39 Insightful Cyber Monday Statistics (2023 Report)

Consumers spent around $11.3 billion during the 2022 Cyber Monday sales.

In 2023, the sales are expected to surpass the benchmark of $13 billion. How have we projected this value? Well, take a look at the insights that framed our forecast.

We have compiled complete insights into the past Cyber Mondays and the latest trends that we will witness this year. 

Let’s get into it, shall we?

Top Highlights From Cyber Monday Statistics 2023

  • Shoppers spend around $11.2 billion during the Cyber Monday sales every year.
  • Cyber Monday 2023 is set to bring $13.7 billion worth of sales. Last year’s sales grew by 5.8%, reaching $11.3 billion.
  • An average American adult spends $500 during Cyber Week.
  • The average discount for Cyber Monday is 30% in the United States.
  • 196.7 million people shopped during the 2022 Cyber Week.
  • Shoppers spent $12.8 million every minute during the peak hours of the 2022 Cyber Week sale (8:00-9:00 AM Pacific Time).
  • $35.3 billion was spent by consumers during the complete Cyber Week in 2022. 
  • 43% of the sales on Cyber Monday were made through mobile phones

Cyber Monday Sales

  1. 2023 Cyber Monday sales are predicted to hit $13.7 billion in sales.

According to Adobe Analytics, the total sales on Cyber Monday reached $11.3 billion in 2022. This number was 23.9% higher than that spendings on Black Friday in the same year.

The 2023 sales re expected to rise by 21% and reach 13.7%.

Total Cyber Monday Sales

Here are further details about the Cyber Monday sales recorded over the past year:

YearCyber Monday salesYear-over-year Change
2023*$13.7 billion21%
2022$11.3 billion5.61% 
2021$10.7 billion-0.93% 
2020$10.8 billion14.9% 
2019$9.4 billion19.0% 
2018$7.9 billion68.1% 
2017$4.7 billion27.0%
2016$3.7 billion19.4%
2015$3.1 billion19.2% 
2014$2.6 billion

Source: Adobe. 

  1. The early projections of 2022 sales were expected to reach $11.2 billion. However, the actual sales exceeded the estimates, generating $100 million more.
  1. Cyber Monday generated approximately 5.34% of all holiday shopping revenue in 2022. 

Cyber Monday Shoppers

  1. 196.7 million people shopped during the Cyber Monday sales in 2022.

That was an increase of whooping 16.9 million shoppers from 2021.

The number of Cyber Monday shoppers decreased continuously in 2020 and 2021. Those were also the years of lockdown!

YearNumber of Shoppers (US)Changes Over Previous Year
2022196.7 million+16.9 million
2021179.8 million-6.6 million
2020186.4 million– 3.2 million
2019189.6 million+6.2 million
2018165.8 million-8.8 million
2017174.6 millionN/A
  1. Shoppers spent $12.8 million every minute during the peak hours. 

The peak hour on Cyber Monday were recorded between 8 to 9 Am Pacific Time

 Source: npr.org.

  1. 22.6 million consumers shopped in-store during 2022 Cyber Monday. 
  1. 130.2 million people shopped online during Cyber Week. 

This was an increase of 2% as compared to the numbers recorded in 2021.

Cyber Monday Consumer Spending

  1. An average American adult spends $500 during the Cyber Monday sales.
  1. Consumers spent a total of $35.3 billion in the 2022 holiday weeks (Black Friday and Cyber Monday)

Consumer spending during the Cyber week increased by 4% compared to the previous year.

Source: Adobe.

  1. The consumers spent 684% more on toys than an average day in 2022. 

Toys were the most in-demand item during the Cyber Monday sale. It is expected to stay in demand during the Cyber Monday sale of the year 2023 as well. 

The other in-demand categories were electronics, computers, sporting goods, etc. 

Category of Products in Demand During Cyber Monday

Here is a breakdown of the categories that were most in demand due to the Cyber Monday sales in 2022. 

Category of productsIncrease in sales as compared to a normal day in Oct 2022
Sporting goods466%

Source Adobe. 

Cyber Monday online traffic

  1. The e-commerce traffic grew by 2% during the Cyber Monday sales in 2022. 

The e-commerce traffic peaked during the Cyber Monday sales due to an increase in the discount rates.

  1. Over 80% of the US consumers shopped during the Cyber Week in 2022. 

Most shoppers participated in the Cyber Monday sale, considering the huge discounts available on the occasion. 

  1. The conversion rate on Cyber Monday was recorded to be 6.9% among desktop users. 
  1. The web traffic increased by 8% on Cyber Monday 2022 as compared to the previous year.

Cyber Monday Mobile shopping statistics

  1. 43% of the Cyber Monday sales were from smartphones in 2022. 

With the growth in smartphone usage, the number of mobile phone purchases increased drastically compared to last year. 

Further, over half of the sales (51%) during Cyber Week were made through smartphones. Additionally, on Thanksgiving day, the purchases made through mobile phones increased to 55%. 

  1. The ‘Buy now, pay later’ option gained demand in 2022.

The use of the option increased by 88% compared to the previous year. The usage of the option is further expected to increase in the year 2023. 

  1. The conversion rate recorded through mobile commerce during the Cyber Monday sale was 3.4%.
  1. Shoppers purchased an average of 2.98 and 2.81 items through their smartphones and tablets

At the same time, the consumers purchased 3.68 items through desktop devices. 

Did you know? Shoppers are planning to spend an average of $1,652 this holiday season.

Cyber Monday Discounts 

  1. The average discount during the Cyber Monday sale was 30% in the United States in 2022.

This was the highest rate of discount the users could get throughout the year. While in the international markets, the average discounts for Cyber Monday sales were recorded to be 28%. 

  1. Consumers get great deals on electronics with 25% off.

This discount was just 8% in the year 2021. Further, the discounts on Toys crossed all the records, and most people received a 34% discount. 

Breakdown of the Discounts Offered on Different Categories

Here is a breakdown of the discounts offered on different categories and the discounts as compared to the past year:

CategoryDiscount in Cyber Monday 2022Discount on Cyber Monday 2021
Electronics25% 8%
Televisions 17%11%
Sporting goods10%6%
Furniture 8%2%

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Cyber Monday Marketing Trends

  1. The Chatbot messages increased by 53% during the Cyber Monday sales in 2022.
  1. 81% of the retailers offered Cyber Monday sales in 2022.

This number decreased from 85% to 81% between the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.

  1. Social media redirected 12% of the mobile traffic during the Holiday season. 

This was an increase of 23% in social media referrals compared to the previous year.

  1. Paid searches drove 28% of the online sales. 

Paid searches were the biggest sales driver during Cyber Monday 2022. Additionally, 18% were direct sales, and affiliates directed 18%

Here is a detailed breakdown of the impact of different marketing techniques during Cyber Monday. 

Marketing techniqueTraffic directed through 
Paid search28%
Email 17%
Organic search15%

Source: Adobe. 

  1. More shoppers learned about Cyber Monday 2022 deals through the retailers’ websites. 

Approximately 45% of the consumers were informed about the Cyber Monday sales through retailers’ websites. At the same time, 41% of the shoppers came to know through Social media advertisements

Source of Information from where Consumers Learn about Cyber Monday

Here are further details about the sources from where the shoppers learned about the Cyber Monday sales. 

Source of informationPercentage of Consumers
Retailer websites45%
Social media ads 41%
Email 38%
TV ads31%
Word of mouth22%
Live streams 10%

Source: Nielson IQ.

  1. 88% of the top 50 retailers offer Cyber Monday discounts and deals.  

Interesting facts about Cyber Monday

  1. Pokemon cards, Hot Wheels, and Legos were the top-selling toys in 2022. 

Other toys sold rapidly were Disney Encanto, CoComelon, LOL Surprise dolls, Hatchimal, etc. 

  1. The top playing consoles in the year 2022 were PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X. 

Apart from that, the top games were FIFA 23, Madden 23,  God of War Ragnarök, NBA 2K23, and Pokémon Scarlet & Violet. 

  1. Some top-selling products in the electronics category during Cyber Monday in 2022 were smart TVs, MacBooks, AirPods, Tablets, Instant Pots, and air fryers
  1. 81% of the shoppers research online before in-store shopping during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. 
  1. Amazon ad sales increased by 146% during Cyber Monday. 

Cyber Monday Consumer Trends

  1. The revenue is expected to surpass 2022’s mark, this makes it very evident that the number of shoppers will increase this year. And expect a more younger audience to shop this year!
  1. 79.4% of the male shoppers said they look forward to purchasing electronics. 

At the same time, 63.1% of females are looking forward to buying the same. While 50% of male and 63.6% of female shoppers said they would buy clothing and accessories during the 2023 Cyber Monday sale. 

Breakdown of what shoppers expect to purchasing during  Cyber Monday Sale 2023

Here is a total breakdown of what shoppers look forward to purchasing during the 2023 Cyber Monday sale. 

Category of itemsMale shoppersFemale shoppers
Clothing and accessories50%63.6%
Sport and leisure25.6%15.9%
Household appliances25%28.2%
Pet items23.1%24.6%
Health and beauty18.8%39.2%
Interior home design17.5%19.1%

Source: Statista. 

  1. Over 80% of Americans reported that they are planning to purchase during Cyber Monday in 2023.
  1. Over one-third of the GenZ and Millennials are looking forward to shopping during Cyber Monday in 2023. 

35% of the GenZ and 34% of the millennials worldwide said they look forward to purchasing during the Cyber Week. At the same time, 18% of the GenX and 7% of the Baby Boomers are also looking forward to making purchases. 

Comparison of Cyber Mondays and Black Fridays

Black Friday deals are available online and offline. In contrast, Cyber Monday deals are purely dedicated to online discounts.

  1. The Cyber Monday online sales in 2022 were 25% higher than the Black Friday offline sales.

This is because, on Cyber Mondays, most online stores offer better deals and discounts than Black Friday.

Source: Practical Commerce. 

  1. Consumers usually spend 11.1% more on luxury items on Cyber Mondays than on Black Fridays. 
  1. Shoppers spend 63.9% more on purchasing floral items and gifts during Cyber Monday. 

History of Cyber Mondays

  1. The term ‘Cyber Monday’ was coined by NRF in 2002. 

After observing a trend over the past years, it was introduced in a press release. The observations concluded that the online revenue and traffic increased on the Monday following Thanksgiving. 

Soon, media outlets and retailers also started using these terms, making it an occasion where online shoppers receive huge discounts. 

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Is Cyber Monday becoming more popular than Black Friday?

Almost 90 million people shopped online on Black Friday compared to the 77 million who shopped online on Cyber Monday. However, the total spending done by the shoppers on Cyber Monday outnumbered the spending on Black Friday due to the huge discounts available.

Will Cyber Monday deals be better than Black Friday?

Items you would prefer to buy once a year will likely have better deals on Black Friday than Cyber Monday. On the other hand, items that you would like to gift or items that have to be purchased multiple times in a year have better discounts have a better discount on Cyber Monday.

What is the average discount on Cyber Monday?

The average discount on Cyber Mondays is 30% in the United States. At the same time, it is 27% to 28% globally.

Is Cyber Monday actually cheaper?

Cyber Monday is actually cheaper when you are looking forward to buying tech stuff, smaller gifts, and other small items online. However, for large items or electronics, black friday deals offer better discounts.

Are Amazon deals cheaper on Cyber Monday?

Cyber Monday is a great time to buy Amazon devices, beauty and personal care items, home items, and lots of other things at a great discount rate. Some sellers offer up to 70% discounts on their products on Amazon. 

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