Threads Statistics For 2024 (Everything You Need To Know)

Threads received huge press attention in the first two days of its launch. Curiosity pushed thousands of people to try out the app, and the app crossed the 100 million benchmark within five days.

However, as time passed, the number of active users declined. Threads witnessed a drop of almost 80% of its users.

According to analysts, this drop resulted from a lack of the latest features on the app. 

In this article, we will dig deeper into the latest number of Threads users, its usage drop, Revenue, and more.

So what’s the wait for? 

Let’s get into it. 

Top Threads Statistics For 2024

  • As we enter into 2024, there are 141 million threads users worldwide.
  • Threads has 10.3 million daily active users.
  • Threads usage has dropped by 79% since the peak. 
  • On average, Threads users spend just 3 minutes daily on the app.
  • Threads gained 1 million users within 1 hour and 100 million users within five days of launch.
  • Threads is estimated to generate a revenue of $4.5 billion In 2024.
  • Neymar is the most followed person on Threads, with 10.1 million followers.

About Threads:

Launched onJuly 5th, 2023.
Parent CompanyMeta 
Number of Users141 million (Q4 2023)
Daily active users10.3 million
Revenue$0.8 (estimated revenue for 2023)
Available in100 countries 
Available languages31 languages 
DevicesiOS and Android

In-depth Thread Statistics

 Let us take a detailed look at all the latest stats related to Threads in this section. 

1. How Many People Use Instagram Threads In 2024?

According to the latest data, there are 141 million thread users worldwide. 

Threads registered users were 1 million within one hour of its launch. 

Further, in 4 days, Threads crossed the 100 million user mark. The app broke the record of ChatGPT, which managed to gain 100 million users in 2 months

This rapid increase was due to the excitement the press and social media created among the users. Further, most users joined the platform due to the ‘FOMO’ effect. 

However, after that, the growth of the number of users slowed, and the app hasn’t crossed the 200 million user mark even after 5 months. 

Number Of Thread Users Recorded

Here is a table showing the number of Thread Users recorded since its launch:

Total UsersTime since LaunchDate 
1 million1 hourJuly 6
2 million2 hoursJuly 6
10 million7 hoursJuly 6
30 million1 day 10 hoursJuly 7
100 million4 days 6 hoursJuly 10
120 million21 days 9 hoursJuly 31
130 million62 days 3 hoursSeptember 5
137 million123 days 6 hoursNovember 5
141 million128 daysNovember 10

Source: Exploding topics, QuiverQuant.

 2. Threads currently has 10.3 million daily active users

Threads had 41.79 million active users on the day of its launch. Further, the number increased to 49.4 million on the 2nd day of its launch. 

However, on July 14th, it was found that the number of daily active users declined to 23.6 million, a decrease of 52%.

As per the latest data, the number of daily active users has declined by 79% since the peak, reaching 10.3 million.

Source: ZDNet, Similar Web

 3. Users spend an average of 3 minutes daily on Threads

On July 7th, after a month after the Threads launch, users spent an average of 21 minutes daily on the app. The time spent on the app declined significantly after a few days. 

Today, users only spend an average of 3 minutes on the app. Comparatively, X(Twitter), which is Thread’s competitor has 200 million active users spending an average of 31 minutes daily on the app. 

Source: The Verge, SimilarWeb.

4. Threads crossed 2 million sign-ups within the first two hours of its launch

According to a thread made by Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Meta), more than 2 million users created their accounts on the Threads app in the first two hours of its launch (July 5th, 2023).

The next day (July 6th, 2023), Zuckerberg posted another thread revealing that the platform crossed 30 million users. 

This made Threads the fastest-growing social media platform in History. 

Time taken by threads to gain 100 milion users

Here is a table that displays the time required by different platforms to reach the 100 million user mark:

PlatformTime Required to Reach 100 Million UsersIndustry
Instagram Threads2 daysSocial Media
ChatGPT2 monthsChatbot
TikTok9 monthsSocial Media
Youtube18 monthsSocial Media
Instagram30 monthsSocial Media
Facebook54 monthsSocial Media
Twitter60 monthsSocial Media
Spotify132 monthsMusic Streaming
Netflix216 monthsEntertainment (SVOD)

Source: Wikipedia, Statista. 

5. Users shared over 95 million threads on the platform within 24 hours of launch

According to ‘The Verge’, over 95 million threads and 190 million likes were recorded on the Threads app within a day.

These large numbers were a result of excitement cultivated in these users through the media. 

6. Threads is available in 100 countries

Threads is available in 100 countries globally, excluding the European Union, China, Iran, Russia, and 63 other countries.

Threads remain unavailable in the European Union due to its inability to fulfill the expanding requirements of the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Source: The Guardian, Instagram Blogs.

7. Threads is estimated to generate $0.8 billion in 2023

Threads’ Revenue is expected to grow exponentially between 2023 and 2026. 

By the end of 2026, Threads is forecasted to add $11.3 billion to Meta’s annual revenue. 

 Estimated Revenue of Threads

Here are further details about the Revenue estimates of Threads:

YearForecasted Revenue
2023$0.8 billion
2024$4.5 billion
2025*$8 billion
2026*$11.3 billion

Source: Evercore ISI.

Twitter Vs. Threads 

Many termed Threads as “Twitter killers.”

It has to do with Threads’ work being very similar to Twitter’s.

But is it good enough to kill Twitter? Well, many things have changed after Threads was launched. Twitter has been rebranded as X. Many users complain about the change, but Elon has different plans.

Sage Reads The current state of Twitter/X in numbers.

On the other hand, the number of Threads users has also declined with the decrease in its popularity. 

I have compiled some differences between Twitter and Threads in this table:

Features ThreadsTwitter
Number of Users141 million528.3 million
Post character limit500 characters280 characters
Share limit10 media per thread4 media per tweet
Multiple media viewSwipe viewCollage view
MessagingInstagram messagingIn-app messaging
Device compatibilityiOS and Android and Web AppiOS, Android, and Web App
Price Free$8/ month. (Twitter Blue)
Deleting account Cannot delete without deleting InstagramPossible
Account Verification Instagram verificationTwitter Blue subscription

So which one did you find better: Threads or Twitter? Let us know in the comment section below.

Most followed Accounts On Threads

Mr. Beast’s account was the first account that crossed 1 million followers. He even beat Mark Zuckerberg in the race to 1 million followers on Instagram Threads. 

Zuckerberg was the second person to hit 1 million followers after the launch of the app. 

Currently, Neymar is the most followed account on Threads. He has 8.9 million followers. 

Other accounts with the most followers are Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian, etc. 

The following table displays further information about the most followed accounts on Threads.

RankAccount nameNumber of followers
1Neymar10.1 million
2Selena Gomez9.6 million
3Kylie Jenner8.1 million
4Kim Kardashian7.1 million
5Mr. Beast5.8 million
6Jennifer Lopez5.5 million
7Shakira5.4 million
8Will Smith5.1 million
9Chris Hemsworth4.8 million
10Khloe Kardashian4.7 million

Source: USA Today, Statista. 

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FAQs: Thread Statistics

Do you need Instagram for threads?

You need to have an Instagram account in order to create an account on Threads. It may be a different app, but it is deeply integrated with Instagram and all your followers and following on Threads will be the same as Instagram. 

Can you delete the threads app?

You cannot delete the Treads app once you have signed up for it. However, if you want to delete the application, you must also delete your Instagram account. Hence, if you have created your account on Threads apps, there’s no going.

 Is Threads better than Twitter?

Threads allow users to share up to ten images in a post, and its post’s character limit is more than Twitter’s.  On the other hand, it does not use hashtags or allow users to search for a specific phrase or text. Considering all the points, Threads seems to be better than Twitter. 

Is Threads app safe?

If used wisely, Threads can be a safe space for you, but it is as dangerous as other social media platforms. Some of the dangers of the app include privacy issues, bullying, inappropriate content, inappropriate comments, etc.

Can you make threads private?

Threads allow its users to set up a private account. This means that only your followers can see your threads and be permitted to reply. 

How do you go viral on threads?

To go viral on Threads you can follow strategies like creating captivating content, engaging with the community, leveraging trending topics, maintaining consistency, promoting your threads and threads account, etc.


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