Detailed Quora Statistics: All-Time Stats & Data (2024)

Quora Statistics 2023

Quora is often overlooked by marketers in favor of platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. But with over 400 million users, Quora is a goldmine for placing your ads and even promoting products that solve users’ needs (after all, it’s a question-and-answer platform).

We will discuss all the facts and figures associated with Quora in this post. This will help marketers to understand the platform better and curate a marketing strategy accordingly in 2024

Get to know Quora’s demographics and user behavior in this post

Quora Statistics (Top Picks)

  • Quora has over 400 million monthly active users.
  • There are 148 million Quora users in the United States.
  • The majority of Quora users are from the 25 to 34 age group.
  • Quora has over 300,000 topics in 24 languages.
  • The average time spent by a user on the platform is around 8-10 minutes.
  • People ask 3000 to 5000 Questions on Quora every day.
  • Male users (55%) access Quora more than females (45%).
  • gets most of its social media traffic from Twitter.

In-Depth Quora Statistics

Let me give you an in-depth view of Quora with this set of Statistics.

Quora User Statistics.

As per the latest data, Over 400 million people use Quora every month. The user count increased by 120% from 2016, when the platform had only 100 million users.

Quora has 400 million monthly active users

The last time Quora officially reported its user base, it had 300 million users. It was back in 2018.

The United States has The Most Number Of Quora Users

With 148 million users, the United States has the most number of Quora users. Second on the list is India, with 100 million users.

Quora Monthly Active Users In Different Countries

Here is a table showing the number of Quora users across countries and regions:

The United States148 million
India100 million
Europe70 million
Sea (pacific countries)24 million
United Kingdom22.5 million
Middle East & North Africa20 million
Canada15 million
Australia & New Zealand11 million
Japan6.8 million
Mexico3.5 million
Brazil2.6 million

300K Topics are Discussed on the Platform.

Quora users engage in discussions of 300,000 topics across 24 languages

Popular Topics On Quora

Users can follow ‘Topics’ on Quora. They get notified whenever there is an interesting activity happening under that topic.

Here are some highly popular topics on Quora:

Health49.6 million7.8 million
B2B/SaaS40.1 million9 million
CPG35.2 million2 million
Finance12.2 million3.9 million
Consumer Technology10.6 million6 million
Consumer Electronics10.06 million4.1 million
Education7.1 million11.1 million
Entertainment5.6 million0.287 million
Jobs and Career3.4 million8.5 million
Auto2.7 million2 million
E-commerce2.2 million1.4 million

Number Of Questions Asked On Quora.

Quora users ask between 3000 to 5000 questions on the platform each day.

That equals to around 90,000 -150,000 questions each month.

The Average Number of Answers On Quora.

According to estimates, each question on Quora receives an average of 6-7 responses, but this varies with factors such as the nature of the questions. If the topic is interesting, it may have over 5000 responses. 

Quora has a paid service too.

Last year, Quora rolled out a subscription-based program known as Quora+ (Quora Plus).  

This allows creators (Answer Givers) to hide their answers behind a paywall. Users can unlock these answers by subscribing to Quora plus with a fee of $5/month and $50/year.

More than 1/3rd of Americans use Quora.

As per reports from Alexa, Around 35% of American citizens access Quora.

Age of Quora users.

Most Quora users belong to the 25 to 34 age group, they account for 30.80% of the total userbase.

Those aged between 18 to 24 make up 28.42% of the users.

Here is a table showing the complete demographics of Quora users:

AgeShare of Users
18 to 2427.97%
25 to 3430.47%
35 to 4417.76%
45 to 5411.53%
55 to 647.42%
Over 654.85%

Highly educated people power the platform.

Quora users are highly educated. 30% of Quora users have an undergraduate degree, and 20% have a graduate degree.

55% of Quora users make over $100k US dollars/year.

With so many well-educated people using the platform and most of them belonging to a management background, It is natural that more than half of Quora users make more than $100,000 a year.

In a survey conducted by GWI, 42.4% of Quora users in the U.S. reported an average household income greater than $85,000.

Average time spent on Quora.

Quora users spend around 8-10 minutes on the platform every day. Grabbing an attention span of 10 minutes every day by a platform that doesn’t have a short video service is a huge achievement.

LinkedIn users love Quora.

It is found that LinkedIn users aged above 18 spend more time on Quora. If you are a firm looking to acquire talent, posting on Quora along with LinkedIn is not a bad option either.

Male users outnumber female users on Quora.

Males make up 55% of Quora users, while females make up 45% of the user base.

A good portion of Quora users are from the management background

As per 2018 research, 38% of Quora users are likely to be from a management background. You can reap the benefits of this by presenting your company in front of decision-makers in order to increase conversions.

Quora is valued at $2 billion US dollars.

Quora is valued at $2 billion US dollars as of 2023.

Quora allows advertising on its platform.

Quora started showing ads way back in 2016, but they were only limited to a few brands.

In 2017, Quora rolled out “Quora for business,” This allows business to put their ads on Quora.

Businesses using Quora Ads have seen up to 4x higher conversions than other platforms.

The majority of ads on Quora are B2B.

The majority of businesses that use Quora’s Ads platform are targeting other companies rather than end customers, according to the Quora team.

This has to do a lot with statistic no. 14 on this list.

Number of Questions on Quora

In March of 2021, Quora announced that it had surpassed the 90 million question mark on the platform. They might well have surpassed the 100 million mark as of the time of writing. Because questions are continuously added and removed, it is impossible to know the right figure.

Rarely does any question go unanswered

99% of questions posted on Quora are answered. Ask away anything you have in mind. It is highly unlikely that you won’t get a response.

Most popular Question on Quora

This is the most popular question on Quora. It has over 40,000 followers and 27.9 million views.

Well-written answers get millions of views.

A well-written answer on Quora can get over a million views easily.

The majority of Quora traffic comes from mobile phones.

This may not come as a surprise looking at Stat no. 7.

83.7% of Quora’s global traffic is generated via smartphones.

The majority of India’s population access the web through their smartphones.

Not just that part, the USA, which makes the second country to have the most quora users, has 78.29% of people accessing the internet from their smartphones daily.

More than 70% of Quora Ads Interactions occur via Mobile Phones

As the above stats show, Most people access the platform via smartphones; naturally, mobile-related engagement is also high, with over 70% happening through mobile devices. 

“Movies” is a huge topic on Quora.

With a following of 104 million, “Movies” is one of the most followed topics on the platform. This shows that people who share a love for movies are in high numbers on the platform.

Quora Have a High Conversion Rate.

You can expect a conversion rate of up to 4 folds higher when you decide to advertise your business on the platform. Even Semrush backs this claim.

Quora experiences a high amount of organic traffic

Quora receives more than half of its traffic from Google, which isn’t surprising given Google’s dominance.

According to Similarweb data, Quora gets 65.25% of traffic comes from organic searches.

If you’re a marketer, you can take advantage of this information by providing answers that include specific keywords or citations to your product.

Twitter sends the majority of social media traffic to Quora

Twitter is responsible for 59.96% of all the social media traffic that comes to Quora. second on the list is youtube which accounts for 18.25% of traffic.

Reddit, Facebook, and Whatsapp follow with 7.79%, 6.76%, and 2.77% respectively.

Quora raised $80 million to remain independent

Adam D’Angelo revealed that Quora sourced this fund from the Tiger group.

Quora doesn’t give out numbers like other platforms

CEO of Quora, Adam D’Angelo, also says that Quora focuses more on quality than quantity and doesn’t give out company-related data as frequently as other big companies.

Males link their responses more than Females

According to a study, males are more likely than females to link their responses.

They link their responses two folds more than Females.

Quora supports multiple languages

People can use Quora in 17 different languages.

Google is the most discussed brand on the platform

Google drives the most traffic to Quora, and it is the most discussed brand on the platform. Giants like Amazon, Meta, and Coca-Cola follow Google.

Quora is a bang for the buck than most platforms

The click-through rate (CTR) and cost-per-click (CPC) metrics are better on Quora than on other platforms.

Quora will turn 15 years old in 2024

Quora was launched on June 25, 2009. It was co-founded by former Facebook employees Adam D’Angelo and Charlie Cheever.

The platform will turn 15 years old in June 2025.

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