Shopify Discount Code 2023 — 50% Off + 90-day Offer (FEB)

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Shopify is one of the prominent and robust eCommerce platforms to get your business online and running. Since Shopify pricing plans can be expensive if you are just starting, you must be wondering if there is any Shopify discount code that can help you save extra on the price.

Shopify Discount Code | 2023 Exclusive

There isn’t any official Shopify discount code available out there. However, you can still signup with the 3 Days Shopify Free Trial. What’s more, Shopify is also offering 50% discounts on the yearly plans of — Basic, Shopify, and Advanced.

To put it straightforwardly, Shopify does not offer any discount code as of now. However, they run promotions and deals from time to time. So, in this article, we will be talking about the working Shopify discount code, which will allow you to kick-start your eCommerce journey with additional savings. 

With that, let’s get into the details. 

Current Shopify Offer In 2023 

Currently, Shopify is offering one of the most exclusive offers for its users. You can sign up for a free trial and get 97% off for three months on selected plans. The free trial is available for 3 days, and once the free trial ends, you can upgrade to the premium plan with a massive 97% discount! 

Shopify provides additional savings on its plans, depending on the plan you choose. The annual plans offer maximum discounts after unlocking your trial. Here is the pricing before and after the discounts to get better clarity. 

PlanYearly Plan(50%)2 Years (20%)3 Years(25%)
Basic Shopify$14.44/month$23.25/month$21.75/month
Advanced Shopify $147.78/month$235/month$219/month

How to Redeem Shopify Discount Code: (Step By Step) 

Now that you know the exclusive offer Shopify is currently offering, claiming the same is just a few steps away. In order to unlock your discount, you will first have to sign up for the free trial. Here’s how you can sign up and claim your discount. 

Step 1: Go to the official Shopify website, or you can simply click HERE.

Shopify Discount Code - Shopify

Step 2: Shopify will not ask you a few questions to personalize your account. These questions are generally asked about your experience and what you want to build. Fill in the details as requested on your screen, or you can choose to skip it. 

Shopify - Question

Step 3:  Enter the name you would like to give to your store. However, you can also choose to skip and name it later. 

Shopify - Enter Your Store Name

Step 4: Next, select your country or region. 

Shopify - Select Your Country Region

Step 5: The next step is to sign up. Shopify gives you plenty of options to sign up. You can choose to sign up using your Email, Apple, Facebook, or Google. 

Shopify - Create Your Account

Congratulations! You have now unlocked the free trial. You can choose to upgrade your plan with a discounted price that you will see in your account. 

Shopify Pricing- Explained! 

Shopify offers three plans that you can choose, depending on your requirement. Let us see the pricing plans of Shopify before and after your discount. 

PlanPrice Before the DiscountPrice After the DiscountSavings
Shopify $79/month$39.44/month$39.56
  • Basic -The basic plan is ideal for beginners who want all the best features to kick-start their eCommerce business. The basic plan caters to users who sell in-person and occasionally online without any limits on how many products you can sell. 
  • Shopify -Providing additional powerful features to support your online store, the Shopify plan is ideal for startups and running businesses. 
  • Advanced -As the name suggests, the Advanced plan is the highest-paid plan with the most potent Shopify features. It is ideal for large eCommerce stores that need additional features to scale their business to the next level. 

Shopify Special 90 Days Offer

Back in 2020, when the pandemic was at its peak then, Shopify announced a 90-day free trial offer for all new users to help them out. But after some time, they discontinued that offer, and now Shopify’s free trial only lasts three days. After reducing the free trial days, they announced another 90 days special offer, but the only difference is that they are charging $1/month for this offer this time. This special offer is only for the starter and basic plans.

During this offer, you will get access to all the features of either one of the plans you choose. This is a great offer for those who have just finished their free trial and have never bought a subscription plan on Shopify. This offer is also great for new users, they can enjoy the three days free trial first, and after that, they will have to pay just $1 per month for three months straight after that, the pricing will return to normal.

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Final Thoughts: Shopify Discount Code (2023) 

Shopify is currently one of the leading eCommerce platforms that make creating your online store and selling to your audience quickly. With plenty of features, you can design your store from scratch and get access to the best marketing and sales features to start selling. 

With the current Shopify discount, you can get access to this fantastic platform at a flat 97% discount. Doesn’t that sound exciting? So, go ahead and grab this limited-time offer right away!

FAQs On Shopify

Is there any active Shopify discount code?

As of now, Shopify is not offering any discount code. However, there is an ongoing deal that Shopify is offering. You can sign up for a free trial and get up to 97% off on its plans. 

How long is the Shopify discount code valid?

The current offer of a 97% discount with the free trial is valid until August 25th, 2022. Once the offer runs out, you will have to purchase Shopify plans at the regular price.

How much can I save with the Shopify discount code?

After unlocking the ongoing Shopify deal, you can save up to 50% on the annual subscription, 20% on the two-year subscription, and 25% on the 3-year subscription. 

Is Shopify discount available for the existing users?

While the other offers are generally available for everyone, the current deal is only available for new users. Since you first have to sign up for a free trial to unlock the discount, the existing users cannot take advantage of the deal. 

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