9 Best Blogger Outreach Tools 2024 (The Curated List)

Bloggers and Digital marketers today rely heavily on blogger outreach tools to extend their reach, make new connections and gain more visibility. Dramatic, right?

But consider that strong links with other established bloggers and influencers encourage growth and ensure that you have a steady stream of website traffic. Besides, not taking advantage of blogger outreach tools means your business could lag behind competitors who might be investing heavily in blogger outreach campaigns.

However, manual outreach is cumbersome and will eat through your precious time that can be spent on more productive tasks. The good news? There’s no shortage of powerful blogger outreach tools that could do the heavy lifting for you.

Want to know the best blogger outreach tools? Keep reading, then!

Blogger Outreach Tools Overview

I’ve compiled a comprehensive list of the best blogger outreach tools to help you with your outreach goal.

Whether it’s to find relevant bloggers, build a contact list, collect emails for outreach campaigns or uncover new opportunities, this list serves as a powerful outreach stack.

Best Blogger Outreach Tools – My Top Picks (2024)

1. Buzzstream – Top blogger outreach tools that support everything from email to link building and PR.

2. Respona – Popular tool, specially carved for outreach via link-building.

3. Snov.io – Interactive platform to find and curate email databases.

4. Ninja Outreach – Cost-effective solution to explore and find networking opportunities with social media influencers.

5. Semrush – Powerful SEO tool with extraordinary backlink analysis and link-building capabilities.

6. Voila Norbert – Designed to retrieve and build a database of high-value business emails.

7. Buzzsumo – Powerful content and influencers discovery platform.

8. Traackr – Affordable tool to find relevant influencers in your niche for networking.

9. Hunter.io – Domain search tool to help you build your email lists.

List of Powerful Blogger Outreach Tools in 2024

Here I have given a complete overview of all the Blogger Outreach tools.

1. Buzzstream

Best for mid-sized business and marketing agencies


Indeed, there’s no better tool than Buzzstream today for outreach campaigns. It lets you do everything from email campaigns to link building, PR, finding, and reaching out to influencers. In short, Buzzstream has everything you need to run successful outreach campaigns.

Primary Highlights

Buzzstream is a complete CRM solution cut for outreach campaigns. You can easily collect data about your customers and feed it to the CRM for easy management.

List segmentation is another excellent feature of Buzzstream that allows you to sort your list based on several parameters like followers, likes, reach, etc.

Besides, Buzzstream also allows email synchronization, campaign planning, reports, etc.

Pros & Cons

Complete outreach solution that spans link building, email campaigns, reports, etc.Support sometimes takes a while to reply.
Multiple email templates plus several customization options.Data accuracy is also a weak point.
The platform is simple to learn and beginner friendly.


  • Starter – $24/mo
  • Growth – $125/mo
  • Custom – $999/mo

2. Respona

Best for professional bloggers, SEOs, and marketers.


Respona is a dedicated link-building outreach tool designed to boost visibility and derive growth through organic traffic. You can use it to reach out to relevant blogs and make new connections.

Primary Highlights

Respona presents itself as the ultimate solution for PR campaigns, content promotion, and media pitching.

The emphasis is outreach through link building. Respona has an inbuilt search engine you can use to find out prospects, their email addresses, and more.

You can further analyze the data, import CSV files, and set custom fields for better data visualization. Armed with these insights, you can launch your outreach campaigns and achieve maximum impact.

Pros & Cons

Inbuilt search engine plus integration with both Google and Bing. A few glitches that downgrade user experience.
Powerful email finder to uncover the most relevant email addresses for your business.Longer loading time is also an issue.
Simple interface with a hands-on guide for easy setup and launch of outreach campaigns.


  • 7-day free trial to test the features.
  • Respona Starter Plan – $99/mo.
  • Respona Unlimited Plan – Available upon request.

3. Snov.io

Best for email marketers and B2B Businesses


Snov.io is particularly helpful with email outreach campaigns. You can easily find potential emails, organize them and then build your campaign around them for better reach.

Primary Highlights

One possible advantage of Snov.io is that it’s also available as a chrome extension. You can easily extract emails right from your chrome dashboard while surfing a particular website.

Also, Sniv.io supports multiple integrations like Zapier or Pipedrive, etc. This further helps you organize things and smoothen the workflow.

You can find and verify emails, run dripping campaigns that allow you to schedule emails, and even set up follow-up actions.

Pros & Cons

A simple platform for cold email outreach.Email drip campaigns are sometimes cumbersome to set up.
Excellent lead quality.Prices are higher than its alternatives.
Multiple options and formats to save the leads.


  •  S – $33/mo
  • M – $83/mo
  • L – $158/mo
  • XL – $308/mo

4. Ninja Outreach

Best for bloggers, affiliate markets, and SEO Professionals

Ninja Outreach

If influencer marketing is your primary goal for outreach campaigns, there’s nothing better than Ninja outreach. It is an intuitive platform designed to serve bloggers and marketers. The built-in email management feature is perfect for finding, sorting, managing emails, and running outreach campaigns.

Ninja outreach can easily find untapped guest posting opportunities and reveal networking opportunities with social media influencers.

Primary Highlights

Ninja outreach can sift through millions of influencers to reach possible targets that align with your business goals.

Help you easily access the business profiles of millions of influencers with just a single click. And with built-in email management features, you can quickly build a massive email database.

There’s a built-in CRM, too, if you have large operations or manage multiple big-time clients. You can quickly drive leads and track emails, clicks, and reports.

Pros & Cons

Reliable influencers outreach platforms that work for both YouTube and Instagram.Sometimes it loads too slowly, and that influences user experience.
Data accuracy is far superior to other similar platforms.Customer support needs to be more robust to resolve queries speedily.
A simple interface and search query instantly fetches relevant info.


  • Flex – $155 /month
  • Silver – $255 /month
  • Silver Plus – $459 /month

5. Semrush

Best for in-house marketing teams, Professional SEOs, and Agencies


If you have any experience in SEO, then it’s impossible you haven’t heard about Semrush. It’s one of the most used SEO tools. But what is it doing in the list of best blogger outreach tools?

Because Semrush is equally adept at managing outreach campaigns as it is at SEO.

You might recall that Semrush offers a powerful link-building and analysis tool. You can utilize it to power your outreach campaigns. You can easily map prospects, capture leads, build email lists, and track progress with link-building tools.

Primary Highlights

Semrush is a solid tool with a massive user base. The link-building tool is particularly adept at finding low-hanging link-building opportunities.

Semrush maintains a massive database of backlinks. You can track the URLs and shortlist the one that seems lucrative for outreach.

Besides, you can also utilize brand monitoring tools to track your competitors or list them for outreach and forging new connections.

Pros & Cons

All-in-one seo tool that can double up as an outreach tool which brings down the cost of operations.Too much functionality is sometimes overwhelming.
Extensive backlink data to explore hidden opportunities.The interface is also not beginner friendly.
Robust tracking features to monitor URLs of interest and possibly reach out for networking.


  • Pro – $119.95 monthly
  • Guru – $229.95 monthly
  • Business – $449.95 monthly

6. Voila Norbert

Best for email marketers and bloggers.

Voila Norbert

Email marketing is still a big part of blogger outreach campaigns. And Voila Norbert excels in this regard. The tool is exclusively designed to retrieve email addresses. You can grab corporate email addresses and make high-end connections that significantly push your business to new heights.

Primary Highlights

Fetches additional information such as job title, company name, social profiles, and location. You can use the information to personalize your campaigns and extract better results.

The extensive email verification process includes checks for email duplication, validation for syntax, testing for SMTP authentication, and more.

Pros & Cons

Simple to use interface and fresh navigation panel.
Chrome extension is buggy and closes if too many tabs are open.
Easy integration with other platforms like LinkedIn.Even blank email results cost credits.
Reasonably accurate results.


  • Valet – $49/month
  • Butler – $99/month
  • Advisor – $249/month
  • Counselor – $499/month

7. Buzzsumo

Best for Bloggers, Social Media Marketers, and Content Marketers.


Buzzsumo is already an established content marketing tool; however, you can easily use it for your outreach goals.

Buzzsumo is adept at content discovery, but you can extend its functionality further by refining the search to explore influencers, creators, and authors.

Advanced capability to search influencers across Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. You can explore the influencer’s interest and set alerts to receive notifications whenever an influencer posts something.

Primary Highlights

The content discovery tool lets you find engaging content ideas for guest posting based on the search query. Besides, you can also dig up influencers based on engagement across multiple social media platforms.

The content research tool lets you further explore content ideas, plus you can also keep a tab on your competitors’ content and understand the channels they are using to expand their reach.

Buzzsumo also includes backlink analysis and monitoring tools. You can implement alerts for any brand or influencer activity. Also, you can receive notifications for new content.

Pros & Cons

Extensive functionality for content and influencer analysis.Buzzsumo is expensive.
Easy segmentation of data based on industry, content, and influencers.Complex interface due to multiple features.
Exhaustive features for content discovery and guest posting ideas.


  • Pro – $99/month
  • Plus – $179/month
  • Large – $299/month

8. Traackr

Best for social media marketers, bloggers, and influencer marketing professionals.


Traackr is a cost-effective influencer marketing and outreach platform suitable for bloggers and small businesses.

You can easily monitor a blogger’s reach based on engagement on Facebook. You can use the data to curate a list of relevant influencers that fits your outreach campaign requirements.

Besides, Traackr maintains an extensive database of global influencers that allows you to build strong connections with relevant influencers in your industry.

Primary Highlights

The influencer coverage is unmatched. Whatever your business is, you can easily find suitable influencers that could give your marketing efforts a significant push.

Influencer rating is also an intuitive feature from Traackr that allows you to determine an influencer’s quality based on engagement, performance, and audience interactions.

Traackr also includes a workflow management feature that easily tracks your collaboration with influencers via tasks, notes, and custom fields.

Pros & Cons

One-of-a-kind, data-driven influencer marketing, and outreach platform.Traackr lags in the reporting segment.
Support multiple verticals ranging from CMOs, brands, agencies, and e-commerce.Advanced features like analytics need technical skills.
Maintains a massive database of global influencers from several avenues.


Traackr has custom pricing and is available on request.

9. Hunter.io

Best for marketers, SEO professionals, and bloggers


Hunter.io is an amazing outreach tool that helps you build your email list. It has a domain search tool where you can search any domain’s URL, and it will find out all the emails of the people that work for that company in just a matter of seconds. This way, you can easily target your email campaigns.

Primary Highlights

Hunter.io also allows you to search for any individual’s email using their name and the domain of the company they work in.

It has an email verification tool that verifies an email on the basis of bounce rate, domain information, email format, and many more. Hunter also provides a browser extension that you can use the create your email list on the go while browning any website.

You can track your outreach campaigns by connecting your Hunter account to your Gmail account. It will accurately tell you who opened your email and who hasn’t opened it yet. You can also schedule emails to get sent at a specific time.

Pros & Cons

Hunter offers a free plan which is suitable for individuals and businesses who have just started.Limited searches and verifications credits on the free plan.
Confidence scores for email addresses, so you don’t include invalid addresses.A bit expensive compared to other tools listed here.
Create templates for your email campaigns to make the outreach process simpler.


  • Starter – $49/month
  • Growth – $99/month 
  • Pro – $199/month
  • Business – $399/month

Conclusion: Best Blogger Outreach Tools (2024)

That’s my list of the best blogger outreach tools available in 2022. It will be enough to find the outreach tool that perfectly aligns with your goals. Anyway, if you work at scale, pick Buzzstream. It’s complete in all respects. Additionally, you can also opt for Snov.io or Ninja outreach if you are a small-time blogger, affiliate marketer, or small-sized agency. They are powerful, simple to use, and don’t put a dent in your pocket.

If you wish to know the overall best tools for bloggers then we have created a separate post for it.

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