TikTok Music: Everything You Need To Know!

TikTok Music is the hot new platform launched by ByteDance (TikTok’s parent company). This new platform offers a fresh new perspective for users with a unique listening experience.

Currently only available in select countries and users, it is gradually getting launched in more countries. But this is expected to gain a lot of attention given to the massive number of TikTok enthusiasts.

The app was expected to be launched soon after the reports of TikTok filing for a trademark for ‘TikTok Music’ surfaced in May 2022.

We gathered the limited information currently available with TikTok music and tried to cover whatever we could about it from TikTok’s website in Australia.

Read on to know more!

What is TikTok Music?

TikTok Music is a music streaming platform from the renowned platform TikTok. It is similar to what Spotify and Apple Music offer, letting users listen to full versions of viral TikTok songs now.

Big record companies like Universal Music Group, Warner Music, and Sony Music have signed agreements with TikTok Music. This would help users to gain access to a huge library of soundtracks.

TikToK Music overview

It is currently in its Beta stage and has an early version app. A user can join as a Beta tester to get early access to new features and releases before anyone else. You would also be able to share your inputs directly with TikTok Music to help them improve the app. 

TikTok plans to replace ByteDance’s existing music streaming app Resso with the new addition and is reported to shut down on 5th September in Brazil and Indonesia.

Is TikTok Music Available Worldwide?

As of 8th August 2023, TikTok Music is only available in selected countries like Australia, Singapore, Mexico, Brazil, and Indonesia. As per reports, TikTok is soon to release its music streaming platform in the USA. 

There is still no indication of TikTok music’s availability in countries where TikTok is banned. 

Did you know? Indonesia and Brazil are TikTok’s largest markets. If you want to know more interesting facts and statistics related to TikTok, then read our post here.

How to Download TikTok Music?

You can download it directly from TikTok Music’s website or the Google Play store, or Apple’s app store. Users from other countries can still download the app but won’t be able to access the service.

How to Download TikTok Music

TikTok Music User Interface

TikTok music resembles a mix of Spotify, Apple Music, and TikTok. Switching between tracks can be done by swiping up, similar to switching the videos on TikTok. It also offers some additional features unique to it and stands out from its competition.

TikTok Music user interface

Users can create collaborative playlists with friends, import their music library, find songs with a lyrics search and can also share notes to express thoughts via comments and connect with the community.

Since the application isn’t widely available, we have limited thoughts on the user interface. But we covered some unique features that TikTok Music has. Read below.

Unique Features

While researching TikTok Music, we came across these features that the new app brings to the newest platform.

Unique features of TikTok Music

1. My party 

This offers features like a musical flashlight, color strobe, vibrate, and volume booster. With limited access, we are not sure what these features exactly do, but they would probably be helpful at a party and add to the experience with visuals.

Volume booster – This gives you a slider that ranges from minimize to maximize to boost the volume and enhance the listening experience.

2. Sound effects

This offers users to change effects similar to an equalizer. But with TikTok Music, this feature gets an add-on of graphics moving around the album cover of the song playing, and each sound effect has a different graphic.

You can switch off the visual effects and alter only the audio. Using the effect with the visuals turned on affects power consumption. 

Some of the profiles available are: 

  • Vocal booster
  • The AI-matched sound effect that best fits your song genre
  • Bass booster

3. Audio quality

It offers four different audio quality experiences:

  • Excellent (for premium users only)
  • Good
  • Regular, and
  • Auto

Other standard features of TikTok Music

  • Receiver – To select song output
  • Add to playlist
  • Similar mix – for starting a radio 
  • Not interested – To stop getting suggestions for the song 
  • Download 
  • Sleep timer
  • View album and artist
  • Content feedback
  • Report
  • Share song to WhatsApp, Snapchat, Instagram, and TikTok

Devices supported

Currently, TikTok Music is supported by Android, Apple phones, iPad, PC, Apple Watch, and Carplay. Users can connect with TikTok Music to want them to support more devices.

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TikTok Music Limitations?

The current limitation of TikTok Music is its unavailability worldwide. Even if it launches worldwide, owing to its privacy concerns, would it be banned just like its video streaming platform colleague? 

These are some early concerns only because of the lack of information currently, but we may get more information as we get additional access to the platform in the coming days.

TikTok Music Pricing Plans

Users get a free trial period of 3 months before they are asked to commit to a paid subscription plan. Users can cancel their free trial anytime they wish to discontinue their services.

Here are the available plans for TikTok Music for Australia and some features included.

Individual PlanStudent PlanFamily Plan
3 months free3 months freeUp to 6 accounts
Add-free musicAd-free musicAd- free music
Unlimited song skipsUnlimited song skipsUnlimited song skips
Unlimited downloadsUnlimited downloadsUnlimited downloads
Only available for eligible university students

It also offers ‘Free service’ for its platform, which limits users from using some features. When upgraded to a subscription plan, you can listen to ad-free music, a higher sound quality option, download songs to listen offline, and other community features. 

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Summing up, it is anticipated that upon its introduction to a global audience, many users will gravitate toward the new streaming platform and its unique features.

We are excited to try the platform ourselves and are waiting for it to be launched in our country. Only then can we give a detailed review of TikTok Music and how it stands in front of its counterparts.

Till then, you can read about our coverage of TikTok Music’s prime competitors, Apple Music and Spotify, below


Is TikTok Music available in my country?

It is currently not available worldwide and is only available in select countries like Australia, Indonesia, Singapore, Mexico, and Brazil

Is TikTok Music free?

TikTok music offers select features in its ‘Free services’, and the pricing for the paid subscription starts at $8.99/mo.

How can I download TikTok music?

If you are from an eligible country with access to TikTok Music, you can download the application from TikToK’s website, Google Play store, or Apple app store.

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