and accessible, with easy navigation. As a user, especially a beginner, Hostinger gives no stress with its easy-to-use hPanel and simple user interface. 

  1. Quick load time

With our above performance tests, it was quite clear that Hosinger provides a quick loading time. It uses a LiteSpeed Web Server (LSWS) that uses caches to store different web page copies. This overall adds up to the website loading time and the user experience. 

  1. Affordable 

Hostinger is very cheap and offers far more value with its subscription plans for free than other competition usually charge for.

  1. Money-back guarantee

If you do not like Hostinger for any reason, new users get a 30-day money-back guarantee if canceled within the first 30 days of purchase.

  1. Staging tool

For many complex websites, making changes is hard and cannot be implemented without trying and testing.

Expert website designers prefer to have a staging option where they can create a sample space without having to alter the original website.

Hostinger offers a staging tool for most of its advanced hosting options, which I feel is a great asset.

What I Did Not Like About Hostinger

Though I have been speaking well about Hostinger throughout this read, that doesn’t spare it from the major shortcomings that these hosting platforms have:

Hostinger has a couple of things that it really needs to improve on, and here are they:

  1. No mobile support

I understand Hostinger’s belief of not letting the customer wait over a phone line, but having a human conversation with a real customer representative gives a sense of assurance to the user and can help when things are all going wrong for them. 

  1. Limited features for the basic plan

The starting plans for all the hosting types come with very basic and limited options. You can hardly do much, and it really affects the one who wants their website to perform. 

  1. No cPanel

Other than many popular hosting providers, Hostinger does not offer cPanel support but instead works on its own hPanel. Though it has good usability, users may need time to familiarize themselves, and this adds a new learning curve for experts. 

  1. No dedicated server

Almost every other Hostinger competitor provides a dedicated hosting server for large-scale of websites, but Hostinger does not.

Hostinger Alternatives

I have been talking about how Hostinger is a budget option than its competitors, but who is Hostinger’s competition?

Below is the comparison of Hostinger versus its competition for the most basic plan they offers:

Parameters comparedHostingerHostgatorBluehost
Number of websites10011
Storage100 GB SSD 10 GB SSD10 GB SSD
BackupsWeeklyWebsite BackupsNot specified
Free DomainFor 1 yearFor 1 yearFor 1 year
Free CDN

Check more on which hosting provider is the best. Here are the top alternatives of Hostinger that can offer an equally good hosting service:

1. HostGator

Though HostGator might be a bit expensive, it has been rated highly owing to its choice of servers and ability to offer free domain, unmetered bandwidth, and one-click installs for all of its hosting plans.

Honestly, if you are not under a strict budget and can spend a little more, I would suggest opting for HostGator for your new website project. Use this exclusive HostGator coupon code and get up to 75% off.

2. Bluehost

Another potential hosting provider is Bluehost, which offers one of the cheapest WordPress plans and provides free domains and custom WordPress themes, allowing you total freedom of customization for your website. 

It offers an impressive WooCommerce hosting plan and an amazing Bluehost special Black Friday deal that can give you 75% OFF straight away!

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Is Hostinger A Good Option To Choose? – My thoughts

In summary, Hostinger is actually good and is an easy-to-use platform offering services at a far lower price than some of its competitors. I really like working with it, and if you want to set up with a hosting provider, I strongly recommend signing up with Hostinger.

Hostinger can be a practical option as it offers quality services for both beginners and experts and helps you in each stage of your business!

Using Hostinger is a no-brainer, and there isn’t a tough learning curve that you would face. Its performance, excellent uptime, customer service, and quality hosting features add to its reliability.

From the historical data, Hostinger has only been increasing its prices and is still affordable. I advise grabbing amazing discounts and securing hundreds of dollars worth of savings and advanced hosting features for years. 

What more do you need from a Hosting provider at this price? 

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