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There’s no shortage of SEO tools in the market. From content auditing to backlink building to keyword analysis — a tool is available for everything. However, some tools provide the most robust ROI while others make you wonder whether your investment into them was justified or not! 

A Google SEO Checker is the tool that falls in the first category. While there’s no denying the fact that full-service SEO suites provide the best bang for your buck, if you’re on a limited budget and receiving some search traffic already, then you’ll probably be better off investing in a Google SEO checker. 

What are these tools, and how do they help us? That’s what we’ll try to explore in this article. We’ll also take a look at the 5 best Google SEO Checkers in the end. Let’s begin!

Key Takeaway

Google SEO Checker tools are essential for the on-page SEO of your site. They provide detailed and data-driven insights about what may be going wrong with the SEO of your site, making everything much easier. 

However, there are 3 factors that should be taken into account while choosing an SEO checker tool for your site: reliability, parameters covered by it, and report-sharing capabilities. Here are some tools that provide all of these things:

Tool NameBest For
On Page SEO Checker From SemrushEvery Type Of Marketer
SEO Checker from SE RankingSEO agencies
SEO Checker from Small SEO ToolsFree on-page SEO analysis
Google SEO Checker from SEO Review ToolsSimplicity
SEO Checker from SEO Tester OnlineDesign and UI
SiteChecker.pro300+ parameters for detailed SEO check

Now let’s explore this information in detail.

What is a Google SEO Checker?

A Google SEO Checker is an online tool that checks your website on all the parameters that are important for its ranking in Google’s search results. After evaluation, it provides you with a detailed report explaining everything that’s already good with your site and everything that needs to be improved to improve your search rankings. 

Such tools are also known sometimes as On-site SEO audit tools, but for the sake of simplicity, in this article, we’ll refer to them as Google SEO Checker tools. 

Some factors evaluated by these tools include:

  1. Technical SEO parameters (i.e. Robots.txt issues, sitemap issues, SSL-related issues, site speed, duplicate content, broken links, etc.)
  2. On-page SEO parameters (i.e. keyword density, title tag optimization, meta tag optimization, ALT tags in images, internal linking, keyword cannibalization issues, etc.)
  3. Domain authority of your domain
  4. The ranking potential of different pages.

Based on these factors, Google SEO Checker tools prepare a comprehensive report that your SEO team can use to guide their strategy. You can also check Best SEO Agencies here.

Factors to Consider While Choosing a Google SEO Checker

There are many factors that you should consider while choosing a Google SEO Checker tool to ensure the maximum advantage from them. Here they are:

#1. Reliability

This is the most important thing – if a tool doesn’t use reliable data for analyzing your website and preparing its reports, you’ll be misguided by it, and the results can be far worse than your current search situation. Remember, bad data is worse than no data. So always choose a Google SEO Checker that’s reliable and trusted in the market. Pay attention to the reviews of the tool that you choose on various business software review websites such as G2, Capterra, and Trustpilot. 

#2. Parameters Covered

After reliability, the next important thing to consider about a Google SEO Checker is the number of parameters covered in its report. Many tools are available in the market, but only some provide a complete overview of your search rankings and ranking potential. So before you commit to any particular tool, try a couple of them and see if they provide information regarding all the parameters outlined above or not. 

#3. Report Sharing

It’s also important to have the ability to export and share the reports generated by your Google SEO Checker because it can make life much simple whenever you have to share the reports and insights with someone. So make sure that the tool you choose has the feature to export its reports in at least a couple of popular formats (i.e. Excel, PDF, etc). 

Top 6 Google SEO Checker Tools

There’s no shortage of Google SEO checker tools in the market. However, the tools that can pass the test of all 3 criteria that we explained above are few and far between. But you don’t have to worry about that, because we’re going to tell you about six such tools that offer robust SEO checker functionality with all the features mentioned above. Here we go:

#1. On Page SEO Checker From Semrush

Semrush is a complete SEO suite that helps marketers with search engine optimization, SEM (Search Engine Marketing), keyword research, competitive research, and so on. With their On-Page SEO Checker tool, it gives you optimization ideas for your website’s pages. You can find ideas for upto 50 pages at once. With their ideas, you can increase your organic traffic exponentially.

On Page SEO Checker From Semrush

It gives you strategy ideas, SERP features ideas, backlinks ideas, user experience ideas, semantic ideas, content ideas, and technical SEO ideas. You will get clear ideas like how many words you should add or remove from your content, how many times top competitors are using keywords in their content, from which domains you need to get backlinks for your page, and so on.

#2. SEO Checker from SE Ranking

In case you don’t know, SE Ranking is a reputed full-service SEO suite for agencies involved in the business of digital marketing. The suite also includes an on-page SEO checker that can scan websites or specific pages of websites for various SEO-related issues and then generate a detailed report based on sorted by various factors. Its report looks like this: 

SEO Checker From SE Ranking

These reports can also be shared easily with anyone, and you can also compare your report with that of your competitors as it makes those comparisons far easier than any of the other tools on our list. This makes it one of the best Google SEO Checkers in the market. 

#3. SEO Checker from Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools offers many different tools meant for the SEO of a website, including an SEO Checker that analyzes any URL entered by you on various parameters to determine their rankability. Once the analysis is complete, it generates a report like the one shown below:

SEO Checker From Small SEO Tools

This report, as you can see, provides a complete overview of how many high-priority and low-priority SEO issues were found with the page whose URL you entered. It also provides suggestions to fix them and an aggregate website score based on the findings of its analysis. 

#4. Google SEO Checker from SEO Review Tools

This tool is as simple as its name – it analyzes the URL entered by you on 13 different parameters and then assigns an SEO score based on its findings. The score can be a maximum of 100%, and it’s calculated by taking 14 different factors into account. Here’s what its report looks like:

Google SEO Checker From SEO Review

Although you might not have heard much about this tool, like some other tools mentioned on this page, that doesn’t make it any less reliable. It’s a full-fledged suite of 60+ SEO tools, and some of the most respected names from the niche of digital marketing (i.e. Brian Dean of Backlinko and Olga Andrienko of Semrush) have recommended it. We, too, compared its SEO scores with the scores generated by other tools, and we found them pretty accurate. 

Needless to say, you can use it without being concerned about its reliability. 

#5. SEO Checker from SEO Tester Online

This is arguably the most well-designed Google SEO Checker tool on our list. When you check a URL through it, you’re taken to a full-fledged dashboard-style report that provides all details, such as core web vitals, headings, relevant keywords, reading time, words on the page, etc. The report also includes an aggregate SEO score like other tools and categorically organized suggestions regarding critical and low-priority SEO issues. You can also download the report if you want to. 

SEO Checker From SEO Tester Online

Here’s what its reports look like:

UX & Performance Review


This one is a paid tool on our list. Now since it’s a paid tool, it also has some unique capabilities that you won’t find in other tools like it. Those unique features include a rank tracker, a complete dashboard that can connect to Google Analytics and Search Console, and a backlink tracker. 

SEO Checker Pro

Besides those things, even their site checker tool – which is the subject of this post – also claims to analyze each site on an unparalleled 300+ parameters, and it appears clearly in the depth of reports that are generated by it. Here’s how its reports look like:

As you can see, it’s indeed capable of pointing out hundreds of critical issues and warnings related to your site, which means it indeed uses hundreds of parameters to prepare an SEO report of your site. This justifies the price tag of $41 per month to $208 per month – the range in which its plans are. 

Conclusion: Google SEO Checker

Nothing worthwhile can be achieved without the right tools, and a Google SEO Checker tool is one of the most important tools in the arsenal of an SEO manager. So don’t compromise on it, and choose any of the tools mentioned above to guide your SEO strategy with the power of data. It will help you a lot in the long run, and you’ll be able to extract the best outcome from your SEO campaigns. 

Lastly, if you still have any questions about SEO or the SEO checker tools mentioned above, share them in the comments. We’ll try to answer them at the earliest. Also, share this post on your social media channels if you learned something useful from here. 

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