Midjourney Statistics 2024 – Usage & Adoption

Midjourney has revolutionized the AI art landscape and has become one of the most popular AI image generators. The company recently launched its V6 model, which is more accurate than its previous version, V5.2. This model can generate much more realistic images and is prompt-sensitive. 

As a result, the number of Midjourney users grew rapidly by 2.86 million from November 2023 to March 2023. 

In this post, let’s uncover further details about Midjourney users, demographics, traffic, usage, financials, etc.

Midjourney Statistics In 2024 (Editor’s Pick)

  • Midjourney has 19.26 million registered users on its discord server as of March 2023.
  • Midjourney surpassed 1 million users just within 6 months of its launch.
  • The daily active users of Midjourney fluctuate between 1.2 million and 2.5 million. 
  • 4 in 10 Midjourney users are female, while nearly 6 in 10 users are male.
  • A large share of 36.99% of the Midjourney visitors were aged between 25 and 34 as of February 2024. 
  • In February 2024, 16.8 million people worldwide visited Midjourney.
  • 17.58% of the traffic on Midjourney came to the United States in February 2024.
  • Midjourney is anticipated to generate $300 million in 2024. 

About MidJourney 

Launched OnJuly 12, 2022
Founded ByDavid Holz
HeadquartersSan Francisco
Registered users19.26 million (March 2023)
Monthly Visitors16.8 million (February 2024)
Gender distribution(as of February 2024)59.92% of users are male, and 40.08% are female
Age group of the majority of users(as of February 2024)36.99% of the users are aged 25 to 34 years
Revenue Estimation for 2024$300 billion 

Midjourney Users

Midjourney users jumped from 16.4 million users recorded in November 2023 to 19.26 million in March 2024. That was an increase of 2.86 million users within just four months. 

Let’s take a detailed look at the latest facts and figures about Midjourney users.

How Many Users Does Midjourney Have?

Midjourney has 19.26 million registered users on its discord server as of March 2024.

Comparatively, Midjourney had 17.5 million registered users on Discord in December 2023. 

Users must create a Discord account and enter the Midjourney server to access its tools. As a result, Midjourney became the most popular Discord server worldwide. 

Furthermore, the daily active users of Midjourney fluctuate between 1.2 million and 2.5 million. 

Source: Discord, Statista, Skim AI

Midjourney Surpassed 1 Million Users Just Within 6 Months Of Its Launch

Within 6 months, Midjouney managed to attract 1 million users worldwide and became the 5th fastest platform, crossing 1 million users.

Threads crossed 1 million users in just 1 hour, while ChatGPT surpassed 1 million users within 5 days. 

Time Required By Different Platforms

The following table displays the time required for different platforms to surpass 1 million users.

Platform Time Required to Surpass 1 Million Users
Threads1 hour
ChatGPT5 days
Instagram2.5 months
Spotify5 months
Midjourney6 months
Dropbox7 months
Facebook10 months
Foursquare13 months
Twitter2 years
Airbnb2.5 years
Kickstarter2.5 years
Netflix3.5 years

Source: CJ & CO, Statista. 

Midjourney’s Subreddit Has 1.1 Million Members As Of February 2024

The number of members in Midjourney’s subreddit increased from 0.93 million in November 2023 to 1.1 million in February 2024. 

Despite the rapid increase in its members, the engagement rates have decreased on the subreddit. 

There were around 70 posts and 200 comments per day in November 2023 compared to 400 posts and 4,000 comments recorded as the peak activity per day. 

The following table displays the approximate number of Midjourney’s subreddit members recorded over the months.

Month- YearNumber of Midjourney’s Subreddit Members 
February 20241.1 million
November 2023936,516
August 2023770,442
Apr 2023160,662
December 202261,628
August 20228,430
Jun 20225

Source: Photutorial, Reddit. 

Midjourney User Demographics

Most Midjourenys users are male, aged between 25 to 34 years. 

Let’s take a detailed look at the age and gender demographics of the Midjourney users. 

4 In 10 Midjourney Users Are Female, While Nearly 6 In 10 Users Are Male

According to the latest data, the majority of the Midjourney visitors are male, with 59.92% of the share. 

Comparatively, female visitors account for just 40.08% of the visits on Midjourney. 

Source: Similar Web

Nearly 4 In 10 Midjourney Visitors Were Aged 25 To 34 Years As Of February 2024

A large share of 36.99% of the Midjourney visitors were recorded to be aged between 25 and 34, while 22.98% were aged between 18 and 24 years.                           

Meanwhile, only 3.46% of the Midjourney users are aged more than 65 years.

The following table displays the age distribution of Midjourney users as of February 2024

Age GroupMidjourney Visitors
18 to 24 years22.98%
25 to 34 years36.99%
35 to 44 years19.38%
45 to 54 years11.45%
55 to 64 years5.75%
Over 65 years3.46%

Source: Similar Web

Midjourney Traffic Statistics

The average visit duration of a visitor on Midjourney was recorded to be 8 minutes and 27 seconds. Besides, the bounce rate of the site is recorded to be 26.49%. 

A visitor goes through an average of 19.43 pages in one visit to Midjourney’s website. 

Here are further details about the traffic recorded on Midjourney in February 2024. 

16.8 Million People Worldwide Visited Midjourney In February 2024

Comparatively, in January 2024, Midjourney witnessed traffic of 18.38 million, and in December 2023, the traffic on the site was recorded to be 17.94 million. 

The traffic on midjourney.com started to decline in September 2023. In November 2023, the traffic reached its lowest at 15.52 million. However, it hiked again in December 2023. 

Traffic Recorded On midjourney.com

The following table provides details about the traffic recorded on midjourney.com over the past months.

MonthTraffic Recorded on Midjourney.com
February 202416.8 million
January 202418.38 million
December 202317.94 million
November 202315.52 million
October 202316.98 million
September 202318.13 million 
August 202321.03 million

Source: Similar Web

The Majority Of Midjourney Traffic Share Is From The United States At 17.58% As Of February 2024

The average visit duration on Midjourney in the United States is 9 minutes 23 seconds. Comparatively, the second-highest traffic on the site is from India. India recorded an average page visit duration of 5 minutes and 54 seconds for Midjourney.

The following table displays the countries with the highest traffic share on Midjourney.

CountryShare of TrafficAverage Visit Duration 
United States17.92%10 minutes 52 seconds
India4.93%8 minutes 25 seconds
Brazil4.30%10 minutes 27 seconds
United Kingdom3.97%8 minutes 46 seconds
Germany3.61%7 minutes 51 seconds

Source: Similarweb.  

65.54% Of The Traffic On Midjourney Was Recorded To Be Direct Traffic In February 2024

The majority of the traffic received on Midjourney is direct traffic. Meanwhile, the second-highest traffic comes from organic search. 

Paid traffic accounts for just 0.02% of the traffic share. 

Different Channels Traffic Directed To Midjourney

The following table displays the share of traffic directed through different channels towards Midjourney. 

ChannelShare of Traffic Directed Towards Midjourney
Direct Traffic65.54%
Organic Search29.15%
Paid Search0.02%
Display Ads0.02%

Source: Similar Web.

35.36% Share Of The Social Media Traffic Comes From YouTube As Of February 2024 

YouTube directs the highest traffic toward Midjourney compared to other social media platforms.  The second-highest traffic comes from Discord. 

With 7.73%, Reddit also directs a considerable share of social media traffic towards Midjourney.

The following table displays the share of traffic directed towards Midjourney through different social media platforms. 

Social Media Platform Percentage of Traffic
YouTube 35.36%

Source: Similar Web

Midjourney Usage Statistics

Most people use Midjourney for fun, while one-third of users stated that they use it as a utility or for work purposes. 

Let’s take a closer look at Midjourney’s usage statistics. 

Nearly 7 In 10 Midjourney Users Use It For Fun

68% of the Midjourney users stated that they use the platform for fun, while 32% of the users stated that they use it as a tool. 

Additionally, 77% of the users said they use Midjourney for personal and recreational purposes. 

On the other hand, 83% of the Midouney users reported using the platform as a form of art therapy. 

Source: Colorlib, Discord. 

Midjourney’s Searches On Google Search Reached A Peak Worldwide In March 2023 

According to the latest data, the interest of Google users in Midjourney has declined but has not subsided. Google searches about ‘Midjourney’ were highest in March 2023. 

Further, the search interest in Midjourney on Google search has remained steady since August 2023. 

Midjourney’s Searches On Google Search

Source: Google Trends. 

54% Of The Mobile Midjourney Users Access The AI Tool Through Android Devices

Midjourney can be accessed through any web browser via Discord. At the same time, many users access it through Android or iOS applications. 

Over 1 in 2 Midjourney mobile users stated that they accessed the AI tool through an Android application. Meanwhile, 46% of the mobile Midjourney users accessed it through an iOS device.

Source: Colorlib, Discord. 

Over 7 In 10, Midjourney’s Desktop Users Accessed The AI Tool Through Windows

72% of Midjourney desktop users stated that they used Windows to experiment with the AI tool. On the other hand, 29% of the Midjourney desktop users access the AI tool through Mac, while 4% use Linux. 

Source: Colorlib, Discord. 

Midjourney Has A Conversion Rate Of 21.5% 

That means over 2 in 10 Midjouney discord users turn into active users after passively watching the activities of other users. 

Source: Contentdetector.

Midjourney Financials

Midjourney generated $50 million in revenue and was valued at $10.5 billion within 1st year of its launch.

Further, Midjouney’s revenue rose by $150 million in 2023 and is expected to grow further by $100 million in 2024. 

Let’s explore Midjouney Financials in more detail in this section. 

Midjourney Generated $200 Million In Revenue With $0 In Investments In Marketing In 2023

Midjourney has no client or API, and the primary interface used to interact with Midjourney is still Discord. Further, the company has just around 100 employees. Still, Midjourney hit an annual recurring revenue of $200 billion. 

Midjourney focused on strategic planning and sustainable growth. Its financial model is created around subscriptions and additional GPU time purchases. 

Further, Midjourney is predicted to hit $300 million in revenue in 2024.

Midjourney Revenue

The following table displays the revenue generated by Midjourney since its launch.

YearMidjourney Revenue
2024*$300 million
2023$200 million 
2022$50 million 

*-projected values

Source: CB Insights, GetLatka. 

Midjourney’s Valuation Is Projected To Be Growing At A Rate Of 34.1% Between 2023 And 2032

Midjourney was valued at $10.5 billion in 2022 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 34.1%, resulting in $191.8 billion by 2032.  

At the same time, the generative AI art market was valued at $212 million in 2022. The market is anticipated to be growing at a rate of 40.5% CAGR. Hence, by the end of 2032, the Generative AI art market will be valued at $5.8 billion. 

Source:  Contrary Research

How Much Does Midjourney Cost?

Midjourney can cost between $8 to $120, depending on the plan. 

The Basic plan costs $10 per month and $8 yearly, while the Mega plan costs $120 monthly.

Additionally, users must pay $4 per hour to purchase extra GPU time. 

The following table provides details about the Midjourney’s cost.

Midjouney Plan Monthly Subscription CostAnnual Subscription CostsFast GPU Time 
Basic Plan$10$96($8 / month)3.3 hr/month
Standard Plan$30$288($24 / month)15 hr/month
Pro Plan$60$576($48 / month)30 hr/month
Mega Plan $120$1152($96 / month)60 hr/month

Source: Midjourney. 

It is interesting to watch Midjourney’s journey as the company invested $0 in its marketing. However, the AI tool is being marketed by its users and the Discord community of Midjourney due to the realistic and accurate images it generates, which are shared around social media. 

With millions of people accessing Midjourney at a given time, the AI tools complete 20 to 40 jobs per second and have over 10,000 servers. 

Experts predict that Midjourney will cross $300 billion in revenue in 2024. Let’s wait and observe how Midjourney grows with the growth of the Generative AI and art industries. 

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