Clubhouse Statistics 2024 (Users & Revenue)

Clubhouse Statistics 2023

Launched in 2022, Clubhouse gained immense popularity during the COVID-19 pandemic as people sought innovative ways to connect with others.

The app’s popularity peaked in 2021 with over 10 million active users. However, in 2022, as people reverted to their normal lives, other social media platforms started offering similar features, and Clubhouse’s growth began to slow down.

Fast forward to April 2023, Clubhouse announced that it was laying off over half of its staff. The move is seen as a sign that the company is struggling to maintain its momentum.

Let us have a look at the current state of Clubhouse in 2024.

Clubhouse Statistics 2024 (Top Picks)

  • The Clubhouse app has over 10 million users, up from 2 million in January 2021.
  • 56% of Clubhouse users are between the age of 18 to 34.
  • Clubhouse’s official website currently gets traffic of around 1.8 million every month. The United States, Taiwan, and India are the top 3 countries sending the most traffic to the platform.
  • Clubhouse’s current valuation is $4 billion. The platform has raised more than $10 million to date from over 180 organizations and venture capitalists.
  • The Clubhouse app has been downloaded over 20 million times to date. The app was downloaded 243,360 times in July 2023 alone.
  • Clubhouse laid off 50% of its workforce in April 2023.

Clubhouse User Statistics (2024 Update)

  • Clubhouse has over 10 million weekly active users, an increase of 400% since January 2021.
  • Initially, Clubhouse had 1,500 beta testers. One month later, the platform had roughly 270 daily users. The number of users gradually rose, reaching 600,000 in December 2020.
  • The platform had 2 million members by January 2021.
  • Clubhouse attracted almost 4.6 million users between the 1st and 16th of February 2021, which was the period with the highest user increase.
Clubhouse users over time

Below is a table showing the growth of Clubhouse users over time.

May 20201,500
December 2020600,000
January 20212 million
February 202110 million

Clubhouse Demographics Statistics

These stats only regard the user base of Clubhouse in the United States.

Clubhouse Demographics
  • Over half of the clubhouse users are between the age of 18 to 34, accounting for 56%.
  • People aged 35-54 make up 42% of the clubhouse’s total users.
  • And the remaining 2% are 55 years and above.
AgeShare of respondents
18 to 3456%
35 to 5442%
55 and above2%

Clubhouse Popularity Statistics

Clubhouse ranks #19 in the News Section of the Apple app store as of March 2024.

Although it’s a social media platform, we guess that most users access it to get news, which is why it is ranking in the news section.

  • Clubhouse won in the category of “Best For Fun” in the United States Google Play Awards 2021.
  • Clubhouse also won the Users’ Choice App of 2021 (India). As per Google, This highlights India’s growing preference for speech and audio-based platforms.
  • Clubhouse has an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 on the Apple app store, where more than 759.2K users have voted.
  • Clubhouse has an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 on the Apple app store, where 557K users have voted.

Clubhouse Download Statistics

  • According to the latest data, the Clubhouse app had 2.235 million downloads globally in 2023. This data was recorded from January to July 2023.

Below is the breakdown of Clubhouse downloads from January to July 2023:

July 2023243,360
June 2023270,845
May 2023278,536
April 2023305,336
March 2023358,285
February 2023361,904
January 2023416,907
  • Clubhouse has over 20 million downloads globally to date.

Clubhouse Download Statistics by Region

As per the latest figures from Statista, the North and Latin American region dominates the share of clubhouse downloads. Europe, the Middle East, and Africa come second, and the North & the Asia Pacific region ranks third.

Clubhouse Download Statistics by Region

Below is the complete breakdown of Clubhouse Downloads according to region:

July 202385,22096,12762,013
March 2023133,428119,077105,780
January 2023135,722158,360122,825
December 2021127,228124,301103,027
September 2022145,927119,970131,392
June 2021152,053128,516171,849
March 2022246,642192,739280,008
January 2022273,726439,496335,488
December 2021247,575712,362273,205
September 2021293,703224,470656,673
June 2021984,393422,1365,730,760
March 20211,335,917609,455687,109
January 2021859,4301,061,656340,457

Interest In The Clubhouse Platform

As per Google trends, searches for the “clubhouse app” have dropped drastically. The searches peaked on February 01, 2021.


Interest In Clubhouse App via Google Trends
  • If we consider February 01 as 100 in terms of Searches, the number is only 02 as of March 2, 2024.

 Clubhouse usage statistics outside of the US

As per Appfigures, Clubhouse recorded the following amount of downloads outside of the United States (mainly in February 2021):

  • With 250,000+ downloads, Germany topped the list.
  • Japan followed with 225,000+ downloads.
  • With 220,000+ downloads, the United Kingdom came in third.
  • Turkey was fourth with 125,000+ downloads.
  • Canada bagged the fifth spot with 85,000+ downloads.
  • Countries like Australia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Austria & Switzerland had less than 50,000 downloads each.
  • Countries like Australia, the Czech Republic, Italy, Austria & Switzerland had less than 50,000 downloads each.

Who are the most followed people on Clubhouse?

Among the 10 million users, these are the most followed clubhouse accounts.

User (Profession)Followers
Rohan Seth (Clubhouse Co-founder)7.4 Million
Paul Davison (Clubhouse Co-Founder)6.5 Million 
Tiffany Haddish (Comedian)5.9 Million
Felicia Horowitz (Activist)5.4 Million
Marc Andreessen (Investor)5.1 Million
Anu (Head of community Clubhouse) 5 Million
Chris Lyons (Businessman)4.9 Million
Jared Leto (Musician, Actor)4.9 Million
Shaka Senghor (Author)4.7 Million
Van Jones (News presenter) 4.6 Million

Most followed clubs on clubhouse

Startup Club is the most followed club on Clubhouse.

Womxn in Business is the second most followed club on the platform.

Here is a table showing the most followed clubs on Clubhouse:

Club NameFollowers In thousands
Startup Club175
Womxn in Business151
OG Club146
Instagram Marketing Secrets 120
Human Behaviour119
Creative Executive Officers112
The Hustler Club101

Trending Topics On Clubhouse In 2024

  • Sales are the most popular topic on Clubhouse, with 564 million engagements from January 2020 to February  2021.
  • Social media, advanced tech, entrepreneurship, and business were among the other hot subjects.

Below is the full breakdown of Clubhouse’s most popular and trending topics In 2024.

Sales564 Million
Social Media532 Million
Deep tech528 Million
Startups464 Million
Business194 Million
Influencers 176 Million
Women160 Million
Music159 Million
Black Culture103 Million
Mental health95 Million
Politics75 Million
Sports37 Million
Dating5 Million

Clubhouse Revenue Statistics

  • Clubhouse is worth $4 Billion as of 2023.

As per the Clubhouse financial results for the fiscal year 2021.

  • Net revenues grew 321% versus the prior year to $4.2 million.
  • For the year ending December 31, 2021, Net Revenue was $4,253,765.
  • Operating costs were $15,514,421 for the year ending December 31, 2021.
  • Clubhouse’s Net Loss for the year ending December 31, 2021 was $22,245,656.

Clubhouse Funding

Clubhouse Media Group has received fresh long-term finance, including a $15 million equity line, as well as short-term debt, to help it grow its operations as it enters the second year of its venture.

Official statements from Clubhouse about their Financials.

Below are some statements by Mr. Dmitry Kaplun (Chief Financial Officer of Clubhouse Media Group) during the release of results for the fiscal year 2021.

  • In terms of operations, while clubhouse recorded more costs in 2021 than the previous year, they have been reducing their quarterly net loss for the last four quarters, starting with the quarter ending September 30, 2021.
  • In the final couple of months of 2021, Clubhouse closed its physical content houses, resulting in a considerable reduction in monthly cash burn. Clubhouse believes that in 2023 and beyond, this will be completely reflected in a smaller expenditure basis.

How Does Clubhouse And Its Creators Make Money

Clubhouse has a feature called ‘Payment” that allows its creators to make money. It’s just like the Clubhouse version of Venmo.

A user may make a payment by going to the profile of the creator to whom they wish to donate money. The user will be able to touch “Send Money” and input an amount if the author has enabled the option.

Users can make payments through Debit and credit cards.

The creator will receive 100% of the money. A modest card processing fee will be charged to the individual giving the money, which will go straight to the payment processing partner. The clubhouse isn’t going to take anything.

It’s worth noting that Clubhouse’s initial attempt at commercialization involves no percentage cut of its own. While it presently relies on venture financing to keep operating, it will ultimately need to produce money to become a self-sustaining business.

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