17 Google Gemini Statistics (2024 Users & Traffic)

Google Bard is rebranded as Gemini, combining the features of both Bard and Deut AI. 

It will be interesting to see how Gemini comes out since Google claims it to be one of the most capable versions of Bard and has also launched Gemini Advanced, a premium version for $19.99.

Top Google Gemini Statistics

  • Google Bard was rebranded and renamed Gemini on February 8th, 2024. 
  • Gemini is forecasted to have over 1 billion users worldwide by 2024.
  • Gemini has a total of 330.9 million monthly visits.
  • 60.14% of the Gemini users are male, while 39.86% are female.
  • Users from over 239 countries and territories can access the Google Gemini. 
  • Gemini is available in 46 languages, including Chinese, German, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, etc.
  • Gemini Advanced costs $19.99 per month.
  • Google launched a Gemini App for Android devices.

About Gemini

Launched onFebruary 8th 2024
Previous NamesGoogle Bard
Google Bard was founded on February 8th, 2023.
Parent CompanyGoogle (Alphabet Inc.)
Monthly Visitors/ Monthly Users330.9 million (as of January 2024)
Available regions239 countries and territories
Language Support46 Languages
Language Model used for GeminiPro 1.0
Language Model used for Gemini AdvancedUltra 1.0
Gemini Advanced Price$19.99
App Available on Android Devices

What Is Google Gemini? 

Google Rebranded Bard to Gemini on February 8th, 2024. 

1 year post-launch, Google Bard was renamed and rebranded as Gemini with all-new AI capabilities. Google claims it to be one of the most capable models they have ever built. 

Gemini is said to be the first model to outperform human experts on MMLU (massive multitask language understanding) with a score of 90%.

Additionally, the model is trained to recognize and understand text, audio, images, and more. Gemini can also be used to understand or generate more complex coding systems. 

Google further states that Gemini will be available in Pixel 8 Pro. It will be the first smartphone to run on Gemini Nano.

The company also states that Gemini will be integrated with most of its services like Search, Chrome, Ads, Duet AI, and more in the upcoming months. 

Source: Google 

Gemini Users Statistics 

Gemini is forecasted to have over 1 billion users worldwide by 2024.

Gemini is now available on mobile and web, as well as voice interfaces, which will boost its adoption.

Gemini Traffic Statistics

The total number of visits recorded on Google Bard, aka Gemini, in January 2024 is 330.9 Million. Comparatively, in December 2023, 339.9 million visits were recorded.

The number of pages the visitor accesses per visit is 4.70, while the bounce rate on Gemini is 30.92%. 

The highest traffic on Gemini is from the United States. The country directs 16.01% of traffic to the Google Bard website. 

The second-highest traffic on Bard is from India, with 14.10% of the traffic being directed from the country. 

Share of traffic from different countries on Gemini

The following table displays the percentage of traffic recorded on Gemini from different countries as of January 2024.

CountryPercentage of traffic
United States16.01%

Source: Similar Web.

Google Gemini Demographics

Google Bard, aka Gemini, can be accessed only by people older than 18 years. 

You must also have a personal Google account or a Google Workspace account. 

60.14% of Gemini users are male.

Google Bard is preferred more by male populations than females. Bard has only 39.86% of the Female users.

Source: Similar Web.   

33.22% of the Gemini users are aged between 25 to 34 years. 

Gemini is very popular among millennials, and most users are aged 25 to 34. Besides, the second highest share belongs to users aged between 18 to 24 years.

Age Distribution Of Gemini User

The following table displays further details about Gemini Users:

Age Percentage of Gemini Users
18 to 24 years24.69%
25 to 34 years33.22%
35 to 44 years19.33%
45 to 54 years12.30%
55 to 64 years6.58%
Over 65 years3.88%

Source: Similar Web.   

Gemini Availability

The Gemini Web app is available in 239 countries and territories.

Where you can use the Gemini web app

Currently, the Gemini Web App can be accessed in more than 230 countries and territories. Google is looking forward to expanding the availability of Gemini in more countries and territories worldwide. 

Source: Google

Gemini is available in 46 languages.

Google Gemini was initially available in US English. However, it is now available in over 40 languages, including Chinese, German, Arabic, Spanish, Hindi, and many others. 

Source: Gemini.

Google Gemini Mobile App Availability

Currently, the Gemini Mobile App can be accessed in the English language in the United States. Google is looking forward to expanding the Gemini App to more languages, territories, and countries with local regulations and AI principles. 

Gemini App will possess many features of Google Voice assistant, like making calls, setting up a timer, and controlling smart home devices. 

It will soon be launched in other countries, and users will be able to access it in languages like Japanese and Korean. 

Users can access the Gemini mobile app only on Android phones with 4 GB of RAM or more, running on Android 12 and up. However, iPhone devices with iOS 16 and up can access the Gemini tab from the Google App. 

Gemini Mobile App Availability
Image source: Gemini

Source: Google, Google.

Users Can Access Gemini Advance For $19.99 Per Month

Gemini can be accessed for free in Google Bard. However, the free version has certain limitations as it runs on the Pro 1.0 model. 

Google has launched Gemini Advanced, which costs $19.99 per month and has the ability to execute complex tasks. 

New users can access Gemini Advanced for free in the first two months. 

Here are further details about the things you get with Gemini Advanced:

  • Access to the Ulta 1.0 model.
  • Ability to run and execute highly complex tasks.
  • Users can soon access Gemini in Gmail, Docs, etc. 
Gemini Advanced Pricing

Gemini Model Has Three Different Versions

Gemini, now known as ‘Ultra 1.0’ or ‘Pro 1.0’, is a generative AI model that is capable of performing various tasks across multiple modalities like text, audio, image, and video. 

‘Google Gemini uses the ‘Gemini model or Ultra 1.0’ just like Google Bard used the LaMDA model. 

Google has designed the Gemini Model to run almost on any device. The company claims that the three versions of Gemini can run efficiently on all devices, from data centers to smartphones. 

Here is a short overview of the Gemini versions:

1. Gemini Ultra

This is the largest model that has the capability to perform the most complex tasks. Gemini outperformed GPT-4 in the LLM benchmarks like HumanEval and Big-Bench hard. 

Also, in multimodal benchmarks like MMLU, MathVista, and VQAv2, Gemini outperformed GPT-4V. 

Google has rolled out a mobile app and Gemini Advanced with Gemini Ultra 1.0.

2. Gemini Nano

Gemini Nano was made to operate on smartphones and other mobile devices. This model will assist smartphones in responding to simple prompts. 

The Gemini Nano is currently available only on Google Pixel 8 Pro.

3. Gemini Pro

Gemini Pro is a balanced model with scalability and performance. It is used by Google Bard to handle complex queries. 

However, the accuracy of the Gemini Pro model is similar to or less than that of the GPT 3.5 model. 

Here is a detailed comparison of the benchmarks of Gemini Ultra and GPT-4

BenchmarkGemini UltraGPT-4
Big-Bench hard83.6%83.1%

Source: Zapier, Google.

Google Bard had over 330 million monthly visits before the launch of Gemini. So, it will be interesting to watch how the rebranding of Bard to Gemini and the latest updates will affect the traffic and number of users. 

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