WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly: The Clear Winner For 2024

Picking between WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly is one of the challenging aspects, considering they have cut-throat similarities. 

During my experience with both tools, I came across various similarities yet differences. 

Which is precisely what I’ll be reviewing in this comparison. 

In this article, I have reviewed WhiteSmoke and Grammarly based on various parameters, including their key features, ease of use, accuracy, plagiarism detector, and more. 

By the end of this post, you will be able to find the right tool for your needs.

With that, let’s dive into the details!

WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly: Key Differences 

WhiteSmoke and Grammarly have similar features. However, it has some major differences that separate one from the another. 

Here is a quick table of comparison. 

Grammar and SpellingsYesYes
Sentence RephraseYesYes
Plagiarism CheckerYes, but limited. Yes (unlimited)
Browser extensionYesYes
Vocabulary SuggestionsYesYes
Languages Supported55+Only English
Mobile VersionNoYes
Free VersionYesYes
Best ForStudents and casual writers who need help with basic proofreading for their short text. Writers, students, and professionals who need detailed checking for their short and long-form content with reliable feedback. 

WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly: A Quick Overview 

I will be comparing WhiteSmoke and Grammarly based on multiple parameters ahead in the next few sections. 

However, before we dive into our detailed analysis of both tools, let us go through a quick overview of Grammarly vs WhiteSmoke below. 

WhiteSmoke Overview 

Founded in 2002, WhiteSmoke is a powerful tool that uses NPL technology to detect errors and check grammar. 

It checks punctuation, grammar, spelling, and wordy sentences throughout your content with an intuitive dashboard. 

Additionally, it has letter templates that come in handy for people who are writing a letter. 

WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly - WhiteSmoke

Compared to other tools in the market, Grammarly is a perfect example of accuracy and affordability in one tool. 

You can use it for checking your short texts and content. However, the major drawback I found about WhiteSmoke is that it doesn’t provide a free version.

In order to use the tool, you need to pay for its plan.

Grammarly Overview 

Empowering over 30 million users worldwide, Grammarly has made itself one of the best AI-powered online writing assistants. 

With robust features, it allows students and professionals to check their content for grammar, style, clarity, and better tone. 

Additionally, you can customize settings for personalized suggestions and create your own personalized dictionary. 

Grammarly Overview

Furthermore, it also has a plagiarism checker, so you don’t have to purchase a separate tool. 

Overall, it is an all-in-one writing tool for students, writers, authors, working professionals, and more. 

If you are curious to learn more about Grammarly, you can check out the detailed Grammarly review here. 

Key Feature Comparison Between Grammarly and WhiteSmoke

When using Grammarly and WhiteSmoke, I came across many features that worked perfectly well. 

While both tools claim to provide excellent functionalities, here are the top features I love about both tools. 

WhiteSmoke Features 

  • One-click instant proofreading. 
  • Grammar and spelling checker. 
  • Style checker. 
  • Corrects punctuations. 
  • The translator is available in 55+ languages. 
  • Phone support is available for the top-tier plan. 
  • Works on different browsers and as an application. 
  • Reliable support and resources. 

Grammarly Features 

  • Grammar and spelling checker. 
  • Essay grade checker. 
  • Removes wordy sentences. 
  • Vocabulary suggestions for better content. 
  • Tone adjustment. 
  • Personalized setting options. 
  • Readability score to understand how your content is written. 
  • Plagiarism detector with no limits. 
  • Sentence rephraser for better clarity. 
  • Excellent customer support. 

Which Tool Is Easier To Use?

When using WhiteSmoke and Grammarly, I focused highly on how the interfaces were and how they worked. 

Based on my experience with both tools, here is what I think about the user interface of both tools. 

WhiteSmoke Ease of Use 

Sign up with WhiteSmoke is easy as soon as you make the purchase. 

If we take its interface into consideration, I’m not quite impressed with its interface design. 

Compared to Grammarly, it has a less modern and intuitive look. 

When you are moved to the editor, it gives you four modes -Writer, translator, plagiarism, and videos. 

It underlines the errors and suggests corrections above them. This is yet another approach that I didn’t like about WhiteSmoke. 

Besides, you get the errors and overall content score on the right side of your screen. 

The score also breaks down your score for sentence length, structure, redundancy, and more. 

If you have to move to the plagiarism detector, you can do that instantly. Furthermore, the settings icon at the top-right corner can help you explore the style checker option. 

Lastly, you can also export or share the content after checking easily. 

While the options to navigate inside the interface are easy, the design could have been better compared to Grammarly. 

Grammarly Ease of Use 

Here comes my favorite part about Grammarly! 

One of the reasons why I prefer Grammarly is due to its user interface. By far, it has one of the most intuitive and user-friendly interfaces.

Setting up Grammarly takes less than a minute. You can log in with your email or sign up using your Google account or email address. 

Grammarly Ease Of Use

Once you have signed up, you will be redirected to the dashboard. 

The dashboard gives you a complete overview of all the content you have checked until now. You can either keep them for your records or delete them, depending on your preference. 

Now let’s move on to the Grammarly editor. 

The editor is clean with minimal design. As soon as you upload your content or paste it, Grammarly will automatically underline all the errors with different colors. 

For instance, the red underlines are grammar or spelling errors, the blue is for clarity, the green is for engagement, and the purple denotes delivery. 

The interface remains the same throughout the other Grammarly versions. 

You can make one-click corrections to the errors. Additionally, you can tap on the details on the right side to learn about why Grammarly thinks it is wrong. 

Personally, I like reading about the errors as it helps me understand why it is wrong and how I can avoid the same mistake further. 

Furthermore, the plagiarism checker is located at the bottom right. All you need to do is tap on it, and it will automatically scan your content for plagiarism. 

Now, if you want to personalize the settings, you can click on the “goals” section. It will open the settings option where you can set your tone, how you want to write, and other details. 

Lastly, it gives you a readability score that you can see in the top-right corner. This score helps in knowing how well your content is written. The more corrections you make from Grammarly, the higher the score will be. 

Which Tool is More Accurate -Grammarly or WhiteSmoke?

Since we are comparing the two popular grammar checkers, accuracy is one of the vital parameters to take into account here. 

Grammarly and WhiteSmoke proudly boast about their accurate results in detecting errors, but one tool beats the other. 

Let’s review their accuracy below. 

WhiteSmoke Accuracy 

WhiteSmoke is pretty accurate when it comes to punctuation, grammar, and spelling. 

It can help you with checking comma slices, missed words, object clauses, tense shifts, double negatives, and more. 

While it helps significantly with the grammar part, I found it doesn’t really help with personalization. 

There is no personal dictionary option, so in case I need to mention brands or personalized spelling, WhiteSmoke will detect that as the wrong spelling. 

Moreover, you cannot customize it to a complete extent, even though it claims to provide a style checker. 

Due to this, it detects more errors which might make my content sound weird in some cases. 

Lastly, WhiteSmoke has 10,000 characters per search limit. This means each space, comma, and full stop will be counted. 

Grammarly Accuracy 

Grammarly is accurate with its corrections, but it is not 100% accurate. 

This is because it cannot detect the spelling of certain brands, personalized spellings, and more unless you add them to your personal dictionary. 

Additionally, the clarity part also sometimes shows words that can change the meaning of the sentence completely. 

Grammarly Accuracy

And the same goes for synonyms suggestions. 

Let’s take an example here. 

It asked me to remove “now” because it sounds wordy. However, the clarity part can make your content sound too robotic, which I don’t like. 

If I like to write something, I’d love to personalize it and speak to my readers instead of giving them robotic content. 

So, overall, Grammarly can be accurate. However, when you are accepting suggestions from Grammarly, make sure to pay attention to the corrections and do it only if it makes sense. 

WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly: Availability and Integrations 

Whenever I look for a grammar checker, I make sure to check the availability and integration options. 

This is because sometimes I use my mobile to check my content or write something. Having a tool that will also help me on my mobile is better than writing on my phone and opening my laptop to check. 

With that, let’s check out the options with Grammarly and WhiteSmoke. 

WhiteSmoke Availability And Integrations 

Whitesmoke is compatible with various platforms and integrates with many popular tools and websites. 

Compared to Grammarly, WhiteSmoke has fewer integrations and availability options. 

One of the major drawbacks is that it doesn’t have a mobile app. 

You can use the web version through all browsers. 

Additionally, it can be downloaded on Windows and Mac.

Besides it also works with MS Office and Gmail. 

Grammarly Availability And Integration 

Another thing I love about Grammarly is its availability and integration options. 

Compared to other writing tools in the market, Grammarly has higher availability. 

No matter where you are writing, Grammarly can be used anywhere! 

Grammarly is available for: 

You can download the extensions and use Grammarly everywhere within a few seconds. 

How Does Plagiarism Detector Work?

Both tools have built-in plagiarism detectors to check your content against billions of published content online. 

However, are they really accurate?

Let’s test them out below!

Grammarly Plagiarism Detector 

As much as I like Grammarly. Unfortunately, the plagiarism detector is not entirely accurate. 

Although it claims to scan your content through 1 billion+ web pages online, I’m still unsure about it. 

In the screenshot below, I pasted the introduction from my published content Grammarly for Mac

Despite it being copy-pasted, it couldn’t detect plagiarism. 

In another case, I pasted content from Grammarly Alternatives, which is published content too. 

In this case, Grammarly detected 100% plagiarism with the right source. 

Grammarly Plagiarism Detector

As much as I have experimented with Grammarly, I can figure that it misses heavily edited texts. 

Moreover, in many cases, it also fails to detect plagiarism. 

So, will I use Grammarly’s plagiarism detector? In rare cases! 

The bottom line is if you are a marketer or working professional, I’d recommend not relying entirely on Grammarly’s plagiarism detector. 

WhiteSmoke Plagiarism Detector 

WhiteSmoke claims to scan your content through 17 billion published content online, thanks to its powerful AI technology. 

All you need to do is paste your content, and it will automatically scan your content. 

When detecting plagiarism, it will also show the source from where the content is copied. This can help in tracing back and making changes. 

WhiteSmoke - Plagiarism Detector 

However, WhiteSmoke’s plagiarism is not reliable and accurate. 

It misses out on major texts that are copied from other sources, so I won’t really trust the plagiarism detector by WhiteSmoke. 

Additionally, it also misses out on edited texts, so I wouldn’t recommend relying 100% on it. 

Pricing Comparison Between WhiteSmoke And Grammarly 

Let’s talk about the most crucial part of our comparison. 

Pricing plays a vital role in determining whether the tool is right for you. 

Let’s compare the pricing options of Grammarly with WhiteSmoke.

WhiteSmoke Pricing 

WhiteSmoke doesn’t offer any free trial or free plan. In order to use the tool, you have to pay for their plans. 

It has three plans, and note here that its web version only gives you access to use WhiteSmoke on your browser. 

WhiteSmoke - Pricing

Here is a complete breakdown of pricing. 

Web version$5/month

The web version is suitable for people who are looking for a quick grammar checker that works on their laptop. 

On the other hand, the premium version gives one-computer access, and you can use WhiteSmoke through all browsers. 

Grammarly Pricing

One of the significant advantages of Grammarly is that it has a free version. 

The free version has a lot of features compared to other tools. 

Grammarly Pricing Plans

Furthermore, there are no limitations on how many times you can use the free version. However, Grammarly premium gives you advanced corrections along with access to a plagiarism detector. You can check our working Grammarly Discount here.

The premium plans are as follows: 

Grammarly PlansPrice

As you can see, Grammarly’s pricing is cheaper with the long-term plan. So, if you are planning to use Grammarly for your tasks, I’d recommend going with the annual plan. Grammarly Premium also offers a 7-day free trial on their business plan.

Which Has Better Support And Resources?

Customer support is yet another critical factor to check in your grammar-checking tool. 

Therefore, let’s review the support and resource options by Grammarly and WhiteSmoke. 

WhiteSmoke Support And Resources. 

Undoubtedly, WhiteSmoke has excellent resources and support options. 

Out of the various tools I have tried, I personally love how detailed and informative their resources are. 

It has a separate video tutorial for writing. These videos are detailed and teach you about different parts of Grammar. 

WhiteSmoke - Support

If you are new to writing or want to learn how to write better, these videos can come in handy. 

Furthermore, the business plan gives you access to their phone support. 

Grammarly Support and Resources

Grammarly has a detailed support center with hundreds of reliable articles for a DIY solution. 

The resource section of Grammarly is filled with helpful articles. Furthermore, it also has chat support where you can speak to their professional 24/7. 

Another way to contact their support team is by raising a ticket and emailing them. 

Compared to WhiteSmoke, Grammarly has tons of support options. On the other hand, WhiteSmoke wins with its video tutorials. 

Pros and Cons of WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly 

We have gone through all the major parameters of WhiteSmoke and Grammarly.

Now, let’s weigh down the pros and cons below, so you can understand which platform is better for you. 

WhiteSmoke Pros and Cons

Has hundreds of templates to save you time with manual writing work. Unreliable plagiarism detector. 
Supports up to 55+ languages. Doesn’t have a free version. 
Has helpful and detailed video tutorialsThe interface is not too user-friendly. 
Has a translator for multiple languages. Limits 10,000/search limit. 
Reliable for checking errors and spelling. 

Grammarly Pros and Cons 

Has a free version. The plagiarism checker is not entirely accurate. 
Has the most beginner-friendly user interface. The extensions glitch sometimes. 
Provides analytics and report. 
Real-time editing across all platforms. 
Lets you hire a human proofreader at a fee. 

Which Is The Right Tool For You?

Now that we have reached the end of our debate, it’s time to help you pick one. 

If you are still unsure about which tool is ideal for you, let me make your pick easier. 

WhiteSmoke is the right option if: 

  • If you are a student. 
  • If you are a casual writer. 
  • You don’t need detailed checking of your content. 
  • If you want to write short-form content. 

Grammarly is the right option if: 

  • You are writing long-form content.
  • You are a working professional. 
  • You are a writer, author, blogger, or marketer. 

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Final Verdict: WhiteSmoke vs Grammarly (2024) 

Writing tools can elevate your writing style in various ways. 

Fortunately, WhiteSmoke and Grammarly both work exceptionally well to check grammar and spelling and ensure you write content with better clarity. 

While they both have a lot of similarities, there are also multiple differences. 

Lastly, both serve different purposes and audiences, so depending on your needs, you can pick one. 

Either way, both tools have excellent features, so picking either of them will be a good idea. 


Is Grammarly better than WhiteSmoke?

Grammarly and WhiteSmoke both have amazing features to check grammar, spelling, punctuation, and more. They also provide plagiarism detectors. However, Grammarly is better for long-form content, whereas WhiteSmoke is ideal for short-form content. 

Which is best for students -Grammarly or WhiteSmoke?

Both tools work perfectly well for students with their powerful features. However, if you are writing long-form content as a student and need a free option, you can use Grammarly. 

Which is better for professionals?

Grammarly serves working professionals better than WhiteSmoke. It has better integrations, so if you are using other applications for your work, you can use Gramamrly. 

Can I use WhiteSmoke for free?

Unfortunately, WhiteSmoke doesn’t have a free trial or free version. You need to pay for the web version at least to use the tool. 

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