25% OFF Shopify Discount Code 2024 (Exclusive Deal) 

Here’s the official Shopify discount code for 2024 that you can use to claim a flat 25% discount on any of the three Shopify offered plans!

Shopify offers this discount only if you are in it for the long run and make a yearly purchase.

Besides the annual discount, you can also try Shopify for free for 30 days by paying just $1/month.

Active Shopify Discount Codes & Coupon Offers (2024)

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Here is a table showing Shopify’s Monthly and Annual pricing plans:

PlanMonthly PlanYearly Plan (25%)
Basic Shopify$39/month$29/month
Advanced Shopify $399/month$299/month

Demandsage Bonus: Want to know how you can get a 30-day Shopify trial? Refer to this guide to claim a free Shopify trial at $1/mo. 

How to Redeem Shopify Discount Code (Step-By-Step)

Now that you know the exclusive Shopify offers, claiming the same is just a few steps away. In order to unlock your discount, you will first have to sign up for the free trial.

Here’s how you can sign up and claim your discount in a few easy steps for a new Shopify user:

Step 1: Sign up for Shopify by visiting this link and claim your 3-day free trial, as pointed out below.

Claim Your 3-day Free Trial

Step 2: Fill in the necessary details about you, whether you’re just starting or an experienced seller already. Next, describe your business, where, and what you would like to sell.

Describe Your Business

Step 3: With the basic information filled in, select the country of your operations and click “next.”

Fill Basic Information

Step 4: Finally, select the source account that you wish to use to create a new Shopify account, and you’re through. 

Create A Shopify Account

Step 5: Once you create an account, click on “select a plan” to select the plan you want to use for your Shopify store.

Choose A Plan

Step 6: The last and most important step to claim a 25% discount on the Shopify pricing plan is to toggle the below-highlighted button. 

This button allows you to pay an upfront amount for a year straight, saving you $120 on the basic plan and more on others!

Checkout Page

And that’s it. Select your preferred payment method, verify your Shopify purchase again, and click on subscribe to make the payment for the discounted Shopify price!

Shopify Pricing- Explained! 

Shopify offers three plans that you can choose from, depending on your requirements.

We also have a standalone post for Shopify’s pricing plan breakdown that you might be interested in.

Shopify Pricing Plans
  • Basic -The basic plan is ideal for beginners who want all the best features to kick-start their eCommerce business. The basic plan caters to users who sell in-person and occasionally online without limits on how many products you can sell. 
  • Shopify -Providing additional powerful features to support your online store, the Shopify plan is ideal for startups and running businesses. 
  • Advanced -As the name suggests, the Advanced plan is the highest-paid plan with the most potent Shopify features. It is ideal for large eCommerce stores that need additional features to scale their business to the next level. 
Pricing$39/month and $29/month billed yearly$105/month and $79/month billed yearly$399/month and $299/month billed yearly
Online Store✔️✔️✔️
Unlimited Products✔️✔️✔️
Customer Support✔️✔️✔️
Hydrogen Storefronts1 Public Store1 Public Store1 Public Store
Discount Code Creation✔️✔️✔️
Automatic Shipping Rate Calculation✔️
Marketing Automation✔️✔️✔️
Fraud Analysis✔️✔️✔️
eCommerce Automation✔️✔️
Transaction Fee2%1%0.5%
Product Pricing By Market✔️✔️✔️
Language Translation✔️✔️✔️
Currency Conversion✔️✔️✔️

What is Shopify Plus?

Shopify Plus is for growing businesses that want to reach more customers, scale their business quickly, and increase conversions. You can sell worldwide using every channel and social media platform from just one platform.

Use the best-converting checkout option called Shop Pay to convert your normal visitors into repeat customers. The pricing of Shopify Plus starts from $2000/month, which can go up from that based on your requirements.

Shopify Plus

With Shopify Plus, you can use customer loyalty programs to retain your customers every time and send them personalized messages for an additional touch.

You can sell in 21 different languages across 150 countries from all over the world. Shopify Plus lets you try Shopify’s newest features so you can capitalize on the latest consumer trends and stay ahead of your competitors.

Learn the difference in detail by heading to our Shopify vs Shopify Plus comparison!

Shopify Special 30 Days Offer

Back in 2020, when the pandemic was at its peak, Shopify announced a 30-day free trial offer for all new users to help them out. But after some time, they discontinued that offer, and now Shopify’s free trial only lasts three days.

After reducing the free trial days, they announced another 30-day special offer, but the only difference is that they are charging $1/month for this offer this time. This special offer is only for the starter and basic plans.

During this offer, you will get access to all the features of either one of the plans you choose. This is a great offer for those who have just finished their free trial and have never bought a subscription plan on Shopify.

This offer is also great for new users; they can enjoy the three days of free trial first, and after that, they will have to pay just $1 per month for three months straight.

You can access all the amazing features of Shopify at just $1 for three months.

Did you know: Our Shopify statistics reveal that Shopify is used in 175 countries. This is a perfect opportunity to scale your online store at a global level!

Is Shopify Worth it?

Shopify is indeed one of the best e-commerce platforms for businesses to sell their digital and non-digital products. Plus, the Shopify Apps, add-ons, themes, and other features make the platform the best option to scale up your e-commerce stores. 

However, the Shopify learning curve will be steep for beginners, and you will have to invest more time into learning over taking action in the beginning. Once you have successfully set up your store, the rest of marketing and advertising becomes pretty much manageable with the help of features and apps available. 

Above all, Shopify is certainly worth it if you are looking forward to starting your e-commerce or dropshipping business. 

Check out our detailed Shopify Review for further insights about the platform and its features. 

FAQs On Shopify

Is there any active Shopify discount code?

As of now, Shopify does not offer any discount codes. However, Shopify is offering an ongoing deal. You can sign up for a free trial and get up any plan at just $1/month for 3 months. 

How long is the Shopify discount code valid?

The current offer of Shopify is $1/month for 3 months. Once the offer runs out, you will have to purchase Shopify plans at the regular price.

How much can I save with the Shopify discount code?

After unlocking the ongoing Shopify deal, you can save up to 50% on the annual subscription, 20% on the two-year subscription, and 25% on the 3-year subscription. 

Is a Shopify discount available for existing users?

While the other offers are generally available for everyone, the current deal is only available for new users. Since you first have to sign up for a free trial to unlock the discount, the existing users cannot take advantage of the deal. 

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