Threads Statistics — User Demographics & Availability (2023)

Meta took the trend of “don’t let them know your next move” to a whole new level with the launch of Threads.

Termed as the potential Twitter killer, Threads now has 132 million registered users. However, just 8 million of them are the platform’s daily active users.

Let us take a closer look at Threads and its users in terms of numbers in this post. Let’s get into it, shall we?

Top Instagram Threads Statistics

Take a look at our top picks from the entire article in this section:

  • Instagram Threads has over 132 million users across 100 countries.
  • Threads gained 2 million users within the first two hours of its launch and 30 million users on the first day.
  • Neymar is the most followed account on Threads, with 8.9 million followers.
  • Only 17.08% of 410,824 users surveyed have a positive opinion of Threads. 77.5% of users have a neutral opinion.
  • Nations in the European Union cannot access Threads due to its stricter privacy laws.
  • Threads is the fastest application in web history to reach both the 1 million and 100 million user mark.
  • Threads now can be used in web browsers along with iOS and Android applications!

About Threads:

Launched onJuly 5, 2023
Parent CompanyMeta 
Number of UsersOver 97 million (2023)
Available in100 countries 
Available languages31 languages 
DevicesiOS and Android

In-depth Thread Statistics

Facts about threads

1) Threads have 132 million registered users

To date, 132 million Instagram users have registered on Threads. Threads achieved the 130 million mark on the 5th of September, 2023.

2) Threads has 8 million Daily Active Users

Although threads have 132 million registered users, these users aren’t quite as active on the platform as they used to be.  According to the latest data available, Threads had just 8 million daily active users in July. That’s an 82% drop from its peak daily active user count of 44 million — which was on 7th July 2023.

3) Threads Demographics — Gender and age of users

According to a searchlogistic report, 68% of Threads users are males, and the remaining 32% are females.

Here is a table showing the gender split of Threads’ users:

GenderThread Users

If we further break down, reports found that most males (28%) belonged to the age group of 15 to 23 years, while 11% of males and 5% of females are aged between 18 to 25 years.

Reports also revealed that only 2% of females and 3% of males are aged 45 years and above.

4) Threads crossed 2 million sign-ups within the first two hours of its launch. 

According to a thread made by Mark Zuckerberg (founder of Meta), more than 2 million users created their account on the Threads app in the first two hours of its launch (5th july 2023).

Mark Zuckerberg's tweet

The next day (6th july 2023), Zuckerberg posted another thread revealing that the platform crossed 30 million users. 

Here is a table demonstrating Thread’s accumulation of users after its launch:

Time after launchNumber of users gained
1 hour1 million
2 hours2 million
4 hours5 million
7 hours10 million
12 hours20 million
16 hours30 million
24 days70 million
2 days100 million
2 months130 million

Source: Wikipedia

5) Threads is the fastest app in history to reach both the 1 million and 100 million user mark.

Breaking the record of ChatGPT, Threads became the fastest-growing consumer app in the internet’s history.

Threads managed to gain 1 million users in just 1 hour and further reached the 100 million mark in just 2 days.

ChatGPT, on the other hand, took 5 days to reach the 1 million user mark and 2 months to reach the 100 million user mark.

Here is a table displaying the time various platforms took to cross the one million user mark:

Platform Time required to cross 1 million users
Threads1 hour
ChatGPT5 days 
Instagram2.5 months
Spotify5 months
Dropbox7 months 
Facebook10 months

Source: Statista.

6) Users shared over 95 million threads on the platform within 24 hours of launch. 

According to ‘The Verge’, over 95 million threads and 190 million likes were recorded on the Threads app within a day.

7) Thread posts can be up to 500 characters long.

Threads can include around 500 characters, along with links, photos, and videos that may last up to 5 minutes. 

Source: Instagram Blogs.

8) Threads is available in 100 countries. 

Threads is available in 100 countries globally, excluding the European Union, China, Iran, Russia, and 63 other countries.

Threads remain unavailable in the European Union due to its inability to fulfill the expanding requirements of the EU’s Digital Markets Act (DMA).

Source: The Guardian, Instagram Blogs.

9) Threads can be accessed both via browser and mobile application

Initially, Meta Threads was only accessible via its Android and iOS applications. But now, users can access the platform via its web app.

Source: The Guardian.

10) The Threads app collects users’ data from 25 different categories. 

According to Meta, Threads collects data that is linked to your health and fitness, Financial information, purchases, location history, contacts, and much more. 

The application is already controversial due to the amount of data it collects from your smartphone, invading privacy. 

Refer to the image below to see all the categories from which Threads take your data:

threads privacy policy

Source: App Store.

What is Threads? 

Threads App resembles Twitter in its functionality, and users can post text and have real-time conversations on the platform with the help of images, links and videos. You can log in to threads with the help of your Instagram account and maintain the same list of followers. 

But, users cannot leave the Threads app that quickly once joined. If you want to delete your threads account, you must also delete your Instagram account. 

Additionally, a lot still has to be added to the App. Meta is constantly working on improving its features and resolving its issue of getting stuck while users post new threads.

Twitter Vs Threads 

Many termed Threads as “Twitter killer.” It has to do with the fact that Threads’s working is a lot similar to Twitter.

But Is it good enough to kill Twitter? Well, many things have changed after Threads was launched. Twitter has been rebranded as X. Many users are complaining about the change, but Elon has different plans.

Sage Reads: The current state of Twitter/X in numbers.

I have compiled some differences between Twitter and Threads in this table:

Features TwitterThreads
Post character limit280 characters500 characters
Share limit4 media per tweet10 media per thread
Multiple media viewCollage viewSwipe view
MessagingIn-app messagingInstagram messaging
Device compatibilityiOS, Android and Web AppiOS and Android and Web App
Price $8/ month. (Twitter Blue)Free
Deleting account PossibleCannot delete without deleting Instagram
Account Verification Twitter Blue subscriptionInstagram verification

So which one did you find better: Threads or Twitter? Let us know in the comment section below.

Conclusion: Thread Statistics

It will be interesting to see how the Threads app progresses in the future and what new features are added to the app.

Will it kill Twitter? or was it just another social media hype of a few days? We will keep an eye on the happening and update you here as soon as we hands on reliable data.

Till then, happy threading and tweeting (or maybe X’ing)

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FAQs: Thread Statistics

Do you need Instagram for threads?

You need to have an Instagram account in order to create an account on Threads. It may be a different app, but it is deeply integrated with Instagram and all your followers and following on Threads will be the same as Instagram. 

 Can you delete the threads app?

You cannot delete the Treads app once you have signed up for it. However, if you want to delete the application, you must also delete your Instagram account. Hence, if you have created your account on Threads apps, there’s no going.

 Is Threads better than Twitter?

Threads allow users to share up to ten images in a post, and its post’s character limit is more than Twitter’s.  On the other hand, it does not use hashtags or allow users to search for a specific phrase or text. Considering all the points, Threads seems to be better than Twitter. 

Is Threads app safe?

If used wisely, Threads can be a safe space for you, but it is as dangerous as other social media platforms. Some of the dangers of the app include privacy issues, bullying, inappropriate content, inappropriate comments, etc.

Can you make threads private?

Threads allow its users to set up a private account. This means that only your followers can see your threads and be permitted to reply. 

How do you go viral on threads?

To go viral on Threads you can follow strategies like creating captivating content, engaging with the community, leveraging trending topics, maintaining consistency, promoting your threads and threads account, etc.


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