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With the number of businesses growing daily, it has become difficult for users to keep checking every email manually. An Email verification tool makes this entire process a lot simpler and saves plenty of time. You may say which device is the best and which means we should genuinely rely on it.

Well, in this post, we have got you covered and tried to provide a clear explanation of each tool and how it differs from one another. By the end of this post, you will be clear and will not hesitate to make your decisions on selecting an Email Verification tool.

So without wasting any more time, let’s head straight to points!

Best Email Verification Tools: Our Top 5 Picks In 2023!

We understand that time is valuable, and to save your time, we have made this section, especially for a reader in a rush. Here are our Top 5 picks for an Email Verification tool, along with the functionality for which it is best suited. 

If you need more details regarding this list, make sure you scroll down so that you can find pricing plans and additional benefits for each product.

Sr.No.Email Verification ToolBest for
1.Zero BounceCleaning of Bulk email list and active email verification.
2.Never BounceCleaning your email list for spam, abusive and risky emails
3.BouncerVerification of Bulk email list and email validation API.
4.Kickbox Email VerificationCompatible with all the ESPs and validates your list actively
5.MailFlossCleans your email list, making it easy for clients to use.

List of Email Verification Tools

Here is the list of top email verification tools for you.

1. Zero Bounce

Free TrialYes

Zero Bounce is an email verification tool specifically designed to protect the sender’s reputation during email marketing. Zero Bounce can filter out invalid email addresses, detect spam domain addresses and improve your overall delivery score. 

Zero Bounce

With Zero Bouncer, you can reduce the bounce rate during the marketing campaign and ensure you are away from abuse and spam trap emails. You also get an option with Zero Bounce for selecting single or multiple emails for validation.

Key Features.

  • You get an active real-time email verification API.
  • Monitors spam, abuse, catch-all, and temporary emails.
  • Terminates fake, duplicates, and invalid emails.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • 24/7 Customer support.


EmailsPrice/ Email
Upto 100FREE!
From 2000$0.008
From 5000$0.0078
From 10,000$0.0065
From 100,000$0.0039
From 250,000$0.003
From 1,000,000$0.00225

2. Never Bounce

Free TrialYes

Never Bounce is an active email verification tool that checks for valid emails continuously and provides a better deliverability rate. Never Bounce follows a minimum of 20 procedures to verify a specific email, check the domain’s health and detect any possible risks.

Never Bounce

Never Bounce ensures that the delivery rate is at its best. You get a custom API for cleaning bulk emails and a webhook for web developers to integrate it into the web page forms. The user-friendly and color-coded style makes it easier for the clients to use and read the data.

Key Features.

  • Real-time Email verification for any viable platform.
  • API for JavaScript widgets and dashboard to validate each email.
  • Color-coded and user-friendly interface.
  • Automatic removal of duplicates and fake emails.
  • Actively scans for risk emails and terminates them.


EmailsPrice / email
Up to 10,000$0.008
up to 100,000$0.005
up to 250,000$0.004
up to 1,000,000$0.003

3. Bouncer

Free TrialYes

Bouncer is another fantastic email verification tool keen eye for decreasing bounce rates. Bouncer is power packed; whether it is one email or millions of emails at once, they do not stand a chance against Bouncers. 


As mentioned earlier, Bouncer has a keen eye for fake and risky emails, so they do not enter into your database and give a bounce back. This tool ensures maximum safety by separating high-quality emails from low-quality ones.

Key Features.

  • The API for email verification lets you validate email addresses the way you want and reduces the bounce rate.
  • The security provided by Bouncer is better than any other email verification tool because they are GDPR compliant, and all the data is stored at Amazon Web Services.
  • The user-friendliness of the entire tool is extremely helpful, from documentation of APIs to video calling and chatting. Bouncer’s staff is available around the clock.


EmailsPrice per email
5,000 – 9,000$0.0060
10,000 – 49,000$0.0050
50,000 – 99,000$0.0040
100,000 – 249,000$0.0030
250,000 – 499,000$0.0025

4. Kickbox Email Verification

Free TrialYes

Kickbox Email verification tool is a real-time email verification tool that can be integrated with any application the client uses. Kickbox Email Verification ensures that the deliverability rate and the bounces are low to maintain the sender’s reputation in the marketing campaign.

Kickbox Email Verification

Kickbox Email verification works smartly by segregating low-quality emails with high-quality ones to ensure that the emails are delivered to the recipients. Kickbox also has a recipient authentication tool that verifies if the receiver’s email is legit or not. All of these features make Kickbox an all-rounder for email verification tools.

Key Features.

  • Real-time email verification to check the quality of your email lists.
  • Compatible with all email service providers.
  • Email validation API is available for Node.JS, Ruby, PHP, and Python.
  • Customer support is available around the clock by email, call, and ticket.


EmailsPrice per email

5. MailFloss

Free TrialYes.

Mail Floss is one of the simple email verification tools that can be inculcated with all email service providers for email verification and validation. Mail Floss is more inclined towards the automated validation process so that you can focus on other important matters. 


Mail Floss can remove spam, abusive, and trap emails, so you don’t hit a bounce. Moreover, it also has syntax validation on the go.

Key Features.

  • It supports over 35+ most popular email service providers and can be integrated easily.
  • It takes less than 60 seconds to set everything up. 
  • The user-friendly interface makes it easier for the client to set everything up without a developer.
  • Syntax validation is turned on all the time. 


Launch Business$49/ month
Launch Pro$200/ month
Launch Lite$17/ month

6. Mailer Check

Free TrialYes

Mailer Check is an email marketing product derived from one of the most famous companies, mailer lite, which is renowned for email promotions. This platform can check bulk emails all at once and ensure that there are no abusive spam emails on your list.

Mailer Check

Key Features.

  • Verifies bulk emails all at once, providing the user the functionality to upload CSV and XPS sheets.
  • It allows you to integrate the most popular email service providers with simple clicks without needing a developer.
  • Provides a descriptive report for the roadblocks you hit on the dashboard.


Email Price per email

7. Clearout

Free TrialYes

Clearout stands for detecting threatening emails in all aspects. It also has small details in the syntax, including an extra dot or if someone is using a temporary email address. Your bounce rates will always be on the lower side of the scale while maintaining your reputation and resulting in successful marketing campaigns. You can also identify spam emails and abusive emails.


Key Features.

  • Thoroughly scan your email lists for fake and spam emails, no matter the size.
  • Verifies your SMTP servers for various email service providers for active and in-active emails.
  • It has multiple layers of algorithms to identify spam and abusive emails.
  • It can verify mailbox eros without sending any payloads.


Email Price per email

8. EmailListVerify

Free TrialYes

This email verification tool is used by some of the most renowned companies like MailChimp, RackSpace, etc. They have a record stating that they have scanned over more than five million+ email addresses since the time they started.


EmailListVerify provides a variety of checks to accurately locate the mistake in the email addresses and remove them. All invalid emails are flagged on a separate page for the owner to monitor later.

Key Features.

  • You can upload a bulky email list in any format, and this tool can give you a 99% successful delivery rate.
  • You get an API with this tool which can be added to your website forms to verify real-time verification. You must copy a single line of code and paste it into the location mentioned in the documentation.


Email Price per email

9. Hunter

Free TrialYes

Hunter is an easy-to-use email verification tool to sanitize your email list in simple clicks. In the process of sanitization, your outreach and the deliverability rate increase at the same time.


Hunter scraps out email addresses for generating business leads and the domain relevant to them. Hunter can find and terminate invalid spam, bots, and abusive email addresses.

Key Features.

  • Hunter can check single and bulk email lists in any format, including CSV, XPS, etc.
  • It also provides you with APIs which can be integrated into your applications.


Email Price per email

10. Emailable

Free Trial250 Free Credits

Emailable (Previously Email Checker) is a secure & accurate email checker. It can help improve the deliverability of your emails and increase the ROI of your email marketing campaigns. You can use its bulk email checker to check your entire list within a few minutes.


Their list-cleaning automation feature verifies your list, monitor, and keeps cleaning it every day. It has a real-time email checker which verifies your emails at the point of capture. Their deliverability tools suite helps you by ensuring that your emails reach the inbox of your subscribers.

Key Features.

  • It has an email verification API which verifies your emails and removes useless data from your listing and campaigns.
  • Their system detects when you have a duplicate email in your list and removes it automatically.
  • Their gender detection features help you identify the gender of your subscribers so you can send them emails according to the demographics.
  • Emailable guarantees 99% email deliverability.


Email CreditsPricing
5000$30 or $25.50/month
10,000$50 or $42.50/month
25,000$125 or $106.25/month
50,000$225 or $191.50/month
100,000$420 or $357/month
250,000$725 or $617.50/month
500,000$1300 or $1105/month
1,00,000$1800 or $1530/month
2,50,000$3375 or $2875/month

Conclusion: Best Email Verification Tools (2023)

So this was our list of the best email verification tools available. Your selection of the device depends on your use and the budget you have decided on. Each tool has distinct characteristics you should be aware of before buying it. 

We hope this helped you decide on the email verification tool you will buy for your email marketing campaign. Please let us know in the comment sections below which one you chose from the above-stated list.


How do you verify an email?

All you need to do is go to any one of the above-stated websites and provide the website with the email address. This will provide all the information required to confirm the validity of the email.

What is an API?

An API stands for Application Programming Interface. It helps two applications share information without any user interaction or permission.

What is the protocol used for sending emails?

The networking protocol used to send emails from one person to another is called the SMTP, which means the Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

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