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Launched in 2003, LinkedIn is one of the biggest social media and probably the oldest, which is still functioning with a high user rate. The platform currently has over 900 million users worldwide.

There is no better platform to address professionals than LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a business-oriented social media, and users access it to connect with other professionals, post job openings, recruit candidates, and stay up to date on the current developments from companies and impactful people around the world.

Understanding how LinkedIn users and brands use the platform will provide you with useful knowledge on how to integrate LinkedIn into your social media marketing strategy.

Here is a list of most recent figures from LinkedIn that will help you make informed decisions when it comes to formulating a marketing campaign around the platform.

About LinkedIn
Source: LinkedIn

LinkedIn Statistics In 2023 (Top Picks)

  1. LinkedIn has 900 million users globally as of 2023.
  2. LinkedIn registered an annual revenue of $14.5 billion in 2022.
  3. 3 new members sign up on LinkedIn every second.
  4. With over 199 million users, The United States has the most LinkedIn users. India ranks second with 101 million users.
  5. People aged 25 to 34 account for 59.1% of LinkedIn’s user base.
  6. 21% of all social media users in the United States use LinkedIn.
  7. Microsoft corp owns LinkedIn. Microsoft acquired LinkedIn for $26 billion.
  8. LinkedIn has 36 offices globally and is available in 200 countries and territories.
  9. LinkedIn’s American satisfaction index score is 68.
  10. Sponsored posts are the most effective advertising format on LinkedIn.
  11. Over 58.4 million companies and 129,000 schools are registered on LinkedIn as of 2023.
  12. 39,000 different skills are listed on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Usage Statistics

Country wise distribution of LinkedIn users
Source: LinkedIn
  1. Linked In has 900 million users worldwide, out of which 310 million are monthly active users.

Here is a table showing number of LinkedIn users worldwide from 2009 to 2023:

YearNumber of LinkedIn Users
200955 million
201090 million
2011145 million
2012202 million
2013277 million
2014347 million
2015414 million
2016469 million
2017528 million
2018582 million
2019643 million
2020722 million
2021810 million
2022875 million
2023900 million
  1. Most of LinkedIn’s users are from the Asia Pacific region, accounting for over 254 million users.
Distribution of Linked Users Around World Regions
Source: LinkedIn Pressroom

Here is an overview of LinkedIn users based on world region:

RegionNumber of Users
North America220+ Million
Europe236+ Million
Asia Pacific254+ Million
Latin America141+ Million
the Middle East and Africa52+ Million
  1. It is forecasted that LinkedIn will have 1 billion users by the year 2025.
  2. 90 job applications are submitted on LinkedIn every minute.
  3. 50 million people use LinkedIn to look for jobs every week.
  4. On average, 8 people are hired via LinkedIn each minute.
  5. 57% of LinkedIn’s traffic is generated via smartphones.
  6. 30% of a company’s LinkedIn post engagement comes via their employees.
  7. Employees have a 14x more chance of sharing a post from their employer.
  8. 16.2% of users access LinkedIn via its application daily, while 48.5% do so monthly.
  9. LinkedIn witnessed 15.4 billion sessions in the third quarter of 2022. As per figures, active LinkedIn sessions have increased by around 418%.
  10. A LinkedIn post with an image gets 2x the engagement rate.
  11. The United States accounts for 31.16% of LinkedIn’s traffic, which is most by any country. India follows with 6.97%. Huge Drop, right?

Here are the top 5 countries with the most LinkedIn traffic.

CountryShare of LinkedIn’s traffic
The United States36.16%
United Kingdom6.15%
  • Ever wondered which country has the most LinkedIn users? Well, It’s the United States. As of February 2023, the United States has over 199 million LinkedIn users.

India and Brazil come in second and third spots with 101 million and 63 million users, respectively.

Here is a table showing the top 20 countries with the most LinkedIn users:

CountryNumber of LinkedIn users
United States199 Million
India101 Million
Brazil63 Million
China59 Million
United Kingdom35 Million
France26 Million
Indonesia22 Million
Canada21 Million
Mexico19 Million
Italy17 Million
Spain16 Million
Australia13 Million
Germany13 Million
Turkey13 Million
Philippines11 Million
Colombia11 Million
Netherlands10 Million
Argentina10 Million
South Africa10 Million
Pakistan8.1 Million
  1. Bermuda has the most LinkedIn audience reach, with 104.8%. While The United States has the largest userbase and most traffic, it’s 7th on the list.

Here is the overview of the top 10 countries with the highest LinkedIn Audience reach.

CountryAudience Reach
American Samoa101.8%
Cayman Islands94.2%
U.S. Virgin Islands78.3%
United States72.8%
  1. 5.7% of LinkedIn app users in the United States are heavy users using the app 2/3 of the month
  2. As of March 2021, 51.5% of LinkedIn android users in the United States were inactive.
  3. 84% of LinkedIn users in the United States claim that they use the platform to strengthen their professional network.

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LinkedIn Demographics

LinkedIn Demographics
  1. 57.2% of LinkedIn users are males, while 42.8% are females.
  2. People aged 25 to 34 account for 59.1% of the LinkedIn user base.

Here is the overview of LinkedIn users by age:

AgeShare of LinkedIn Users
18 to 2420.4%
25 to 3459.1%
35 to 5417.7%
  1. Over 75% of LinkedIn users are based outside the United States.
  2. 52.1% of LinkedIn users from the United States of America are males, while 47.9% are females.
  3. The majority of LinkedIn users in the US are aged between 25 to 34, accounting for 57.6%.

Here is the overview of LinkedIn users in the USA by age

AgeShare of LinkedIn Users in USA
18 to 2413.6%
25 to 3459.1%
35 to 5423.6%
  1. As per a survey by Statista, 36% of males who use the internet in the US use LinkedIn, while 28% of females do so.
  2. Another study revealed that 40% of internet users aged between 46 to 55 access LinkedIn.
  3. Millennials make up 20.4% of LinkedIn’s userbase worldwide.
  4. An average Linkedin user in the USA earns around $46,600 every year.
  5. 9 million people have turned on the creator mode since its launch in 2021.
  6. There are over 65 million business decision-makers on LinkedIn.
  7. There are over 17 million opinion leaders on LinkedIn.
  8. LinkedIn has 36 offices globally. 10 of them are in the USA.
  9. LinkedIn is available in 26 languages.
LinkedIn Statistics Infographics 2023
Source: LinkedIn

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LinkedIn Business Statistics

LinkedIn Business
  1. More than 58.4 million companies are listed on LinkedIn.
  2. 4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn are decision drivers.
  3. 73% of buyers are more interested in salespeople who reach out to them via LinkedIn
  4. LinkedIn saw a 88% Increase in confirmed hires y/y as of Q4 2022
  5. LinkedIn witnessed a 26.2% year-over-year growth in revenue in 2022.
  6. There are over 10,000 business-to-business software product pages on LinkedIn
  7. Confirmed hires were up by over 110% year-over-year as per LinkedIn’s LinkedIn Business Highlights from Microsoft’s FY22 Q2 Earnings
  8. According to 40% of B2B marketers polled, LinkedIn is the most powerful channel for generating high-quality leads.
  9. Remote work searches on LinkedIn increased by a 3x mark following the start of the coronavirus.
  10. LinkedIn has 65 million decision-makers on LinkedIn as of 2023.

Here is a list of number of influential people on LinkedIn:

Decision-makers65 million
Opinion Leaders (Thought Leaders)17 million
IT Decision Makers6 million
Mass Affluents40 million
C Level Execs10 million
  1. LinkedIn is responsible for 50% of the social media traffic that B2B blogs and websites receive.
  2. LinkedIn Live streams generate seven times more reactions and 24 times more comments for businesses than regular videos.
  3. As per a LinkedIn Study of 1.7 million Decision-makers on the platform, the Company size of Decision Maker Employers on LinkedIn is as follows:
Company size of decision makers on LinkedIn
Company SizeShare of Decision Maker Employers on LinkedIn
Mid Market27%
  1. When it comes to closing deals, LinkedIn Sales Navigator results in a +7% higher win rate and provides a +18% pipeline in finding customers.

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LinkedIn Content Marketing Statistics

LinkedIn Content Marketing
  1. LinkedIn is used by 93% of B2B content marketers for organic social marketing.
  2. According to 77% of content marketers, LinkedIn delivers the highest organic results.
  3. 75% of B2B content marketers make use of LinkedIn ads.
  4. According to 79% of content marketers, LinkedIn Ads deliver the highest results.
  5. LinkedIn is used by 97% of B2B marketers as part of their content marketing strategy.
  6. LinkedIn Posts with 1900-2000 words have the best performance and engagement rate. This means that long-form content is the king on LinkedIn.
  7. Posts with Titles of 40-50 characters have the best performance rate.
  8. 60% of LinkedIn users actively seek industry insights.
  9. Every year, LinkedIn users view 280 billion feed updates
  10. LinkedIn has 15 times more content impressions than job postings.
  11. Over 1 million LinkedIn members publish weekly content.
  12. Businesses with an active LinkedIn Page receive 5 times more page views, 7 times more impressions, and 11 times more clicks per follower.
  13. Businesses that post weekly on LinkedIn see a 2 times growth in engagement.
LinkedIn Growth
  1. 45% of LinkedIn content readers are in top executive positions.
  2. LinkedIn posts with images receive twice the engagement.
  3. A study by Okdork shows LinkedIn posts with 8 images receive the most engagement.

Here is an overview of the number of images in a LinkedIn post and the views on them:

The number of ImagesAverage LinkedIn Views
  1. A video post is 20 times more likely to be re-shared by LinkedIn users.

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Source: Content Marketing Institute, Hootsuite, LinkedIn, Influencer marketing hub, sprout social, biteable.

LinkedIn Advertising Statistics

LinkedIn Advertising
  1. A LinkedIn ad can reach 14.6% of the world’s population.
  2. As a result of LinkedIn ad exposure, businesses’ purchase intent increased by 33%.
  3. LinkedIn’s cost per lead is 28% less than Google Ads.
  4. In Q1 2022, LinkedIn’s ad reach increased by 22 million people.
  5. In comparison to other social media platforms, LinkedIn is the most successful for 82% of B2B marketers.
  6. Users on LinkedIn who are exposed to business and acquisition messages are 6 times more likely to convert.
  7. Over 50% of LinkedIn marketers claim they want to run product and demand campaigns simultaneously.
  8. LinkedIn says if the B2B marketing budget is invested 46% in the product and 54% in demand marketing. There is a high chance of effectively creating, capturing, and converting demand into revenue.
LinkedIn Budget Investment
  1. According to 69% of marketers, hyper-targeting is more successful than a wider approach.
  2. 54% of marketers are already using Account-Based Marketing, and 80% of marketers plan to increase their budget in it.
  3. Higher resolution images generate 38% higher CTR.
  4. Images with the size of 1200×627 pixels are ideal for LinkedIn posts.
  5. Adding a Lead Generation form to your messaging ads will result in 4 times more leads.
  6. LinkedIn generated 2 to 5 times the ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) of other social media platforms in terms of technology.
  7. LinkedIn generated 7 times more incremental customer sign-ups in the financial services industry than Display.
  8. LinkedIn was 2 to 4 times more effective than other display media in the education field.
Marketing Value

Sources: LinkedIn, Hootsuite, Influencer Marketing Hub, Statista, Business of Apps

LinkedIn Statistics Extras

  1. LinkedIn discontinued geo targeting on all Sponsored Messaging campaigns in the European Union (EU) from 10th January 2022.
  2. LinkedIn has also grown into one of the biggest platforms for industry events, with over 24,000 events created and 1,500,000 million RSVPs received every week of Q4 2022.
  3. LinkedIn has over 21,000 full-time employees.
  4. LinkedIn turned 19 on May 5, 2022.
  5. If you have a profile picture on LinkedIn, you are 7 times more likely to be found.
  6. If you include at least two previous work experiences, you are 12 times more likely to be found on LinkedIn.
  7. LinkedIn has received 11 billion endorsements to date.
  8. Linkedin is the most trusted social media platform in the world.
  9. Here is a list of LinkedIn’s most in-demand skills for 2023:
  1. Here is a list of Linked’s most in-demand Soft Skills for 2023
  • Adaptability
  • Communication
  • Critical Thinking
  • Digital Literacy
  • Time Management
  • Take Initiative
  • Team Work
  • Leadership
  • Proactiveness
  1. LinkedIn will turn 20 years old in May 2023! 🎂

LinkedIn Learning Statistics

LinkedIn Learning is an online learning platform that offers a wide range of courses on various topics, such as business, technology, creative skills, and personal development. It was previously known as Lynda.com before being acquired by LinkedIn in 2015.

Here are some statistics associated with LinkedIn Learning:

  1. LinkedIn Learning has 20,800 courses on the platform available in 11 different languages.
  2. Over 27 million users access LinkedIn Learning.
  3. LinkedIn Learning offers the first month for free.
  4. LinkedIn learning release around 50 new courses every week.
  5. LinkedIn Learning costs $239.88/year and $39.99/month.
  6. LinkedIn Learning was earlier known as Lynda. It was initially founded in 1995 by Lynda Weinman as Lynda.com before being acquired by LinkedIn in 2015.

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Final Thoughts On LinkedIn Statistics (2023)

So that was my detailed guide on all the latest LinkedIn Statistics for 2023. LinkedIn is the best platform to connect to businesses and sell to them. The fact that LinkedIn can reach up to 15% of the World’s population is a huge deal. You don’t want to miss this opportunity and get your advertising campaign optimized for LinkedIn. Take help of this set of LinkedIn statistics to craft your next Ad Campaign on the platform.

I have statistical articles on other social media on the blog as well. Make sure to check them so that you can make an informed decision on other social media platforms too. Let me know in the comments section if I missed anything. Till then, keep hustling, fam!

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