14 AI Marketing Tools In 2024 (Automate Campaigns)

Searching for AI marketing tools to grow your business by leveraging AI? We have got your back with our list of these tools that we have found after thorough research.

AI business tools can automate the entire evaluation process and extract the necessary information from multiple vantage points. It also examines the prospects’ behavioral patterns, shopping patterns, and recent activity to provide you with a better understanding of how to create a personalized ad/email for them.

Whether you are a part-time blogger, an SEO expert, or the owner of a small business, AI tools can significantly improve your output by executing smart commerce strategies and automating decision-making processes. 

In this discussion, I will highlight some of the finest AI marketing tools available in 2024. These platforms have been used by millions of e-retailers, SEO specialists, and marketers worldwide.

Top 14 AI Marketing Tools: In A Nutshell

Below you will find some top AI marketing tools. Each tool belongs to a different marketing segment, such as social media, content writing, SEO, promotional emails, etc. 

Sr. No.AI Marketing ToolCategoryPrice
3.Surfer SEO SEO $49/mo
5.Grammarly Content Marketing$30/mo
6.Jasper AIContent Marketing$49/mo
7.AcrolinxContent MarketingContact Sales
8.PhraseeEmail MarketingContact Sales
9.Smartwriter.aiEmail Marketing$49/mo
10.Seventh SenseEmail Marketing$64/mo
11.Smartly.ioSocial MediaContact Sales
12.HootsuiteSocial Media$29/mo


Here I have explained all-in-one AI marketing tools.

1. Semrush

Semrush is an all-in-one marketing tool that integrates AI in its SEO, marketing, and advertising tools. You can use its tools for content marketing campaigns, analyze the content of your website, do an audit of your website, find the best keyword opportunities, and more with the help of AI. You can use its rank tracking tool to determine how your keywords are performing on search engines against your competitors.


It comes with a content marketing toolkit that you can use to plan your content, find topics to cover on your website, create content marketing campaigns, and so on. It also has one of the biggest backlink databases where you can find better backlink opportunities for your website. It also offers solutions for local SEO based on region and country.


  • Create a social media calendar for your marketing campaigns
  • Collaborate with your team with a single Semrush account
  • Get detailed analytics & reporting data


Semrush has three premium plans, and they are:

  • Pro – $129.95/month($1300/year)
  • Guru – $249.95/month($2500/year)
  • Business – $499.95/month($5000/year)

We also have an exclusive Semrush Coupon here that can help you save a few bucks on your purchase of its subscription.

2. MarketMuse

If you are looking for an out-and-out platform to build your marketing strategies, there are very few that can provide you with what MarketMuse does. It uses artificial intelligence to help you dig for the most fruitful keywords to include in your content depending on the topic category. 

 AI Marketing Tools  - MarketMuse

The AI also performs a detailed comparison between your content and hundreds of other similar write-ups on the internet to highlight the room for improvement. 

Not only that, but it also tracks down the new content topics and opportunities for you to rank yourself amongst the best competitors. MarketMuse is perfect assistance for enterprises that deal with sales copies, landing pages, emails, and other long-form content. 


  • Finds out the new content ideas and their impact on your ranking
  • An in-built content editor highlights the weak points in your content.
  • Creates the first draft for you to get started with.


MarmetMuse has 3 plans – Free, Standard at $7200/year, and Premium at $12000/year

SEO AI Tools

Here I have explained SEO AI Tools in detail.

3. Surfer SEO

Surfer SEO is a one-stop solution to all SEO-related content optimization. It helps you produce high-quality content that helps your page ranking on Google. Whether you are creating blog posts or just a marketing article, Surfer SEO optimizes your content based on your target audience, domain, topic category, etc. 

Surfer SEO
Surfer SEO

The AI Outline builder can prepare a draft for you with attractive headings, subheadings, and paragraphs, leaving very little for you to do. Of course, you can customize any section of the article according to your personal preference and writing style. 

You can also optimize the existing content to increase its visibility on Google. Apart from this, you get great content ideas as well as writing instructions for your niche. The AI tracks down the top performing pages from the niche and suggests you various tips including article structure, optimum word count for articles, high-converting keywords, and much more.  


  • Content Planner helps you develop a proper strategy to write compelling blog posts, marketing advertisements, and articles.
  • The in-built content editor suggests several writing tips as well as new content ideas
  • You can easily create a content outline with unique paragraphs, smart headings, bullet points, and so on.
  • Increase the organic traffic on your page with SEO Ranking software. 


Surfer SEO has 3 plans – Basic, Pro, and Business. The basic plan is priced at $59/month, the Pro at $119/month and the Business plan will cost you $239/month

There is an unconditional 7-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the features. Also, there is a discount of up to 17% if you go for the yearly subscription. 

4. Frase.io

Frase.io is a writing platform that employs a combination of artificial intelligence, natural language processing, and machine learning to create high-quality content. It also helps you to find the best topics to write about, based on the input keyword and the available material on the internet.  


You can also use Farse to optimize your existing content. It compares your article with top-ranking pages from the same category and, makes necessary changes to improve the SEO-related characteristics of the content. 

When you input a keyword, the AI instantly extracts valuable data from the 20 best ranking pages and presents you with a structure to work with. While you are writing, you can check the SEO score of your content. The higher the content score is, the more chances it will have to rank on the first page of a google search. This gives you control over your writing as you can make real-time changes to it. 


  • All it takes 1 keyword to develop hundreds of topic ideas.
  • Generate an SEO-friendly structure for any topic within a few seconds.
  • Modify your content based on the Topic Score to stay ahead in the competition.
  • Paraphrasing, article spinning, snippet writing, and much more. 


Frase.io is one of the most affordable AI content creation platforms. The company has 3 premium plans for its users. Here is a breakdown:

  • Basic – $44.99/month($479.88/year), 1 users/30 documents
  • Team – $114.99/month($1200/year), 3 users/Unlimited documents
  • Enterprise – Custom price Unlimited users/Unlimited documents

Content Marketing

Here I have explained AI content marketing tools.

5. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the fastest-growing writing assistants in recent years. The platform relies on comprehensive algorithms and AI tools to help you create error-free and high-standard content that will keep the readers engaged. 


It allows you to set various parameters for your writing such as audience type, topic category, writing intent, and level of formality. For example, you can choose if you are writing an email, a creative piece, a business proposal, or just a casual article. You can choose whether the targeted audience is general or expert. This helps you to develop exclusive articles for your readers that they will understand better.

Grammarly performs a thorough analysis of your content and highlights the overall quality, including word count, readability score, vocabulary level, etc. Additionally, the in-built error checker highlights all the grammatical and spelling mistakes in real-time if you are writing on their website or using the Grammarly extension on your web browser. 

Learn how Grammarly can elevate your writing here.


  • Browser extension and smartphone application
  • Real-time error correction
  • Highlights repetitive words, redundancy, grammatical errors, etc.
  • Available for English US/UK/Canada, and Australia


Grammarly has a free plan with a basic grammar checker. The premium plan comes at $30/month with additional features such as plagiarism detection, full rewrites, word choices, etc.

There is a business plan available at $12.50/user that is trailers for big enterprises. It includes snippets, a styling guide, brand tones, and a powerful analytic dashboard. You can also check our working Grammarly Discount here. There is a 7 days free trial also available on Grammarly’s business plan.

6. Jasper AI

Jasper is an all-around AI writing tool that helps you create impactful content for your customers. whether it’s marketing documents, SEO articles, personal blogs, or even a story, Jasper AI allows you to enhance your creativity and produce the most engaging write-ups.

Jasper AI
Jasper AI

Jasper AI features a database of millions of phrases, keywords, and sentences. The platform picks the key elements in your material and proposes the most suitable alternatives including synonyms, catchphrases, and adjectives from its database. Unlike some other writing platforms, Jasper AI holds a very high accuracy when it comes to word suggestions which makes it an ideal choice to write business emails, landing pages, ad copies, social media posts, and much more. 

Simply write your piece and the AI writing assistant instantly picks up spelling mistakes, grammatical gaps, and missing punctuation. Furthermore, there are hundreds of writing styles, and fonts available to help you create a stylish yet natural-looking piece of article. 


  • Create product descriptions, bullet points, titles, and meta descriptions for your e-commerce store.
  • Multiple templates for creative writing, ad copies, promotional emails, landing pages, etc
  • Translate into over 25 languages
  • Standard editing features such as word look up, find & replace, etc


Jasper AI has 2 premium plans 

Creator – $49/month
Teams – $125/month

Bonus: To help you save some bucks on the purchase of a Jasper AI subscription, we have compiled all the latest Black Friday discounts offered by Jasper AI.

7. Acrolinx

Acrolinx is a content management and alignment platform that produces content that is in line with your brand and business type. From the marketing teams to customer care associates, Acrolinx provides writing assistance for every section of your business. Even top companies like Amazon, Adobe, Facebook, and Google rely on its services for their marketing content requirements. 


You can create compelling product descriptions, marketing documents, and promotional emails that are aligned with your brand’s voice and your business ethics. You can also use the platform to write stylish yet intuitive UI content for your website. The company also provides website management, e-forms writing, customizable templates, SEO writing assistance, and much more.

The AI examines the existing content, and based on your targeted audience, business type, and style, it highlights the necessary modifications. You can define the specific word usage such as your company name, brand motto, or even a certain product name/category, etc. You can also set the other standard preferences including writing intent, tone, formality level, grammar, and style to produce exquisite materials that your customers will care to read. 


  • Automated editing procedure.
  • Integration with Google Docs, WordPress, and so on.
  • Creates effective and uniform content that reflects your brand standards.
  • Create attractive product descriptions, marketing documents, customer responses, UI content, and much more. 


Contact the Acrolinx team to get a quote on your desired requirements.

Email Marketing

Here I have explained email marketing AI tools.

8. Phrasee

Phrasee allows you to create intriguing content for your customers using the Natural Language Generation tool. You can create ad copies, emails, social media posts, SMS, and even push notifications in your brand voice. This increases overall customer engagement and also provides you with the possibility to deliver the right message to your audience at the right time. 


Phrasee can also help you create content exclusively for the target audience. There are several brand language modes available to create attractive and mesmerizing copies that will help you connect with your audience better and they can’t help but get positive ideas about your brand.

The copies generated by Phrasee are natural-sounding and personalized to each customer. You can generate millions of unique copies within a few minutes. Phrasee uses a prediction model to improve the content quality based on your customers’ activities and behavior on your page. 


  • Connect to customers based on their real-time activity.
  • Send personalized emails, SMSs, and push notifications to your customer in your brand language.
  • Helps you increase your brand awareness across the platforms.
  • Brand language optimization for better customer engagement. 


To get a price, you need to contact Phrasee and they will connect you to one of their experts. You can take a tour of the platform, learn how to create a brand-optimized copy, etc. 

9. Smartwriter.ai

A smart writer is a great way to streamline the outreach process by sending high-quality personalized emails to your audience. The AI saves you hours of research and can generate thousands of email copies in a few clicks, personal to each customer. From the first contact to follow-up emails, the entire process can be automated with Smartwriter 


It analyzes your customer data, blogs, news articles, and other case studies to create effective promotional/sales emails that will make the readers think. It also studied LinkedIn bio, podcasts, blogs, and 42 other data points to come up with the best possible icebreaking emails to target the audience. 

The smart writer is used by some of the biggest companies including Facebook, Meta, Uber, and Oracle. 


  • Get 8 times more replies to your emails.
  • Automated personalized email service, almost 40 times faster than manual.
  • Send personalized emails based on the individual’s latest internet activity.
  • Smart writer Chrome extension helps you locate thousands of new leads 


Smart writer AI has 3 plans – Basic a4 $49/month, Popular at $124/month, and a pro plan priced at $299/month

There is an additional 20% discount on yearly plan purchases. Also, there is a 7-day free trial available for all the plans. 

10. Seventh Sense

Seventh Sense is a perfect AI tool for businesses dealing with promotional email campaigns. It allows you to build a better connection with your customers by sending them personalized emails at the most suitable times.

Seventh Sense
Seventh Sense

The AI analyzes the customer behavior to guess the perfect time to send the emails to achieve the high opening rates, making sure your email is not just lying idle in their inboxes. To achieve this, the platform uses several predictive techniques to ensure that your emails get delivered at the best time and date to your customers.

If your business demands you to send hundreds of emails every day, Seventh Sense can help you create an effective email campaign and save you a lot of time.  


  • Send your emails at the best time to improve your sender score
  • Increases the chances of your email being opened.
  • Behavior profiling to predict the perfect timing for each customer.
  • Create an impactful email campaign.  


Seventh Sense has different pricing for Hubspot and Marketo, 2 leading marketers in the USA. Here is the pricing 

Marketo – $450/month

Hubspot – $64/month

There is also an Enterprise plan available at a custom price for businesses with over 150k customers. 

A free-of-cost demo is available on the official website of Seventh Sense, also, there is a flat 20% discount if you purchase the yearly subscription. 

Social Media AI Tools

Here I have explained social media management AI tools.

11. Smartly.io

Smartly.io is an ad generation platform for all your social media platforms. During this age of multiple social mediums, connecting to customers can be tricky, but Smart.io implements creative measures to automate the whole outreach process on social media. 


The creative automation tool smartly extracts your item catalog and various other data points to generate several ad copies and local offers including prices for social media channels. The AI can publish and update the ads in real-time so that you never miss a chance to reach out to your audience. 

Smartly.io uses predictive algorithms to determine the budget, bidding, and target audience to create high-converting ads. You can also check your ad performance in real-time and make necessary strategy changes based on the feedback of Smartly.io. 


  • Track your ad campaign performance in real time.
  • Create personalized ads for 8 social media platforms.
  • Dynamically updates your ads to match the audience activity,


You need to go to the official page of Smartly.io and request a meeting. After the successful demonstration, you can get the price quote, depending upon your business requirements. 

12. Hootsuite

It’s probably the oldest social media management tool and the first one to introduce AI in social media marketing. It’s a one-stop solution for all your social media activities. With Hootsuite, you can create and post content on multiple social media channels within a few seconds. 


If you are looking to advertise your product on social platforms or planning a vast ad campaign, Hootsuite provides you with all the necessary tools to streamline the process. Additionally, you can monitor your interactions from various channels and respond to them in bulk or individually. 

The AI analyzes the latest internet sensations and studies the market forecasts to help you create high-converting social media posts for your target audience.  


  • Manage Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Tumblr accounts, and much more from a single dashboard.
  • Create impactful social media posts to increase your outreach.
  • Create content for every social media channel and schedule the posts for the future.
  • Monitor your real-time performance on social media.


Hootsuite offers 4 plans – Professional, Team, Business, and Enterprise. 

  • Professional – $29/month, 1 user/10 social accounts
  • Team – $129/month, 3 users/20 social accounts
  • Business – $599/month, 5 users, 35 social accounts
  • Enterprise – Custom price, 5+ users/50+ social accounts

AI Chatbots

Here I have explained AI chatbots.

13. ChatFuel

ChatFuel is one of the best AI chatbots that are widely used by marketers. The chatbot resolves all the questions that customers have before it qualifies them as a lead and sends them to the sales team. The best part about this chatbot is that you don’t buy a regular chatbot that is available on the market; instead of that, you will get to create your own personality in this chatbot, and it will act simulate the answers how you would answer in real life.


You can easily replace FAQ pages and get potential leads funneled through the process. You can also offer discount codes through this chatbot to make it seem like a real person is interacting with the customers. Once the leads get qualified by the chatbot, they get sent to a real person who is online at that time. ChatFuel is also the official partner of Meta, so you can easily rely on it.


  • Easily integrates with third-party applications
  • Detailed analytics to give in-depth details of leads
  • Customizable templates are available


ChatFuel’s pricing depends on the number of conversations it automates for you. In the free trial, ChatFuel automates up to 50 conversations in a month. There are two pricing options available:

  • Business – $11.99 per month (For 500 Conversations)
  • Enterprise – $199 per month

14. Manychat

Manychat is a chatbot automation and building platform which allows users to create chatbots for their businesses and deploy them on various social media platforms. It will engage your customers by automating interactive conversions on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, and SMS. Using the drag-and-drop interface of Manychat, you can create highly customizable chatbots. 


You also don’t need any coding skills to create these chatbots and give complex conversational experiences to your customers. With Manychat, you can optimize these chatbots for any business goal, such as collecting leads, marketing, sending coupons & discounts, etc. It also comes with an analytics tool that allows you to track your success.


  • Built for marketing and sales
  • Create automation for multiple social media platforms
  • Integrate with existing tools that you are using for your business


Manychat comes with a free plan that gives you basic channel access and key features. The pro plan costs $15/month and gives you everything from the free plan and access to advanced features. There is a premium plan, a custom plan you can create based on your requirements.

What Is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence is something that couldn’t be adequately explained in words. Though Artificial Intelligence typically means developing intelligent machines. 

One can approach AI differently, as artificial intelligence involves machine learning, deep learning, big data, and other similar fields. Artificial Intelligence solves several problem statements at once and makes human work simpler.

When involving Artificial Intelligence with marketing, dynamics change a little bit for the market. The reason behind this is that you are doing something that not all the other brands are not doing, and this gives you a cutting edge over them. To know more about this, keep reading the post, as you will be fascinated by what Artificial Intelligence can do.

Elements of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

It’s crystal clear that Artificial Intelligence holds a strong position in connecting the company and the consumer. The following elements of Artificial Intelligence aid in filling the gaps of massive amounts of data and processing it for further action step by step.

Big Data and Optimization: With the increase in digital media, there has been an enormous wave of data that can’t be easily handled with conventional data management software. So, Big Data allows us with immense statistical power and complex algorithms to manage data in any form.

Machine Learning: This involves analyzing information automatically through high computational power and intelligent algorithms to make effective decisions. In machine learning, data is collected in large quantities from various aspects and parameters, then processed to come up with a robust conclusion.

Why is Artificial Intelligence Changing Marketing Strategies?

Before integrating AI in your marketing module, the business owner needs to understand certain aspects of AI and factors that might affect its outcome. Though AI is beneficial, it requires a heavy investment in initiating and sustaining the process. 

We will now discuss how AI is beneficial in marketing and how this helps brands stand out from others.

  • Improved Customer Relation Management: We all know how important customer relationship management is while running an organization. It defines the entirety of the organization and the value it holds. To improve this, AI has been able to understand human physiology, and according to it, AI can send customized messages to the client based upon the interaction they have had with the primary application and the data collected over time. 

Artificial Intelligence also helps marketing strategists to identify the bottlenecks in the consumer life-cycle and aids them in finding solutions to improve the entire marketing strategy.

With a one-place stop to find all your bottlenecks at once, companies have chosen artificial intelligence over any other technology available in the market.

  • Quantifiable marketing measurements: One major issue that marketing strategists have been commonly facing is that it is challenging for them to measure the success of a particular digital marketing campaign. So to solve this problem, artificial intelligence can be used to generate a dashboard where you can easily quantify the success of each step you take. 

The most exciting fact about this is that the interpretation of the data becomes very easy with its color-coded system. Below is an example of a dashboard with a color-coded assembly.

Quantifiable Marketing Measurements
Image Source: Tableau
  • Better return on investments: If you have mastered the art of AI, you can monetize everything you do in your marketing campaigns. This can be made possible by using AI’s data mining tool, which extracts the most sensitive information and reflects it to the owner. With the help of information collected, the strategist can develop ideas and call to action for the existing plan. 

AI can also determine the best route to transfer and allocate your funds on distinct channels to ensure you get the most customer engagement, satisfaction, and feedback. 

  • Improved decisiveness: AI uses complex algorithms to extract data from the most counterintuitive parts of your application. AI can extract data faster than any human can and process and visualize it in just a few minutes.

This makes Artificial Intelligence so relevant and handy in today’s world. Brands and companies are spending fortunes to ensure that artificial intelligence is introduced into their network.

Examples of Artificial Intelligence in Marketing

Artificial Intelligence is being used in different industries, from healthcare to entertainment to financial sectors; you name it, you have artificial intelligence. Though there are various applications that they might have, the principle remains the same. Here are some of the most common use cases of AI in marketing.

  1. Showcasing ads on Websites: We all have seen those annoying ads popping on the screen. Well, these AI tools are initiating them and luring you into making you a customer of their products. Artificial Intelligence carefully studies the pattern of a human being on an application and predicts the likelihood and relevance of that product to the consumer.

Once the analysis is done, the customer is targeted with only the ads the tool wants you to show. All of these ads you encounter lie in the peripheral vision of your eye, making it challenging to resist, thereby making you a customer.  

  1. Personalization Recommendation: With the revolution in the marketing strategy where the marketing strategist aimed for a customer-centric approach to deliver resonating and relevant features and products to the customer to increase their sales, AI made it much more straightforward.

The personalized shopping experience that we get, the list of movies and TV shows we get in our recommendations list, and the songs we are flagged with are nothing but permutation and a combination of artificial intelligence. AI can understand your psychological behavior and find a pattern to serve you with data that you are likely to interact with.

According to research conducted by Comillas Universidad, almost 75% of the clients tend to engage with customized content and unsubscribe from unnecessary content. It also states that 99% of marketers have seen progress in nurturing customer relationships.

  1. Ranking on Google: With the rise in digital marketing in the past decade, digital marketers are looking to rank on Google. For this, just adding several backlinks and keywords was just not enough, so to overcome this, Google started to make necessary changes in its algorithm and integrate AI into its platforms. With the application of AI in SEO, AI can extract all the relevant and sensitive information that is important to rank your page.

These were just a few practical examples of artificial intelligence used in marketing. The practicality and the application of AI are so massive that a post would not serve justice. Though we highly recommend you to read the research paper by clicking here and listen to this podcast by The AI in Business Podcast by clicking here.

Conclusion: Why You Should Use AI Marketing Tools?

As technology advances, it will only be a matter of time before AI and machine learning take over the entire marketing sector. Over the year, technology has aided and abetted businesses in making better financial decisions, developing successful marketing strategies, and improving their overall business methods.

A few years ago, AI tools were a symbol of luxury and status. However, things have changed now. With the internet being accessible to all businesses, they are the need of the hour. 

Here are a few brief recommendations:

  • If you are working with blogs, articles, and other creative writing projects, Grammarly is the best option for you. It helps you create accurate and faultless content that will keep your readers hooked.
  • To create effective social media ad campaigns, Smartly.io is a better option to consider. You can create ads and monitor their performance on up to 8 social channels.
  • If you are planning an email marketing campaign, Seventh Sense is the one to go with. It helps you target the right audience at the right time and creates a personalized email for each individual. 

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