Microsoft Teams Statistics (2024) – Usage & Revenue

Microsoft has improved the collaboration of over 1 million organizations worldwide, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

As of 2024, when the pandemic is long gone and companies have started calling their employees to work from offices, they are still sticking to Teams for communication.

The software is used by more than 320 million people globally.

In this article, I have compiled all the latest statistics related to the usage of Microsoft Teams, its users, and much more. 

Microsoft Teams Statistics 2024 (Top Picks)

  • Microsoft Teams has over 320 million users around the world as of 2024.
  • Over 1 million organizations are using Microsoft Teams. 
  • 91% of Fortune 100 companies use Microsoft Teams for communication.
  • Microsoft Teams was downloaded 108 million times in 2023.
  • 5.57% of the collaborative software market share belongs to Microsoft Teams. 
  • Microsoft Teams recorded 4.1 billion meeting minutes in just one day in April 2020. 
  • 300 conversations take place every minute on Microsoft Teams.
  • Over 6.22 billion chats are recorded every year on Teams.

About Microsoft Teams

Launched on 14 March 2017
HeadquartersRedmond, Washington
Parent companyMicrosoft
Number of Users320 million
RevenueOver 8 million
Market Share5.57% (collaborative software market)

How Many People Use Microsoft Teams?

The usage of Microsoft Teams has increased rapidly over the past years. The increase was major during the pandemic period. However, most people still use Teams due to Hybrid work scenarios. 

Let’s take a look at the number of Microsoft team users and their growth over the past years.

  1. Microsoft Teams has 320 million users. 

According to the latest reports released by Microsoft, Team users grew from 300 million to 320 million.

The number of users of Teams grew drastically between 2018 and 2021. This huge jump was due to the increase in virtual meetings and remote work, followed by the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Further, Between March and June 2020, Microsoft Teams grew by 894%.

 Most offices and educational institutes preferred Teams for communication, meetings, and collaborations during that time. 

Since then, the adoption of Microsoft Teams increased rapidly. 

Number Of Users Of Microsoft Teams

Here are further details about the number of users of Microsoft Teams recorded over the years.

YearNumber of Microsoft Teams Users
2023320 million
2022270 million
2021145 million
202075 million
201920 million
20188 million
20172 million

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft Teams Demographics

People of different age groups and genders use Microsoft Teams. This section highlights the share of different demographics using Microsoft Teams.

  1. Microsoft Teams is more popular among people in the age group of 35 to 44 years.

Nearly one in three Teams users are aged between 35 to 44 years old. Comparatively, only 4% of the users lie under the age group of 18 to 24.

This is because GenZ and young Millennials are mostly inclined towards Slack, Zoom, and Google Tools. 

Hence, Teams is primarily popular among older Millennials and GenX. 

Here are further details about the Share of Microsoft Teams users of different age groups.

Age GroupShare of Teams Users Belonging to Different Age Groups
18 to 24 years old4.08%
25 to 34 years old13.90%
35 to 44 years old31.23%
45 to 54 years old29.98%
Above 55 years old20.82%

Source: StatSocial.

  1. Nearly one in four users of Microsoft Teams are Male.

72.86% of the Teams users are Male, while 27.14% are Female. 

This is a huge difference between the male and female users of Microsoft Teams. 

Source: StatSocial.

Microsoft Team Usage

A large number of organizations have shifted to Microsoft Teams for collaboration, team management, and much more. Here is a detailed breakdown of the organizations using Microsoft Teams.

  1. Over 1 million organizations use Microsoft Teams globally. 

This figure by now may have increased as more organizations have adopted collaborative workspaces, enabling employees to communicate and work together. 

Further, 91% of the Fortune 100 companies use Microsoft Teams for collaborations.

Some of the top companies that use Microsoft Teams are Accenture, Toyota, Kohler, Lumen, Ernst & Young, Pfizer, etc. 

Number Of Organizations Worldwide That Use Microsoft Teams

Here is a table displaying the number of organizations worldwide that use Microsoft Teams.

YearNumber of Organizations Using Microsoft Teams 
20201 million
20190.5 million
20180.2 million
20170.05 million

Source: Microsoft.

  1. 47% of the medium-sized organizations use Microsoft Teams. 

At the same time, 32% of the large and 21% of the small organizations use Microsoft Teams.

Most organizations (5,786) that use Teams have 50 to 200 employees.

Just 2,182 organizations worldwide using Microsoft Teams have over 10000 employees.

Employee count of the Microsoft Teams organizations

Here are further details about the Employee count of the Microsoft Teams organizations.

Employee SizeNumber Of Companies That Use Microsoft Teams
1 to 10 employees1,366
10 to 50 employees3,841
50 to 200 employees5,786
200 to 500 employees3,493
500 to 1000 employees2,574
1000 to 5000 employees4,245
5000 to 10000 employees1,408
More than 10000 employees2,182

Source: Enlyft.

Microsoft Teams Meeting Minutes

The meeting minutes of Microsoft Teams witnessed a huge increase in 2020. Most educational and professional organizations worldwide have adopted Microsoft Teams during this time. Here are further details about the meeting minutes recorded on Microsoft Teams.

  1. Microsoft Teams recorded 4.1 billion meeting minutes in one single day.

During the pandemic, the meeting minutes of Microsoft Teams reached new heights just within a day. 

In April 2020, More than 200 million Microsoft Teams meeting participants generated more than 4.1 billion meeting minutes on a single day

The drastic increase in the meeting minutes was due to more organizations adopting the usage of Microsoft Teams for the collaboration of projects and teams during the lockdowns.

Here are further details about the number of Microsoft Teams meeting minutes recorded during its peak usage:

DateMeeting Minutes
12th March 20200.56 billion minutes
16th March 20200.9 billion minutes
31st March 20202.7 billion minutes
April 20204.1 billion 

Source: Microsoft

Microsoft Teams Revenue

Microsoft Teams saw a huge jump in its revenue between 2019 and 2020. The revenue grew by $6 billion in this one year. Henceforth, the revenue kept growing, reaching a peak in 2023.

Here are further details about the Microsoft Teams’ revenue. 

  1. Microsoft Teams was expected to generate over $8 billion in revenue by the end of 2023.  

The annual revenue for Microsoft’s productivity and business segment was recorded to be $69.27 billion as of fiscal year 2023.

Trying to find what proportion of this revenue comes from Microsoft Teams is difficult.

However, as 50% of Microsoft 365’s commercial users now use Teams, its revenue could be around $8 billion or more. 

Estimated Revenue Of Microsoft Teams

Let’s take a look at the annual revenue generated by Microsoft’s productivity and business segment over the years:

Fiscal YearEstimated Revenue of Microsoft Teams
2023 Over 8 Billion
20217.7 Billion
20206.8 Billion
20190.8 Billion
20180.2 Billion
20170.01 Billion

Source: UseSignHouse.

Microsoft Teams Downloads

Higher percentages of Android users use Microsoft Teams worldwide. Hence, the number of app downloads on Microsoft Teams is also higher. This section highlights the number of times the Microsoft Teams app has been downloaded on different devices. 

  1. Microsoft Teams was downloaded 108 million times in 2023 alone.

Most downloads of 2023 came in the first quarter (29 million), and most of them were from Europe, Middle East, and African regions (11 million)

Q2 saw 25 million downloads, whereas Q3 and Q4 saw 27 million downloads each.

Here is a table showing Microsft team downloads over the years:

YearDownloads (In Millions)
2023 Q427
2023 Q327
2023 Q225
2023 Q129
2022 Q427
2022 Q328
2022 Q228.19
2022 Q133
2021 Q432.44
2021 Q338.67
2021 Q238
2021 Q149.81
2020 Q455.52
2020 Q357.07
2020 Q270.43
2020 Q128.05

Source: Statista

General Microsoft Teams Statistics

Here are the facts and figures related to the Microsoft Teams application. 

  1. Over 17 million users worldwide use Microsoft Teams’ Phone feature.

Every month, over 17 million Microsft Teams users rely on the platform’s “phone” feature for seamless and secure communication. 

  1. Microsoft Teams can host web conferences and Webinars for up to 1,000 attendees. 

Also, the webinars and web conferences can be broadcast for up to 10,000 people.  

  1. 183,000 tenants in 175 nations use Microsoft Teams for Education.

61% of teachers worldwide said they expect to see an increase in hybrid learning in the upcoming years. At that time, 87% of them planned to use a technology like Microsoft Teams for hybrid education. 

Source: UC Today

  1. Microsoft Teams’ video calls have increased by 1000% since the Pandemic.
  1. 6.22 billion chats are recorded each year on Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft Teams Chat is one of the core features of the platform. It allows individuals and teams to communicate in real time through text messages, voice, and video calls.

Number Of Chats Recorded In The Microsft Teams App

Here are further details about the number of Chats recorded in the Microsoft Teams app over different time periods. 

PeriodNumber Of Chats
In a 1 minute1,200
In a 1 hour72,000
In one day1,728,000
In one month51,840,000
In a one-year6.22 billion

Source: Usesignhouse.

Microsoft Teams vs Slack

Slack is one of Microsoft’s top competitors. The software includes most of the features similar to that of Microsoft Teams. 

Let us look at the differences between Microsoft Teams and Slack. 

ParametersMicrosoft Teams Slack
Monthly Active Users320 million54.1 million
Revenue Over $8 billion$273.4 million

Microsoft Teams Case Studies

To demonstrate the effect of Microsoft Teams adoption, here are some of the case studies that display the before and after Scenarios of Microsoft Teams adoption.

  1. A Forrester Total Economic Impact™ Study Commissioned by Microsoft, April 2023

The interviews and financial analysis by Forrester found that a composite organization experiences benefits of $47.10 million over three years versus costs of $12.06 million, adding up to a net present value (NPV) of $35.04 million and an ROI of 291%.

The case study concluded that 60% of offices will move to a hybrid environment with fewer employees. 

Microsoft Teams enables the composite organization to save time and money while empowering its employees to build deeper connections with colleagues, partners, and customers.

Senior director of digital workplace manufacturing said, “Teams is a super app because it does so many things. It’s not just for voice calls. It’s not just for video conferencing. It’s a true collaboration tool. Everything that you need is there, and now it’s integrating into all sorts of things, making it even more useful and powerful.” 

Benefits of teams

Source: Forrester.

  1. Rapid implementation of Microsoft Teams in response to COVID-19: one acute healthcare organization’s experience.

COVID-19 presented significant challenges to healthcare organizations, which needed to rapidly remodel their services but could not allow staff to meet face-to-face to minimize infection risk. 

During this communication emergency, National Health Service (NHS) Digital announced the provision of Microsoft Teams, a digital communication and collaboration tool implemented at Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust within two weeks.

The resulting use cases of Microsoft Teams were highly original and varied, ranging from a COVID-19 Education Programme to coordination of oxygen demand. 

Analytics showed rapid and persistent adoption, surpassing 500 daily active users within 11 days. 

Overall, this has been a radical approach to digital implementation in healthcare and has so far proved effective in delivering a cost-minimal, rapid communication tool at scale amid a global pandemic.

Usage analytics of microsoft teams

Source: National Library of Medicine. 

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