12 Best AnswerThePublic Alternatives For 2024

AnswerThePublic is an excellent tool to uncover hidden long-tail keywords, explore keyword ideas and gauge user intent. But the tool is limited in functionality. You can get ideas, but it doesn’t reveal key matrices like difficulty, search volume, etc. Thankfully, you can try a few noteworthy Answer The Public Alternatives (free and paid) for more in-depth keyword research. Sounds like the things you need? Then let’s explore the top Answer The Public Alternatives in 2022. 

Why Look For AnswerThePublic Alternatives 

Answer The Public was an innovative approach to keyword research. It reveals questions or queries users are entering in Google and other search engines. It’s super helpful in finding the intent and devising content that resonates with users. Answer The Public helps you better understand users’ pain points and present the solution they are looking for. 

However, several SEO keyword research tools present more exhaustive features regarding keyword research. For example, in AHREFS, you can explore keywords along with their difficulty, volume, CPC, Return Rate, and more. On top of that, you can explore questions people asked related to your seed phrase via the Question report feature. Armed with this information, you can create ultra-relevant content that instantly strikes a chord and drives tons of traffic.

Top Picks For AnswerThePublic Alternatives (2024)

Sr. No.Answer The Public AlternativesAdvanced Keyword ResearchQuestion FinderPrice
1.KWFinderYesYesStarts from $49 per month
2.SistrixYesYesStarts from 99 € per month
3.SemrushYesYesStarts at $119.95 per month.
4.AhrefsYesYesStart from $99 per month

1. Google Search

Main Purpose Keyword Inspiration
Keyword MetricsNo

I will begin the list with Google search – a quirky choice but extremely helpful for keyword research nonetheless. Although people use it to search for answers to their queries, you can reverse engineer the process and extract tons of quality topics that boost your website’s relevance and drive more traffic. And what’s more, Google itself helps you find more relevant topics related to your search terms. 

There are several options to extract information about what makes users tick. First is Google suggestion – you enter a term, and Google reveals other related terms or completes the phrases with other keywords. 

AnswerThe Public Alternatives - Google

Next is the ‘Similar Questions‘ snippet that helps you find more related questions to your search query. And the best part is if you click on one question, more are loaded underneath. 

And lastly, you will find Related Search at the bottom of the page. You can extract tons of helpful keyword ideas, search queries, and long-tail keywords related to your niche. 

2. Google Trends 

Main Purpose Keyword research, Keyword Ideas & Keyword Popularity
Keyword MetricsNo

If we are talking about intent and interest in a search term, we cannot ignore Google trends, a free tool from Google. Similar to Answer The Public, you can analyze a phrase for its popularity over time. It can reveal a treasure trove of easy-to-rank keyword ideas that can boost your positioning in SERP. 

Google Trends 

Besides, it surpasses Answer The Public in one particular aspect. You can quickly analyze the popularity of a term in a particular region. It can significantly help your local SEO strategy and rank in a particular region. 

Primary Highlights

  • Trending Searches – To analyze topics based on their popularity.
  • Related Terms – To explore ideas based on your seed phrases.
  • Demographic information – To determine search popularity in a particular region.
  • Search Comparison – To analyze a particular term and assess which will bring better results. 
  • Seasonal Searches – To gauge the seasonal popularity of particular topics.

3. Search Console 

Main Purpose Keyword Analysis and Keyword Ideas
Keyword MetricsNo search volume, but display actual clicks and impressions.

People often ignore Google Search Console to find keyword ideas; however, with little ingenuity, you can extract countless keyword ideas from search control data. And that’s why I have put Google Search Console in my list of best Answers The Public Alternatives.


Firstly, the search console effectively reveals search queries your website ranks for in SERP and how often users click on them. You can use the information to determine the search queries your audience is exploring and their click behavior. 

Primary Highlights 

  • Clicks And Impression – To determine what keywords bring traffic to your websites.
  • Keyword Ideas – Data from clicks and impressions can offer you a ton of ideas for content creation.

4. Google Keyword Planner 

Main Purpose Keyword Inspiration, Keyword research, Keyword Difficulty
Keyword MetricsYes; Difficulty, Volumes CPC. 

Google Keyword Planner is undeniably a valuable tool for keyword research and ideas. It is often the first point of contact for many delving into keyword research for the first time. Add to it the fact that the tool is from Google itself, which means you can easily extract a wealth of keyword ideas, low-competition search terms, and content ideas from Google Keyword Planner.

Google Keyword Planner 

Unlike other Answer The Public alternatives, keyword planner does not only offer keyword inspiration but reveals volume, CPC, and competition. 

Primary Highlights 

  • Discover Keyword Ideas – The keyword planner reveals countless keyword ideas related to your search term, including questions and queries, similar to Answer The Public.
  • Search Estimates – Although search volume could be more accurate; still, you can get a rudimentary idea about search volume. 
  • Keyword Competition – Particularly helpful to determine what efforts keywords will need to achieve top ranking in SERP.
  • Mobile Trends – You can filter search results to visualize mobile trends. It helps you optimize content for mobile devices too. 

5. Keywordtool.io

Main Purpose Keyword research and analysis, Topic and Content Ideas
Keyword MetricsOnly in paid plan
PriceBasic free plan

Keyword.io is a dedicated keyword research tool you can use instead of Answer The Public for in-depth keyword research and analysis. It’s a free tool that is particularly helpful in initial keyword research and evaluating the extent of competition in your niche. 


Similar to Answer The Public, you can enter a search term and obtain a long list of keyword ideas based on your search term. Besides, you can specify regions and relevant channels ( Google, YouTube, etc.) for more specific keyword ideas. 

Primary Highlights 

  • Keyword Suggestion – To obtain topic ideas ( keywordstool.io can find thousands of related topics to your search term)
  • Keyword Trend – To analyze the popularity of a particular search term over a specific duration. 
  • Keyword Competition – To evaluate keyword difficulty and adjust content strategy. 
  • Competitor Analysis – Evaluate competitors’ keywords and curate strategies for better search rankings.

6. Also Asked

Main Purpose Search Intent, Queries, and Questions
Keyword MetricsNo
PriceLimited Free version 

Also asked is a tool similar in features to Answer The Public. It’s a perfect tool for topical research, content ideas, and keyword inspiration. It displays the search queries users enter in Search engines for particular information. Similar to Answer The Public, you can use the tool to research intent, topical relevance, and the breadth of keyword ideas in your niches. 

Also Asked

Primary Highlights 

  • Language-Based Search Query – To perform topical research in different languages.
  • Location-Based Search – To get topic ideas based on a particular region and evaluate keyword popularity.
  • Topical Relationship – To gauge how one topic is related or connected to another.
  • Search Depth – To determine how deep you want to research particular keywords and search queries. 

7. KWFinder

Main Purpose Exhaustive Keyword Research
Keyword MetricsYes; Keyword Difficulty, Volume, CPC, PPC value, Keyword Trend.
PriceFree 10-Day Trial; Basic Plan costs $49 per month

KWFinder has made a name for itself as a quality keyword research tool. If you want a keyword research solution that could effectively replace Answer The Public for keyword research and content ideas. Besides, it’s a simple and intuitive tool that is beginner friendly and offers a wealth of information related to keywords. In addition to regular keyword research, KWFinder can uncover question queries similar to Answer The Public.


Primary Highlights

  • Keywords Matrices – Determine keyword difficulty, search volume, and CPC.
  • Search Trend – Besides regular matrices, KWFinder also reveals search trends about keywords.
  • PPC Value of Keyword – You can quickly evaluate keyword PPC value for your paid campaign.
  • Question-Based Keyword Research – To determine search intent and understand click trends.

8. Sistrix

Main Purpose 
Thorough keyword research, Competitor analysis, and generating Keyword Ideas

Keyword Metrics
Yes; Search volume, volume, keyword difficulty, Competitor analysis, URL inspection
PriceFree trial available; Starter Plan costs 99 € per month

Like KWFinder, Sistrix is a dedicated keyword research tool and a viable Answer The Public alternative. It’s a German vendor and offers advanced SEO tools in addition to deep search analysis functionality. Its Free keyword research tool provides an extensive list of related keywords to your main search terms.


Primary Highlights

  • Keyword Research – To examine keywords and evaluate keyword ideas.
  • Website Keyword Analysis – Evaluate individual as well as competitors’ keyword analysis.
  • Keyword Insights – Help you analyze keyword evolution through the SERP.
  • Keyword Distribution – Help you determine how your website’s keywords are distributed and ranking across SERP.
  • URL Analysis – Helps you analyze URLs for all the ranking keywords.

9. Semrush

Main Purpose 
Complete keyword research and SEO analysis
Keyword MetricsYes
PriceLimited free plans are available; the Pro plan costs $119.95 per month, while the Guru and Business plans cost $229.95 and $449.95 per month, respectively.

We are down to the most professional SEO tools available to digital marketers today. I am talking about Semrush, one of the best alternatives to Answer The Public. It’s a complete package that arms you with powerful features for keyword research, SEO analysis, backlink building, content optimization, and more.


Additionally, Semrush comprises a dedicated keyword magic tool for exhaustive keyword research. With the Semrush keyword magic tool, you have at your disposal a database of 22 billion keywords that fetches information from across 140 geodatabase.

Bonus: Read about the pros and cons of Smerush!

Primary Highlights

  • Fast & Accurate – Above all, its accuracy makes Semrush the best SEO and keyword research tool. 
  • Question-Based Keyword Search – Similar to Answer The Public, you can search question-based keywords using the Semrush keyword magic tool. There’s a dedicated ‘Question’ tab to search questions related to your search query.
  • Keyword Trend – The Semrush Magic tool allows accurate search trends for particular keywords to evaluate their popularity.
  • Important Keyword Matrices – Accurately present keyword difficulty, volume, CPC, keyword value, and more. 
  • Snippet for a particular query – Help you analyze snippets that appear for specific search terms.

10. Ahrefs Keyword Explorer And Keyword Generator Tool

Main Purpose 
Advanced keyword research and analysis.

Keyword Metrics
Yes; Multiple advanced keyword Matrices
PriceAhrefs keyword generator tool is Free. The paid plan starts from $99 per month.

If you are not content with Semrush, you might like Ahrefs, an equally intuitive, expertly crafted, and feature-rich SEO tool. Its dedicated keyword generator tool is an excellent Answer The Public alternative to extract thousands of niche-relevant keywords based on your query.

It’s a free, simple-to-use tool that is beginner friendly and needs only a few steps to generate keyword ideas. You must enter a search term, specify the search engine, and run the test. Ahrefs will search its eight billion robust keyword database to find the most relevant keyword ideas.

Ahrefs Keyword Explorer

Additionally, there’s a question tab too that lists all the questions related to your search query. On top of that, the free tool also displays volume and keyword difficulty. And if the Ahrefs free keyword generator tool is not enough for you, there’s the Ahrefs keyword explorer – a thorough keyword research and analysis tool. 

Primary Highlights

  • Free Keyword generator tool – The free tool in itself is a big help for newbies who don’t wish for paid subscriptions. You can easily generate thousands of keyword ideas for free.
  • 171 Supported Geo – Ahrefs Keyword Explorer fetches data from 171 GEOs to offer you the most relevant region-wise data.
  • Unique Click Metric – The keyword explorer also reveals how many clicks a particular keyword receives.
  • Advanced Keyword Metrics – In addition to regular matrices like volume and difficulty, Ahrefs also presents advanced matrices like return rate, numbers of paid clicks, and more.

11. Keywords Everywhere

Main PurposeKeyword research on the go
Keyword MetricsSearch volume, Cost Per Click (CPC), Competition, and Trend Data
Price$10 for 100,000 Credits
$50 for 500,000 Credits
$100 for 1,000,000 Credits (1 Keyword = 1 Credit)

Keywords Everywhere is an extension for Firefox and Chrome. Using this tool, you can do the keyword research on the go and get metrics on any keyword while surfing the web. It gives you metrics like search volume (monthly), CPC, competitiveness (keyword difficulty), etc. You can see this information directly on the search results pages.

Keywords Everywhere

This tool can help you optimize your pages for SEO with real-time data. You can use the keywords the same way your competitors are using them to get better rankings on the search engine. You can quickly create your keywords list and save valuable keywords by removing useless ones.

Primary Highlights

  • Download Keyword List – You can export your keywords list into CSV, PDF, or Excel Formats.
  • Accurate Search Volume – Keywords Everywhere gives you accurate search volume on keywords with the help of Google Trends, Google Search Console, and Google Keyword Planner.
  • All Keywords Of A Page – You can see all the keywords of one page and save them to use later.

12. SE Ranking

Main PurposeHelping marketers optimize their websites for SEO
Keyword MetricsDifficulty Score, Search Volume, CPC, Organic & Paid Results, 
PriceEssential Plan – $39/month
Pro Plan – $89/month
Business Plan – $189/month

SE Ranking is one of the best SEO tools that can easily help you find the best keyword opportunities, and that’s what makes it the perfect AnswerThePublic alternative. With SE Ranking, you can do keyword research the traditional way and also find keywords from your competitor’s website as well.


To use its keyword research tool, you just need to enter a keyword in the search box, and it will show you hundreds of related search terms and queries. In the similar terms section, you will also find the keywords that are related to the seed keyword, and you will also see their search volume and difficulty score.

Primary Highlights

  • Bulk Keyword Analysis – To analyze keywords in bulk, you just need to manually copy-paste all keywords or upload a .txt or .csv file, and it will give you a report on all the keywords.
  • Identify Keyword Competitors – You can analyze the competitors of any keyword and see how they are optimizing it to rank on the search engine.
  • Keyword Grouper – This tool groups thousands of keywords in just a few minutes, so you don’t have to go through it for hours and hours.

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Conclusion: Best AnswerThePublic Alternatives (2024)

It must be evident to you now that there are plenty of free and paid Answer The Public alternatives. As a writer, I employ several keyword research tools to curate effective SEO-friendly content. I found Answer The Public an excellent tool for getting keyword ideas and understanding search intent based on search queries. However, it’s unsuitable for ultra-deep keyword research that includes important data such as volume, difficulty, CPC, etc. Therefore, it’s prudent to have a good Answer. 

The AnswerThePublic alternative is in hand for better keyword analysis. Tools like Semrush and Ahrefs are the best when it comes to extensive keyword research and analysis. However, if you have budget constraints, you can also opt for KWFinder as a valid alternative for Answer The Public. With this approach, you can uncover hidden niches, increase organic traffic, generate endless content ideas and streamline content strategy.

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