Shopify $1 Dollar Offer » How To Get (Step-by-Step)

Shopify $1 offer is the perfect opportunity for you to test out the platform before you decide to commit.

New Shopify Merchants don’t have to start paying $39/mo or more immediately after their Shopify Free trial with this exclusive Shopify $1/month offer. 

You can now avail of any Shopify Plan access by paying a dollar for your first month. 

Within a few minutes and by following 6 steps, you can extend your Shopify trial from 3 days to a month more now! 

Continue reading until the end to redeem this offer. 

What is Shopify $1 Offer?

As of January 2024, Shopify has stopped offering their 90-day Shopify access at $1/month. The old offer has been restructured and changed for a month instead. 

Earlier, a new Shopify user could try out the Shopify plan of their choice and could sign up for it for 90 days by paying $1/month.

Now, with the introduction of a new offer, a new Shopify user can only claim this offer for $1 for a period of 1 month. 

Currently, this offer has no expiration date, but you never know when you can miss the bus. Grab this offer today!

What plans does Shopify $1 apply to?

The Shopify $1/mo offer can be applied to any Shopify plan except for the “Shopify Plus” and the “Enterprise E-commerce” Shopify plan. 

Plans you can claim the $1/month offer with:

  1. Shopify Starter
  2. Shopify Basic
  3. Shopify plan
  4. Shopify Advanced 
  5. Shopify Retail

How to claim The Shopify $1 Offer (Guide)

Claiming this $1/month deal is very easy and is only a matter of a few minutes. Let me show you how in 6 simple steps.

Step 1: Visit to reach the Shopify pricing page, and select a plan of your choice. 

How to claim The Shopify $1 Deal

Step 2: To understand how your business works and to curate your experience, Shopify would ask a few questions. You can choose to answer all of these or skip as directed below. 

Shopify $1 Dollar

Step 3: Select the location of operations for your business and click “next” to proceed. 

Select the location for shopify payment

Step 4: Choose the account you would like to use to sign up for your Shopify account. I selected Google and entered my account information to proceed. 

Create shopify account

Stay patient; you’re almost there!

Step 5: In this step, you can see your Shopify store for the first time, which you can use for free for 3 days. Enjoy the trial, and once it ends, click on the “Pick a plan” button to select a plan to claim your $1/month. 

Start Shopify free for 3 days
Pick Shopify plan

Step 6: For the next step, you will need to provide the payment details. But before that, you need to verify the Shopify plan selected, the duration, and the terms and conditions.

Once verified,  proceed to checkout and click the “subscribe” button. 

 verify the Shopify plan

With that, you have successfully claimed your Shopify $1/month offer and extended your Shopify trial period. 

Limitations of Shopify $1 Offer

The only duration to the Shopify $1 offer is its current duration. Once you end your first month at $1, you will have to switch back to the monthly plans of Shopify starting from $39/mo. 

Apart from this, there are no limitations on this $1/month Shopify offer. But you never know when this offer might end. And hence, steal any Shopify subscription for 1 month and only pay $1 for it. 

Read my transparent Shopify review to know more about Shopify’s benefits and limitations. What’s more, if you’re looking to get more insights into trial offers, you can check my Shopify free trial offer.

After Trial: Shopify Pricing 

Once your one-month $1 journey ends with Shopify you will have to subscribe to Shopify’s standard pricing in order to continue using the platform. Here is an overview of the Shopify plans:

Shopify PlanBasicShopifyAdvanced 
Transaction fees(if not using Shopify payments)2%1%0.6%
SupportLive chatLive chatEnhanced Live chat

Read our Shopify pricing guide to know more about each plan and how they are different from each other. 

Shopify Resources:

Wrapping Up: Start Selling With Shopify for $1

That’s the new Shopify $1 for a month offer summed up for you. Every new Shopify user can avail of this offer for any of the standard Shopify plans.

Just follow the 6 mentioned steps above and get yourself a massive discount on your first Shopify subscription. 

Grab this deal while it lasts!


Can you cancel Shopify $1-dollar plan?

You can cancel the $1/month plan at any time you wish to drop out of Shopify, no questions asked. 

Is Shopify $1-dollar for 3 months?

The $1/month plan is for your first month only. As of January 2024, Shopify has stopped offering the $ 1/month plan for 3 months. 

Is there a free alternative to Shopify?

Shopify alternatives like Ecwid, BigCommerce, and WooCommerce are some of the alternatives that offer free access. 

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